Euros, preseason and muscle atrophy


It’s all a bit cart before the horse announcing preseason fixtures without a manager or confirmed backroom team.  Plans need to be in place, though, for the Champions League qualifiers, which for Celtic, start on either 20 or 21 July against Rapid Vienna, Galatasaray or Midtjyland.

That date is a few days after the game against Preston and before the West Ham meeting.  The early graft will be done in three games on 7, 10 and 14 July at a training camp in Wales, with games against Charlton, Bristol City and TBC FC.  With a significant portion of the current squad involved in the Euros, preseason fitness should start higher than the normal baseline.

The Euros group stage ends on 23 June, a month before Champions League duty.  As we are forever saying, muscles maintain their strength for three weeks before measurable atrophy sets in, so we should be in good condition for that opening tie.  If we have a manager by then, of course!

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  1. PAUL67



    Your post reads like you have no idea who the new manager is or when it’s likely to be announced.



    I was told a couple of weeks ago it’s not Howe.



    If it’s not, this is a bigger shambles than it appears.

  2. Rolling_Stone on

    No news on the manager front?



    Peter Lawwell must be mulling over what is in the best interest of Celtic. After all, Paul said that’s the question Peter asks himself before making any decision.



    Of course, how the hell the answer to this question at one time was ‘appoint Neil Lennon in the showers’ is beyond me.

  3. Now becoming farcical.


    It sums up Lawwell’s reign perfectly.


    World class support.


    Amateur level in the boardroom.


    If the same was happening with sevco we would be laughing at them.

  4. LAMBERT 14


    It has been farcical since the supposed Dec/ Jan review. Which I must have missed.



    It’s this arrogance that has got us into this absolute shambles

  5. It’s 3 months since Lennon left!



    Someone’s takin’ the p*ss!




  6. PHILBHOY – I took his mngr comment as tongue-in-cheek, to wind us up a bit.


    Out of interest, is your source a good one?


    Would defy belief if that is the case. I am assuming it is Howe because the club and Howe have allowed it to become “fact” without doing anything in recent weeks to contradict it. Likewise no other candidates are being talked about, no leaks from close confidants, no journalists saying that we are lining up someone else.



    Saying that my expectations are at rock bottom. I fully expect we will be out of the CL qualifiers after the first round and will still be chasing loan deals on the last day of the transfer window.




    It’s from someone close to the club, however, I’ve not had any info from him before, so don’t know how good the info is.



    As of today it’s not Howe unless the club say something.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    The exclamation mark at the end of Paul’s last sentence suggests he is being flippant . Although the silence from the club and corresponding angst among the fans does make you wonder !

  9. Deniabhoy


    I said similar the other day that if EH wasn’t in the picture then someone close to him would have been dampening the story

  10. Rolling_Stone on

    I can’t believe it won’t be Howe given how long things have dragged on for. Still, I expected it this week following Bournemouth getting knocked out.




    Cheers for that..


    unbelievable the actual incident and the aftermath.double whammy of shocking behaviour

  12. The big boost for next season’s euro qualifiers is that we’re one tie away from guaranteed Europa group stage at very least.



    That’s a big bonus and why for me personally, winning that first CL qualifier tie is a must.

  13. GENE



    Not sure about that.



    It would surely look better for his job chances if other clubs thought a big club like Celtic were interested in him.



    Mibbe naw.

  14. Philbhoy


    Perhaps – but it might also put other teams off approaching him.


    I need to hang on to something 🤭

  15. quadrophenian on

    Phew Paul; so what could possibly go wrong then?



    Our ‘best’ players are with Scotland until 23/24 June and prob need a 4/5 day rest before resuming club training (assuming Steve Clarke’s masterplan doesnt see Alba make the last 16 or quarters) ??



    So the newly assembled squad on 30/06 will have 3 weeks to gel before real European challenges… after some UK-based warmup games culminating in a doing from a very nifty West Ham managed by a savvy guy many on here would have chased if he’d gotten anywhere near the Managers gig (mibby Moyesy reads the blog…?)



    But you’re saying that at least our baseline fitness will be good…but without a practiced new system (hopefully better than the last systems of a down we’ve been playing – and no good working knowledge of how our new team-mates play…?



    As I say Paulo – what could possibly go wrong??







  16. GENE



    Hope you enjoyed your walk!



    I would do the same ……………………if it would stop raining.




  17. Philbhoy


    Yes thanks – clouded over but stayed dry – been laid up for a couple of weeks with a dodgy ankle – so today was a bit of a tester.

  18. Och them loyalists, whit they like.



    If their not paying their taxes to her maj they are trashing the statues of Vicky and Albert in George square.



    60k is the bill so far,

  19. squire danaher on

    Celtic have said nothing in public about Howe.



    I have yet to hear anything to convince me it won’t Stevie Clarke after the Euros.



    Using Paul’s article the other day, assuming Scotland don’t qualify for Euro 2020 last 16 they exit the competition on 22 June.



    If Clarke is appointed the following day, he has 27 or 28 days before his first competitive game, beating Ronny Deila record of 34 days.



    Don’t Panic!! Don’t Panic!!

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    “If we have a manager by then, of course!”



    Aye hilarious……..

  21. Season Ticket Holder Update:



    Season Tickets for Season 2021/22



    Celtic’s Season Ticket holders during the past year have shown tremendous commitment to the Club, standing by us during a pandemic which has changed all our lives, supporting the Club at a time we needed you most – this is something we will always remember and will always be hugely appreciative of.



    We had hoped to have announced the Manager before providing this update, and we do intend to finalise the appointment of the next Celtic Manager shortly, however we have been encouraged by the recent announcement of crowds at sporting events across Scotland this summer. Whilst we cannot guarantee any supporter return to Celtic Park at this stage, with our first home match of the new season being on Saturday, July 17, we must now begin the renewal process to allow us to prepare for a phased and safe return to Celtic Park for our supporters.



    Thank You for your support 🍀



  22. As a Liverpool lady has stated to the Media today…todays announcement of Two Coppers and a Lawyer..literally walking away ” Scot Free” from Prosecution in relation to Hillsborough……She said…” This decision is a COVER UP to COVER UP” !


    How can Police statements that have been ALTERED….( and those Accused NEVER DENIED that statements were altered, ahead of the Taylor Report )….Be Viewed as practically IRRELEVANT Today, because the Taylor investigation was NOT a Court of Law ?


    I am utterly sickened for those Families and friends of the “96”, and all the others who were injured that Day….and the ALL the years of heart break that those close to the Victims have been made to endure for so many years.


    IF those Two Cops HAD Acted correctly with what was happening that day in front of their so called ” Expert Eyes”, there would have been NO need to ” Alter Police” Statements, at a later date…and maybe many lives would have been saved and a Tragedy averted, and those Two Cops MAY have been facing PUBLIC Praise etc…instead of Inquires and Litigations of THEIR MIS CONDUCT and NEGLIGENCE ?



    When the accused did NOT DENY that Police statements HAD been altered, surely those who DID ” The Altering” which was perhaps also APPROVED by Senior Cops…SURELY that is in itself…. ” TAMPERING with EVIDENCE”, and therefore UN LAWFUL, and CRIMINIAL ?



    Just my thoughts on this DESPICABLE Court decision Today.



    ” 96″…YNWA.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 26TH MAY 2021 1:14 PM


    Och them loyalists, whit they like.







    If their not paying their taxes to her maj they are trashing the statues of Vicky and Albert in George square.







    60k is the bill so far,




    And RISING….. as statues need to be seriously treated…and this £60,000 is ONLY for the Violence and Chaos on 15th May….what about the FIRST destruction of George Square a few weeks earlier ?



  24. We laugh and mock Sevco for years being an amateur outfit and we do this.



    No wonder a top class manager like Brendan Rodgers done a runner,

  25. This Board asking fans to renew without a permanent manager in place is asking for a vote of confidence that I don’t think they’ve earned.

  26. What’s the Tim equivalent of a ‘Gullibillie’?



    I’m sure we’ll have a new management team soon. Maybe.

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