Euros, preseason and muscle atrophy


It’s all a bit cart before the horse announcing preseason fixtures without a manager or confirmed backroom team.  Plans need to be in place, though, for the Champions League qualifiers, which for Celtic, start on either 20 or 21 July against Rapid Vienna, Galatasaray or Midtjyland.

That date is a few days after the game against Preston and before the West Ham meeting.  The early graft will be done in three games on 7, 10 and 14 July at a training camp in Wales, with games against Charlton, Bristol City and TBC FC.  With a significant portion of the current squad involved in the Euros, preseason fitness should start higher than the normal baseline.

The Euros group stage ends on 23 June, a month before Champions League duty.  As we are forever saying, muscles maintain their strength for three weeks before measurable atrophy sets in, so we should be in good condition for that opening tie.  If we have a manager by then, of course!

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  1. Celtic Research



    January 29th – McKay announced as new CEO. Comms expert.


    “Developing and nurturing the rich Celtic ethos with all our supporters … is a key component of my role going forward.”



    May 26th


    Renewal details for the support leaked on the Daily Record website.





    Er … no manager

  2. This board have earned nothing.



    Just look at what they did to Res 12 shareholders their own kind ffs

  3. squire danaher on




    Apparently ST holders with online client accounts can renew as of today. Prices same as last year but you apparently can claim a £50 voucher for use at club shop.

  4. timmy7_noted on

    My position has been consistent pretty much since around November, unless there is significant change my money stays in the bank.



    First non season ticket season since the mid 80’s.

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    I see the Preston friendly seems to be missing from the package but we are getting admission to a women’s team game.



    I hope that isn’t the thin end of the wedge towards putting the women’s team into the season ticket package at increased cost.


    I have no interest in women’s football. Celtic first team and reserves are fine but I have no interest whatsoever in the women’s team.


    Kid on fitba.


    I’d rather watch the development squad games.

  6. Paul67 et al



    I’m still waiting for the team to get up to speed fitness wise for the 2020-21 season.


    Should be just about there by July




  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Season Ticket Holder Update:



    “We think you are all gullible fools”…….

  8. timmy7_noted on

    garygillespieshamstring on 26th May 2021 2:14 pm



    As usual everyone has specifics they have in mind but the issue here is the lack of communication to the people who pay the bills. It as ever is a disgrace. They treat us like complete fools and cannon fodder.

  9. The hand of God on

    Ernie…just back on line and saw your question about D.U.P. man over at Ibrox…to answer your question no I dont think it would be alright to sing the cringeworthy “cheer up” song to him.We as a fan group should be above such infantile nonsense and as I said in the original post it gives the ‘Whataboutery” gang something to latch on to.If “rangers” want to pander to their lowest common denominator of their support that’s up to them they are making themselves look stupid and encouraging their bigoted fans…we are better than that.Can I ask if you disagreed with my post and if so why ?

  10. My cousins girls played for Celtic & Scotland.



    Better footballers than me and their dad.



    I dont know if that says their are really good or I was just rubbish.

  11. timmy7_noted on

    The hand of God on 26th May 2021 2:36 pm



    Excellent post.



    Ernie thinks we are all stupid and can be easily swayed by his playing of the sectarian card.

  12. The main thing that seen the club(s) that play out of Ibrox survive during the farce & s***storm of almost ten years was their fan base. Following them to places like Brechin & Peterhead and turning up 40k plus at Ibrox. Buying season tickets to watch rubbish for the majority of nine seasons with crap players/managers, a load of spivs in the boardroom and winning nothing except the Pawnshop Cup, at the third attempt.



    Here we are, after one bad season in ten, with individual supporters and groupings like the Celtic Trust threatening all sorts of action.



    We have one serious rival for everything in Scotland – we are trailing them at the moment. Unless we show the same resolve & staying power in advetsity as they did, we will fall further behind.



    I really fear for next season – we could be out of Europe at the same time as the Ibrox club is in the CL Group stages. Let’s not kid ourselves, as things stand this is a real possibility & would be a massive psychological blow.



    The perfect storm of an horrendous last season, plus Covid and the Euros getting in the way of squad rebuild & possibly the appointment of a manager is most concerning. The last thing we need is a manufactured stand-off between sections of the support and the club.



    If some have set their face against renewing their season ticket, let them declare early and let others step in. I don’t blame some fans for being unsettled, however only a concerted and united effort will get us back to where we want to be.

  13. I listened into the Homebhoys podcast with the organisors of the Kano foundation.



    They had an appeal to raise £20k to but next seasons books.



    This seasons effectively they lost all that money, they renewed and supported the club, but got no concessions back, and did not ask for refunds.



    The appeal via the supporters clubs raised £61k, phenomenal generosity.



    The organisors also expanded that they take the kids to the Emirates Hub, they get a hot meal, drinks, gift bag, any day they host they spend £500 on food. It was quite humble to listen to, the tales of modern hardships, kids with nothing, never been to celtic park, the day out is a highlight so far in life.



    There is no interaction with the club, no meet and greet, nothing extra laid on, equally thought they dont ask for any special treatment.



    But here is something Mrs McKay & Celtic foundation could be more active in.



    For me, I will either spend the £50 on stuff to give to the Kano, or ask if I can pass on the voucher to them directly for them to use.



    For this one group, I would be happy to see them be given some support from the club, wouldnt matter to me if they got in for nothing.






    Across our history, our success has been earned and our reputation built on the shared belief that together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We are proud to be One Club, since 1888.



    As a thank you to our Season Ticket holders and in recognition of your phenomenal commitment during such a difficult year, the Club is pleased to announce that each and every Season Ticket holder from last season will receive a £50 retail gift voucher. The gift voucher can be used online or in-store to purchase any items, including adidas products, kit and official signed memorabilia.



    All of our 50,000+ Season Ticket holders will be sent the £50 gift voucher by post – meaning each supporter, regardless of concession price, even kids under 13 who have £50 Season Tickets, will all be offered, individually, a £50 gift voucher valid for use until September 30, 2021.

  14. celticforever on

    Just checked my client account and can buy season ticket as


    from today



    666 quid same as last season

  15. Not half of anything ……………. but we will be having the £49 ticket for the games against thems.






    Looking ahead to next season, we are also pleased to announce that the prices of all Standard Season Tickets have been frozen. For the 13th successive year Under 13 opt out tickets remain at £50, a commitment to creating the next generation of Celtic fans & supporting Celtic families.



    Your Season Ticket will include 21 matches either in person or virtually via the Pass to Paradise, including all home SPFL league games and for this season:


    Our home friendly match against Preston North End at Celtic Park on Saturday, July 17


    Our UEFA Champions League Qualifying Match at Celtic Park (Q2) in July


    Season Ticket renewals are on sale now, with no change to pricing and with a range of exciting additional benefits for the coming season. These benefits include some brand new features which we hope will be popular with supporters and recognise your fantastic support:

  16. The benefits



    3 pre-season friendlies from the pre-season camp on the Pass to Paradise, including Charlton Athletic and Bristol City.


    An additional pre-season friendly at Celtic Park in person or on the Pass to Paradise – Saturday, July 24 v West Ham United.


    Free entry to a First Team Training Day at Celtic Park once the COVID 19 restrictions allow.


    Free entry to an SWPL Women’s Match at Celtic Park once the COVID 19 restrictions allow.


    20% off of Celtic Park Stadium Tours.


    20% off food at the No.7 Restaurant on non match-days.


    10% off Celtic Soccer Academy Skills Schools.


    The Digital Match Programme for every SPFL home league match of the season.


    Entry into a monthly draw to receive signed merchandise from the first team squad.

  17. Before I renew, I would like to know if Dom is on the same package as the departing Peter.



    If yes, then he is overpaid, same as Peter was for an enterprise of this size.






    As we look ahead to the coming season our commitment to you is that your investment in the Club will continue to be used to invest in the squad and to build a team which can achieve success both at home and in Europe.



    We are encouraged by the recent announcement of crowds at sporting events across Scotland this summer including at Hampden, Murrayfield and on Glasgow Green. Celtic has been at the forefront of the effort to get our supporters back with us and now as we return to normality we are preparing to welcome you home to Celtic Park.



    Our Club was born in adversity, raised in defiance and defined by no other. With our own standards and own values – we always have been and always will be a Club open to all. Now we have a real chance to start afresh, to work together and once again create a Club built for the future, a Club built to last.



    Thank you for your fantastic support. It is greatly appreciated and we will do all we can to bring back success.



    The deadline to renew is 5pm on Friday, June 25, and supporters can renew online now.

  18. Tickets for Adults are priced from £510, Over 65 Season Tickets from £331 and for the 13th season in a row Kids’ Season Tickets start from just £50. This works out at just under £1 a week for an Under 13 ticket and from £10 a week for an Adult Season Ticket.



    As with season 2020/21, where your attendance at Celtic Park is not possible in person, matches will be delivered virtually on the Pass to Paradise. A phased return to Celtic Park for supporters is expected as Covid restrictions ease and Season Ticket holders will be able to apply for these games using an online ballot. For detailed information please check out our FAQs.

  19. celticforever on

    they will do all they can to bring success the statement says



    always a first time then




    Deadline 25th June so normally they give an extra week so start


    of July to renew


    5 weeks to make them sweat

  20. Have you ever read anything like this from Celtic Football Club ,give us your money for season tickets,but sadly we have to inform you we are in no position of recruiting a new manager,Well their is two answers to that statement,Dermot Desmond should forfeit the bill for season tickets,or Supporters just pay up, I’ve been on here a few times saying no matter what I’m going to renew,now I have second thoughts,It would help me and thousands of Celtic Supporters if a man or woman whom we all trust,to withhold our season ticket money ,So it’s right all along we are just customers.

  21. Nowt wrong with Shorties recent programming choice……………



    But, bbbbbut……….


    see when that decision was made withooooot credible journalistic thoroughness then it’s significance is blown ooota context and more resembles hun message management and PR driven reputation and krisis kontrol.



    Money can’t buy that kinda kover.



    When some folks say “aww we need is a good PR…”







  22. celticforever on

    I am sure I will renew as usual as the heart rules the head on this but


    I wish there was a way to organise all fans withold their money to make


    the barstewards sweat

  23. rpmcelticfan on

    garygillespieshamstring The women’s games have been far better than the mens this season , for those that are Celtic supporters tonights game is being shown live on Hibs facebook , 3 points should almost guarantee a Champions League place , COYGIG :)

  24. If I renew my £50 is going to Some Painter and Decorater for the outside of the stadium for a complete paintwork,which hasn’t had a like of paint since Fergus McCann started the rebuild,and make it the Clour Green not that colour that’s on it now,

  25. roberto kerto on

    Renewed both my own and my 14 year old son’s earlier today. Didn’t ask for a refund last season as I have been in and out hospital for the last 2 years, so not getting to a game last season was the norm for me. Haven’t had the chance to attend a game at Celtic Park for a while and live in hope that we get to return at some point this autumn. Hopefully we announce the new manager soon and we get to see a winning Celtic team again.

  26. TB2 –



    Celtic PLC spent £2.8m on PPM (including painting) and roof/gable ends during the close season of 2019.


    I expect they spend similar amounts every year.



    Your £50 might cover the cost of 1 handrail on a staircase.

  27. TIMMY7_NOTED on 26TH MAY 2021 2:39 PM


    The hand of God on 26th May 2021 2:36 pm







    Excellent post.







    Ernie thinks we are all stupid and can be easily swayed by his playing of the sectarian card.








    Just to be clear. I don’t think all Celtic fans are stupid, certainly not as stupid as you.



    Bigotry and sectarianism should be called out, not ignored, nor its existence denied.



    You clearly take another view.

  28. ROBERTO KERTO on 26TH MAY 2021 3:21 PM



    same for me bud.


    My illness, and not getting to Celtic park, made me appreciate it all the more, I hate not being able to just get up and attend. Listening in to a game from a hospital ward was bloody torture.



    All mended and ready to go, having the covid interuption was bizzare.



    When I did get back, I was also less wound up about things, less reactive, more considered.



    I think it is just maturity, or reflective, or just appreciating it all again, like a kid going for the first times.

  29. my biggest biggest biggest issue of renewing, is the beady eyes of my missus who thought i was an eejit for renewing to watch games on the laptop at effectively £25 a pop.



    £660 , we could have had a new front door for that, blah blah blah.



    Moderators could you delete that about half 5 , before she gets in from work.

  30. timmy7_noted on

    WooHoo I got my first CQN award, directly referred to as stupid by the hiding teacher.



    I’ve made it at last. :-)

  31. roberto kerto on

    SAINT STIVS on 26TH MAY 2021 3:25 PM



    Same here Mate. Each to their own I suppose but I for one really miss the place and can’t wait to get back.



    Hail Hail

  32. ah the labour party


    under the delusion they will be in power.




    traitors to what was then workinh class


    nothing done about sectarianism under labour






    people told lodge management were to go


    they do not and never will speak for the poor weak and needy…yet the shysters claim ownership.


    no insight


    no learning




    v hunlike