KRIS COMMONS has branded the thug who hit the assistant referee with an object during Sevco Rangers’ 1-0 demise at Livingston “an absolute clown”.

The ex-Celtic midfielder, now a media pundit, said: “You could sense the frustration around the stadium yesterday as Rangers struggled to break Livvy down – but in no way does that excuse what happened with the assistant referee.

“Seriously, who goes to a football match and thinks it’s acceptable to throw a missile at someone? What an absolute clown.

“The linesman is a human being who is just trying to go about his business and do his job. Imagine if you were in the office, working away as you normally do, and some Neanderthal walked in and threw something at you because they didn’t like the cut of your jib?

“There are videos of yesterday’s incident on social media. You can actually see the bloke throwing something clear as day. I hope the authorities go to town on him. Idiots like that have no place at a football match.”

Commons added: “He has brought embarrassment and disgrace to the football club. It’ll be the last thing (Steven) Gerrard wants to be speaking about before a big game against Rapid Vienna on Thursday night.”

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