Ex-ref taunts Neil Lennon with ‘explodes’ remark


I think I live in a different world than some people.  In my world the manager of Celtic has endured an incredibly stressful month.  Yesterday he would have dealt with news from a serious criminal trial after a bomb was sent to him.

Today he is being taunted in a newspaper by a former referee who suggests he “explodes at the side of a park”.  Even for a former SFA official, this is astonishingly poor taste.  The article goes on to betray enormous hostility towards Neil Lennon and, for reasons which appear opportunistic, Peter Lawwell.

Our manager will get through these difficult weeks and will hopefully never have to endure such stresses again.  SFA officials, current or past, cannot meaningfully lay a glove on him.  He can pay their fines and will continue to manage a winning Celtic team.

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  1. Paul67


    Even for a former SFA official, this is astonishingly poor taste.




    I find it ,par for the course.


    Hail hail

  2. The hostility is a consequence of their ‘strike’ being such an abject, humiliating failure.



    We have to keep at them at ever opportunity.

  3. So the S*n prints an article which uses the word “explodes” to describe Neil Lennon. This is at the same time that a jury at the High Court is considering charges against 2 individuals that they conspired to harm Neil Lennon by constructing a bomb.



    Depending on the outcome of the trial, I would be inclined to report this article to the Crown with the intention they investigate the paper for contempt of court.




    See Sunday is sold out; yeah, that shows just how much we are “embarrassed” by Neil.



    Clark and Nicholas can GTF, they do not speak for anyone but themselves.

  5. Paul, it looks like the big boys at Celtic, the boys who do make the rich list, are preparing to stand by their man.

  6. Paul,



    Have you heard anything in regard to TFOD registering their accounts for the 31st? Will this not stop them playing in the SPL next year never mind Europe?

  7. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Apologies if its already been posted!!



    Just saw this on Phil Mac’s Facebook page-



    “CH4 News people “hopeful” that they will broadcast major stuff on Rangersgate tonight. I am aware of some of the material. Smoking gun stuff. Genuinely scandalous”



    Hope its not another damp squib??



    And yes today is my Birthday lol



    Hail hail

  8. Voguepunter, perhaps.



    Kitalba, indeed.



    theweegreenman, no chance of accounts being submitted today but this will not stop them competing in Scotland next season. This is an explicit Uefa-European competition rule but there is no equivalent in Scotland.

  9. Regi Blinker is more of a Celtic Legend than Champagne Charlie ever was, Actually, on reflection Rafael Scheidt and Carl Muggleton are more worthy of a memory anda mention than that soul seller and money graber.

  10. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    SFA scumbags. Trying to put the boot in at worst time.



    I’m sure Neil will enjoy the title win when it comes and I’m sure he will have a few choice words when it’s over.



    The players have got to perform for him in the remaining two cup games – he deserves a double big time.

  11. mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon on

    Just when I thought my ‘I am Neil Lennon’ was no longer required…………….

  12. Celtic must issue the most strongly worded condemnation it has ever written as soon as possible and ban all written press from the game on Sunday!



    No more, enough is enough!!!!

  13. Paul67 – the comments are a disgrace. Even worse coming from a lawyer. Clark knew precisely what he was saying. The hostility is clearly a hangover from last year’s farcical “industrial action” from the whistlers. If there is such latent hostility towards Lennon from somebody who wasn’t officiating at the time then what is there from the people who feel they were directly affected? Clark let his mask of impartiality slip with that diatribe.

  14. May Neil Lennon lead a winning Celtic team for many years to come. Regardless of a winning team or not I still hope he remains with us for many years to come.




    I don’t for one minute believe the “Explode” comment was made innocently, well thought out in my opinion and shows the level these despicable people will go to.


    The closer their favourite “Family Club” comes to it’s inevitable end the worse their attacks on anything Celtic and Neil in particular will become.


    If I say I despise them with all my being does that mean I have Bun tendencies?


    Regardless, I despise them.




  15. Without wanting to waste overly much time on Kenny Clark, could someone please, please, please explain to him that an official incorrectly applying the rules of a game cannot be equated with one professional athlete getting the better of another in a competitive pursuit.



    The first time he trotted out this line of reasoning I assumed that it was just empty rhetoric being used for effect. Now I’m starting to worry that Kenny might actually believe it.

  16. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Do not like Alex T’s latest tweet re hoping he gets time on ch4, rather than promise.


    Maybe just to keep expectations right but if it is as incriminating as being suggested, there are moves to stop it coming out.

  17. Morning Paul et al.



    I posted this after yesterday’s “Assault. With a Bomb” article and having read today’s “leader” I hope you don’t mind me re-posting.



    Hardly been on the past fortnight for a variety of reasons.



    I then come back to this and feel sick to the pit of my stomach.



    On Sunday, Celtic Park will rise to acclaim a man of incredible strength, courage and determination. A man who has been unshakeable in the face of outrageous intimidation. A man who is an inspiration to us all.



    Is he without fault? Of course not, as none are. Is he the greatest Manager in Celtic’s History? No, not yet at least. However, has there ever been a finer Man in charge at Celtic? Have we ever had a stronger character at the helm? Not that I’ve experienced in my 43 years.



    We are all fiercely proud of our wonderful Football Club. We are proud of its traditions, its values and everything it stands for. In our current Manager we have someone who will be revered however long our Club exists.



    Courage in the face of adversity.


    Speaking out for what is right.


    Dealing with incredible provocation with a real DIGNITY.



    Last season The Green Brigade would mark the 18th minute of every game with applause and chants in support of our Manager. I hope this is re-introduced this weekend, for longer than one minute but with that 18th minute being the focal point. I hope it is replicated at every Celtic game for however long Neil is our Manager.



    Neil Francis Lennon, I salute you. We salute you. I am so proud that you are Manager of our beloved Celtic. Shoulder to Shoulder. You will Never Walk Alone.

  18. Tamlaghtduff Bhoy on

    Charlie Nic pretending hes a celtic supporter again. Charlie no more cares about celtic than graham souness.


    Well done Lenny for standing up for whats right. I’ll shed a tear when you lift that SPL title!

  19. How this ex-ref is able to maintain his position as a lawyer is beyond me. God help his clients. This is the guy who was totally shown up, on BBC’s Newsnight last year, by an old aged pensioner. He sat there speechless unable to contribute anything to the discussion. A complete buffoon of a man whose opinion is worthless.

  20. PaulMcStaysShorts on

    Paul 67, I agree – time for Peter Lawell to speak up.


    It’s disgraceful that a man who has had to endure the constant


    verbal and physical abuse that Neil Lennon has been facing for


    the past 2 years ( and prior to that ) is being routinely victimised through our apalling MSM. It’s fundamentally wrong. Until recently I wanted Celtic to stay as part of Scottish Football – now I’d be happy for us to leave and play in any other


    FA’s set up.

  21. twists n turns on

    Nicholas should be ashamed. Utterly ashamed. He won’t be though, as he is too thick to realise how offensive the stuff he spouts is.



    I won’t let him irk me too much though. Not today at least. Tonight I am meeting champion jockey Paul Hanagan for the first time at Wolverhampton.



    Any Midlands, Staffs, Shropshire CQN’ers likely to be at the racing tonight at Wolves?

  22. Anyone else think that since the sad passing of Paul Mcbride the knives are back out sharper than ever.

  23. tomthelennytim on

    The idiot – although we are definitely weaker since his passing I think the timing has more to do with the pending doom which is about to descend on that disgusting club.

  24. Could anybody tell me if the email O.G. Rafferty has surfaced yet and where I could find it? Also, has the Martin Bain announcment got anything to do with it? I’ve been offline for the last day and a half.

  25. twists n turns on

    The idiot



    seems that way. I would hope it is sheer coincidence, but……it is Scotland….

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