Expect the manager and team to both be ready


It is time for our seasonal reminder: the first competitive fixture of a new season is statistically more akin to a lottery than a predictable event; in evidence, we have Lincoln Red Imps and Artmedia Bratislav, two teams who won as significant underdogs against Celtic.

Season 2019-20 starts tonight in a field in Bosnia, where local champions, Sarajevo, attempt to record what would be one of the most significant victories in their history.

Neil Lennon has some decisions to make, particularly in defence, where Christopher Jullien and Boli Mbombo could make their debuts, the latter in the absence of Kieran Tierney, who is still recovering from an operation in May.

The heat has relented in Sarajevo and across Europe from the heights recorded last week, so it will be more like a balmy Glasgow evening than an oven for the Celtic players.  Importantly, Neil Lennon has been through a few experiences like this.  He will remember the pain of defeats European competition at the hands of Utrecht (4-0) and Braga (3-0) in his first season in charge of Celtic.

Expect the manager and the team to both be ready this time.

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  1. Brilliant Paul, have you some in built technology that signals a new article once I post.

  2. weebobbycollins on

    My son is taking full on driving lessons in order to get his licence and therefore be able to drive N’Cham to the airport…


    I told him to give the chancer a backy on his bike…

  3. As for the boul’ Bhoy / boy N’tcham…………….







    His comments ( as reported ) are unprofessional and unwise. He’ll have to learn additional “skills” to ply his trade and grow up a wee bit. He won’t be the first Incredible Sulk we’ve had to contend with……etc etc







    This managing lark is easy tho, eh!







    The Bhoy has QUALITY tho’…….for us to improve, be seen to improve and for us to grow as a team it’s the players of quality we need to keep.

  4. kevinlasvegas on

    He’s signing so he can drive ntcham to the airport.







  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Sean Thrnton,


    No surprised that they have taken to threatening Lenny and his family again and only a wee bit surprised you’ve had no response to that news on here.



    It can’t be very important as long as Celtic win eh

  6. Tradionalist, You are spot on, to much of a coincidence someone is getting their Quinteros & Cifuentes mixed up,

  7. traditionalist88 on

    CORKCELT on 9TH JULY 2019 10:23 AM



    Thanks for confirming I haven’t lost the plot!



    Yes, It seems like too much of a rush to get an article up.



    They had a bit of a dig at CQN when the ‘Luca Delay’ article appeared on a Sat morning as it was announced by Celtic he had signed so you’d expect them to have a few checks in place before confusing two different players just because they happen to have the same nationality!




  8. quadrophenian on

    I did the same in an El Paso restaurant once, and had the Tex Ritters for a week :\

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    According to today’s forecast, weather at kick off time should be around 20c, light winds and high humidity, with a high chance of rain.


    Homesweethome CSC



  10. traditionalist88 on




    I don’t read the MSM but thanks for highlighting.



    Despite the sensationalist and often selective reporting, they do sometimes get stuff right, so wait and see on this one I’d say.



    There are direct quotes from a player, so no anonymous sources, which helps.




  11. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Quote from prospective new bhoy Quintero…


    “I’ve already done English lessons – not a lot, but I have learned enough.”



    Presumably, “7-1 ya bass – I’m here for 10 in row – and up the RA” will have featured heavily in his schooling.

  12. Hi Paul e tal,



    Very rarely post but just read back and noticed this comment from SEAN THORNTON –



    ‘Also heard yesterday from a good source that our manager has been advised to move his family again due to threats by the relevant authorities.’



    If this is happening again it has to be brought out in the public which is the only way to shame the authorities into doing something. Last time it was a mistake keeping it private (at the behest of the police, I wonder why when it goes against their behaviour when any other public figure is threatened?)

  13. CORKCELT on 9TH JULY 2019 10:23 AM


    Tradionalist, You are spot on, to much of a coincidence someone is getting their Quinteros & Cifuentes mixed up,






    As my mum used to say, 20 year old Ecuadorian defensive midfielders are like buses..

  14. Canalmar – just read your post after I posted mine. Yes, totally agree. Couldn’t give a toss about tonight’s game compared to the importance of our manager being threatened.



    Oh, and I applaud your work on Res12.

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    For the avoidance of doubt, The above weather forecast is for Sarajevo.



  16. I read this morning that Celtic are in advanced talks with both Equadorians. hopefully we’ll get at least one of them.



    but there again it could all be just paper talk.

  17. traditionalist88 on




    Definitely a possibility.



    However this from the Celtic Star:



    ‘SERGIO QUINTERO could be Neil Lennon’s next signing as Celtic look to have edged ahead of Manchester City in the race to sign the Ecuadorian hot prospect….



    Quintero last week revealed that he had offers from both clubs and was weighing up his options ahead of a move to Europe’



    Appears to me to be incorrect. There were quotes last week from Cifuentes, not Quintero..as far as I’m aware.




  18. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 9TH JULY 2019 10:49 AM



    Maybe we are linked with both Ecuadorians and want two more countrymen together like Eddy and Olivier






    Not a bad idea but strange that they both play in the same position.



    If Celtic were to buy two central midfielders I’d expect to see at least two out the door. Ntcham, Bitton & Kouassi most likely.

  19. weebobbycollins on

    The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway…one to read on the bus to Bosnia tonight…

  20. Hrvatski Jim on

    This exceptional video shows Joan Baez visiting Sarajevo during the 3 year period when Sarajevo was under siege from Serbian forces and her meeting with Vedran Smailovic, The Cellist of Sarajevo who now lives in Ireland. He and a quartet of musicians did their best to keep some cultural normality during different stages of the siege by playing in the city streets.






    Inspiring stuff.

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