Expect the manager and team to both be ready


It is time for our seasonal reminder: the first competitive fixture of a new season is statistically more akin to a lottery than a predictable event; in evidence, we have Lincoln Red Imps and Artmedia Bratislav, two teams who won as significant underdogs against Celtic.

Season 2019-20 starts tonight in a field in Bosnia, where local champions, Sarajevo, attempt to record what would be one of the most significant victories in their history.

Neil Lennon has some decisions to make, particularly in defence, where Christopher Jullien and Boli Mbombo could make their debuts, the latter in the absence of Kieran Tierney, who is still recovering from an operation in May.

The heat has relented in Sarajevo and across Europe from the heights recorded last week, so it will be more like a balmy Glasgow evening than an oven for the Celtic players.  Importantly, Neil Lennon has been through a few experiences like this.  He will remember the pain of defeats European competition at the hands of Utrecht (4-0) and Braga (3-0) in his first season in charge of Celtic.

Expect the manager and the team to both be ready this time.

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  1. Now that NL has in post match interview shot down BBC shortbread reporters scoop on potential signing..”ive never heard of him”……replied Lennon…..haha


    They have resorted to talking at length about our crappy defending and sloppy goal we conceded….hahaha

  2. A satisfying start to the season. I am under the impression we do not win many Away games in Europe.


    Goodnight, all



  3. Fool Time Whistle on

    Tom, Tom whit the heck’s a doom moger?



    Is it a walking man who still calls himself a jogger?



    Or the Crux of a post from a CQN blogger?



    Neither Tom, just a Spes Unica dogger.

  4. The Celtic Twitterati demanding Lenny be sacked immediately after Sarajevo took the lead?






    I genuinely despair sometimes.




  5. 16 ROADS. on 9TH JULY 2019 9:12 PM


    The Celtic Twitterati demanding Lenny be sacked immediately after Sarajevo took the lead?





    Could you imagine the reaction had old twitter been around when Henrik passed it straight to Chic Charnley…..

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Was the BBC hurting 🤔 you could hear their euphoria when we went a goal down but the good guys did their usual and start playing once we conceded



    Let’s see if there’s any in-depth analysis from them with any other team as for the Donegal Spider he’s just another soup taker



    Well done Celtic cup ties are about getting thru nothing more nothing less



    Cue Quintero signing tomorrow 🍀😉😂

  7. excathedra44 on

    Well done Celtic,poor conditions,poor ref.


    Important for NL to have kept our momentum going for the Treble, and now an away win in Europe.



    Well pleased.

  8. Can I ask about the Ecuadorian rumours? Last week, Cifuentes was saying he had to choose between us and Man City. Now it seems to be Quintero who is mentioning ongoing talks with Celtic. Are we considering both, or has the Cifuentes interest cooled off?

  9. Not the biggest fan of NL, but that was a solid start, also hope people give Sinclair a break this year he’s done a lot of good things for us over the last three years, and hasn’t run to the press when things aren’t going good, he is a good guy




    BIG WAVY on 9TH JULY 2019 9:15 PM









    HH. 🍀

  11. Celtic ‘earn’ a win whilst Rangers ‘stroll’…



    As reported by the BBC…

  12. Sinclair not overly happy when he scored ….I would guess that is his little reaction to not being picked….which is exactly the CORRECT way to respond.


    He is a good pro and a decent player.


    However I have to be honest and say I would not be too unhappy if he was sold.


    Would love to be proved wrong mind and see a return to a Scott Sinclair mark one.



    Can I ask about the Ecuadorian rumours? Last week, Cifuentes was saying he had to choose between us and Man City. Now it seems to be Quintero who is mentioning ongoing talks with Celtic. Are we considering both, or has the Cifuentes interest cooled off?





    Cuifentes has signed for the Manchester City Corporation, being loaned out and touted around for a transfer in the years ahead like every other bloody talented youngster out there. Bloomi disgusting.

  14. Lazydynamite , Sinclairs biggest problem is that he was to successful in his first season, I think he’s scored more goals than anyone else over the last 3 years, if we had to sell him it’s going to be very hard to replace him for the money we would get for him

  15. BIG G on 9TH JULY 2019 9:47 PM



    I agree his goals would be hard to replace.


    He is a top pro and is very smart in the box.


    However he is about our highest paid player and the total package has been well below his first seasons exploits.


    That being said he is a useful option and unless someone gives us 2/3 million I would keep him.


    Younger players in our squad will learn how to conduct themselves on and off the park

  16. Fool Time Whistle on

    In the Kalju-Shkendija game the away team scored from a penalty on 81 minutes to win 1-0.



    If it’s them, we’ll be back in the Balkans for the next round.



    Now if only I’d taken a months holiday in Dubrovnik…




  17. Sinclair i would keep. Horses for courses, maybe not for the bigger games in Europe, away or games when you need to dig in. In simple terms, he will do the business against the bottom 6 diddy teams, particularly at home. So worth keeping.

  18. Fool Time Whistle on

    LAZYDYNAMITE on 9TH JULY 2019 10:04 PM


    BIG G on 9TH JULY 2019 9:47 PM



    Some might say Scott Sinclair’s response when he scored tonight was correct.



    I thought he under-celebrated it and what a young player like Lewis Morgan wants to see from senior pros is them making sure that newer. younger players get credit for assists etc especially when they’re trying to break into the team.



    That should have been the first response of senior pro and THAT would be the example that younger players should emulate. Perhaps SS sees Lewis Morgan as threat to his own place – but that’s no excuse. Maybe he did thank him but not on the images I saw.



    Morgan was dynamic when he came on – on both wings. Pace, two good feet & can deliver a cross from either wing or cut it back onto either foot.



    I saw NFL make a point of going up to him at the end to have a word – complimentary to be sure.

  19. glendalystonsils on

    All pressure off for the return . All but the shaftiest miners delighted , Sevconians seek , Meeja hacks growling and desperately seeking negatives. Hugely more difficult than Lincoln Red Imps (or St Joseph’s). Looking good going forward.

  20. Go tell the Spartim on

    Why do people want to create problems that they’ve little idea if it happened.



    Why not trying replacing players with a better player than those you’d wish to sell

  21. weebawbabitty on

    Evening, something special about a hoops victory when watching on holiday! Looking good!

  22. Have the players been threatened with a weeks wages fine if they pass back to the keeper?



    There were a number of times a simple pass back to Bain would have alleviated pressure. But we either tried to dribble it out, pass to a marked defender or play a pass into the midfield. And never just a hoof up the park.



    Got away with some dodgy moments, but also a penetrating pass to the midfield led to attacking options.



    Also, I don’t think I’ve seen Scott Brown pass the ball forward incisively and with good effect so many times in one match.



    So, a lot of positives on the Neil Lennon tactics, but a few less so.

  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Great result, and performance, given how ridiculously early in the season it is. Three well taken goals. Glad that those three got their names on the scoreboard, for different reasons. Mikey’s goal will do wonders for his confidence, and finally, a goal from outside the box, other forward players take note, you are allowed to shoot from outside of the penalty box. I think Eddie has looked a bit below par so far this season, but his energy levels never drop, and he always puts a shift in. His was a well taken goal, and reward for a hard working performance. Finally to Sinclair’s effort, he is the only player we have who would execute such a goal. Of the four wingers on show tonight (Johnston, Forrest, Morgan and Sinclair) I thought the two scorers and Morgan offered the most. I am a fan of Jamesie’s, but tonight was not his night. He seemed to lack a bit of pace and seemed low on confidence, and as a result, he did not often take the full back on. In Morgan, he now has real competition for his place, never mind Shved and Arzani to follow. Hopefully all of these guys push each other on to higher and higher levels, and our strikers will benefit.


    It was a good win tonight against decent opposition. Plaudits to the Manager, Coaches and Players.



  24. Liked the look of Bolingoli-Mbombo (how did iPad autocorrect Boli to that?). An able understudy to KT. Many traits similar to Izaguirre, but with crossing ability too.



    Hope he and Mikey don’t have any serious injury.

  25. One of our better opening ties of the last few seasons. The pitch was disgraceful, even with the poor weather. 3 really first class goals mean in effect that we now have 2 full weeks until our next competitive match. Only another 22 games to play if we want to win this season’s trophy – a quadruple is still on!


    Sleep well!

  26. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Who said “we don’t need another winger, we’ve already got millions of them.”? Oh aye, it was yon Norn Iron guy that snuck away in the night. What pash he talks 😃



  27. It’s Good To Be A Tim…………..



    Satisfied with our lot.



    Well done Bhoys.

  28. Fool Time Whistle on

    In case I forgot to stress…



    Delighted about the result & the nature of all three goals.



    For me, Mikey Johnson has flattered to deceive in the big games last season. He seemed to freeze & the real footballer never emerged when it mattered. Today was different & I give him credit for that, but I also credit Neil Lennon & his staff.



    As many others said – the opposition were physical, up for it & did the old falling ovber when they thought they could con the ref malarkey – so very much like the Gorgie mob.




  29. Well played Celtic and a good start 2nd time round for NFL, the bhoy will do ok.



    Unfortunately I can’t say the same for CQN, no match thread and continual posting issues and comments unanswered. I fear Paul67 has lost interest. What was once the absolute go to place for Celtic news is now a poor shadow of its former self.

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