Expect the manager and team to both be ready


It is time for our seasonal reminder: the first competitive fixture of a new season is statistically more akin to a lottery than a predictable event; in evidence, we have Lincoln Red Imps and Artmedia Bratislav, two teams who won as significant underdogs against Celtic.

Season 2019-20 starts tonight in a field in Bosnia, where local champions, Sarajevo, attempt to record what would be one of the most significant victories in their history.

Neil Lennon has some decisions to make, particularly in defence, where Christopher Jullien and Boli Mbombo could make their debuts, the latter in the absence of Kieran Tierney, who is still recovering from an operation in May.

The heat has relented in Sarajevo and across Europe from the heights recorded last week, so it will be more like a balmy Glasgow evening than an oven for the Celtic players.  Importantly, Neil Lennon has been through a few experiences like this.  He will remember the pain of defeats European competition at the hands of Utrecht (4-0) and Braga (3-0) in his first season in charge of Celtic.

Expect the manager and the team to both be ready this time.

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  1. Fool Time Whistle on




    I don’t know what Paul’s current situation is.


    I know he will only have left things as we find them if he had higher priorities.



    After all that this site has provided & continues to do for all of us I suggest we just cut the guy some slack and carry on as best we can.



    We’ve all had things in our life that are more important, perhaps he has too.



    Hope you are well Paul, but if not, remember you have friends in abundance.



    HH & Night all.

  2. good start, delighted for Johnstone as twice last year his confidence was shot down when he was fielded at Ibrox



    I have massive concerns with James forrest he had a purple patch from September to October 2018 , since trhen has een to be honest a man down. he contribution in our last two domestic games( cup final and Tuesday CL qualifier) has been zero, which sums up moist of his 2019 contribution He gets zero interest from other clubs as the scouts see he does he haw. need a right sided midfield player in his position who will contribute


    30% of window gone, only a fraction of money taken in last year from outgoing transfers spent( took in 29 million spent 10Million ) 33% spent

  3. Good steady competent performance.



    As we are well aware : Away games in Europe are never easy.


    Well done Celtic.






    I sat up until 03:00 watching the game and although we were sloppy at losing the first goal we came back to establish a nice wee lead to take to Celtic Park,so went to bed happy.


    Wakens up to find you having a go at James Forrest, it must be the blogger as the footballer was voted Player of the Year by both football writers and his fellow players who probably know more about football than you or I. Well definitely more than me but I cannot vouch for your wisdom.


    If you watch last night’s game again you will see that James Forrest (the player) had at least 2or3 opposition players around him when he received the ball, maybe you didn’t see him for marroon jerseys


    If this is how you feel after one competitive game your going to have a hard old season, try smiling. ;-))

  5. spikeysauldman on

    I have massive concerns with James forrest he had a purple patch from September to October 2018 , since trhen has een to be honest a man down. he contribution in our last two domestic games( cup final and Tuesday CL qualifier) has been zero, which sums up moist of his 2019 contribution.



    which sums up moist of his 2019 contribution ???????


    imo – absolute p1sh


    factually – absolute p1sh


    cannae even be 4rsed digging out the stats

  6. Jimmynotpaul on

    Sydney Tim.


    Just as well you have no say in the matter about James then.


    Sportswriter Player of the year, Players player of the year, sponsors player of the year.


    G.S. B.R. and Neil have all said how important he is to the team.


    Ex players, Joe Ledley and Kelvin Wilson have said in podcasts, that he was the best player at Celtic, in their time.


    Do you ever look inwards and think, just maybe that you are wrong about Scotland’s player of the year?

  7. Good Morning, Grand Day In The Chilterns…



    Good game yesterday, thought Sarajevo looked liked a mid-table SPL Club. Gave us some problems at times, especially set-pieces but was pleased by…



    The resilence that this team has in-built, showing through again. We stepped up after going a goal down



    The real quality we have in the side, all the goals came from that



    We are carrying on with the 4-2-3-1, Lenny has changed certain aspects of our play, yet we still sticking with formations and tactics the players are familiar and comfortable with.



    Well done Lenny and the bhoys, feel the pressure has been eased a bit, so we can get on with building for the season ahead.



    Hail Hail

  8. traditionalist88 on

    SYDNEYTIM on 10TH JULY 2019 4:25 AM



    30% of window gone





    Wait, theres 70% of the Transfer window remaining? Nice one.




  9. Some are 30% emptiers.😱😱😱


    Some are 70% fullers.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  10. A couple of comments lat night re Scott Sinclair not really celebrating his goal. I actually quite like that. It makes it look as though scoring against the opposition is to be expected and that can make them feel less significant.


    A bit like sinking a long putt then responding as though it was a common event.





    PS I am not saying that is why Scott didn`t respond enthusiastically ( though he did do a few hand slaps).

  11. Don’t waste your efforts on SydneyTim & James



    His posts are as predictable as a “hands off Morelos Daily Record exclusive”



    At least no-one has to suffer his negativity in the Stadium

  12. traditionalist88 on

    BOGNORBHOY on 10TH JULY 2019 8:33 AM



    So true. Two completely different slants on the same small piece of information. Highlights how easy it is for the media to influence swathes of people through their own methods of manipulation and or/selective use of data!




  13. A good start to our campaign and a whole lot of positivity to be thanful for.



    Thank-you Celtic.



    Thank-you CQN.




  14. Thought the bhoys played well in the 2nd half last night, but look a little shaky to the counter attack. I am hoping this is being addressed both on the training ground and in the transfer market. Big Ajer had a good game considering he was moved to right back, he is a stick on to partner big Jullien in the center. We will get better, and look very good middle to front with Christie, Johnstone and Odsonne. HH

  15. Sydney Tim,


    When you return to your computer you will see someone posted a load of nonsense on your behalf, just smile, it’s great to be a Tim.

  16. Quite shocked at some of the stick James Forrest is getting from at least one poster.


    For me I thought he looked a bit sharper last night and the signs are promising that he will be up to full speed soon.Very soon.


    He will always have his critics who say he does not do enough by the sheer positive nature of his game and position he plays.


    He can be in and out of matches.But for me he is nothing short of a fantastic player for us.



    If big club scouts don’t like what they see then… fantastic.!!!!

  17. We seem to have peaked early on the 2019/20 Celtic scapegoat award.



    Gets earlier every year.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So Sean Thornton comes on last night and tells us Neil Lennon has been advised to move his family because of threats and the post draws two comments, greatest support in the world my arse.

  19. Macedonia possible next destination.



    If we do win the ten – I can envisage Peter Lawwell crying, like Alexander the Great did when there was no more lands left to be conquered.




  20. traditionalist88 on




    Few points:



    * Not sure what difference 100 posts would have made?



    * Accuracy of the information unconfirmed.



    * If true, private matter for individual concerned and family to take any action required.



    * Media reporting several years ago on incidents involving Lennon prompted copycat attacks, as these situations often do.



    * The Celtic support have Lennons back and don’t need to make more posts, to be ultimately lost in cyberspace, to prove it.




  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    All the same shite we had to listen to the last time, well done.

  22. Go tell the Spartim on




    With regards Sean Thorntons post, i generally dont think that it is surprising that he has been advised to do so, so perhaps one contributing factor to the lethargy of replies, is that no one is surprised by this, in the best wee bigoted country in the world.



    It is of course abhorrent and extremely cowardly by plastic hardmen (we called them Kid on Capone’s) to threaten a man and his family for his connections to Celtic and whilst Plod has a duty to protect citizens you can guarantee it is with much consternation.



    An example should be made of the culprits and of course the SMSM should hang there heads in shame as they are complicit in all of this too.






    All the same shite we had to listen to the last time, well done.






    What’s the new answer then ?

  24. Canamalar


    I have often thought in a similar vein but Trad 88`s points are valid.



  25. traditionalist88 on




    Meaty response hahaha.



    If its shite, lets take an example. ‘Accuracy of the information unconfirmed’.



    Please provide proof this information is indeed accurate.



    If you can’t then you’re cleary the one talking shite.



    You keep posting on here about it and doing hee haw chief.




  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Go Tell…,


    The last time this happened the polis told the Plc and meeja to remain silent, 6 months later the harrassment got worse while the meeja continued to vilify him, apparently no lessons learned by the polis or our Plc.

  27. Lazydynamite Just an opinion


    Myself and a few friends have been looking at Forrest this year 2019


    He had a truly purple patch last year over about 10 weeks Scored about 11 goals. 4 in one game and scored 3? For Scotland


    We all said at last he is fulfilling his potential that we have waited for 7-8 years


    Then since December he unfortunately went back. He had no competition. The last month or so he was virtually vanished. In the cup final Forrest was kept quiet by a 16 year old boy who took cramp in the last 20 mins


    It was a poor season all round with zero standouts , only James Forrest did not have a spell out with Injury and his hot spell over ten weeks earned him player of year



    But he is not good enough to move Forward


    No top clubs have ever bid for Forrest as he disappears against poor opposition


    His contribution in Europe over his 8 years is very little



    Sorry. Not good enough

  28. Go tell the Spartim on




    We know the SMSM are complicit in this, plod only doing it because they are obliged to, as for the PLC ….. well we know how keen to be cooperative with the Polis (Hawthorn and his cronies) .



    As for the responses this morning you know what the say about putting your head in the sand………………

  29. traditionalist88 on




    Aren’t you the one who jumped the gun with Res12 as well going against advice from those better placed to advise?



    Apologies if not.



    Seems to be a running theme with you, acting on impulse to the detriment of others you claim to be onside with.



    Anyway, deniability is far from the same as saying something is unconfirmed (which it currently is).



    So if you want to question legal minds, start with your own.



    And dont believe everything you read on the internet. One so far unsubstansiated rumour does not give you the right to question the morality of the Celtic support or their support for one of their own in trying times.




  30. Canamalar just an observation , in your posts you come across as an angry man and your language seems to have deteriorated. Take a deep breath and get back to your normal high standard. H H Hebcelt

  31. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Go tell..,


    Demanding evidence that’s got to take the biscuit after all we’ve learned about the last time, it’s no burying your head, it’s trying to discourage discussion.


    More or less telling the guy that disclosed the information made it up.

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