Expect the manager and team to both be ready


It is time for our seasonal reminder: the first competitive fixture of a new season is statistically more akin to a lottery than a predictable event; in evidence, we have Lincoln Red Imps and Artmedia Bratislav, two teams who won as significant underdogs against Celtic.

Season 2019-20 starts tonight in a field in Bosnia, where local champions, Sarajevo, attempt to record what would be one of the most significant victories in their history.

Neil Lennon has some decisions to make, particularly in defence, where Christopher Jullien and Boli Mbombo could make their debuts, the latter in the absence of Kieran Tierney, who is still recovering from an operation in May.

The heat has relented in Sarajevo and across Europe from the heights recorded last week, so it will be more like a balmy Glasgow evening than an oven for the Celtic players.  Importantly, Neil Lennon has been through a few experiences like this.  He will remember the pain of defeats European competition at the hands of Utrecht (4-0) and Braga (3-0) in his first season in charge of Celtic.

Expect the manager and the team to both be ready this time.

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  1. quadrophenian on

    All right-minded Celtic fans would abhor if any of Alba’s usual bigoted shite caused our manager’s relocation.


    But as internet use stats have long suggested, there’s a 90-9-1 percent rule, which might be considered here.


    ‘90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but don’t contribute).


    9% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time.


    1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions: it can seem as if they don’t have lives because they often post just minutes after whatever event they’re commenting on occurs.’


    I didn’t post on it but I privately lamented the outrage if true – but feel powerless to effect any change to Lenny’s situ by banging on my keyboard thousands of miles away. Was I shamed into posting this…? Not quite, mibby a bit – but I think we should all be free to lurk, post sporadically or bang on as much as we want about any topic without shame either which way. HH




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I wrote Res12.





    I am angry that it got ignored and apparently I’m only one of two people who picked up on it, such an important issue needs outrage from all of us. This morning was my third post on it to make sure it does not get ignored. It was also a pop at lack of gravity all bar three gave it.

  3. traditionalist88 on

    QUADROPHENIAN on 10TH JULY 2019 10:36 AM



    Yep, not entirely sure what difference an extra 100 CQN posts would have made to a potentially serious real life situation involving our manager (if the rumour is true) – patiently waiting for Canalmar to confirm.



    Not sure how many CQN posts would have satisfied Canalmar either.



    Would his wrath have been felt if there were only 20 posts? Would 50 have been sufficient?




  4. traditionalist88 on





    I wrote Res12.






    Thats not what I asked so have no option but to read between the lines on that point.

  5. re the threats to Neil Lennon. If true (and going by past history i think it’s fair to assume they are) keeping it under wraps like last time is the worst thing to do. I can understand why politically the police/politicians may want to keep this hush hush as it goes against the image of Scotland they want to project but nothing is gained from denial (and this is me being generous and not accounting for the possibility that the police/politicians have their own bigoted reasons for not wanting go public. )



    If the threats are in the public domain then there is a far greater chance that the scum will be caught as it forces the police to do their jobs and I would argue makes further threats less not more likely.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    If you remember the last time, once it was posted on here and people commented, it spread across Celtic websites like wildfire and was very quickly covered by the meeja.


    It made a difference because those who demanded silence were suddenly under the spotlight and had to show progress.



    I do not post here much but I feel need to support your views on JF 100%. He has 1 good game in 12 and incredibly that is what people remember. If we could get 5 M for him we could do so much better. He is a passenger for most games and it’s like having 10 men far too often. Amazingly fans only remember the very occasional highlight.


    Well done in sticking to your beliefs because you are so right. Well done

  8. traditionalist88 on




    Demanding evidence that’s got to take the biscuit after all we’ve learned about the last time, it’s no burying your head, it’s trying to discourage discussion.



    More or less telling the guy that disclosed the information made it up.





    Really, you want to criticise others legal mind yet you’re making so many leaps in the dark…



    No one is trying to discourage discussion. I made several points for discussion and you dismissed them ALL blindly!



    As for ‘more or less’ claiming the guy ‘made it up’… I’ve read some nonsense on here, but this equals any of it.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Do you want evidence? You’ll find all the evidence you need in the archives ask P67 for access.


    Ask any of the guys involved.


    Better placed than a policy maker, no sure how that works. We can disagree on policy and continue to work together.



    There’s always an excuse when you write in riddles. Tradriddler88




    There you are, praise from BREENY (who doesn’t post on here much but feels the need to support your views 100%) for sticking to your “beliefs”



    You couldn’t make it up

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Demanding evidence is normally due to not trusting the source.

  12. Breeny. Get your Tin hat on



    As one old fan said to me James Forrest must be the worst player of the year since Sandy Clark in 1982. I checked and he was bang on



    But seriously. No EPL club would be interested in a player who vanishes



    We have crucial cl qualifying games coming up


    Passengers are not needed


    Indeed 1 good game in ten would be what I say

  13. Sloleybhoy. And your point is?



    We have a good laff here in Sydney when we watch games as week in week out other fans say to me. “Aye your right he was invisible “. After it happens 6 games in a row it starts being a bit silly :( Not good

  14. Sydney Tim.


    You are talking nonsense.


    I give you Michael Higdon.


    Are you seriously saying he was better than James


    Anyway, Celtic have had a good result in Europe , I will enjoy that.

  15. traditionalist88 on




    haha, what a loose cannon. Of course, no one expects you to admit nearly derailing the whole thing.



    No much use when the policy maker can’t help but act on impulse and hits self destruct now eh.



    And at it again, criticising the Celtic support for not making more posts online about Neil Lennons personal circumstances.



    I am sure the small % of Celtic supporters that use CQN will have Lennys back as much as the wider support that don’t read CQN.



    And as pointed out to you earlier, posting on CQN is not a serious barometer of any kind in the real world.



    Why don’t you tell us whats really bothering you?



    Angry little man.




  16. quadrophenian on



    Out here in the boondocks, I genuinely wisnae aware of the role the blog/forums played in elevating the last NFL threat issue to high quality Scottish media scrutiny (does that exits), but I’m glad to be informed of it.


    If somebody wants to foster social meeja sharing to highlight an issue and catalyse action to protect Neilly,, there are a lot of different ways to do it; encouragement, pleading, stating facts and even shaming I s’pose.


    Celtic’s a diverse family; not perfect; but most of us are good minded – tho often incensed – great Selick fans.


    Not for the first time on here, my supporters bus is the KUMBAYACSC

  17. Sydney Tim


    6 May 2013


    Motherwell striker Michael Higdon has been named PFA Scotland Player of the Year.



    The 29-year-old Englishman scored 27 goals as the Lanarkshire side secured a Europa League qualifying spot.



    Hibernian’s Leigh Griffiths, Andrew Shinnie of Inverness and Aberdeen forward Niall McGinn were also in contention for the award.



    Griffiths was named Young Player of the Year, the on-loan Wolves striker having also netted 27 times this season.



    Higdon began his career at Crewe before moving north to sign for Falkirk in 2007.



    After two years with the Bairns, the Liverpool-born player joined St Mirren, leaving Paisley for Motherwell in 2011.



    Motherwell striker Michael Higdon has been arrested over an alleged assault hours after being crowned Scotland’s Player of the Year.



    The 29-year-old was held after a disturbance at the Corinthian nightclub in Glasgow in the early hours.



    BBC Scotland understands Higdon was released from police custody at 09:00.



    He was named Professional Footballers’ Association Scotland Player of the Year at a ceremony on Sunday night.

  18. traditionalist88 on

    QUADROPHENIAN on 10TH JULY 2019 11:14 AM



    Stating facts, you nailed it.



    Thats what we need to establish here.



    Rather than shut down discussion, do some more digging before mud slinging at anyone – fellow Celtic supporters, the PLC, police, even the media.



    So far, we have one unsubstansiated rumour.



    Because something is read online doesnt mean its true. But given what we know from last time and the current mood of the huns in Scotland, sadly it would surprise no one if the rumour was true.



    But acting on impulse and criticising each other is pointless.



    If the rumour is true then Lenny and his family have been notified of intelligence so to what extent Canalmar wants us to kick off is unclear but probably not in anyones best interests.




  19. If something is mentioned in the last page of a previous article it can easily get lost. I had to go back myself to look over it because I missed it first time.



    Lighten up.



    1 good game in 10, far too generous in my opinion. He has no stamina, doesn’t track back, cannot cross a ball, most scared player I ever saw, what a pleasure to play against. Well done again, you handle the flak well.



    Well done Celts on avoiding potential banana skin.



    I’m having a wee party on Saturday and would like to invite you to it, starts around 4.00pm in B/V and ends up in Baccuss (Spelling) right opposite,until they call a halt to the drinking,Your welcome to join us.

  22. Scottish player of the year as voted in various polls by those involved with football in a professional capacity or the opinion of someone watching tele on the other side of the world who thinks he is crap.


    Decisions, decisions

  23. I have seen Neil Lennon many times in well known boozers in Byres Rd.


    My own thoughts are as a Celtic manager who has learned a lot, he should be a wee bit more discreet on picking his places of refreshment.



    This in no way suggests that ” He brings it on himself” it is just common sense personal responsibility in such a divided city as Glasgow.



    This does not mean we are pandering to bigots, it’s just some of the bampots are beyond sensible discussion.



    ( Imagine trying to have a reasonable discussion with the marching Neathandrial who spat in a women’s face at the weekend )????




  24. Sorry phone crashed.


    I’ve had it confirmed and I have been told it’s of a temporary nature.


    Really can’t say more for obvious reasons.




  25. Breeny/Sydney Tim



    I rather think you guys made your mind about James Forest from day one and nothing will change your mind no matter how well he plays.. He has everything one would expect from a winger, speed, good ball skills and excellent finishing. Wingers by their very position cannot be expected to turn it on every game, especially like last night when marked by 3 men. The skill on such a situation is to be able to take a pass, hold the ball then lay it off at the right time ie when space is vacated by the 3 men marking him. That’s all he can do and to my mind he does it well. His attributes were recognised last season with the POY award and clearly his play is recognised by other teams who feel the need to double/triple up on him which in turn gives us the opportunity to exploit the situation . In my opinion that alone is a complement to the player and we should be glad he is our player.

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