Expectations from QC report


There appears to be a degree of confusion over the report Rangers International FC PLC have commissioned into the conduct of its directors.  This report resulted from the revelation that Craig Whyte was a director of Sevco 5088 Ltd, the company which paid for exclusivity rights and had an irrevocable agreement to buy the assets from Rangers administrators, Duff and Phelps.  Several RIFC directors were unaware of links between Whyte and Sevco 5088 and were so concerned they demanded this independent inquiry.

In short, the board need to know if information given to them by fellow director, Charles Green, is wholly correct and reliable.  Another PLC has also told the stock market they have made a report to the Serious Fraud Office, for a company director, this cannot get more serious.

The report is unlikely to come to any hard conclusions as to the legal status of assets like Ibrox Stadium, that is a matter the courts could later take a different view of, or of the club’s entitlement to associate membership of the SFA, which will be a matter for Mr Ogilvie and his board.  It will more likely do little more than inform the RIFC board if they have reasons for alarm.

On becoming aware of a potential serious corporate matter directors must take steps to confirm any disputed information, consider potential consequences for the company and correct any stock market announcements which were subsequently found to be inaccurate.  This is the road the RIFC board have gone down.

If the report indicates that the courts are unlikely to rule that Sevco 5088 Ltd can be considered a part of RIFC group, and that its entitlement was inappropriately assumed by Sevco Scotland Ltd (now The Rangers Football Club Ltd), the directors will then, and only then, have enough information to decide if some of their worst fears will be realised.

If Mr Green found his grilling by STV difficult, he will find the forensic accountants and lawyers no less taxing.  In answer to their questions I wonder if he’ll say, “Define Craig Whyte”.
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  1. TET –



    It’s nearly midnight and I need to get to bed. Tomorrow I will revisit the comments and clarify who and what I was responding to. In the meantime, why is it so difficult to take my word for it? If my comment was directed at you, why would I deny it?



    Do you believe EVERYTHING has to be about you?



    Dear oh dear.

  2. the crime that has and still is taking place in scottish football is not just what sevco have been doing and still are oh no, it’s not even the corrupt sfa, it’s all the other club’s allowing this to farce to be carried out without one single call for action to put a stop to it, we call the authorities corrupt for even allowing what has and is still being allowed to continue,


    but the athorities are the club’s, so all this is being allowed is at the behest of the club’s


    if it was not then why has there not even been an objection, not one single club has put forward a motion of no confidence in the governing bodies that are carrying out this farce,


    if the club’s did not want this farce they would have put a stop to it, they did not and still


    engage in semantic’s of league reconstruction with the very same men, now i ask once again why no call for one single resignation in all this farce? corruption can only succeed


    if allowed to and in my opinion it’s being allowed to why?

  3. phyllis dietrichson @ 14:57



    Yes that’s like mine, except mine is moth ridden. You can’t buy that authenticity.

  4. Did I ever tell you that Kojo wrote the gospels – ask him about the epiphany????

  5. Celtic_First on






    Alexander the Great is said to have encouraged his men to wear silk as what we now call base layers. If you copped an arrow to the torso, they could pull it out of you. The silk stopped the arrow from going too deep it was much easier to pull it out without tearing more flesh.

  6. Amazing what you learn on here. Someone mentions a silk Celtic scarf and the blog morphs into a silk history lesson.


    Brilliant stuff!!




  7. Clink\o/ and sonsoferin. Read it online ref Lenny. As I said if and time will tell.



    Much prefer his angst was set on the ‘team’ that played in the hoops on Sunday.they didn’t win one 50 50 all day.

  8. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on





    14:22 on 1 May, 2013




    It would make many aul’hauns very happy if the marketing dept at Celtic were to bring back the old style scarves.



    Not to mention a few aul’ necks.


    Although having had one myself (many years ago) they were more about style than warmth.

  9. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Thanks to CQN I am now swaddlin’ myself in silk, to keep out stray Spartan arrows and 20mm cannon shells from irate Fw190s.

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Early booze bid given boot ahead of Ross County v Celtic clash


    Police chiefs have backed the early booze knockbackPUBS hoping to throw open their doors to football fans at 11am this Sunday ahead of the Ross County v Celtic fixture have been given a knockback.



    Several establishments serving alcohol applied to be allowed to open an hour earlier than usual this Sunday so they could take advantage of the noon kick-off.



    But while the Dingwall British Legion, The County Tavern and The Mallard have all been refused permission to open at 11am, the football club’s own hospitality suite has been given the go-ahead to do so.



    Highland Licensing Board policy currently allows opening only at noon on Sundays.



    Having considered all relevant information, Highland Licensing convener, Councillor Maxine Smith had to make a decision on whether to grant the applications received last week, under her delegated powers.



    The game is being broadcast on television so there is a midday kick-off on Sunday and a 12.45pm kick off on Sunday, May 19 for the local derby against Inverness Caledonian Thistle.



    Three licensees applied for an early extension to their opening hours from 11am instead of their usual noon or 12.30pm Sunday opening.



    Councillor Smith granted permission for the Stadium’s Hospitality suite to entertain its guests and serve alcohol from 11am but turned down the others.



    At the last Highland Licensing Board, Licensing Standards Officer, Ian Cox submitted a report recommending that due to the huge differences in method and style of the stadium as a venue compared to the bars in Dingwall, the former should be considered safe to grant an early extension.



    He noted the hospitality suite is geared up to provide a full breakfast, served to the tables, with alcohol as an ancillary product, which is on offer, but not the primary reason for customers being there.



    By comparison, the bars and clubs in Dingwall attract mostly standing clientele with food “ancillary” to the consumption of alcohol.




    Maxine Smith: Legal duty to take account of potential for disorderThe bars also attract the away football fans who have travelled to Dingwall on coaches, where they may already have become either partially or greatly intoxicated.



    Councillor Maxine Smith said: “Mr Cox put forward his report on football matches and early openings at the last Board meeting and it was discussed, but it will go forward for proper debate when we put any new policies in place in our new Highland Licensing Policy Statement, which is due to go out to consultation soon.



    “At that point we will consider all the evidence provided and will have more information on which to base our decisions.



    “For now, any early applications are still outwith policy so they come to me for a delegated decision. I did grant an early opening to the British Legion in December and was interested to see how things went and whilst there did not seem to be any extra trouble, these new applications come forward on a Sunday when clubs and bars normally open at noon.



    “I have a legal duty as board convener to make sure anything I grant outwith policy coincides with the five licensing objectives, which are to prevent crime and disorder, secure public safety, prevent public nuisance, protect and improve public health and protect children from harm.



    “The police have objected to the early extension of the clubs and bars, but have not objected to the early opening of the hospitality at the stadium. I concur with their reasons. To grant would be contrary to several of the licensing objectives, in fact I would argue that there could be issues with all five.”



    She added: “The days of early opening licence applications for the football fixtures are both Sundays and whilst I am not saying that all football fans would be intoxicated, some of them would be, especially the away fans who may have begun drinking before getting onto their coaches.



    “These fans would have to pass by churches where there would be services being held and congregations coming and going, as well as families and children walking about the town on their day off. I am also concerned about more fans being turned away at the turn styles and what they would do to fill their time until the match finished and they went back onto the coach.”



    She made clear: “It is not my role to take account of the failing economy and help out traders by allowing early openings, my key job is to protect the public and where alcohol is the primary reason for visiting a venue I am afraid I am really not minded to grant an extension at this time.



    “I am satisfied the venue in the Ross County ground has proven that alcohol is secondary to the activity they are providing, and as such is no threat to the five licensing objectives.”



    Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Julian Innes welcomed the decision.



    He said: “I welcome the decision of the licensing board to refuse these applications for early extensions to opening hours. We want fans to come and have an enjoyable time at the matches, but early and excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to disorder and public nuisance as well as create a public safety issue for everyone.



    “We generally have a good atmosphere and very low rates of crime and disorder at football matches in this area and we would wish this to continue.”

  11. HANDS UP— who has more than one active login on CQN… How many ballot papers do you think your being deserves?



    Now be honest… who is that thick that they have more than three (3) or two (2).



    Come on Paul you raised the issue you should with knowledge end the issue.

  12. John O Neil on

    Celtic_First, good afternoon. Always pleasing to hear that someone is very decent despite their success. Did our poster know he refers to himself in this way?


    Anyway, KITALBA seeing as you mentioned books, how about ‘The Trial’ by Kafka. That guy surely had some way of seeing into the future!


    Good luck to the young Celts this evening.


    Boycott the SFA!

  13. squire danaher on

    tom mclaughlin



    14:05 on 1 May, 2013



    I believe it is me you are looking for



    I had a conversation with TET over the last two nights about betting and we commented on certain calls made by officials during the later stages of both uefa comps this season.



    I speculated in general that, with well known SFA types in high positions of power at UEFA, it would not be a surprise if there was an agenda



    Some of the refereeing last night by ITV MOTM Howard Webb was unbelievable – and very little of it favoured Dortmund



    I do not and did not say games are fixed. I did say that as a reasonably serious (in terms of research) bettor, I increasingly had to factor the identity of the referee into assessing a game.



    Happy to debate further later.

  14. tomtheleedstim on

    My favourite scarf was bought for me when I was a boy from a shop under the Central Station. Very dark green with a beautiful hand emroidered crest at one end only. This was the part that was to be left on display.


    I remember standing outside some pub in Partick (as feckin usual) and several of the blokes commenting on it and feeling top of the World.


    It took pride of place on my bedroom wall when I got back to Leeds. A couple of years later some friends visited from Canada and they were given the scarf by my old man to put behind a bar over there. I was absolutely gutted – loved that scarf.

  15. Freedom of Speech:



    Did Ntasoollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ever, ever define how the accused – SFTB – ever, ever offered violence????




    Like I KNOW how pe(n)datic that pwick can be? To my mind nats a GREEN HUN

  16. phyllis dietrichson


    14:57 on 1 May, 2013




    Still got my old style, silk scarf from when I was a teenager, and that wasn’t yesterday. It is still in good nick and if it could speak it would tell tales of great times from the late 60’s and on. I used to wash it before Cup finals and wouldn’t let anybody iron it apart from me, not even my wee mammy, as the crease had to be right. In those days you didn’t get replica tops and the merchandise of today. I used to wear it draped round a green checkered shirt or another green shirt I had that was all green with a green checkered collar. Only ever wore those shirts to the football. Ah, the memories!

  17. Anyone else getting fed up with the pash talk about events at Firhill. Some bam took a flare in and it melted seats. Maybe the polis could do their real job in finding out who it is and getting him banned. You would think the entire Celtic support showed up and burned the stadium to the ground the way some people are going on about it.

  18. Paul67



    Are you really going to continue running this blog knowing that GREEN HUNS are trying to sway opinion.



    Are your really okay with that Paul; because if you are, then your blog is a farce.



    Let me say that again — A FARCE.

  19. Celtic_First on

    John O Neil





    The only answer I can give to your question to me is: ‘No idea’.



    Not least because I don’t know to whom you are referring.

  20. mickbhoy1888 on




    15:19 on 1 May, 2013



    I am sure that the Celtic Brake clubs will ensure that travelling Celtic support will arrive at the ground perfectly sober after filling in the four hours travelling time from Glasgow playing I-spy

  21. Ecup67


    yorkbhoy@11.08 Light relief



    Pity we didn’t see Peter Catterson (centre forward) in the hoops in 50/60s.


    Bad advice from his Dad ( Clyde supporter), and he made the wrong decision.

  22. mickbhoy1888 on




    Take a chill pill mate break out the Chateau Neuf De Pape put on your copy of the Quiet Man have your imaginary wee donnygawl wife mop your tired brow and let the neighbours join in by opening all yer windaes and regale them with Glen Daly live at the Ashfield

  23. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    Ban chat of silk scarves and flares!




  24. blantyretim on



    don’t forget to pick up tickets for Mondays open day…



    ghirls would enjoy

  25. voguepunter on

    pogmathonyahun aka laird of the smiles



    15:49 on 1 May, 2013


    CQN World War X about to break out?




    Think kit will win ,though MIck(y)Bhoy has had a bit of practice battering wee boys on Friday/Saturday nights.

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