Expensive lesson for football


The success rate of Celtic’s player recruitment strategy in recent years has been exceptional; pound-for–pound better than any period in our history.  Forster, Mulgrew, Lustig, Matthews, Izaguirre, Wilson, Ledley, Wanyama, Commons, Kayal and Hooper have arrived for limited outlay and have propelled the club into the latter stages of the Champions League.

By contrast, Mo Bangura failed to impress on any occasion tested.  At another time it would be easy to write him off but it seems unusual that the current system for scouting and assessing footballers has led to a striker who only yesterday recorded his first goal for the club.

In all honesty I suspect Mo will not get a chance to turn things around at Celtic, there are several strikers ahead of him in the squad and our scouts will forever be working on fresh recruits, but this doesn’t mean he is a bad player.  It’s more likely that his induction into Scottish life missed a crucial step.

Did you see the story and photograph about Michael Johnson yesterday?  The 24-year-old was paid-off by Manchester City near the end of his £40k per week contract.  He was unfortunate with injuries but there is a lesson for football to learn in his demise.

The day anyone, young or old, clever or stupid, signs a £10m contract life can become one long party.  ‘You don’t like my attitude/weight/blood test/friends?  I’m on a multi-million pound contract, deal with it.’ How can football deal with this issue?

For the record, there is absolutely no connection between Mo, whose attitude has been first class, and Michael Johnson’s demise.
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  1. Just about to say the blog was like the nightshift on a bad night when i get the chance to be first -maybe

  2. From previous thread because my ego told me to do it….


    Daniel Day Lewis is a tremendous actor. ‘My Left Foot’ is one of the great performances.


    But fake biopics of dubious politicians are grating.(But I will have to watch i on dvd, as I did with Anthony Hopkins’ ‘Nixon’!)


    ‘The Master’ got nary a mention in the plastic awards ceremonies, yet therein lie the two best performances of the year.


    Joaquin Phoenix as Freddie Quell lost 3 st. for the part, changed his physical shape, and mastefully acquired an authentic sailor’s gait.


    Too bad the film slates Scientology in a backhand manner, though that is not the core of the film.


    It’s about dependence, interdependence and the vacuum of America. And so much more.


    A film I will get on dvd and keep., unlike many others which just pass through.

  3. I might be in a minority of 1, but I think Mo will become a good player. He is fast and has a good first touch.

  4. Maybe Mo Bangura will become a super-sub, able to change games late on.


    Or mayb he’ll just get moved on.


    PrivyToNuthin’ CSC

  5. saltires en sevilla on




    Yes we are getting some good uns now – agree that Mo has missed his chance to impress as he struggles to make an impact -despite a tidy finish last night





    I had to laugh – sometimes it’s what the SFA don’t reveal, that betrays their inherent hunnishness.


    Anyone visiting the official SFA site to research information on attendance figures, would be forgiven for wondering what teams created the actual attendance record at the 1937 Scottish Cup Final.



    However, they are happy to provide the teams who contested one of the 1938 semi-finals…hmmm






    World Record Attendance for a National Cup Final


    The 1937 Scottish Cup final at Hampden Park attracted an official crowd of 147,365 with reports of around 20,000 locked outside. With the completion of the north stand in 1937 Hampden had an official capacity of 183,724. This implies that there must have been more spectators inside the ground than the official statistics record, and the ‘real’ attendance may have been closer to the 180,000 mark.


    In any case the official figure for attendance was, in its day, a world record and remains a European record for a national cup final. The semi final tie between Rangers and Hibernian in 1948 attracted a crowd of 143,570 which, at that time, created a world record for a club match out with a national cup final and remains the European record for this category.




    For those who don’t know their history ;–) 1937 Scottish Cup Final the excellent Celtic wiki provides all the info you will need:






    1937-04-24: Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Final





    • World record attendance: 147,365 (official)


    • Celtic’s 15th Cup final victory! Aberdeen’s first Scottish Cup final.


    • Willie Buchan was a hero for Celtic in this game, yet 3 months later was shamefully sold against his wishes to Blackpool for £10k.






    Something very special about this day and this game. It was just the vast scale of it that amazes all who look back on it. Forever it will be recorded to be a record attendance in the UK for a match and possibly forever in Europe. One day some egomaniac somewhere will demand his country to create a white elephant of a stadium which can hold even more and the club world record attendance will be broken, however until then it will never diminish the day and keep Celtic in the limelight. There were actually even more outside trying to get in! The actual world record for all football was recorded only days before at 149,000 for Scotland v England held again at the same stadium (Hampden).



    People travelled from all over Scotland to this game, and in the days before car ownership was a common thing, that was some achievement, and the atmosphere could definitely be said to be packed and raucous. With no huns around, it was to be a glorious day for both sides. The Aberdeen manager himself was an-Celtic player (Travers) and so there was a bit of Celtic in both camps. For Aberdeen, they were challenging for their first Scottish Cup title (then the most prestigious cup in the land (although the league was most coveted)) whilst for Celtic it was their 15th! An incredible achievement for the time.



    In the match, Celtic had a strong start which saw us take a 1-0 lead after just 12mins where a shot by Buchan was slotted into the back of the net by Crum after the goalkeeper had to parry the shot. However, the lead was very short-lived and Aberdeen equalized soon after in just one minute!



    For much of the second half, it was mostly all Celtic with the midfield in control stifling their Aberdeen counterparts. Chic Geaton’s was said to have been the gem in our midfield, controlling it magnificently. However, as much as our strikers were creating the opposition problems, it required the intervention of the legendary Jimmy McGrory to create the opportunity that won us the cup, freeing up Willie Buchan to shoot past the opposition goalkeeper with 20mins to go. Aberdeen claimed a handball from McGrory in the move to the goal, but not given or substantiated.



    Full-time whistle went, and the end of a landmark in the club game was over.



    Celtic were winners of the Scottish cup for the 15th time. Aberdeen had to wait a bit longer for their first time to get their hands on the cup and a new giant of the Scottish game was born.

  6. saltires en sevilla




    Enough to make me wish I’d been there. The sound of the crowd must’ve been incredible.



  7. 79caps



    14:04 on 16 January, 2013



    I might be in a minority of 1, but I think Mo will become a good player. He is fast and has a good first touch.





    Much like Rasmussen I think Mo’s time has come and gone.


    Guess some players are just never meant to be a Celt.



    Here’s hoping I’m wrong!





    /Bishop B

  8. Paul



    Was going to write about Michael Johnson yesterday. With money like that going to young players who never make it, it is no wonder clubs like Man City have unsustainable wage bills. It is also worth noting that his huge contract was signed before Man City were sold to the arab billionaires to ward off a £10m bid from Liverpool.



    I have read today however that he has suffered mental health issues over the past few years and so it may not be wise to comment too much further on him as an individual.




  9. South Of Tunis on

    ASonOfDan .



    The Llorente to Juve now rather in the summer story has been as long and absurdly convoluted as the Drogba to Juve story.



    Some days the media say it’s on.


    Some days the media say it isn’t on .


    Some days Juve say they want to do it .


    Some days Juve say they don’t want to do it..



    Looks like a wait and see job .



    The one absolutely true thing is that Juve badly need a centre forward.

  10. tomtheleedstim on

    “For the record, there is absolutely no connection between Mo, whose attitude has been first class, and Michael Johnson’s demise.”


    Shockingly there appears to be a closer parallel to Phivis’ demise as podium king.

  11. Michael Johnson…..I’m not takin’ the p*** here, but why would a club keep paying a youngster £40k a week and not intervene when he’s obviously bloated and in the s*** due to alcoholism?


    Surely they hav a duty of care, and I know you cannot force anyone off the sauce, but there is a time when intervention is appropriate, even if ultimately futile.


    Just an opinion.


    From the proverbial wagon.

  12. Mo Bangura has definitely not been given a fair crack of the whip. He joined when Hooper and Stokes were in their pomp and then had a string of short term niggling injuries. He has pace to burn and ability on th eball, just needs some game time.



    There isn’t a better season than this one to try him out.



    Please PLEASE stop with the Tesco burger joke. It is very tiring…

  13. Bangura…the latest player to improve with absence from the team …



    Come on bhoys get a grip

  14. From last Article







    12:49 on


    16 January, 2013





    You may want to look out for Sons of Anarchy, its the best of the bunch IMO, 5 series with around 12-14 episodes per series.



    Its a hells angels type o story with IRA gun running, drugs, violence etc many twists n turns…. each episode makes you hunger for the next one. You can buy the dvd’s from amazon or google search for them and view online if your broadband can take it.








    Aye mate it just started up again on foxtel out here, recorded about 7 while i was home over christmas..watched 8 of them past 2days. Cant get enough.




  15. saltires en sevilla on



    14:13 on


    16 January, 2013


    saltires en sevilla




    Enough to make me wish I’d been there. The sound of the crowd must’ve been incredible.








    Aye -If I had a time machine, I would go back to the 30’s and watch Jimmy McGrory bang in a few goals-he is credited with creating the famous Hampden roar



    magical stuff -also maybe ‘write/record’ a few Beatles songs and ‘invent’ internet bampotery ;-)

  16. South Of Tunis on

    miki 67 @ 14 02



    I thought The Master was a great film [ even if it was a bit gentle on Scientology ] I like his films —-I thought —–There Will Be Blood was a real goodie too.



    Should be oot but there’s a biblical downpour and Sicilian roads can’t cope with rain.

  17. Paul67



    I would not write off Bangura just yet. Kelvin Wislon had a terrible first season and look at him now.



    More concerned with Juve possibly getting Llorente this week.

  18. PFAyr @ 14.20



    Yes, he DID improve while he was absent, scoring a few goals in Sweden, including one against PSV Eindhoven in the Europa League. And he scored last night. Didn’t you notice?

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    I haven’t seen a lot of Bangura, what with the injuries and the loan, so it’s difficult to make a judgement on the guy.



    His goal last night was superbly taken though – definitely a natural finisher. He may have missed his chance with Celtic, but you never know.

  20. South Of Tunis



    Article gave a deadline of Friday. He is a class player and I hope there is no truth in it.

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