Exploiting a vulnerable man, the drive to Bristol Airport, WW in the UK


There is a degree of public interest in reading about, or listening to, spivs exploit the stupidity of some football fans to bring a club to its knees, but the sight of a tired and emotional looking Malcolm Murray stumbling away from an event is neither entertaining nor of interest to anyone with a sense of humanity.

Have you ever seen a drunk football player or official?  I have.  It has never been news before nor should it be now.  If the man has an actual problem the first response from his club and the wider game must be to offer support for one of our national illnesses.

The fan with a phone camera probably knows no better, but passing-round a recording of when a Frankie Howerd impersonator confronted Murray about his alleged problem is truly awful.

The audio was almost certainly not uploaded onto the internet by ‘Howerd’ but it was his decision to make and distribute the recording.  I hope he informed Murray the call was being recorded.

10 years ago today five of us filled a car and drove to Bristol Airport, the nearest available departure point for Scot’s leaving for the Spain; more-local airports were booked out within minutes of the event ahead being confirmed.  Bristol is a small airport but the place was full of other Celtic fans who had travelled south for the same purpose.  Every departure point in the land was filled by green and white.

A remarkable exodus was underway, it was a privilege to be part of it.

Great news, Willie Wallace has made the long trip from Aus and is now in the UK.  Looking forward to catching up with him next week.

I see contributing to Willie’s autobiography has had a dramatic effect on Rod Stewart’s career!  He’s just reached No. 1 in the album chart for the first time in decades.  Hail, hail, Rod.

You can pre-order the autobiography in Willie’s own words, with Rod’s contribution, Brogan Rogan’s best writing yet, and Archie MacPherson’s fantastic scene setting (“the best team I’ve ever seen”) with the link below.  Willie will be signing all copies ordered now just as soon as the presses roll.

Nostalgia overload.  Need to hold it together for tomorrow.

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    As a follow up to the Ballymote to Paradise cycle



    I am pleased to advise that six cyclists took part in a cycle from Celtic Park on Saturday down to the grave of Brother Walfrid at Mount Saint Michaels Cemetery in Dumfries



    The cycle was arranged for following reasons one to promote the 125 4 125 charity and two celebrate the birthday of brother walfrid 18th may



    I enclose some photos from the day






    Along with details of some of they donate pages set up













  2. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    I coulda been a contender



    Marlonbrando CSC

  3. Jordan Rhodes or Charlie Austin to replace Hooper????????



    Will Rhodes live a dream and follow his hero Henrik.

  4. We flew to Malaga from Manchester two days before the game in Seville. There was only two groups not going to the game on the whole plane. An old Welsh couple who were hitting the bevvy and enjoying the spectacle and a family who looked pretty well off who were enjoying it slightly less. I am sure Charlie and the Bhoys were on our flight. They were certainly in the airport bar.



    Great days




  5. The Boy Jinky on




    CQN is an education … I always thought frankie was HowArd … every days a school day.



    To sir .. with love :)


    the battered bunnet



    12:44 on 20 May, 2013





    Whit? Come Sir. You need to do a little digging.



    Young Americans?



    Watch That Man?



    John I’m Only Dancing?



    All The Young Dudes?



    China Girl?



    Hang onto yourself old chap.



    ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~



    TBH,TBB,I’m simply not a fan,though I did credit him as an influential artist!



    As some American politician said,if you agree with 9 out of 12 things I say,vote for me-if you agree with all 12,see a shrink…



    Same with music,really-it’s rare that two people will like ALL the same stuff.



    The only way for total agreement on here is that we all love Celtic and loathe Rangers-and even then,we could all argue about how much,haha!

  7. Rod at number one?!



    I heard he burst into tears when given the news! :-)




  8. The day before the game my 16 year old son and I left Manchester for Frankfurt and then onto Lisbon and then into a hire car for the drive to Seville



    Unfortunately we arrived in Lisbon 2 hours late (at 1am) and anticipated a night at the airport before we could pick up the car – we hadn’t bargained on the car hire staff waiting on for us. As I’m filling out the details they are showing pics from a local paper with Celtic supporters on the front cover partying in Lisbon. Handshakes all round, it was apparently big news in Lisbon :-)



    It’s a bloody long drive to Seville through the night – then all day in town. I had a ticket but couldn’t get another for my lad, so sold mine and went to watch it on a big screen, strangely, I. When Henrik scored

  9. Congratulations to the hoops from Yeovil on their entry to the Championship. There’s a club that knows how to live within its means and be successful. Well done.

  10. Continuing the Bowie / SEVCO theme:


    ‘We are the dead’ gets my vote also ‘Sound and Vision’ for the secret video tapers.



    Other SEVCO themed Bowie songs include:


    Absolute Beginners


    All the madmen


    Ashes to ashes


    Backed a loser


    Dead man walking




    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


    I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday


    I Pity The Fool


    It Ain’t Easy


    Jump They Say


    No Control


    People From Bad Homes


    Under Pressure


    Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed


    Voyeur Of Utter Destruction


    Watch That Man


    What’s Really Happening


    Where Have All The Good Times Gone

  11. oopsss…



    strangely, I have never regretted selling my ticket – I just wanted to share it.



    When Henrik scored, I have never heard such a noise.



    After the game, we made our way back up to Lisbon and obviously, the Estadio Nacional…. loads of supporters just popping in.



    Walked up the stairs onto the pitch, worked out where big Tam had been when he hit that shot … just brilliant



    Then back on a plane full of green and white to Frankfurt. A few beers with lots of regular travelers in the bar wanting to have a chat – then back to Manchester. All done in just over 48 hours



    Unbelievable experience and if nothing else – at the start of the season, every player should be shown the documentaries and game clips that are out there – just so they know what their responsibilities are and also what they could be part of.

  12. *share it with my son




    bloody hell I’m out of practice posting on here :-)

  13. Charliebhoy: it looks like your 12:45 posting is in the form of an old-fashioned micro-dot message … is all …

  14. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    What’s a refresh button & what advantage is this? I d heard such rumours..



    Next , steroids will be involved..

  15. Saturday 17th November 1984 Tynecastle



    Hearts 1 Celtic 5



    Judas – 34


    McClair – 48, 49, 83


    Tommy Burns – 60



    Willie Johnstone – 89



    I remember the Celtic end cheering in irony Willie Johnstone’s goal at the end. We outclassed them in every department that day.


    What I remember most though was me & a mate having to run the length of princess street and jump on a bus running upstairs to escape the gang chasing us. They followed us on to the bus but we had the high ground at the top of the stairs.


    I remember fondly the heel on to the Jambo Huns nose and him and a couple of others tumbling back down again. they never tried to come up again :)



    I would not miss them, a nasty bunch of anti Catholic Bigots.

  16. midfield maestro on

    10 years ago today i flew to Seville from Prestwick with my son & daughter, 12 & 11 at the time. Stayed in Hotel Monastario in Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz. Spent day by pool. At night i took the kids in a taxi up to the team hotel in Jerez. Sneaked in back door & got to meet all the players & management. Then went to Hotel Trype & met the Lions that were there. Plenty of great pictures. Back to our hotel & off to bed to dream of what might be the following day.



  17. The Boy Jinky on




    Im hearing that john terry will singalong with rod on totp this week

  18. The Boy Jinky on




    No no .. no no no no .. no no no no.. no no theres no steroids

  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Our crew – 6 of us – drove down to Heathrow overnight and got the early flight to Milan.



    From Milan, we flew to Malaga, and drove the few short miles to our billet in Benalmedina, where a 7th member of the trhoop joined up.



    Following day we drove up to Seville for the game in a convoy stretching a hundred miles, arriving in the city about midday. The purple blossoms blowing across a forest of green and white remains a vivid picture amongst many. I texted a pal who couldn’t make it, as follows:



    “Seville bears witness to the re-emergence of the Celtic phenomenon”



    Ticketless, I watched the game in a park with 10000 odd Celtic and Porto fans. It was 42C an hour before kick off. With the giant screen facing the setting sun, we couldn’t make out the picture, but for a small strip in shadow at the bottom of the screen. As the sun sank ever lower, so the shadow of the city it cast moved inexorably up the screen, such that by the start of the second half the picture was complete.



    For that first half, we were reliant on assorted texts and phone calls home.



    Wondering around the city in the early hours afterwards was extraordinary, the sun rising to reveal the main rail station looking as though it had been hit with a chemical weapons attack, so many people lying asleep wherever they had dropped.



    Back at Malaga airport 2 days later, bumped into a chap who was flying to Prague to catch a connection back to Edinburgh. I reckon he got home before us, but I doubt many took a more out-of-the-way route than he.



    Wherever you are Frank, Hail Hail.



    Our last leg – the overnight drive back up to Glasgow from Heathrow – was a tough one, combination of beeriness and weariness stalking us all the way.



    Would only change one thing about that odessey though – the result.

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul67 A first class post there is no level they wont stoop to over Ibrokes way as you say if Malcolm Murray has a drink problem it is an illness and he needs help not filmed and put on the inter net.Most of us have been drunk from time to time and often have regrets about things we have done or said while under the influence.Charles Green and his side kicks are being shown up for the money grabbing gangsters that they are.If there is such a thing as truely decent Rangers supporters they are overdue to stand up and ask questions directly to Green and then chase him and his pals back across the border. H.H.

  21. Folks, not posted for the longest time and have a wee request for info, anyone know where in Vegas I can watch the final on Sunday?


    Seville memories are still very vivid, mind you it’s not every day I collapse with heat exhaustion in a football ground. Thankfully recovered to see all the goals.

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