Exploiting the poppy


Who made the poppy a political symbol?  For those who collected the flower from fields in France 90 years ago and many bereaved relatives at home it was a symbol of respect for loved ones lost, but it can be used politically and has been shamelessly politicised in Scotland in recent years, where the symbol of national loss has been exploited.

In itself, the poppy is not political, it occupies the same territory as the black armband, but even this worldwide symbol of respect has been exploited for political ends by footballers in the past.

I can understand why many in England are furious that Fifa consider the poppy a political symbol and have banned England for wearing it against Spain this week, but since a few live to exploit the flower for political ends, the Fifa decision is correct.

Before making the decision someone at Fifa would have undertaken cursory research into the subject.  Searching Google for “poppy football” a few weeks ago would have returned this (now archived) result.  I’m sure you recall; a banner at Celtic Park, which didn’t make the news on the day it was displayed, or on the next day, was badgered by someone into the news on day three.  Celtic were the target of that exercise, the England team are now collateral damage.

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  1. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again






    As soon as a new article is posted we will get an influx of trolls. One troll in particular…starts with a “B”



    If anyone cares to take a look back…….historically this has been the case for some time.



    I suppose if you are trying to influence opinion and create division it pays to get in there at the beginning <;-))

  2. “……where the symbol of national loss has been exploited.”



    A succinct account of the manipulation which has gone on in this country in the last few years.

  3. Happy 40th Birthday to CQNer Jimbob71!



    Enjoy your day ma bhoy!






  4. http://sport.stv.tv/football/scottish-premier/celtic/278344-whistlegate-linesman-steven-craven-arrives-for-appeal/



    Referee Steven Craven has arrived at Hampden as he appeals against the Glasgow Referees’ Association’s decision to exclude him from the game.



    Craven was the linesman as Celtic faced Dundee United at Tannadice last year, in a game remembered for referee Dougie McDonald’s decision to overturn a penalty given to the visitors.



    The official said in the aftermath that McDonald had attempted to cover up how the incident occurred, with Craven later speaking out in the press to give his version of events.



    Craven subsequently resigned from officiating in the top flight but continued to referee amateur fixtures, before being banned by the Glasgow Referees’ Association, reportedly for speaking out, a decision which prevented him from being involved at any level.



    “Dougie [McDonald] ran towards me and said: ‘I think I’ve f***** up.’,” Craven told the Sunday Mail in October 2010.



    “After the game Dougie said we should tell the referee supervisor [Jim McBurnie] that I called him over to question the penalty award.



    “I went along with it because I wanted to be supportive of Dougie. But then Neil Lennon came in after the game and asked Dougie why he hadn’t given the penalty kick.



    “We told Neil the version that was a lie. It was wrong to lie. And I’m not proud that I went along with Dougie’s suggestion.”



    What became of Dallas’s defamation case v Steven Craven?



    The man who pushed the first domino, we should be eternally grateful.

  5. bawsman @ 12:06



    I used almost that exact same wording to another CQN er the other day when discussing this recent new-found “demand” that poppies be worn.



    Shameful the way it has been manipulated.






  6. Paul67 – I’m wearing my poppy as usual.



    I’m aware that there are those who would like to appropriate the poppy as a Loyalist symbol, just as they have attempted to hijack the Union flag and turn it into a symbol of fascism, but I’m not going to let them have it.



    The poppy doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to every one of us who wants to pay a small token of respect to those who gave their lives for us.



    There’s nothing “quintessentially British”, to coin a phrase, about bigotry. (thumbsup)

  7. Kevin – “Sack The Board Now, or we’ll pass the huns on the way down!!!” says:


    9 November, 2011 at 12:09


    “…..Nero fiddled while, Rome burned!!!”





    No he didn’t .

  8. The campaign to force the poppy issue into football began a few months before the invasion of Iraq and was part of an overall PR exercise by the Armed Forces to put militarism and the so called military covenant back at the centre of public consciousness.



    The purpose wasn’t to help disabled ex servicemen but to aid recruitment.



    It’s been very successful.



    And we’ve now got lots and lots more disabled ex servicemen, widows and orphans to donate to.



    So a big well done to all involved.

  9. Hoopeddreams, indeed.



    philvisreturns, indeed.



    saltires en sevilla, indeed.



    Kevin – “Sack The Board, deleted and yellow card.

  10. Yippee, a poppy debate.



    I was concerned we weren’t going to have one this year due to the international break but good oul England coming to the rescue demanding others acquiesce to their demand to have their rights to wear the poppy observed.



    The poppy as a symbol of rememberence has been in existence since 1921 (or so) and it only took 80 odd years for those in football to decide to emblazon this on their jerseys to show how great they are and how much they remember the dead.




  11. Poppy debate in bjmac household last night. I stated that the problem now is the poppy has lost its original meaning, very sad for those that gave their life in WWI & II

  12. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    Bawsman says:


    9 November, 2011 at 12:10





    “One troll in particular…starts with a “B””



    I feel all sullied.






    2010 Never Again



    Not you….the other one that starts with a “B” <;-))

  13. dirtymac- Lol!



    From a Rosenborg fan about Mikael Lustig- ” he is quite an offensive player, and quite good, but somtimes he does some very strange things”



    Sounds ideal for us!

  14. The generations who fought in the two world wars didn’t insist on having poppies on football jerseys or any form of remembrance day tokenism at football games.



    It’s a modern day thing.

  15. From Garngad to Croy I am Neil Lennon. on

    It is no longer about Remembrance. It is now about marketing and cash !

  16. goldstar10 says:


    9 November, 2011 at 12:23


    ‘dirtymac- Lol!



    From a Rosenborg fan about Mikael Lustig- ” he is quite an offensive player’




    Sorry. That will be illegal under the SNP’s proposed legislation.

  17. They are devoted to the poppy in Afghanistan, in fact the economy of Kandahar province is based on it!



    I’m making my lunch to Bobby Darrin. Don’t know if he liked or supported the poppy appeal but he sang the perfect songs to toss an omelette to.



    Splish splash.



    and then to eat it by



    ….scarlet billows start to spread…..



    hail hail




  18. Good grief, one of these days [and I live in hope] I’ll log on to the ole bhlog and the ole poppy debate , and the ole Rang##s Slow Death News will have disappeared into the ole ether.



    On the ole information super highway the CQN Poppy Debate is definitely not worth the detour.

  19. Any country that sends their sons and daughters to war ,should look after them.


    They should not be charity cases.

  20. philvisreturns says:


    9 November, 2011 at 12:19



    Jeezo philvis. You the pot or the kettle?

  21. Paul67



    Totally agree and have argued the last couple of years with bares that it was funny how they were on their high horse about it when it emerged as a big stick to hit Celtic over the head with.



    Did the poppy suddenly appear in the last couple of years or had it been around for nearly a hundred and why all of a sudden did football have to be involved in it.



    Using the the deaths of millions to score points against Celtic has been another shameful episode in this ‘One Nation’ history… HH

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