Extending Kenny deal should be high on agenda


The largest part of our rebuilding exercise in the summer will be along the back line.  The departures of Jeremie Frimpong and Hatem Elhamed leave a requirement for two right backs, while Diego Laxalt’s loan will not be renewed.

Christopher Jullien will miss the start of the campaign and with no signs of Kristoffer Ajer extending his deal beyond next year I expect him to leave in the summer.  Shane Duffy will return to Brighton, leaving Stephen Welsh as the only recognised central defender ready to start the campaign.

We need two right backs and one left back, the latter to compete with Greg Taylor, and at least two central defenders.  Recruiting all these players in time for the qualifiers is a huge undertaking.  We could do worse than to put extending the deal for Jonjoe Kenny high on the new manager’s agenda.

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  1. GeeBee – I don’t think I would be either – shows some long term planning and we’d adopt a style that lasts beyond one managerial appointment.



    But also feels a bit “Man City-lite” or we move closer to a B Team for them…

  2. SPIDEY101 on 3RD MARCH 2021 10:09 PM



    Again, wouldn’t be the end of the world. City u23 would probably be good enough to challenge for the SPFL.

  3. Someone on here called Gary Cahill “another Duffy”.



    He was excellent tonight against Manchester United. Night and day compared with Duffy.

  4. NORRIEM on 3RD MARCH 2021 10:14 PM



    That’s how I read it, yes.



    Would make perfect sense.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Agree with BSR- no more loans,Kenny is average, how much would we be paying fan 18 month loan? £1.5 million plus a whack of his wages,loads of decent players out there.

  6. GeeBee – true. I expect we’d see Paddy Roberts back for a start. Ntcham may come back with a better attitude too if he’s returning…

  7. On the right back debate, I’d like to see us go for Jonas Svensson of AZ Alkmar – available on a Bosman, 150+ games in Holland, 200 at Rosenberg, 25 years old and a Norwegian international who won’t be on huge money at AZ.

  8. JVR on 3RD MARCH 2021 9:52 PM



    An Tearmann from 11.44 last night. I lurk rather than post as what I tend to post does not seem to attract further debate. I also scroll by more posts than I read.



    Some might also confuse me with JBH too 😩😩😩.



    The 1980/81 article was terrific. Three things stick out for me from that season. Big Roy’s goal and celebration after his one two with Colin Jackson when we beat the original Ibrox club , beating Hearts 6 nil on 1/4 with the Jungle singing April Fools and Tommy’s goal the night we won the league.





    good to you post and thanks a lot for your reply.the dons had a good side and wee jums dundee united were a good side.we had good team and individuals too as well as Charlie Nic bursting thro.Your own posts had great detail and recall of detail,no mistaking a Celtic man relaying his experience.hope you and yours are sound mate








    Before I go I would like to praise the brave people of Myanmar…




    well said WBC.




  10. St Stivs.Tony Rome.Mogwai if your lurking



    thanks for posting the programme about the bus.


    the glasgow donegal route was legend.


    maire rua i believe worked as a clippy on the buses T and could hold her own to anyone giving lip.She is down from Gweedore(sftbcountry) in donegal.


    much missed for sure


    Here is a clip of priest reading out of a note from Celtic at her funeral






    HH Celts

  11. WBC 10.09.



    Well said..



    And continue to pray for the people of Yemen.



    A human catastrophe continuing to unfold in front of our eyes.



    May God forgive us..

  12. Spidey like your 25 yo.with strong experience



    so give me a complete team


    playing 4 4 2


    1.parameters team budget 30m(3m per player)


    so if You save 2m buying a 1m you can buy 5m striker.


    2. all u25.(same as your eg)



    is it poss?




  13. An Tearmann, 👍👍. We are all well thanks as I hope your family are.



    Guys like Mark Reid in that league winning team was a very effective player for us. Next to Choccy, the best penalty taker I’ve seen play for us. I can now recognise what good teams both Aberdeen and Dundee United were. Aberdeen were a very physical team who played like their manager did.



    I don’t have a clue of what the future holds for us and if the current squad have the self belief and confidence required to win our remaining games . As others have posted here and said on podcasts ,


    stronger players , physically and mentally , will be needed but getting the right ones in will be a formidable task.



    Bedtime for me. Good night all.

  14. AT – let me see what I can do! Salaries are the tricky part to work out – not just what they are currently on, but what premium they’d want to “slum it” in Scotland, but I think a pretty good 11 can be found for £30m (I’m not even going to think about work permits, etc).

  15. I’ve been going on about the issues we were going to have rebuilding since last summer, possibly last January. And that was before the mess Lennon has got us in.



    It’s not new. It was obvious a year ago. Then was the time to fix the issues, not now.



    Why does it feel like to some elements of the club it’s just crept up on them?

  16. SPIDEY101 on 3RD MARCH 2021 9:28 PM



    The E-Tim’s rumour mill suggests Desmond knows who he wants, only hires British or Irish. it’ll make the Rodger’s appointment the “second most seismic” appointment in Scottish Football history, and now needs to “work out how to make it happen”



    *Fergal “O’Hanlon” Harkins and Roy Keane, that would send slippy and beale back home tae think again.

  17. spidey.


    if it helps i will be Dermot(pay the wages)


    you can use all 3m per player on transfer fee.


    but if not it only for fun and range of experience.:-)




  18. SEAN THORNTON on 3RD MARCH 2021 11:10 PM



    WBC 10.09 .Well said.



    And continue to pray for the people of Yemen.



    *Within days of taking office, tangerine heid ordered US commandos to carry out an early-morning raid in Yemen that had previously been vetoed by Obama.



    Allegedly this decision was taken around the dinner table along with bannon and kushner with the latter vehemently pushing for it as the regime there had turned down a loan tae him tae bail out 666 Park Avenue which was on the verge of being foreclosed.



    “Almost everything went wrong,” one US official stated. The attack, intended to take out a suspected group of al-Qaeda militants, began with a botched landing and ended with a Navy Seal dead.



    An eight-year-old girl, Nawar al-Awlaki, a US citizen and the daughter of an extremist preacher were also killed, as were more than a dozen others. Civilians were “likely killed,” the US military conceded.



    When this was over kushner got his loan.

  19. Good morning cqn from a dry and chilly Garngad



    Malone Bhoy – From last night good post.



    Big Jimmy – Hope you and wee Rocky are doing well it would be good to see you post and tell those cracking jokes.



    Melbourne Mick – I hope you and the family are well it would also be good to see you post.



    BRRB – If lurking get back on, Celtic will be back it’s what we do, hope you are well.



    Jobo – Again I hope you are well, you were always a voice/post of reason, it would be good to see you back on.



    I suppose fellas “The Only Way Is Up” for all of us just now regarding our love of Celtic.



    Stay safe 1 and all



    D :)

  20. Morning all



    AN TEARMANN – no names but looks like the guy 2nd from rights got a pair of black lace up shoes on!..must be goin to the dancin later on

  21. Drew 1967



    Drew you would be right……The Locaŕno 🤣🤣


    hope your good mate




    have a good day Celts




  22. timmy7_noted on

    Spidey101 on 3rd March 2021 10:26 pm



    From last night. Wishing that Ntcham will come back to us with a new attitude? Probably as much chance of that as Duffy winning defensive headers. We’ve lost money on Ntcham due to bad asset management I think we’ll have to accept that now, I reckon our squad has dropped in value by around 40% in the last 12months.

  23. SPIDEY101 on 3RD MARCH 2021 10:26 PM



    Marseille’s interim boss said Ntcham’s attitude and professionalism has been first class…..but is seriously lacking fitness which is understandable.

  24. David 66


    Good Morning. I have asked DD about BRRB and he is going to check. Jobo has had a Bosman to SC. Hope you are well.



  25. SCULLYBHOY on 4TH MARCH 2021 8:20 AM




    I can see the resemblance but I don`t think that is Bobby Collins. It might, of course, be Weebobbycolins of this parish but I cannot make further comment on that :-)

  26. Below that old Celtic line up, there was this post from Jim Spence:



    “There’s no reason we shouldn’t run our own affairs in Scotland, I’m in favour. But spare me the guff that we’re better, different, more socially just etc. It’s guff. An Indy Scotland has the capacity to be every bit as venal&vexatious as any other country as we now plainly see.”



    I like Jim`s style…..which means he will never make it in Scottish journalism.

  27. Hot Smoked on 4th March 2021 8:30 am



    SCULLYBHOY on 4TH MARCH 2021 8:20 AM



    I can see the resemblance but I don`t think that is Bobby Collins. It might, of course, be Weebobbycolins of this parish but I cannot make further comment on that :-)