Extinguished hope is brutal


In these times, when most of us do not face the dramas of war and siege, football acts as a proxy.  The ancient part of our brains are conditioned to be tribal, which is why our tribes, all of us still on earth, are here.  Those without that instinct died out long ago.

It was all there on the desert last night.  Two magnificent tribes fought an epic battle.  There were no bad guys, but the best of the good guys won.  It was a triumph, football may never again be blessed with a cliff-hanger like that on such a stage.

Messi is right to stay for a lap of honour in international football.  Win, lose or draw, he deserves the acclaim coming his way.

On Saturday, Celtic were as dominant as I can recall them at Aberdeen.  It would have counted for little were it not for Callum McGregor’s late winner.  Results: first and last.  Our challengers have a modicum of momentum since appointing Suits and Brogues, give them no encouragement.  Even better if we leave it late to let them believe we will always pull something out of the bag.  Extinguished hope is brutal.

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  1. No Paul, let’s just go for 3 goal leads at HT rather than leaving it late !



    Joking aside, I think we need an upgrade on Kyogo. His miss, the latest in a long line of almost inexplicable misses, came close to costing us points. It has cost us in Europe although Kyogo was far from the only culprit. A new striker should be a priority if we’re to improve.



    Delighted for Argentina and for Messi. Messi never needed to win the WC to be compared to Maradona, just like Maradona can’t be written off just because he never won old big ears. Two football greats. Messi is the best I’ve ever seen.

  2. Sootz n’ breggz n’flegz 3 furra pound-ahh


    Sootz n’breggz n’ flegz 3 furra pound-ahh







    Argyle csc.

  3. I think Kyogo has started to get too anxious in front of goal now,instead of being relaxed and composed, he’s too uptight and over thinking things,if ever a guy needed a goal or two………i think G Mak will start on Wednesday, a bit more physical presence required…

  4. Last night’s game was epic . Delighted for Messi.



    On Saturday I was even more delighted when Captain Cal Mac slotted that shot into onion bag . 3 big points.



    Big Jimmy. Many happy returns, have a nice one .HH

  5. Great final yesterday spoiled only by penalties.


    Give me the old final replays.



    Scottish Cup Final 1971


    European Cup Final 1974

  6. Paul 67,



    The good, the bad and the ugly at the main football games of the weekend.



    The good: The epic game of the world Cup final where two great teams went for the win. And our own Callum McGregor giving us a deserved 3 points.



    The bad : Choice of venue chosen by FIFA.????



    The ugly : Aberdeen tactics and mind set on Saturday.



    Take the politics out of the world Cup and it was a good festival of football with an amazing climax.


    Aberdeen’s performance on Saturday was a disgrace and an insult to the game of football. It was an insult to those who braved the elements and paid good money to watch anti football.



    Football gives us the feel good factor with joyous entertainment. Jim Goodwin failed football on Saturday. Messi et al enhanced football on Sunday.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  7. Really obvious observation watching the weather.



    It’s obvious why the Baltic states are named such, it looks freezing. 👍

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    That Postecoglu weekend just booted obsessive pig sick Sevco bias into touch for yet another Merry Celtic Christmas? It’s a squad game and Ange delights in the five sub rule , two games in Parkhead now and much munching of pies for Fatty.



    A perfectly functioning Celtic doesn’t just win difficult away fixtures, our victories include that common cause, clearly enjoyed by many nationalities and cultures. Having a better squad, having a leader, and no time for napping makes the bhoys smile.



    Celtic remain a miraculous football club,in a city where darkness pervades round every corner even if it’s just in the form of the milkman or the Amazon man. All along the wrong side of the Clyde from quay to quay, news portals for their next door neighbours born from succulent lamb that went plain bad, not baa.



    A blanket sports news editorial, that makes fanzines that were created before the club look respectable and misses the evidence ignored by not one, but now two including video assisted referees. Thanks to the same ‘advances’ Celtic supporters have the proof on digital tap, no TV replays, no comment, cheating stacked up, against Celtic’s only likely rival.



    No scrutiny, no revision, no tax , no neck helped kill one club along the way of its maniacal pursuit of Celtic. Hamdump and SMSM seem hell bent on doing it all over again in the masonic merry go round of rule breaking, loans, and lone Rainjurz the categoric licence thieves.



    Merry World Cup weekend before Christmas Mr Brown Brogue.



    200 goals under


    AP CSC

  9. The police woman just happens to be a Celtic fan who was delighted at Callum’s goal and was filming the Celtic fans celebrating on her mobile phone.

  10. Great to hear that so many of you enjoyed the World Cup games. I did not participate in any of them as I had grave reservations about life in Qatar and the means by which the World was bought and sold. I think FIFA have a lot to explain on these matters.



    I am sure many will not think along the same lines as myself on the issue. That’s fine. We all have a right to our own opinions. One person who knew that I had strong feelings about the way people are treated in Qatar asked me to explain why I went to Lisbon when Salazar was in control. I have no answer to that. Actually, I had never thought about that until it was mentioned. But as a young fanatical Celtic supporter I only knew that I could miss out on the occasion Maybe I have grown up in my thought processes and what I see as immoral. Over the years I learned more about Salazar and his fierce regime. Still, it did not stop me going to Fatima on several occasions. Maybe I am making too much of the situation, but I feel for those who lost their lives building the stadia and for those who are badly treated by the regime in Qatar.

  11. Garngad to Croy on




    I think she is working on Celtic TV’s new Mee-Maw angle!

  12. In case you missed it the lad who deputised for Juranovic on Saturday is Josip Stanisic, 22 years old and a product of the Bayern youth system, he made a stuttering breakthrough into the Bayern squad last year, interrupted only by injury. It’s possible given a year or two Juranovic will find himself overtaken by this kid at international level.



    Juranovic has enjoyed a brief moment in the world cup spotlight following the retirement of Sime Vrsalijko who starred at the last few tournaments, and the emergence of new talent such as Stanisic, playing for a team who may have just produced their last great tournament performance. He’s proved to be the right guy in the right place at the right time showing the right form, an amazing rise for a player who only left Polish football on his 26th birthday. The stars have aligned perfectly for a sale, we’ll rarely if ever see such an opportunity to maximise value on a player.

  13. As we all know, Micky Beale is the greatest, bestest, coach in the whole wide world.


    On his appointment I will freely admit my guard was up and not ready to dismiss his credentials because that’s how I want things to be.


    Not withstanding Celtic’s horrific season, the points tally achieved by Sevco to win 1 has to be respected and even the season before,where they racked up 50 points before collapsing after the break. To win a league within 3 years considering the massive gap and start we had shouldn’t be underestimated.


    With the refereeing in this country added to 18 month good form requires Celtic to be a bit special to keep winning titles year after year, which is what we all want.



    My opinion of Micky, is he is a good coach, but in this game that’s normally not enough.



    Should we be concerned?


    Can he manage? That’s a separate skill set on its own.



    The press gives us the impression that the players he coached all loved him and he will return these players into champions again. I was intrigued to find out if this was the case, I remember them also struggling when Ange was settling in with a new squad including 3nil down in semi final at half time to Hibs.



    So I asked around, spoke to a few of their young players on loan and a well connected lower league manager.



    The consensus was that the great Micky wasn’t as loved as we are led to believe. In fact several key players were delighted when he left and are not exactly enamoured that he is back.



    So am i worried?



    Not in the slightest now.



    What I’ve learned over the years is if you’re not liked your coaching skills won’t be enough to save you.


    Zero managerial credentials and players who aren’t fully behind you when the pressure is on is a recipe for disaster.



    Verdict: a continued constant stream of trophies for Celtic and 18 months max for Micky😊 🍀.

  14. paulsthroughball88 on

    PICINISCO from previous article.



    “Messi really is some player, as good as anyone there’s ever been, but still a little behind Maradona and Pele”.






    No shame in just being “a little behind” those 2 greats, but I wouldn’t agree, especially now that he’s shown the doubters in his own native land that he does have the testicular fortitude, as well as the skill, to get a team over the line in a World Cup.



    Unusually I find myself agreeing with Rio Ferdinand, talking during a Champions League programme:



    “If Messi was putting up numbers that Maradona and Pelé had in their primes, we’d all say he’s fallen off”.



    I suppose we could just go for a trinity solution, 3 players in the one GOAT.

  15. With reference to the unique angle video, is this a new thing to have Celtic stewards there? Maybe I only noticed it because it was freezing and they were all wearing Celtic hats. Looked like they did a job in preventing any players picking up a needless booking by jumping into the crowd.

  16. AN DÚN


    I would go further and say we need 2 strikers.


    Move GG on a find another role for Kyogo. As he’s never looked an out and out striker to me.

  17. PAULSTHROUGHBALL88 – “If Messi was putting up numbers that Maradona and Pelé had in their primes, we’d all say he’s fallen off”.



    That is spot on. Messi has been at the pinnacle of world club football longer than anyone before him at a time when it is much faster and more competitive than ever before. With the greatest respect to the genius that was Pele, international football back then was nothing like it is today where players have split seconds to do something before getting closed down by 2-3 players.



    Pele, Maradona and Messi are the best of their time in the game, each capable of the sublime, the unbelievable.



    I think there is a human trait which drives us to compare and contrast people and things instead of revelling in the sheer brilliance and uniqueness of each of these players and many others like Zidane, Platini, Cruyff and Van Basten.

  18. “DENIABHOY on 19TH DECEMBER 2022 3:17 PM


    …. and many others like Zidane, Platini, Cruyff and Van Basten.”



    Wot, no Christiano Ronaldo?

  19. HOT SMOKED – To be fair, I was going to add the Brazillian pair, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho (the best player I ever saw live).

  20. DENIABHOY on 19TH DECEMBER 2022 3:32 PM



    I don`t disagree with any of your choices but I am surprised that you don`t include Christiano Ronaldo in your Hall of Fame.

  21. paulsthroughball88 on




    I agree, longevity is relevant, especially at the level of football Messi has maintained for almost 2 decades.

  22. Celtic stewards attend all away matches as the away team steward’s cannot be trusted to be fair to our fans.



    The policewoman filming is part of Police Scotland unit who film our fans home and away. To my knowledge no other teams fans get this treatment.

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