Extra week training in July has huge impact


I was concerned about a trip to Estonia after hearing Hearts struggle in their home leg against Estonian opponents last week, so news that Gibraltar’s Lincoln Red Imps beat Flora Tallinn was welcome, although the concern was tempered as news arrived that Hearts were three goals up in the away leg.

The lesson here is that in July, one more week’s training has a huge impact on performance.

Brendan Rodgers will be happy with how training has progressed thus far, but it’s only when players put multiple 90 minutes under their belts that they are ready for competitive action. There’s not necessarily a great deal of work to do to overcome Red Imps (no offence intended), but qualifiers come thick and fast thereafter. Despite beating Slovenian champions Olimpija Ljubljana yesterday, I expect Celtic will be more motivated for Saturday’s game against Maribor.

It gets serious from now onwards.



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  1. Penalty all day for me!



    His arm was higher than his heed and did deflect the header.



    Thems the breaks.

  2. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Cork 1-0 (2-0 agg) pen 49th min.



    And having your hand / arm in an unnatural position (i.e. over your head) is just asking for a penalty to be given for any contact – unless of course you are us !

  3. Fascinating game despite the final pen decision.



    Someone was bemoaning the sideways possession fetishism of this tournament but Germany were showing why this works in certain circumstances. France were brilliant in the opening 10 minutes and Germany were rocking. They stabilised things by playing short safe possession football and starving France of the ball. They left it to Ozil’s passing and Draxler’s dribbling to do any defence opening they might otherwise they were happy to play with wider full backs and play round the narrower Sissoko and Payet.



    Germany should be ahead on play and tactics but one brain fart from Germany’s David Cameron and they are behind.



    I hope Didier Deschampes pays no attention to the EPL centric commentators who want Kante on. As Germany have to attack even more then Payet & Sissoko can both exploit their respective wings as Kimmich and Hector get further forward. Don’t take Sissoko off!

  4. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Linfield pull a goal back – 1-1 on night, 2-1 on tie – away goals cancelled out

  5. If they make any hand ball in the box, deliberate or not, but any ball that hits your arm or hand a pen, take the referees out of the equation there would be no debate or bad feeling.


    Ball hits your arm/hand it’s a pen, end of.

  6. Jimmynotpaul on

    Who would be a referee?


    Three of us watching here. One who has bet Germany.


    All 3 think it was a penalty, obviously a lot on the blog disagree.


    The beauty of football.


    If I was German, I would be asking Bastian what he was doing rather than blaming the referee.

  7. Evening all. Vive La France.



    In other news Jobo now the proud owner of a rail seat in section 111.

  8. I took 3-2 for both teams, need the Germans to score to open the game up.



    On a side note, my wee mate just phoned to tell me it’s the number 7 for the Wolfsburg game which just happens to fall on my birthday…yehaa.

  9. I am sorry to report tonight that I am getting a divorce.



    30 years and it ends like this.



    I told my wife I had ordered “Once upon a time in the land of Govania” and it would be my holiday read.


    (We are going to Crete shortly)



    She said “if you’re leaving it lying on your sunbed make sure it’s wrapped in brown paper”.



    What else can a man do?

  10. JOBO BALDIE on 7TH JULY 2016 9:06 PM



    Gon yer self Joe. Maybe a few more Kelvin Road runs to keep up with the lateral movement crew. :-)

  11. Marrakesh Express on

    The man with German sounding surname is not unlike our Griff in style. The Bosch in big trouble now but never write them off.

  12. Nice work from Pogba before the goal, but he has been very quiet. France do a smash and grab. I now need Cristiano to score 4 in the final to see me finish the tournament ahead of the bookies.


    Ah well…this has been a good game though.

  13. 50 SHADES OF GREEN on 7TH JULY 2016 9:34 PM


    Wee Kante booked.




    Didn’t realise Novo was playing tonight.

  14. Kelvinbhoy



    Aye, it’ll be an interesting challenge. Row MM so well under cover. Or so my Bhoy promised me!



    Enjoy Cala D’or. Me and Mrs Baldies first ever holiday abroad was there.

  15. Som mes que un club on

    Does anyone know of a Saturday night vigil mass around 1700/1800 near or around M74 (S) ?



    Hamilton perhaps?



    Thanks in advance.

  16. Son Mes –


    St Brides Cambuslang at 5.30. And Fr Paul Morton does a fine mass ;-)

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