Extra week training in July has huge impact


I was concerned about a trip to Estonia after hearing Hearts struggle in their home leg against Estonian opponents last week, so news that Gibraltar’s Lincoln Red Imps beat Flora Tallinn was welcome, although the concern was tempered as news arrived that Hearts were three goals up in the away leg.

The lesson here is that in July, one more week’s training has a huge impact on performance.

Brendan Rodgers will be happy with how training has progressed thus far, but it’s only when players put multiple 90 minutes under their belts that they are ready for competitive action. There’s not necessarily a great deal of work to do to overcome Red Imps (no offence intended), but qualifiers come thick and fast thereafter. Despite beating Slovenian champions Olimpija Ljubljana yesterday, I expect Celtic will be more motivated for Saturday’s game against Maribor.

It gets serious from now onwards.



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  1. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Was talking to a girl tonight who was in Dublin last night.


    110 Euros I think she said for the ticket and she said she would have paid 300 it was that good!!

  2. rudicantfail on

    So Chartered Accountant Eric Riley retired due to ‘ill health’…..



    Wake up Bhoys

  3. Chairbhoy on 10th July 2016 1:57 pm







    The only way I can see this happening is if the SFA (not SPL as in the case of LNS) set up a TOTALLY independent, far reaching, transparent Commission with teeth to apply sanctions, determine outcomes.




    That is on the same lines as the TJN recommendations and the object should be to restructure SFA so that club placemen do not carry any weight and the organisation is subject to independent oversight.



    What should be done with RFC’s history should become easier to deal with once the detachment from TRFC has had time to bed in.









    Hail Hail

  4. RUDICANTFAIL on 11TH JULY 2016 1:26 AM,



    I believe that Eric Riley is retiring due to ill health. I hope that are not suggesting otherwise.

  5. the res 12 bhoys have put the case into UEFA,s ballpark . No one else should need to get involved .they have the full facts in front of them ,they are aware what went on . If they don’t investigate the charge ,then its UEFA who are not applying the rules . It’s UEFA needing challenged , after all set a flare off and they jump to attention .