Eye for a player and the scouting feedback loop


I remember a sharp intake of breath when I looked up Eboue Kouassi’s playing record when he joined Celtic three years ago: 10 appearances in the Russian league, where he arrived as an 18-year-old from Ivory Coast.  There is always an assumption that the club have scouted beyond YouTube clips, but with only 10 appearances, the opportunity to go from settling into southern Russia, to solid performer and then promising talent are limited.

Celtic moved early, too early, as it turned out, but there would have been an acknowledgement of the gamble before it took place.  With most European leagues blanket-scouted, our resources moved to the periphery, and even then, if you take too long to make your mind up, you lose.

Feedback loops are important in scouting.  When scouts make good recommendations, clubs back their next call.  “He has an eye for a player” and all that.  But no one’s vision is faultless.  Whoever put their name to Eboue will have since suffered the feedback loop consequences.

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  1. BSR


    Malaria or Malaria type symptoms notwithstanding, he was out for a considerable period immediately after arriving (not sure exactly, but around 8-12 months) and same again with an ACL injury. So, I don’t think he wad given much of a chance in his 3 years. When he did play, he looked pretty good as as I recall. Shame, but he does well in Belgium.






    Best wishes mate and here’s to many more!



    Take care!




    No question he had a dreadful illness, and injury time with us.



    Its the phrase ” given much of a chance in his 3 years ” that I find difficult from a fans perspective.



    If we put illness and injury aside, when he came in he looked tidy enough I agree, he had a poor game


    (possibly Tynecastle?) under BR and never appeared again. As Paul67 has hinted he was a Celtic ‘scouted option’ but so was Moussa Dembele with Brendan Rodgers possibly with very little involvement in the signing committee we definately have at Celtic.



    Rodgers and Lennon didn’t fancy him? – who knows either way Celtic gave him the initial fair chance with a four year deal.



    Like you, I hope he comes good in Belgium , I see PC Lustig didn’t impress.

  4. IniquitousIV on

    SAINT STIVS @ 7:03


    Where is that location? Thank you very much.



  5. INIQUITOUSIV on 26TH MAY 2020 7:11 PM


    SAINT STIVS @ 7:03





    Where is that location? Thank you very much.






    dont know bud, cracking though.

  6. BSR


    Fair comment, however, no doubt many others have had bad games, but were retained in the team. I do remember the Hearts game, possibly that was where he carried the injury throughout, and wasn’t subbed, which didn’t help. I think he suffered from the “favourites syndrome “, like a few others down the years. Of course, I might be entirely wrong.



  7. BenchWarmers – #StayHomeSaveLives






    May 18


    Congratulations to




    on being declared Scottish Premier League champions for the 9th season in a row…


    Four leaf clover TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyFour leaf clover











  8. IniquitousIV on

    5th attempt to log in. Travesty of a site. Can anyone explain why one must post something on Page 1, instead of simply scrolling to the latest post? Just farcical.

  9. So Budge proposal a


    14 team SPL, with Hearts staying in and Inverness coming up


    14 team SPFL, Patrick stay in with someone else coming up


    14 team SPFL2, although should consider 16, with Kelly Hearts and Brora coming in



    I would go further


    Top 2 leagues, must be fully professional teams, played on grass


    SPFL, all classed as junior teams, as non professional, if coming into SPFL, must become professional ?


    Junior teams compete to enter



    I really struggle on accepting Hearts, but agree on top league of 14, with an 6 / 8 split after 26 games, so all games played home and away




  10. NORRIEM on 26TH MAY 2020 7:52 PM


    2 big points I’ve been banging on about ..


    1 The ludicrous 33 game split with the farcical imbalance of home and away fixtures. At least the 14 teams with a 6/8 split means 13 home and away followed by 5 home and away totalling 36 games.


    2 No plastic pitches in the top league ! Currently 25% have plastic and it changes the nature of the game completely – can’t t’ackle, control and passing affected and head injuries more prevalent due to bounce of the ball. Definite ‘no no for me

  11. Celtic and the rest of the top 6 will lose 2 games per season including one home match. Season tickets would be reduced pro rota. Budge has tried to buy off the bottom 8 teams by giving them an extra home match but it creates an economic imbalance across the division. I can only see the proposal failing.

  12. Said for years, also give up on the League cup


    Let SPFL teams enter their reserve teams (under 21 or whatever we now have)



    We complain every year on number of games our team plays, giving us issues for Europe

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just read a summary of the reconstruction proposal the little blue budgie (silhouetted against an Eastern Star) just squawked.



    What planet are these people on?



    Never mind the wrong answer, it’s the wrong question.



    Q1. How much does it cost your club to host a league match in an empty stadium?



    Q2. On which league match day (of up to 40) do you anticipate supporters will be admitted for the first time?



    Q3. What size of TV audience did your market research identify for a midweek encounter between Hamilton and ICT? (and believe me, a 40 game season starting late and finishing before Euro “21” starts will have plenty of these kinds of games.)

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Norrie- I would go for a bigger league, to freshen it up ,and give some clubs a chance to pull some money in,the red herring is Sky want 4 derbies a season, which they will always get,unless Sevco don’t make the top half before the split.

  15. I agree with Mr C and BSR.



    Oli is a hot and cold player, this next Season is Ohmega.



    In Neil I trust to make that massive call.



    Incidentally those 2 Gentlemen have never wavered in their Belief in Neil.



    Always Remember, never forget, Noone knows Anything really.



    Forgiveness is the key.

  16. hashadenough on

    Please excuse my cynicism but didn’t Ross receive a lot of abuse for being a Junior Minister and missing crucial votes in the House as he was assistant referee in a European tie away from home. The outcome was he let it be known he did not want to be considered for future ties.



    Methinks he has been awaiting for an excuse to resign the post and get back on the Euro gravy train.



    Could be wrong.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Just watched The Boomtown Rats documentary which was on BBC last week, very good, probably still on Aye Player

  18. Big chap.



    Tell me why I don’t like Mondays?






    Music is so amazing.



    I got to see Mum & Dad yesterday and rattled the car to see Aodan.



    I’m a key worker now..



    A Wonderful day.

  19. I hate the current 12 team league set up as much as I hated the 10 team league set up. Playing the same teams all the time with only eno relegation is poor from a competitive perspective.



    A14 team top league where teams in each of their splits play the same number of games home and away is better straight away. I would argue at least 2 teams perhaps even 3 teams should be automatically relegated with another going into a play off.



    Premier league criteria – No partime teams and no plastic pitched.



    We cant change the deck we have been dealt I.e league size, population size etc. we can however, even the deck out a little to make the overall game more interesting for everyone watching. A 14 teams league may just do that. Would also introduce 2 points for score draw to encourage attacking football.




  20. NORRIEM on 26TH MAY 2020 8:31 PM


    David17 split 7 / 7, 38 game season, 19 home 19 away






    Can only assume that isn’t an option because all teams in the bottom half would lose out on that basis by losing a home game against Celtic.

  21. David17,


    the thing is most teams dont take advantage of a visit by Celtic,


    they could sell us far more tickets but would rather most


    of the ground is sitting empty.

  22. David17


    Give us more of the stadium ( if possible – like St Johnstone did) for our visit, and they will not lose anything ?


    I am for change, but it needs to be right for the game


    I will repeat, we cannot sustain 42 clubs, as per WGS view

  23. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Every time – bar maybe one or two – I see him I struggle to see the attraction. Terrible defensive positional sense, lightweight, caught under the crossball at the back post all the time (too easily bullied by that big nasty Broonie) – one of the reasons Hertz should be sleeping with the fishes.



    Mediocre at the very best – and that is a big stretch.



    Emperor’s fur coat and nae knickers.



    A big, fat NAW fae me and WeeBGFC.






  24. Gordy.



    If Celtic wurnae so Dominant……..



    CELTIC is massive.



    I KNOW Celtic will be diluted when Moved.



    Celtic will continue to do Good works in Secret.



    celtic CELTIC

  25. HASHADENOUGH on 26TH MAY 2020 9:06 PM



    The Scottish Tories have their eye on the Holyrood elections next year, that’s why RED CARD, RED CARD resigned, and why Carlow has called for Cummings to be sacked.

  26. brilliant crescent moon tonight, low in the western sky..



    take a look out your windaes

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