FA PL unloads unwanted broadcast package on Amazon


It has been four months since the FA Premier League announced the results of its tender for three year broadcast rights starting next summer.  Five of the packages were sold (four to Sky, one to BT), but two were withdrawn as they did not attract sufficiently high bids (one subsequently went to BT).

The two unsold packages were to simultaneously broadcast all league games across two match days each.  BT increased their per-game bid for one package but allowed Sky to drop their per-game price and still win a larger share of the spoils than they currently hold.  Amazon were today awarded one of these packages, although no revenue information has (yet) been published.

Those of us who watch our football in a league which was disenfranchised by wealthy cartels, such as the one English and Welsh clubs enjoy, have been loitering in the wings looking for signs that the broadcast revenue bubble was set to burst.

With BT reigning their spend back and Sky soon to be sold, the FA Premier League need to attract competition from new media players like Amazon.  Two competitors is enough if both are highly motivated to win substantial rights, but, as we know in Scotland, two is not sufficient is one loses interest.

We can hope the Premier League took a bath for the rights sold to Amazon as they continue to tart the remaining package around tech media players.  The worst-case scenario (for those of us on the outside) is that the England and Wales broadcast rights have plateaued.  Even a modest reversal in the next auction, due early 2021, would bring about am unprecedented, and unaffordable, revenue drop.

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  1. Just been to see “On our way to Lisbon ” at Dundee Rep – absolutely brilliant 2-man show to a highly appreciative audience. Two guys, one Irish and one English, with great Glasgow accents and patter, been doing the show for 15 years, were going to call it a day last year on the 50th anniversary, but the demand is still there. See the show if you can. Now celebrating National Gin Day, with my third of the evening! HH

  2. weebobbycollins on

    BMCUW…and I hope the kid didnae go wi the faither tae Manchester…if he did, he certainly saw a different kind of gathering…

  3. NorrieM



    I don’t think the Celtic Park Hotel will be owned by the club either. In the press release it said they were looking for a Partner.



    I meant that an on site Hotel may be part of the requirements for any new FCA League as could the improvements at Barrowfield.

  4. weebobbycollins on

    Has this Liverpool loanee been described as better than N’Cham yet? No? Only a matter of time…

  5. Bigbhoy, partnerships equal shared risk and reward, lots of money to be made but it still makes sense to partner up with a hotelier for exertise and knowldge.



    Land beside barrowfield was up for sale a year or so ago, noe scrape metal plan, celtic missed a trick that shoyld have been bought up and developed.




  6. The hotel next to CP will be built and operated by a hotel group, who will pay Celtic a ground rent and, possibly, a percentage of any profit that it may generate.




  7. Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 7th June 2018 8:58



    hope your right




  8. Bigbhoy


    Dermot owns the exclusive Sandy Lane in Barbados


    Oh you said barrowfield ??




    One of our other major shareholders ( Traynor) is diversifying into Hotels ??




    The CEO of the McDonald hotel group was on our board a dew years ago, so we have plenty of good contacts


    Why not do it ourselves ???

  9. fieldofdrams on




    How did I miss that tonight? Didn’t see it advertised, and we get the Rep’s schedule through the post every quarter ?

  10. fieldofdrams on




    Must pay more attention…maybe Mrs Fieldodrams hid the thing away, it’s been a long season for her putting up with my Celtic-centric ways ?

  11. Stephbhoy, isn’t Barrowfield not going to have new pitches,new dressing room facilities,and Dome, whatever that is,so maybe Celtic bought the land there, can’t imagine them putting all these upgrades in place,and not owning it.

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Amazing recollections from TONTINE TIM about the legend


    Billy McNeill.


    He had Quite a few difficult opponents over the years the most notable


    for me anyway were Jimmy Miller and Jim Forrest but only on the ground


    and probably because we were pure cack at that time.


    As a young lhad nobody could beat big Billy in the air in my mind until


    one game at hampdump when big John Charles the Welsh internationalist


    totally dominated him leaving me gobsmacked.


    But later on i started to realise Billy was more than a player he was our


    iconic leader and a giant both on and off the field.


    H.H Mick

  13. James celtic bought up a big chunk of land behind the original training pitch years ago and there are a couple of pitches down there (one grass and one astro). However, at the side of the original pitch, heading away from celtic park, land was up for sale/ lease.



    That land would have been good to purchase to develop barriwfield as it offers direct access to london road, could have been used for access and parking spaces. That Would have left enough room for pitch with stand, covered pitches and two outdoor grass pitches all located centrally for fans.



    Noy sure hiw barroefield can be developed fully without more space, unless GCC have agreed ti sell alotments at back of barroefueld, whuch i doubt




  14. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Good Evening CQN



    Just back from Caityrollercoaster’s 6th year graduation. A lovely evening with a beautiful school mass.



    The end of her school era and soon to be the start of pastures new. Wow, blink and the time goes!



    Hope all the Bhoys enjoy the hoot in Belfast this weekend?



    Don’t forget about the CQN afternoon/beer session on Sat 30th which will also be a belated 60th birthday bash for Lionsroar67. Thinking about a bit of lunch (with beer) at 1pm, with a later meet up ( with more beer) at 3pm for those nursing a golfing headache from the night before.



    Drop me an email if you want to join us, at cqnpredictor@gmail.com and I will start a list :-)







  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Here’s a wee question to all you auldies and baldies.


    The wee mhan was rummaging through all the cupboards and


    drawers last night looking for his Celtic beanie for training and


    there was piles of clothes lying everywhere with my princess


    shouting at him” git thum awe back ur thur gaun tae the rag and


    bone man ”


    ” Who’s that ” said he.


    Now my recollection is of a wee Irish guy with a donkey pulling a


    cart and blowing a trumpet.


    He always craved old woollens and i think he gave out a penny or


    two for them but i don’t know what the bone thingy was.


    Had it anything to do with the trumpet i.e trombone?


    H.H Mick





    I think the “bone” was just that-bone.



    It was used back in the day for the likes of mouth organs and trinkets,which would have been ivory in upmarket versions.

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Strange Mick, do you mean people kept bones from their dinners?


    Barely mind eating meat back in the day never mind any with a bone 8-))


    H.H Mick

  18. Melbourne Mick rag and bone men used to collect rags, bones, metals and other unwanted items to sell on or to make stuff from. Rags were recycled and the metals sold; bones were carved or sold for carving.



    Initially they would walk around with sacks but as it got more lucrative, they would use barrows or horse drawn carts.








  19. Melbourne Mick on



    Yes, strange stuff, don’t remember seeing many bones on the cart


    but i do remember eating a lot of potted heid 8-))


    Just watched Billy Connelly there on you tube at the special recognition


    award for NTA 1916, never seen it before, very stirring.


    H.H Mick

  20. For I’vehadtochangemyname. It’s on Sherbourne Road. That’s Slattery’s pub, over by the Aviva Stadium, on your right hand side. Almore is from the Northside and wouldn’t be too familiar with that part of the city.



  21. Stephbhoy , BADA BING,made a comment a couple of weeks ago,that Barrowfield was getting new changing room facilities, and new grass pitches,and a Dome,so something must be up, Lawell said that 5 million was being invested this season on developments ,inside the Stadium,new pitch ,new sound system,new roof on the main Stand,also panels to be replaced,on jock stein and Lisbon lions stands, which I no way will cost 5 million,so I reckon Barrowfield is in that 5 million,and not before time.

  22. Melbourne Mick on

    Sorry ghuy’s don’t no where i got that 1916 date for the Billy Connolly


    NTA award, must be a date thats stuck in my mind.


    It was 2016.


    H.H Mick

  23. WITS.


    Pubs are great landmarks. When giving directions you always name the nearest pub and start from there. Doesn’t work so great in the countryside though.


    OÍche mhaith.


    Hail Hail

  24. Melbourne Mick on



    Beautiful stuff watching that.


    It also brought another song onto u tube.


    Our own rebel hero the bold Thomas Clarke by PJ McDonald.


    Very moving.


    H.H Mick


    Rag and bone man



    Not that ancienr, can remember a horse drawn cart visiting the high flats in Cranhill. Few coins and wee plastic cowboys were the reward for handing over some rags.



    There was a ace down the a Calton who weighed the items and provided a better exchange.



    Funny to see the rag buyers re-emerge in the last few years.

  26. Melbourne Mick on



    Maybe a sign of the times.


    What about the wee clicking frog thingys? think they were


    handed out in my day.


    H.H Mick

  27. Melbourne Mick on

    Maybe thats enough of the rag and bone man stuff.


    I keep getting pictures of Stevie G with a horse and cart


    trying to round up players for Sevco 8-))))))


    H.H Mick

  28. Media corporate free eneterprise is bad.


    But we are Celtic, we are the moral high ground, and will suck up any crumbs from their table.


    The uneducated unwashed bigots are bad.


    But we are Celtic, we are the moral high ground, and will suck up any OF crumbs from their table starting at £49 a pop.


    Lets all contribute as great Celtic fans to deserving charities around the world that should not need to exist.


    But we are Celtic, we are the moral high ground, lets contribute our monies to causes that our executive board dont give a damn about. Nae money in it.


    However, if you do attempt to address the root cause of problems such as free palestine, anti war sentiments and corporate monopolies.


    Remember we are Celtic, we are the moral high ground, and we expect our club to hand over our personal details to the authorities hoping in convictions that will release your


    seat for a true believer. Bless me father for I have sinned. 3 hail Marys, 2 act f contrition’s and one Finnegans wake.

  29. Yeez think that the the West of Scotland back ae the bus is full the noo, wait till ye see it when the Ulster Scots over spill fae the United Ireland kicks in!


    Arlene, Nicola n Rooth, the guardian angels of the Celtic Supporter’s.


    The pish flowing Jungle was heaven right enough √





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