FA Prem goes international below Uefa radar


The existence of the Premier League International Cup, a tournament for under-21s, which the FA Premier League launched this is a fascinating development.  It’s a toe in the water for the Premier League who are running a multi-nation tournament out-with the auspices of Uefa.  A consequence of excluding the European governing body is that all games must be played in the territory of England and Wales, despite Celtic and seven others of the 16 teams residing outside that region.

Uefa retain exclusive rights to hold tournaments across multiple territories, although this definition accommodates the existence of the Welsh FA and Welsh teams participation in competitions run by the English FA.

The Premier League has a broken business model which they have been unable to resolve for a decade of more, as they hae studiously avoided growth in their key TV revenue stream stalling.  When it does, innovative solutions will be required.

As far as Celtic are concerned, I’m delighted we’re there.  In the absence of NextGen this will be a valuable addition to the youth players’ development this season.

Foundation News:

I’m up for the Zip Slide from the top of the Jock Stein Stand to pitch level in front of the Lisbon Lions’.  Never done anything as ridiculous in my life but it’s a one-off opportunity for a fee of £30 plus a commitment to raise £125 for the Foundation.

Pile in here, if you’re brave enough for the Celtic Park pitch…………

Not had more than a glance at the annual report yet. Statements dated 12 September? Hmmm.

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    MWD 1252



    Ich dachte, Sie waren fließend



    Yes,I realise what the last word kinda looks like,and doubtless I will look like one too when taken to task for my effort!




    Thanks for that- e mail sent







    I don’t think I should need to point out the logical fallacy between “does not”, “cannot” and will not” being seen as interchangeable terms.



    On the 9th November 1989, the Berlin Wall did not fall down. It could have fallen down but it did not. Anyone stating that it will not fall was disproven over the next 3 weeks.



    In 1990, Jean Marc Bosman was refused leave by RFC Liege to transfer to Dunkerque without a transfer fee being paid. Everyone told him he cannot and will not transfer without the “owning” club being compensated. It took till the end of 1995 for those confident predictions to be over-turned.



    Foreseeing the future is hard. I am still waiting on my jet pack. Celtic need to be ready to take advantage of any loosening of the legal frameworks that support these glass ceiling rulings in Sport.



    I am confident that just as Jean Marc Bosman could not be chained to a contract that did not suit his needs, that Celtic and Anderlecht and Legia and Sparta Prague and other big clubs in small leagues cannot be allowed to wither and decay because of outdated restrictions and an autocratic ruling from FIFA and UEFA.

  3. Really looking forward to escorting Mrs IGC on Saturday night to the John Hartson foundation ball.



    Loads a money sure to be raised for a charity very close to our hearts, CHAS and in particular, Robin House. This was the wee holiday home for our angel son.






    There is a charity auction with loads of nice goodies, the highlight of which must be a seat in the R@ngers Directors Box (what Mr King would give for that prize).



    Anyhoo, you don’t need to attend the ball to take part:





    Remember bhoys, unlike your strict upbringing, Big John says it’s good to grab your balls, as long as you have a wee feel for anything unusual.


    Go on, give it a pop!

  4. the glorious balance sheet on

    Auldheid 1228



    Of course you are right to say that SFA President Campbell Ogilvie is not a fit and proper person. His misdeeds at Hearts and Rangers speak for themselves.



    But Celtic allowed this miscreant to be re-elected to office unopposed last year. At a time when his part in the abuse of EBTs and registration issues was a matter of public record.



    On that basis, I think Celtic are as much a part of the problem here. Our club has questions to answer when it enables charlatans like Ogilvie to continue in office with no resistance.

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Is it possible that Michael Ashley is simply building up his bhun portfolio, to sell it to some fool like ming at a point when a tidy little profit will be forthcoming….?

  6. Latest “on fields of green” article well worth a read ( and a donation) for those that have missed it. Confirming in many respects what we all knew but in a well researched and erudite fashion.


    HH. Pay the face painters and your taxes ya bassas

  7. I think that if a group of dedicated Rangers fans had started a new club with a similar name as the likes of Chester,Halifax,Wimbledon and Aldershot have done after their liquidation and guided that club back through the league system following rules nearly all Celtic fans would have applauded their dedication but the way rules have been broken or ignored or even mafe up in some cases to facilitatr their return has left a bad taste in many clubs fan’s mouths.In sayin that if someone had told me they would be in the 4 th tier of Scottish foothall the nect season i would not have believed them.I for one after all that has been done to make their rise up the leagues easier i bisaid iwould not return to watch

  8. the glorious balance sheet on

    Of course we are only in this pan nation EPL organised development tournament because we failed to qualify for the CL and so did not get access to the Next Gen tournament.



    I have no doubt that some bright spark will soon post that we flunked the CL qualification on purpose this season as the all wise and great PLC board knew the EPL would be setting up this development tournament and saw participation as a great opportunity to smooth passage to the EPL.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on



    12:28 on 16 October, 2014



    Good to get that first year over with, if you are like me over the past year, you’ll be thinking what was he doing exactly this time last year.



    Mind you I still think about phoning him after games and he’s been gone since 2007 but not forgotten…………………..

  10. the glorious balance sheet





    13:07 on



    16 October, 2014





    Auldheid 1228



    Of course you are right to say that SFA President Campbell Ogilvie is not a fit and proper person. His misdeeds at Hearts and Rangers speak for themselves.



    But Celtic allowed this miscreant to be re-elected to office unopposed last year. At a time when his part in the abuse of EBTs and registration issues was a matter of public record.



    On that basis, I think Celtic are as much a part of the problem here. Our club has questions to answer when it enables charlatans like Ogilvie to continue in office with no resistance.




    Tell me how Celtic alone could have stopped Ogilvie being elected?



    What mechanism should they have used, what support from other clubs would they have obtained?



    My understanding from Turnbull Hutton is no one wanted the job. There is scant information available to reach any certain conclusion, but if you have it then lets have it.

  11. SFTB



    Simple question.



    Why did DD pull back on investment, was it due to the impending prediction of entry to better league?



    Your persistent and rebutals of any criticism of Celtic borders on narcasistic superiority complex.



    Yes things change but generally because people getting sick and tired of the situation makes them change. In support of that I give you your Berlin Wall falling down analogoy. The people were the force for change not the rulers. If they did not stand up and be counted the wall would still be standing strong. But no not good enough for you. In your world those people should not have been critical, should not have faced down the wrongs, should not have stood in the face of military power. THey should have did what they were told and believed all was rosey on their side of the wall.




    MWD said AYE

  12. Can anybody help? Due to extenuating circumstances I have moved around over the last 10 years and therefore have not been able to access my yearly report as a shareholder. Can anybody suggest an address or e-mail where I can furnish my new address. Cheers.

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the glorious balance sheet



    13:07 on



    16 October, 2014



    Yes, our Board do have questions to answer…….unless they are confident all this ‘irrefutable evidence’ will ultimately see sevco liquidated also……for me, that would be the only justification for our Board’s silence……..

  14. Stupid Bl#### phone.Sorry was saying i wouldnt return but i now feel that we should not attend the first home game against thems but continue to support our club after that match cos we all know that the Hun hordes will claim some sort of victory if we dont show up to watch Celtic.We should keep reming them that they are a new club as all other fans have been doing

  15. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    from celtic fc




    Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell was born


    16 October 1943


    It was on this day in 1943 that Tommy Gemmell was born. An excellent full-back with either foot and a fondness to attack, he flourished under Jock Stein’s attacking philosophy.


    Tommy loved to entertain and played with style as well as being able to unleash thunderous a shot with either foot. He scored 63 goals for Celtic in 418 appearances, with 31 of those goals coming from the penalty spot. His own philosophy of ‘just make sure you keep it under the crossbar’ worked on all but three occasions.


    He can also boast of being one of the few players to have scored in TWO European Cup finals – the equalising goal in 1967 against Inter Milan and then the opener in the 1970 final against Feyenoord.


    During his time at Celtic, Tommy won six league titles, four League Cups in a row, three Scottish Cups and, of course, the European Cup.

  16. midfield maestro on




    No bus from Kennedys (Hay)or west end in Paisley this weekend. You could call The Wig & Pen to see if they have anything going to Dingwall


    Much as I’d like to believe Celtic will leave, I actually think that particular ship has sailed.



    The English league is already encroaching on Scottish football passions.



    Most of us are set in our ways, older, call it what you will. Our younger counterparts are told the English Premiership is the best, TV and other media back this with a much, much higher profile.



    Remind me what football slots we command ? How many of your kids, grandchildren support or have a major interest in English football as a result of the onslaught.



    CQN has a fantasy league eh ? What league is it again ?



    For Scotland see Ireland 20 years ago. That is the model * being pursued by the English league.


    Whether another way out is open, who knows and only time will tell.



    * Probably not deliberate but the net being cast by the English is vast and global.

  18. lennon's passion on

    So another online English teacher writes a blog to make himself important and CQN won’t be going back to parkhead.

  19. The Glorious Balance Sheet



    It was Turnbull Hutton.



    ” I am well aware of the controversies around the position of the President of the SFA.


    I am certainly up-to-speed with the ‘campaign’ being pursued just now. I await with interest as to how it all resolves itself.


    Re your point about CO’s re-election: the reality of the situation is/was that he was re-elected because there were no other candidates who were put forward or who put themselves forward. I can well understand this……….!”

  20. Richie yup still here,could Craig post on here or let you have any relevant info ,any cuisine perhaps unusual or off the wall but any thing at all would be welcome,thanks hail Hail Hebcelt PS just had a wee visit to Macleod&Macleod’s prior to my Dingwall visit, got to treat the troops!!!

  21. Hi everyone…apologies for my last couple of posts not making sense my new phone is driving me mental…it took me ages to do those posts aswell….its easier just to lurk !!!

  22. Thanks for the help bhoys, it’s really much appreciated.



    Friends of the wife have hooked up a computer to their phone system, they don’t answer it, a machine does, so it is on a continuous loop, the only way to stop it will be to take their phone off the hook, and when it goes back on the hook, it will start all over again.



    All for the sake of a 100 quid, jeezo, they must be really desperate.






    No idea about twitter, I would imagine it’s them, but shirly you would know by their twitter content.



    Thanks bhoys, and please keep at them >}









    I thought they were Canadian, but it turns out there is a Vancouver in America, you learn something every day so you do.



    Proudly British, Aye right

  23. the glorious balance sheet on




    I am sure that Celtic could have found someone from within the vast PLC board to make a stand against Ogilvie given his track record of impropriety. In the interests of the greater good of the game. Surely that’s why they’re on our board in the first place.



    Or do we just say “sure you’re shady pal, but nobody else wants it, so you fill your boots”.



    It’s said that countries get the government they deserve. I think in this instance the football clubs in Scotland are getting the governance they deserve.



    Celtic are not blameless powerless bystanders in this matter.

  24. mullet and co 2 on

    Is there really no danger that Rizvi who brought in margarita and blue pitch is not/ are not ticketus?


    Remember ticketus gave Rangers funding pre Whyte? Also, ticketus gave the Whyte funds without security? Yer havin a laugh.


    Was it Tommy the taxi driver that originally got that info from Ahmad?

  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    Jack Regan



    The annual report is now on the club’s website via the Investor’s section.



    You need to notify the club’s Registrars Computershare about address changes etc viawww-uk.computershare.com

  26. Jack



    As far as I know the accounts are posted on the website as a PDF for anyone to access, I don’t remember having to have a password or anything. They should be up whenever they send out the emails to shareholders telling them of the meeting.

  27. ziggydoc1-pretty sure there is a link on fishul CFC website which gives stats on games mate.

  28. prestonpans bhoy



    I can still picture my dad making his horsey selections for the day, while sipping on a g n t!



    Music on in the background…




  29. celticrollercoaster supporting shay,our bhoy wonder along the way



    12:16 on 16 October, 2014I see the annual report is out with full Director salaries details. Nice wee £500k bonus thank you very much. 


    Did Lawwell get a 500k bonus ? Or is it between them?

  30. The glorious balance sheet




    “Of course we are only in this pan nation EPL organised development tournament because we failed to qualify for the CL and so did not get access to the Next Gen tournament.”





  31. Estadio Nacional on

    Happy Annual Accounts Day Lawwell fans, hope you have a great day…



    Im sure he will thank you for your continued support.



    From the report.



    “Annual Performance Related Bonus Scheme


    The Group operates a bonus scheme for executive Directors and most


    full and part-time employees on regular contracts, with the following


    key objectives:




    Improving and sustaining the financial performance of the


    Group from year to year;




    Delivering and enhancing shareholder value;




    Enhancing the reputation and standing of Celtic;




    Delivering consistently high standards of service to Celtic and


    its customers; and




    Attracting, retaining and motivating talented individuals


    whose skills and services will enable Celtic to meet its


    strategic objectives. (Im guessing this is not related to football employees)



    Performance conditions cover corporate financial performance


    and personal objectives. Corporate financial performance includes


    performance against budget and against the previous year’s results.


    Maximum award levels depend upon seniority and contractual


    entitlements, ranging from 20% of basic salary to 60% of basic


    salary. The Committee reviews the bonus scheme structure and the


    corporate performance conditions each year. Bonus payments are


    not pensionable.





    Peter Lawwell


    Salary: 524,576


    Bonus: 400,500


    Bonus 76% of salary.




    Football success not part of the 5 objectives for bonus, with a bonus 76% of his salary its no wonder Lawwell is hell bent on earning over football issues.




    Well done all those who have supported him over the years.

  32. the glorious balance sheet



    13:28 on



    16 October, 2014



    Celtic simply could not have achieved the removal of Ogilvie on their own. There are limits to their power.

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