FA Prem goes international below Uefa radar


The existence of the Premier League International Cup, a tournament for under-21s, which the FA Premier League launched this is a fascinating development.  It’s a toe in the water for the Premier League who are running a multi-nation tournament out-with the auspices of Uefa.  A consequence of excluding the European governing body is that all games must be played in the territory of England and Wales, despite Celtic and seven others of the 16 teams residing outside that region.

Uefa retain exclusive rights to hold tournaments across multiple territories, although this definition accommodates the existence of the Welsh FA and Welsh teams participation in competitions run by the English FA.

The Premier League has a broken business model which they have been unable to resolve for a decade of more, as they hae studiously avoided growth in their key TV revenue stream stalling.  When it does, innovative solutions will be required.

As far as Celtic are concerned, I’m delighted we’re there.  In the absence of NextGen this will be a valuable addition to the youth players’ development this season.

Foundation News:

I’m up for the Zip Slide from the top of the Jock Stein Stand to pitch level in front of the Lisbon Lions’.  Never done anything as ridiculous in my life but it’s a one-off opportunity for a fee of £30 plus a commitment to raise £125 for the Foundation.

Pile in here, if you’re brave enough for the Celtic Park pitch…………

Not had more than a glance at the annual report yet. Statements dated 12 September? Hmmm.

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  1. coolmore mafia on

    Fair enough twist and turns. Horses are animals after all – we’ll never know how they are truly feeling. I go to Hamilton race course as often as I can.


    I know one greyhound owner who just races at minor tracks, but he told me a story of how he had ‘stopped’ and bet against his dog, only for it to win as every other dog in the race had been stopped.



    His favourite method was beta blockers. My dad used to use ringers also, back in the day.

  2. MWD



    Why would you doubt such a widely known fact. I am not saying that people power was not involved in the Fall of Communism (also unpredicted bt CQN or other futurologists) just that some people made a buck and still do.




    proof one



    proof two








    You can stop now. The point has been made.



    CQNrs, despite having many qualities, are no more clairvoyant as futurologists :-)



    Or, 3rd time lucky :-)

  3. Margaret McGill on




    14:49 on 16 October, 2014





    And oor Peter is behind enemy lines blowing up bridges collecting intelligence and being an all round nuisance?


    Stauffenberg on Ogilvie is in the pipeline methinks.

  4. Richie thank Craig for the info ,will pass it on. It’s my treat for her,she cares a lot for the under privalaged sp? If only our board had the same mindset!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  5. timbhoy2



    15:00 on 16 October, 2014Bada Bing takes one to know one


    dearie me…..is that the schools out…..?

  6. hebcelt



    You seem to have too much time on your hands………and your spelling is rubbish:o)

  7. EDB Yes and Yes could’nt be bothered correcting it as Greenpinta says as long as you know what I mean. How are you and the girls? Might be a wee while until I’m back at Celtic Park just disillusioned with Celtic and football in general, it’s all too sanitized, going to Dingwall on Sat, see if I can rekindle the flame/buzz Hail Hail Hebcelt

  8. hebcelt






    The girls are good. Big sis is in Strasbourg for a long weekend visiting wee sis.



    Great news about your daughter.



    So you won’t be down next Thursday?

  9. The Battered Bunnet on




    So is that a drive up to Lochmaddy, the ferry to Uig, then driving across Skye, over the bridge, round Duich, past Cluanie and along the Great Glen, before a left at Drumnadrochit, nipping past Muir of Ord and into Dingwall before parking up?



    Or are you taking the helicopter this week :¬)

  10. Tallybhoy – May your dad be rejoicing in the heavenly Paradise. I am sure your sadness today will be also replaced by great memories. RIP.

  11. 15




    Kris Commons














    30 Aug, 1983 in Nottingham
















    Sub Appearances

















  12. TBB your geography knowledge is shocking. Ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool- 3hours drive down to Dingwall 40mins. Return same few drinks in Ullapool and a sesh on the ferry with 3 points in the bag. No probs!! EDB no won’t be down next week first time I’ve missed for 20 years. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  13. Ronny will either survive or fall based on results. There are a glut of games commencing Saturday, 7 games in 21 days, a good run over this period and he is home & hosed for the year, a disastrous run and I could see supporter demonstrations, leading to his sacking. A mixed run and the present uncertainty will continue.

  14. foghorn leghorn on

    got an email back from coastalsoftware



    seem like nice people



    think i’ll place an order

  15. PL saying that we are in a period of transition and although there have been some disappointing results the club are right behind Ronny, and in it for the long haul



  16. The Battered Bunnet on




    Ah, forgot you were ‘up north’…



    Be as well taking the boat round Cape Wrath :¬)

  17. MDW – 12th September is my birthday. Do not think that was what Paul was hinting at, do you?

  18. Lawwell getting it again because he earns a good bonus, if he earned a good bonus it’s because he’s done a good job for the club.


    Ronny going no where is great news, should get the season at least to show us what he’s got.

  19. !!Bada Bing!!


    14:12 on


    16 October, 2014


    Given the handshakes i seen by a Celtic Director at hospitality recently,i think he could have stood shoulder to shoulder with Ogilvie,and possibly against him



    Not surprised by this at all.The Masons are a worldwide org.The common misconception that they are all huns is a ridiculous one.Every one of the founding fathers of America was a Mason.Some of the greatest minds in history were Masons.Darwin,Newton,etc.


    The Vatican even has its own Masonic Lodge.Strange to many,but the financial and political clout they exert worldwide is enormous.





    Yep,PL is doing a great job.



    Got rid of high-earners including deadwood like Sami,Ledley,NL,Forster,and co.



    Brought in considerably cheaper replacements and most of the fans haven’t been able to tell the difference.



    Mainly because they canny be bothered to turn up and watch dross.



    He got us into Pot 2 in Europe,serious masterstroke,that. Admittedly not the CL,but heyho,let’s not quibble.

  21. hun skelper


    16:48 on


    16 October, 2014


    Lawwell getting it again because he earns a good bonus, if he earned a good bonus it’s because he’s done a good job for the club.


    Ronny going no where is great news, should get the season at least to show us what he’s got.



    Think there are many who will question the job he has done in footballing terms.Me included.Done wonders in a bad financial climate,with the books,but overcooking the thrift,to the detriment of the team has gone too far.Not PLs fault on his own.He has a board and a boss to please.If anyone thinks we are all we can be,then I am afraid I will disagree.

  22. Turkeybhoy


    16:54 on


    16 October, 2014



    His only job in relation to football (in theory) is to bring in the men to bring football success. He is therefore open to be judged on his appointments.



    Have we had football success under his tenure?

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