FA Prem goes international below Uefa radar


The existence of the Premier League International Cup, a tournament for under-21s, which the FA Premier League launched this is a fascinating development.  It’s a toe in the water for the Premier League who are running a multi-nation tournament out-with the auspices of Uefa.  A consequence of excluding the European governing body is that all games must be played in the territory of England and Wales, despite Celtic and seven others of the 16 teams residing outside that region.

Uefa retain exclusive rights to hold tournaments across multiple territories, although this definition accommodates the existence of the Welsh FA and Welsh teams participation in competitions run by the English FA.

The Premier League has a broken business model which they have been unable to resolve for a decade of more, as they hae studiously avoided growth in their key TV revenue stream stalling.  When it does, innovative solutions will be required.

As far as Celtic are concerned, I’m delighted we’re there.  In the absence of NextGen this will be a valuable addition to the youth players’ development this season.

Foundation News:

I’m up for the Zip Slide from the top of the Jock Stein Stand to pitch level in front of the Lisbon Lions’.  Never done anything as ridiculous in my life but it’s a one-off opportunity for a fee of £30 plus a commitment to raise £125 for the Foundation.

Pile in here, if you’re brave enough for the Celtic Park pitch…………

Not had more than a glance at the annual report yet. Statements dated 12 September? Hmmm.

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  1. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    16:54 on 16 October, 2014



    Aye mate, They where all wanted to stay. Wanyama was also a cheap option as was izzy and Mathews.


    It’s the only way we can operate buy cheap and hope they turn out to be decent enough to sell,that’s not lawwells fault it’s where we play ffs. We pay the most wages in Scotland and we are the only club to pay cash for a player in Scotland in the summer transfer window, that tells a story.


    The last few years we punched above our weight in Europe, we are never a champions league team,Europa is proberly our level at the minute.

  2. coolmore mafia on

    £103 for cheapest adult season ticket at Barcelona.



    Messi, Suarez, that wee annoying brazilian… better value than we get.



    Dortmund £9 a game (I think)



    English fans travelling to Dortmund to watch them for less money than attending an EPL game in London, including travel. Apparently 1000 per game now.



    I know that our matchday income is vital, but we are being totally ripped off,



    In England though-they have the capability of making the games free to attend if they wanted- instead Arsenal etc charging over £90 per game, excess of £1000 for season ticket. Now that is treating your fans like s***.



    If you have children who eat hot food, you have to travel to games, and you earn an average wage -tbh it’s a struggle. In reality, about £90+ a game to watch berget and Tonev. Jesus. I used to pay £1 to see Bobby Lennox and Danny McGrain.

  3. RT



    And what about the wealthy football players? Are they similarly lazy and not incentivised well enough until they have more money than sense?

  4. When any CQNers are suffering a loss (not financial TnT lol) I will always light a candle at Clonard for their intentions so tomorrows will be for your good self Tally. Hope the pain eases. KTF.

  5. Sure it has been posted on here many times that Big Jock was in the Masons. Maybe there’s a book waiting to be written regarding football and the Masonic influence.



    Due to going to a Catholic school, no one explained to me if the Orange Order and Masons are actually linked, formally or informally, and if the anti-catholic stance is only the OO (and only in N.Ireland and Scotland). Having never being invited to join either I remain blissflully ignorant of them both.

  6. turkeybhoy



    16:54 on 16 October, 2014



    Lawwells job is to balance the books and keep us afloat when cash is tight, if the support filled the stadium we might be able to spend a bit more.

  7. coolmore mafia



    And Dortmund pull in how much TV money annually? Which they choose to use as a means of offsetting ticket costs which clubs in the Greatest League In The World choose not to do.

  8. Ah well, just popped in to say Hi, n cheer myself up, maybe later.



    Tallybhoy, was a pleasure chatting last Saturday,




  9. thezombieslayer on

    Zip slide booked :) :) :) Wish it was tommorrow ! Cant wait To soar over paradise with a view only the seagulls have seen before Hail ! Hail ! And all in a great cause

  10. DeniaBhoy



    Jock Stein was told by a hun once that Celtic only won the Big Cup because there were 4 Protestants/Masons in the team. His reply was that thems had 11 in theirs and they’ll never win it.

  11. I have worked with a few freemasons ,good guys,been asked a few times if i would like to join the craft, one of them said to me.look there are people from different faiths who join the masons, but i declined, found out my Grandfather was a mason,after he died, never heard him once talk about out. the masons i dont care much for is the ones who show of there rings, chains on there necks,etc, if its a secret society,then why advertise yourself.

  12. HamiltonTim;



    Mate, I’ve got sorted for a bus, thanks for the offer. I’ll be in the Blane Valley for a few tomorrow afternoon if you are going to be about. If you still have my number can you give me a call after 12 tomorrow.



    Ol’tim, is Matt meeting you too?

  13. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Tallybhoy thoughts with you and your family today wee prayer said.


    They never die those that live in the hearts of the ones they leave behind.







  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Justbasked my dad about masons in team. He can’t think of six masons…

  15. lilys



    Pleasure was all mine my mhan.



    Hope to see you again at some future hootenanny.




  16. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Twisty keep them coming mate. Still playing with the bookies money thanks to you mate.








    Just received a reply from TET’s scammers.



    Oh dear,they seem mighty upset.




  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    The sectarian association with masons seems only to apply here and the six counties as far as i’m aware.



    Italy has loads of masons and the former top man of banco d’ambrosio, the bank used by the vatican, was a member of the most influential masonic order in italy when he was found hanging from a bridge in london.



    Let’s hope the bhoys are up for it on saturday and get back to winning ways. Hopefully i’m not alone in thinking get three pints first and foremost, a good performance. Wins are more important than performances at the moment and cofidence should imrove with


    Points on the board.



    Tallybhoy, i hopeyour late dad’s first anniversary brings back loads of joyful memories of him.

  19. Dallas Dallas – “Hopefully i’m not alone in thinking get three pints first . . .”



    Think RD would disagree.

  20. kitalba.



    I haven’t mentioned it to him,I’ll give him a tinkle a bit later,if he’s not doing anything,He’ll probably come in.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    My family were at legoland near windsor a few years back.



    We had a meal in windsor just along from the local masonic, it wasn’t in the castle.



    Some of those who came out of the ludge were jewish, they had skull caps on. I was a bit surprised by this going by the attitude of masons here.



    A former colleague who lives in london told me the masons there only seemed be interested in money and power not religion.

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    “Who’s the Mason in the Hoops”



    – Who’s the Mason in the Hoooooooooooooopsssssss”



    JungleChantsYou’llNeverHear CSC

  23. Tallybhoy



    As you’ve witnessed today we’re with you at this difficult time.



    God Bless your Dad and his family.

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Denaibhoy, ha ha. I missed oot chips as well.



    My bloody terrible typing again.

  25. Masons is it? There will be serious moonhowling tonight gents.



    Me? No time for any secret organisations, be they Hibs, Foresters, Masons or Orange.



    I’m no that keen on the Knights either – no offence to any of you.



    I reserve most of my opprobrium for the strike breakers and scabs of the Dublin ‘chapter’ or whatever they call themselves of the Ancient Order of Hibernians though. And I do not apologise for that.




  26. 6 1 to legia. No strikers in Celtic team. Money sat in the bank , no attempt to strengthen , Lawwell relieves massive bonus

  27. DallasDallas – I’d say the money and power thing is the prime mover in Scotia too. The sectarian stuff probably an added bonus for the type it attracts. There’s a wee group in the Catholic Church who like a bit of power and cash and protection too – middle class incomes required for membership – embdy know who I’m talking about?



    No, it’s not Peter Lawwell and the Celtic Board……

  28. EDB






    I never expect anything less on here.



    Thank you.







  29. SydneyTim



    18:04 on 16 October, 2014



    6 1 to legia. No strikers in Celtic team. Money sat in the bank , no attempt to strengthen , Lawwell relieves massive bonus





    Excuse the childish humour but I had to read that twice as I thought the last three words said something else. Relieved a massive what said I? Over Legia winning? Sick man that PL….

  30. kitalba.



    I just gave Estadio a call and he’ll be over the back of two,he’s bringing a couple of mates over I’ll be there after I book into my hotel, so I’ll be in around two, I hope Blantyretim sobers up and he’ll be there around that time,I don’t know when Richie is getting back from Aberdeen,if he gets his normal train or bus he’ll muster around five,Precepta, yes,no, ,anyone else? just add your name.

  31. RobertTressell 18:06



    I know exactly who you are talking about. I went to one of their schools in Dublin for 6 years. A very odd bunch of people.



    Hail Hail

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