Face a lame duck manager who’s lost the dressing room or an interim


Given a choice, you would rather a rival pitch up to play you with a lame duck manager who has clearly lost the dressing room, than sack him and allow players and coaches an opportunity to disavow some of his more glaring errors.  Rene Weiler took Anderlecht to the Belgian title in May, his first season at the club.  But, when he was sacked yesterday, they sat ninth in the Jupiler table with just two wins and eight goals in seven games.

They have a cup game away to lower league Westerlo tomorrow, the third consecutive away game in a series of four, before Celtic come to town in eight days.  The Anderlecht board’s hope is that they can remain in the cup, then pick up a win against Waasland-Beverent (seventh, but on the same points as Anderlecht), in an attempt to stabilise the club before the crucial Champions League game with Celtic.

By any measure, Anderlecht have been rubbish this season, but they will employ the weapon all rubbish teams have, that of an embattled underdog who is capable of raising standards by exception.  Their performance at the Allianz Arena last week, where 10-men gave Bayern Munich some nervous moments, is an indication of what we are likely to face next week.

The game in Brussels is not only our most important game of the next week, it’s the most important game between now and December, when Anderlecht visit Celtic Park.  Despite their historical-comparative rubbish status, Anderlecht are better than any team we will face in Scotland.  Notwithstanding that, our objective has to be a win in Brussels.

I was there at Hampden when Paul Wilson scored twice as we won the Scottish Cup against Old Airdrie in 1975.  Paul was an exciting player during an era when our star was fading.  We enjoyed the thrill of seeing a breakthrough, flamboyant, talent emerge.  I still recall that header against Spain which seemed to affirm Paul as the genuine article.

The four years after nine-in-a-row finished was an era of decline.  Kenny Dalglish carried the team to an extent we have never really acknowledged as a club, or a support.  But Jock Stein’s period of pre-eminence was long gone before Paul Wilson and his contemporaries made their mark.  Paul moved on in 1978 to little fanfare, as Celtic finished fifth and Stein was asked to leave the dugout.

On his death yesterday, he was noted as a trailblazing player of Asian descent in British football at a time when inclusivity was not a term society was familiar with.  He was that, but for me, he was a young and powerful Celtic striker who put the ball in the net with ease.

Win tickets for Ibrox

Our raffle to win two tickets to the Celtic end at Ibrox for Saturday’s game ends at midnight TONIGHT!!  If like me, you’re stuck without a ticket, this is your chance.  Celtic sponsor and all-round good guys, Intelligent Car Leasing, provided the tickets to support our work with Mary’s Meals.

As you will know by now, over 3,000 children in Malawi and Liberia eat a school meal each day because of money raised by CQN’ers.  This improves lives in a profound way.

To enter the raffle, answer this question:

Which Belgian team will Celtic face in this season’s Champions League?

Please donate a minimum of £5 to this MyDonate page. Then forward your confirmation email with your answer in the SUBJECT LINE to celticquicknews@gmail.com . Winner will be informed early tomorrow, so make sure you include adequate contact information.

Many thanks to you and Intelligent Car Leasing.

Good luck!



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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on





    Firstly, thank you for going public with your problem. It was only after I read your post, that I finally felt able to tell my family about my own concerns, at the “enjoyment” I get from watching Sevco on TV.




    I used to enjoy watching the old Rangers on the odd occasion that they struggled against a Scottish team. Now that Sevco are carrying the Standard for the hopes and dreams of “Ra Peepil” my problem has multiplied ten fold, due to the increased frequency with which Sevco get horsed these days, even by diddy teams, from both Scotland and Luxembourg.




    I find it very difficult to avoid watching Sevco games on TV now. Within ten minutes of waking up this morning, I had already smiled at the prospect of watching the second big Glasgow Derby game in four days.




    Thank you for going public, and giving me the strength to face up to my own problems.




    Is there a support group that you are aware of?

  2. I was saddened to read about Paul Wilson. He was lithe, athletic, balanced, good to watch. One of my faves when I was a kid.



    I remember seeing him play at Dens against Dundee, and a Celtic supporter calling him ‘the black Pele’! Funny what you remember.



    With his passing goes yet another link to my childhood. Ho hum. May he rest in peace.





    Bliddy ridiculous that the same faeces are appointed to repeated meetings.



    Especially ones with a track record which is far from neutral,or even up to standard.

  4. fieldofdrams



    I’m sure I remember watching Paul play against First Rangers at Celtic Park (I can’t remember the precise game) when he was serenaded by the Huns by a chorus of ‘Wilson’s a darky’.



    A few moments later the Jungle responded with a mighty chorus of ‘Pele’s a darky’ …



    How times have changed …




  5. I think the problems at Anderlecht go a bit deeper.Reading their is unrest in the dressing room.Players promised a transfer,then told no.as usual,the manager,who had a very good record with them,has to carry the can.the backroom staff taking over,so no real change to the problems.They are in a bit of disarray,and I cant see that changing in a week.Maybe our 1st break in the CL in years.

  6. No interest at all in who the Referee is on Saturday.Does it really matter?.We had the whole array of them in charge last season.5 wins and a draw.If we turn up,there is nothing that can stop us.


    And we will.

  7. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:42 PM



    Last time I ever gazed into a European shop window with as much optimism, I left empty handed, goods intact.


    Hamburg 2009.



  8. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    Get your money on MIB Thomson slowing the game down on Sat at every opportunity and free kicks being given for unseen infringements when the ball is in the air.



    I have real doubt he will allow us to play the game at a fast pace which will suit the Huns

  9. Jungle VIP



    You would have to be more specific. PW was serenaded with that abuse every time we played the Deidco.



    Allowing for the fact we’re talking over 40 years ago , it is still cringeworthy to recall our response regarding what we would “rather be”.



    While on the subject, I assume the Zombies will be having a minute’s silence on Saturday?



    They seem to make a big thing of dignity and being respectful.

  10. Hello again all you young rebels.


    Spring sunshine and another great weekend with the peninsula hoops


    what more can an auld tim ask for? even just walking down to our venue


    and seeing those hoops tops sitting outside fills you with pride.


    Our pub\ club has had a makeover by the owners and if any of you ghuys


    ghals who have visited us before well you won’t recognise the place,it’s


    now got an Asian theme to it and the food is amazing and they are opening


    up the top floor with an outside view over the bay for our CSC, they


    know a good thing when they’ve got it and it’s all with the help


    of our committee and President PADDYMACOZ who incidentally is


    cutting about shouting orders like yon mad Korean dictator, so now between


    that and the Asian decor we now call him TIM jung un.


    Great to see MOOLOOLABA BHOY again who flew down from Queensland


    to pay us another visit, safe journey home Hugh, don’t think it will be


    long till we see you again :-))


    H.H Mick

  11. hee hee hee hee,




    Seems the scum have found out that most of the young players they were raving about breaking through,are all Tims.




    Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers? 1 2 3 4 6


    By CoatbridgeBear, 15 hours ago




    Seems their “Suffering”will be eternal.

  12. saltires en sevilla on




    Good insight into Lechts



    Any distractions for them creates opportunities for us.



    Despite all our domestic dominance and invincibility, we are still giving the ball away with slack passing.



    We get away with it in Scotland



    Against PSG we gave the ball away so often in the first half and I stopped counting at 20. The same thing happened 1 year earlier at Barca




    Even distracted teams like Anderlecht will pounce on that glaring failure and can probably achieve a better conversion rate in front of goal than our Bhoys



    We need to learn to roll the ball to feet,one touch passing and movement, and convert chance created.



    All part of the learning curve…



    Are we seeing enough improvement to indicate we are moving to next level?

  13. Paul Wilson RIP and thanks for the memories.


    I too remember Ceasars last game SCF Celtic 3-1 Airdrie Wilson 2 and Big Billy 1 HH

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Comforting for me to read of your obsessive compulsive behaviour for the very good reason that this is a problem I have been grappling with for a good number of years.


    Try sixty .



    To such an extent that I often wake up during the night requiring a hun hit .


    Or to be precise 4.45 am ramorra.


    Are we normal ?


    Should we form a self help group ?



    We`ve got CQN. What more could we need.







    I know what you mean about the passing.I think we are a bit hit and miss.Against Rosenborg,we passed them off the park.Great display.Same with 1st half in Astana.When the passing goes,it throws us right off our game.You can see BR is endlessly working on this.It should be the easiest part of a footballers job.

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2017 1:05 PM


    Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers? 1 2 3 4 6


    By CoatbridgeBear, 15 hours ago


    Seems their “Suffering”will be eternal.




    They’re not one of us anymore when they represent the filth.

  17. Culsbhoy, Hunderbirds Are Gone and Macjay1 –



    No more sleeps! I too will be watching and may well also be investing in a Jags win. 6/1 is again more generous than it should be. Not confident that Partick WILL win, but shouldn’t be priced as high as 6/1.



    Back to workin…..

  18. Hi Paul67,



    I think you may have highlighted a (nother) problem that Newco have.



    If, as believed, the people who were funding Newco with the soft loans were the ones that appointed Caixinha we may have an issue.



    David King made it clear that he didn’t appoint their current Manager and had a “first meeting” in a blaze of publicity to emphasise that point.



    Now, if Caixinha is sacked the lose of face could be huge… who pays for the mistake? Who pays for the next Management team and subsequent transfer budget?



    It won’t have escaped to many folk that some of the players Caixinha got shot of are performing reasonably with their current Clubs.



    Add to that many of the players he brought in are not performing then a third rebuild in four Seasons is on the card.



    They can’t afford this either politically or financially.



    So it looks like they have decided to sit tight and hope things improve.






    Don’t think it’s going to happen this weekend, don’t think it’s going to happen at all.



    A few Hail Mary’s may be of use…



    Hail Hail

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    I firmly believe that we will not be overawed again .


    We`ve got that out of our system.


    Self belief is what we lacked .

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GARY67 on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:10 PM



    Craig Thomson referee on Saturday.





    He won`t stop us , but he will try hard to .


    Morelos will get away with whatever he fancies.


    Yellows and reds may well be Thompson`s modus operandi .

  21. Saltires



    I think it is less slack passing as such but more errors under pressure. In Scotland we can pass the ball across the defence and midfield without a player within 10 yards of us. In Europe these passes are easily read and players are closed down resulting in lost possession or a bad pass.

  22. saltires en sevilla on




    Agree there were passages against both Rosenborg & Astana when it really clicked



    I suspect confidence plays a part and if that isgoing to Drop it will be against teams like PSG and Barca



    Will be interesting to see how Bayern handle theirtrip to Paris

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