Failing up in football


European football news this week featured Vincent Kompany “failing up”.  After overseeing Burnley’s relegation from the topflight of English football, the affable Belgian was appointed manager of Bayern Munich.  Charm gets you places, people!

Hot on the heels of that, the Newco chief executive James Bisgrove handed in his resignation, he’s off to work his magic in Saudi.  If Bisgrove ever gives a seminar on job interview technique, sign up.  This is the guy who, as commercial director, booked Newco at the Sydney tournament in 2022 for less than half the fee Celtic’s commercial director, Adrian Filby, negotiated.

Newco are both delighted at Bisgrove’s work in his various roles at the club, and totally OK that he’s moving on.  Suggestions that churning through three managers and three chief execs in 18 months is a sign of a club in perpetual crisis is unworthy of you.

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  1. Watching a rerun of the cup final from 89 mins sober and soaking it in 🫶🍀😎🏆

  2. CONEYBHOY on 31ST MAY 2024 11:11 AM



    really informative post, ta for that.



    I am convinced, the non attending season card holder will not be allowed in the future, it is just a matter of time , use it (or pass it on) or lose it, just a matter of time.




    man united, the organisation do a million things wrong, but even so, they went to war with the fans again on actually attending matches, and they win again, because there are thousands more wanting to be there than actually attending,



    it willcome to celtic park as soon as someone in power shows an interest.




  3. MAESTRO on 31ST MAY 2024 12:05 PM



    putting yourself through all that, the huns were the better team, we got very lucky and the disallowed goal should have stood.

  4. Spurs – Ticket Exchance –



    Ticket Exchange is the Club’s official online resale platform which gives Season Ticket Holders and Premium Members the ability to sell their designated seat at face value to a One Hotspur Member to buy (or other supporters if the game goes on General Sale) for any Premier League home fixture they are unable to attend.

  5. I see the recent talk of the record attendance figures for Scottish football…..


    They would have been far more impressive if some clubs had sold their empty seats to willing buyers thereof !!!





  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Guess it’s a slow news month at the stand-alone club then?


    Seems to defy all logic that the (supposedly) best-run and worst-run clubs in the world could be so evenly-matched! You would almost think it would have to be designed to be like that…..

  7. PHILCOOL on 31ST MAY 2024 12:22 PM


    I see the recent talk of the record attendance figures for Scottish football…..





    They would have been far more impressive if some clubs had sold their empty seats to willing buyers thereof !!!

















    and yet, many clubs can argue and can prove with higher attendnace figures, not giving the “old-firm” tickets sees their own home fans attend more often.



    the loss of a rangers to the top leagues proved if you look after your own business and listen to what your fans want, then you dont need the “old firm 2 or 4 times a season to break even.



    i read hearts have a 7,000 waiting list.



    saint mirren often have near 7,000 at home games.



    they reduced “old-firm” allocations.



    i would though from a business sense say killie lost out on free money for our championship winning game, they could have had 10,000 more celts at £35 a pop, £350,000, for a one off game, but their fans dont want it.


    the cost of a new player perhaps ? pay for the european travel for sure.



    but hey ho, scottish football is in rude health apart from the huns …………

  8. glendalystonsils on

    ST. STIVS’12.36



    ‘Scottish football is in rude health apart from the huns’



    Yep , it’s just a case of not all the huns being found at Ibrox.

  9. The returnof weeron on

    There is another aspect to the many empty seats at places such as Kilmarnock. It’s not a good look for TV. If they MUST refuse to sell a significant number of tickets, then they should at least, put their own fans on the tv screens. That is, leave the empty seats underneath the tv cameras. At least, make it look like it is full.



  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I noticed the other day that the Celtic players joined the Scotland training camp at same time as all other players?



    … Despite being at work for a week longer than everyone else (except McTominay).



    Hopefully they get rested this week.

  11. i didnt doubt that brendan and his bold bhoys would win the league, but what really reinforced it for me was them celbrating a last minute draw at ibrox, and the parade around the ground, all that was missing was an open top bus, a gun salute and some absailing sojers from the roof.



    it came across as really pathetic,



    as a ps, i dont like when our mob has to goto the fans after the games, just get up the tunnel,

  12. glendalystonsils on




    Thanks for posting that article . I’ve been coming to the Tomintoul area for over 50 years and didn’t know any of that !

  13. Scottish Premiership clubs have voted to ban artificial pitches in the top flight from the beginning of season 2026-27.



    The SPFL this month issued a resolution to be voted on by all 12 Premiership clubs, with nine votes required for it to pass.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BTB – yes, I’ll never tire of watching moral victories 😂

  15. McPhail Bhoy on

    AN TEARMANN on 31ST MAY 2024 1:10 PM


    Fascinating Thread on links between Celtic and Scotlands highest village Tomintoul








    An Tearmann


    Is that the famous village Tomintoul which always signalled the first sign of winter?


    ‘The Cockbridge to Tomintoul road is closed’

  16. Glasstwothirdsfull,



    “Designed to be evenly matched”,. Has to be the worst designer,since Lawrence Llewelin Bowen !!!!!!


    Have thought for a good while now that Huns were badly run,but your continued insinuations that we are in cahoots with them,if true,would make their negotiating team look like a Troop of badly educated Baboons.


    Long may that deal run.

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    With the days of keeping players at Celtic when that want to move long gone, it was different days when we could keep such players for as long as possible. The gap between what’s already fantasy football earnings at Celtic, to new generational richness, is now too great.



    Henrik Larsson was persuaded when the gap between here and the rich leagues was infinitely smaller. In another different era Kenny Dalglish was kept at Parkhead until he was 26, before moving on to a better league. In today’s game, Giorgios Giakoumakis allegedly badgered Ange every other day, for his move, Kieran Tierney did the same with Neil Lennon.



    Celtic sign ‘prospects’ and non ‘oven readies’ for a reason and the type of player sought by supporters, isn’t interested in Celtic money, when his peers can globe trot to somewhere for 70K doing the same job. It’s a strategy not without a gamble, but nothing compared to existing on left overs from elsewhere. It’s the world in which we live, and as one or two others have posted, if FSR does its job, it will help to keep Celtic profitable and in return successful. The essence of FSR is that you live within your means.



    There are dozens of affordable players in the data base that fit our profile, as ever we need the right person to choose, the right ones. The revolving door in Parkhead never stops, we’ve had our fun with some players, who are all on a 3 year cycle continually re contracting successes keeps Celtic on top.

  18. Best laugh today.Huns Ad for Tickets for Man U friendly,



    “See Two Cup Finalists,battle to be best in Britain”.




  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    This guy or gal nails it.



    Total nonsense.



    PS –



    “John Bennett assumes the role of Executive Chairman”



    Pray allow me to translate for the hard of thinking or irretrievably stupid



    “The important stuff up top we previously had two guys handling?



    …. will now be done in the short term by one guy



    … but it will all be fine because, in Sevco’s world, 2=1”

  20. SCULLYBHOY on 31ST MAY 2024 2:13 PM



    wee favour scullybhoy, could you maybe please find your wat to giving just a little word of what you are posting,



    ta much.

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