Failure elsewhere cannot disguise abject Celtic challenge


As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers, sentiment in our half of the city is no brighter.  Celtic’s best chance to win the league this season lies not in outpointing everyone else, or seeing their principle rivals lose 10 points, it is in the complete obliteration of Rangers, allowing us to take our chances with Motherwell, who can open up a six point gap between second and third against Celtic on Sunday.

Whatever the following weeks bring for Rangers, if Celtic winning the league is a consequence, we cannot allow the title to disguise the abject failure to be competitive so far this season.

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  1. On a brighter note today is the 55th anniversary of our first ever League Cup win. I think we’ve gone back to being a Cup team, unfortunately ours currently underfloweth



    WishyGuiser, MLboo

  2. From Garngad to Croy I am Neil Lennon. on

    Rangers could go into Administration tomorrow and still win the league against our current squad !

  3. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on



    A few ridiculous rumours about our team posted on the site this morning might need attention.


    Won’t it be strange if even the failure at the start of the season leaves us with three trophies. We need to improve in the next few weeks, one or two new hungry faces from the youth team might be the ticket.

  4. Paul67 – As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers



    Any links on this?



    I do quite fancy buying that bike on Ebay. (thumbsup)

  5. One by one the players come out in the press saying we will turn it around. When will we start talking on the park? Sunday in Motherwell would be nice.

  6. I think it was Gordon J that made the point yesterday, but can anyone explain how a new company (even allowing for them parachuting back into the SPL) can retain the same points haul of an extinct company? This would make no sense whatsoever.

  7. Marrakesh Express on

    Kitalba 11-12



    Brilliant. Thats what I call a back catalogue of shame. Truly the worst in Europe (probably the world).




  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    I doubt many would be inclined to disagree Paul, but to what do you assign the reason for this abjectness?



    We are losing on average more than 1 point per game – 13 points droppped in 12 games. A win one week will be followed in short order by a draw or a defeat. It’s as predictable and as woeful as Tony Mowbray’s team.



    Why is this Celtic team so utterly mediocre?

  9. Lenny’s next team should be(assuming fit):




    Mathews Majstorovic Mulgrew Wilson


    Ki Kayal Wanyama Ledley McCourt





    Ideally would prefer Izzaguire to Wilson, Scot Brown to move into right midfield with Paddy dropping out and one other to make way when Commons returns. But with this line up and to be strengthened further when players come back from injury, the SPL would be back on the agenda. Rangers WILL go through a sticky patch. We MUST be prepared.

  10. Why are the SPL/SFA not asking questions about Rangers?



    They are clearly running on empty cash wise. I seem to remember the press were very worried about our players not being paid when we were in financial trouble.



    No worries at all from the SFA at the moment.



    Have the Hearts players been paid yet? This league is in a mess but our players get paid in full on time every month and always will. The win bonuses being handed out are few and far between. What are the boards plans? Is the great plan to wait until Rangers go under?


    Looks like the league could implode. Half the teams are skint.


    Interesting times ahead.




  11. Paul, your use of “so far” is the key.



    It’s October. No stinking badges get handed out in October (not since they moved the league cup final to the pre-spring).



    Good players in a good team was how we finished last season after some severely rocky patches. The Bhoys can come good again. I hope they do.

  12. Well said Paul67. Our ambition and success should not be benchmarked by affairs elsewhere. I notice today in the Sun comment stating NL still has full support of board. Sadly the call for at least a mentor has fallen on deaf ears. Therefore a 10 point deduction may well not be enough. I fear humiliation both sides of river.

  13. we are running at a dire league win percentage of 58.33. I’m going back to work, it’s less heartbreaking than Celtic




    HH (Happy Halloween)





  14. The Honest Mistake



    I agree…..Let’s give George & Keatings more game time. They surely cant do worse than what we are seeing at the moment & their hunger could be vital over the next few games.



    If they do well & go on to hold down 1st team places like Forrest did when given the chance then we can get rid of any underachievers in January.




  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    I see Traynor has this morning continued the campaign kicked off by his Rag on friday, specifically, let Newco Rangers play in the SPL at any cost.



    “..At least a couple of clubs are questioning the morality of avoiding bills in this manner. They stress they played by the rules and met their liabilities while Rangers were winning titles and playing in Europe with players who were being paid through EBT.”



    “..One or two believe additional penalties must be imposed and Rangers supporters shouldn’t be surprised to hear soundings will be taken to see if there is an appetite for imposing greater penalties on a re-invented Rangers in future seasons as well as the current one.”



    “…there is little doubt there is a feeling within the SPL that if Rangers were to use the administration process to avoid bills there would be nothing to stop other clubs doing the same if the punishment is not harsh.”



    “It will all become very messy and compromises will have to be made but Whyte and Rangers should be aware there are people within the SPL determined to make them pay a high price. One way or another.”

  16. I see that the Dundee United board reveal ‘unanimous support’ for manager Peter Houston




    That’ll be that then

  17. I hear the prejudiced, muckraking BBC is commissioning a one-off special programme about Rangers flogging off their trinkets to sate their creditors.



    It’s being presented by David Dickinson and is called “Bargain Hun”. (thumbsup)

  18. philvisreturns says:


    31 October, 2011 at 12:37


    Paul67 – As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers



    Any links on this?



    I do quite fancy buying that bike on Ebay. (thumbsup)






    Apparently Saint Etienne have contacted hun FC after they saw it advertised in the wee yella paper :)

  19. philvisreturns says:


    31 October, 2011 at 12:38


    stephenpollock – Must just be a coinkydink that there’s another Stephen Pollock out there writing effusive praise for his hero Davie Cooper. (thumbsup)







    Like I said I had nothing against Davie Cooper or said article but it wisnae me that wrote it. Cooper was a thorn in our sides that I would rather not narrate about :-)

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