Failure elsewhere cannot disguise abject Celtic challenge


As the darkest clouds descend over Ibrox with news that medals in their trophy room have been poinded by sheriff officers, sentiment in our half of the city is no brighter.  Celtic’s best chance to win the league this season lies not in outpointing everyone else, or seeing their principle rivals lose 10 points, it is in the complete obliteration of Rangers, allowing us to take our chances with Motherwell, who can open up a six point gap between second and third against Celtic on Sunday.

Whatever the following weeks bring for Rangers, if Celtic winning the league is a consequence, we cannot allow the title to disguise the abject failure to be competitive so far this season.

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  1. Must admit my mind has been in a quandry over the weekend trying to analyse what the hell is going wrong with the team at present particularly as we all had such high hopes with what looked a very exciting young squad with great prospects for this season.



    We have a new state of the art training facility



    We have probably one of the most financially sound clubs in Britain



    Achieved our ambition by qualifying for group stages of European competition



    looked an exciting young team last season with a couple of twenty goal plus strikers and a prolific scoring midfielder with Ki and Forrest also chipping in with important scores.



    Had the indian sign over RFC



    Had the best defensive record in the SPL and most goals for.



    Reached two Cup finals



    Probably should have won the Championship but prospects looked terrific for this season – OR SO WE THOUGHT.




  2. MWD @ 13:09


    What an original idea you have there matey


    Scroll back to the last blog after the ready steady go for the podium hunters and you will see I have outlined a procedure as to how the club can trace me


    Take it forward….. A direction opposite of where the club is heading under present stewardship

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut



    Wim Jansen gave it a year



    Dr Jo gave it a year



    MON gave it 3/4 years



    WGS gave us 4 years .



    Where does that leave the WGS not being Celtic Minded, and driven out by malcontents theory?



    We even had supporters, that to this day say Jock Stein was a lucky man, as all the Lisbon Lions with the exception of one or two, were already at Celtic Park.



    Hail Hail




  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    BRTH – Couldn’t find your comment on Paul McC’s site. Is it in moderation?



    Philvis – one of my greatest contributions to Nutri-economics, excuding of course ultra low fat Mozzarella (which remains top secret), was the suggestion that foodstuffs should be taxed according to their instrinsic nutritional value. We do this to some extent already with alcohol and tobacco being taxed punitively for example, but extending the applicable rates of VAT to include negative rates for nutri-positive foodstuffs would not only incentivise the population to eat more good things, but would also give the poor a tax refund for every Kilo of broccoli consumed.



    What’s not to like, apart from broccoli of course?

  5. Another good Celtic man has been laid to rest.



    Frankie Pat Gallagher was buried in Annagry this morning, following his death, aged 47.



    Frankie was a dedicated follower of the club and a very popular member of the Mullaghduff community.



    He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.




  6. WGS left because he wanted to – he wasn’t forced out by anyone. If he cared what anyone thought he would have left long before he did. It is not the supporters fault – most of us didnt want him in the 1st place, but he came, and done a good job , so what do we know.



    Kojo @13:06 , I rarely agree with you, but on this occasion I have to.



    The thing is Neil Lennon proved last season that he could manage a team to within a point of the league, but he still seems to want to be pals with the players rather than their boss, this often happens when a young boss is appointed, in any line of business. he needs to bare his teeth, stop talking about non-performers and promote the performers. If he likes a drink, so what, he is not playing, he does not need to be physically fit to coach the team. My fear is his heart and fight that he showed last season seems to have been drained out of him – the cause of that needs to be established, rather than another kneejerk sacking of a coach.

  7. Bundoran Bhoy @ 13.14 -I’m doin’ the ole Movember as well, while the team does Mowbrayvember.



    – it would make sense to amalgamate the donations, if you’ve no objection, using your details.




    Anyways, are the Horribles now to be called the Poindstretchers?

  8. hankray – There’s a restaurant in Coatbridge called Shimla Cottage, which isn’t as fancy as Ashoka Shak, but they do give you equally delicious food for about half the price. The portion sizes are so big I’m still eating the leftovers from last Hogmanay.



    Mmmmmmm Shimla Cottage…



    http://www.shimla-cottage.com/ (thumbsup)

  9. hankray



    injuries, brings players playing out of position,


    not singing another centre half and signing


    as poor a striker ive seen in the hoops.



    and without doubt bad management, unfortunately

  10. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    Battered Bunnet



    It is always going to be the case that the poorest pay disproportionately for VAT. Similarly inequalities manifest disproportionately across lots of areas, purchasing and consumption of tobacco, alcohol etc. Stands to reason that low income people will always pay a bigger proportion on anything.


    Successive governments have been obsessed by relative poverty and closing the inequalitiy gaps. My view is that this is wrong. More attention to addressing absolute poverty and less concern with gap is what is required.


    No child in Scotland should duffer the harm end indignity of poverty.I’m much less concerned about higher level income groups.. Choosing to adopt the relative GDP is an avoidance technique.

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    bournesouprecipe. You make a good point about how long various managers have stayed with the club. Wm.Jansen couldnt get agreement for his plans for the club from the board or maybe more specific the CEO Dr.Jo was allways seen by the board as a short term appointment due to his age in the main.MON left because of his wifes ill health WGS left for none of those reasons he appeared to get on with the board and certainly brought us success he speaks very highly of Celtic and imo the fact that a large number of Celtic supporters wanted him out which imo that was an error on there part.H.H.

  12. Update on the Celtic fan injured travelling to Rennes.



    There is an article in the S*n today saying that Celtic have agreed to help bring Sean home. This is completely false and threatens to derail the capaign by his family to get him home. His family have had dialogue with T Hamilton and he is trying to get the club to help in some shape or form.



    Celtic have not as yet agreed to fund this. There was a race night on Friday and £2.5k was raised but it is thought that it will take between £10k – £20k to get Sean home to the UK.



    The British consulate has refused to help.



    I will not even provide a link to the story.




  13. Following Saturday’s slip up against Hibs, The Hoops have drifted from 9/5 to 5/2 for the league.



    For insurance purposes only, of course, Murderwell are currently available at 200/1 …




  14. Paul,



    Sad to see you so unrelentingly down on the team just now. Such a combination of events has come to pass that even the most optimistic among us have lost a bit of faith right now. Normally that would spell the end for a manager, but Lennon has a chance to redeem.



    Many a manager hasn’t had this opportunity, so I’m disappointed that Lennon doesn’t dial down the rhetoric and focus on the team. He’s been playing to the gallery too much this season. Where last year Lennon could be compared favourably with the best in the game where his public utterances were concerned, this year he’s a total bummer to be around.


    Either he has a team of youngish players tasked with meeting an exacting standard, or he hasn’t a clue what he’s doing and is just randomnly lashing out and blethering about attitude.


    Don’t get me wrong, attitude is vital, but when you hear a manager go on about it too often you begin to wonder if they’re maybe missing a key point themselves. Attitude is a function of success. If the team is working even the moodiest, most self serving players can play with the right attitude. It’s easy when the team works, and as long as you don’t rely on them when the chips are down (too often) then success can follow.


    Attitude, effort, committment. Fine concepts, but, when the midfield don’t grasp the shape of the game, don’t know who’s tracking who, and don’t know their outballs, then all the devotion in the world won’t make them look like they know what they’re doing.



    I intended to offer some support to Lennon today. So, that criticism aside, I do think this is one of those times where we need to all stand a little taller. I don’t know if Lennon is going to get it, or who can help him get it…. but, I do believe in the players. I think the ability is in the squad. I think the manager has good ideas. I think if we panic now then we’re missing a trick.



    We’ve arsed up big time. SHame and humiliation is getting in the way of our thinking too, because Rangers are giving us a golden opportunity to sit back and consider our best course more carefully than ever before. This season is for nothing. Even if we find form – this season will go down in history as being for nothing. Rangers won’t be in Europe for 3 years. We have a free pass. So we need to find out if Lennon was lucky last year or very unlucky this.

  15. Paul67 et al



    Neil Lennon’s Celtic won 16 of 19 SPL matches in the second half of last season, drew one and lost two, 49 points from a possible 57. And that was at the same time as reaching the League Cup final and winning the Scottish Cup. How is it then that our form, at times, seems to replicate the two league defeats, away to Motherwell and Inverness rather than the other 17 matches when we had 14 shut outs and conceded only 3 goals. That is right, the same number of goals conceded to Kilmarnock a week or so back. The main difference is that, before we had a fairly settled side, whereas this time around, for a whole host of different reasons, we have a team that has not settled at all.

  16. overseasbhoy says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:08


    Tend to agree re McManus/Caldwell. For all abuse they suffered, have we seen a better pairing since?



    How right you are the calamity twins were poor, Caldwell is still poor ( anyone seen higlights of the EPL – Gary all over the place and he is Wigans captain!!!) Anyway we have gone from a pairing of poor CB’s to contunal mixing of total disasters as CB.



    Come on Celtic FC get a grip why can’t you see, or acknowledge, what the fans see – a bloody poor team where a short time ago we had Lubo, Henke, Petrov, Lambert, Chris the Hun Skelper etc a team that even the, alleged, giants of European football did not wish to be drawn against – what has gone wrong in such a short period? Now even Albainian teams believe they can give us a ‘doin’.

  17. The Battered Bunnet – Philvis – one of my greatest contributions to Nutri-economics, excuding of course ultra low fat Mozzarella (which remains top secret), was the suggestion that foodstuffs should be taxed according to their instrinsic nutritional value. We do this to some extent already with alcohol and tobacco being taxed punitively for example, but extending the applicable rates of VAT to include negative rates for nutri-positive foodstuffs would not only incentivise the population to eat more good things, but would also give the poor a tax refund for every Kilo of broccoli consumed.



    With respect, that’s a terrible idea.



    Not only does it play into the hands of Big Broccoli, but it plays to a fundamental and dangerous misunderstanding of the role of the State.



    We elect politicians to oversee the boring but necessary public chores in society. They are our servants, they work for us.



    They are not our parents, it is not their job to “incentivise” us, their bosses, to do anything in particular.



    If we want to eat broccoli, or alternately shoot up our eyeballs full of powdered soor plooms, that is our own damn business, not the government’s. (thumbsup)

  18. The Honest Mistake No harm to you but the leaque is gone my friend,reluctanly i will be there on thursday

  19. bournesouprecipe says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:17



    I wish I still did, I gave mine to my nephew the day of my old man’s funeral, he is now undecided between Celtic and home town club Hamilton Accies…




  20. bournesouprecipe says:


    31 October, 2011 at 13:42






    Wish I still did




    If you did, what would be your use for it?

  21. philvisreturns



    Phil, reading back through the earlier streams I note that you were opening a restaurant called Dogma. I am right to assume am I not that the dog part would be served up as the main dish. And a running capitalist one at that!

  22. Jumping Jesus



    The comment about the lack of pre-season application by Lenny being responsible for him breaking Chris suttons cheekbone (not his jaw) is one of the funniest things i’ve ever read about him. You can’t help but make the logical assumption when you read it.

  23. Philvisreturns



    My preference would be ,



    Chicken Korma



    Lamb Bhuna Gosht with pilau rice



    And some Murghi Massallam,



    Peshwari Nan to mop up the plate.



    Yes agreed, you probably would have some leftovers.

  24. MWD @ 13:09


    Okay okay I give in at the present time you will find me in Ward 65 Glasgow Royal and the last time I looked at the admission board I was the only Mick in here


    Tell you what if you are still working on the above clues tonight just put your phone number on the blog and I will give you even more clues that a simple Hun (not referring to you) could follow to my whereabouts

  25. The Honest Mistake (Sickened) on

    timbhoy2 31 October, 2011 at 13:45:


    Who’s going to win it then?


    Motherwell? St Johnstone?

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