Familiar demons


In any other season, the three points would have been secured by David Turnbull’s exquisite free-kick on 82 minutes, but the fragility around everything Celtic at the moment convinced no one the game was over.

A Hibs free-kick in added time saw three Celtic players get in each other’s way on the goal line, leaving three unattended attackers ready to pounce around the six yard line.  Another free kick conceded in a dangerous area, another example of defensive disorganisation and another tale of woe as Hibs scored their first goal and collected their only point in four games.

With Ryan Christie unavailable, David Turnbull moved to the right, allowing Tom Rogic a rare start in the advanced point of the diamond.  This may have worked on paper but on the field, it only demonstrated what a valuable asset Turnbull has become in the middle of the park.  15 minutes after moving into his accustomed 10 position, Turnbull won and converted a free kick that should have been enough against a Hibs team low on confidence.

Instead, the demons that haunted Celtic for most of the season returned.  Diego Laxalt conceded the free-kick, Turnbull was beaten to the header, Conor Hazard flapped at the second ball before Shane Duffy and Callum McGregor simultaneously attempted to clear, only managing to usher the ball in the direction of Nisbet.

After the game, I realised I felt worse after we equalised in added time against Hibs in November than on losing a late goal last night.  The points dropped in November felt significant, I cannot say the same about last night’s.

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  1. Assuming that our esteemed manager picked the team last night, the comments regarding Turnbull’s position shine a glaring light on exactly what is wrong. Neil Lennon again decided to pick Tom Rogic, who until relatively recently, I thought had left the club. Since his return he has been fairly anonymous yet he was given the crucial centre mid role ahead of one of the few players we have who is playing well. Neil Lennon went again with Frimpong at right back despite numerous failures there and Hibs simply bombarded him with high balls.


    I know that a few people on here have a problem with Ralston but he is actually a right back. Again Laxalt’s defensive frailty was exposed at the goal. He is a midfield player, playing ahead of Greg Taylor on the bench.


    If the Comite International Olympique decide to add putting square pegs in round holes as an event then Norn Iron need look no further than our manager for a Gold Medal.

  2. 67ECW @ 1.24



    Only one article out of hundreds spreading the gospel according to Useless Pete.


    I am not sure who comes out of that little article the worst.



    PL for thinking such a strategy would work — sportsguy with talent and ego willing to wait 52 weeks for his big payday.



    Or a blogger with a reputation to think about putting such thoughts onto his site — or is it his site?


    I wonder who pays the bills — the state of this site and the low rent / advert heavy ambience would suggest that a certain second rate property bean counter has an influence somewhere.

  3. RC on 12TH JANUARY 2021 12:29 PM


    global sportswear company adidas as its new kit supplier. The five-year contract will begin on July 1, 2020. Celtic said that the deal “is believed to be the biggest kit sponsorship ever to be announced across Scottish sport”.


    wonder how they feel about this now following the debacle of a season so far on and off the pitch.






    In all of the madness of this season I’d say the only ones happy are Adidas, apparently record sales for replica tops and for leisure wear, that’s a lot of money. If the amount of gear I see here in the north west of Ireland is anything to go by loads of families spent hundreds on Adidas Celtic gear this Christmas. They also had exposure in Europe, albeit not great on the pitch, but does it matter? Who knows, but Adidas are laughing all the way to their very large bank




    Well, it started here:









    You’re not far wrong in that one and a few short weeks later we had lost the best Mnaer in a generation to be replaced in the showers by a lovely fella but one completely out of touch in the modern game and one that Lawwell could control very easily.



    The McGinn article highlights our sense of entitlement and arrogance as the fast track bullies of Scottish football and P67 played into it all, despite loads of concerns raised on here , in Celtic cyberspace and indeed in the stands in the standing section.



    I enjoy CQN, but the main author is s out of sync with the fanbase it’s unreal.



    Drain the swamp.




    Spot on, complacency, poor decision making and incompetence as illustrated by your post is what got us from the supreme double treble winners we were to where we are now.



    Hail Hail

  6. Defending at free kicks and corners is an art which has to be practised and this includes the goalkeepers .


    Stevie Woods receives plaudits deservedly so but our keepers failing at cross balls add to defenders nerves and there seems to be a total lack of domination of the box by all of our goalkeepers.



    would it not be easier just to play Stevie Woods in goal , no matter what age he is.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Now that repeated failure in Europe has been joined by failure at home , is that going to be repeated too .


    Or is something going to be done about it?






    You not remember him playing in goals ?



    don’t tell me he was worse than our current 3 and coaching them

  9. McPhailBhoy



    I bought our home and away top for my teenage grandson for Christmas. I won’t be renewing my season ticket though. When there is a return for fans, I’ll identify individual games which my grandson is available to attend and purchase tickets. I’ll start to attend and take European games seriously when Celtic decide that they are a European club every season and start to take Europe seriously themselves.



    Don’t give them your money up front or be prepared to endure what you’ve had to put up with this season.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    glendalystonsils on 12th January 2021 1:51 pm


    Now that repeated failure in Europe has been joined by failure at home




    I predicted that very outcome in May 2019 during a discussion on here about who our new manager should be:


    “Start failing in Europe and we start failing at home.”




    Champions League group stages is where we need to be to attract and retain good players. And players who want to stay a couple of years then move on will use it as a platform. Look at how Dembele got onto the radar of the big clubs after the Man City game. They are not bothered about how they play against Hamilton or St Mirren.


    We haven’t even been getting knocked out by good teams. The three teams who have knocked us out have won one group stage point between them.


    And we are told this is “unparalleled success”!

  11. IF any of you know of 2, possibly 4 seats in a row in the North stand near the centre line become available i / we’ll take them !!



    Hopefully the shambles will be redressed shortly and professionally , and give us hope , something to look forward / cling too.



    I thought at the time Lenny was the right call , he fought the bigots and the sfa / refs .i thought he more so than any other foreign manager would handle the pressure of the Ten , the msm and fans if it wasn’t going well



    I said this to 2 well liked posters from the blog before a game at the start of the season . they both were correct in telling me it wouldn’t work out well for us with Lenny .



    I said, what a season it would be if Lenny of all people could do it ( the 10 ) seasons books would be sold out ……on the other hand if we fail , we’ll get our seats back due to the fall out ………



    Never for a second did i think the season would be given up so meekly :(((

  12. GTTF @ 2.13



    Quite a few people saw the world in this way — accept second best and soon even that becomes a struggle.



    Unfortunately the brains trust in charge thought they could take their foot off the gas and coast for a while plus too many on here thought that the EuL was our level and that the CL was too good for the likes of us.



    Didn’t turn out very well did it?

  13. Time in football like life itself is nothing. We will need to suck up the next few months but it will be over in the blink of an eye. We must now make the Scottish cup a priority to salvage something from this season.



    All efforts of the park now must go towards getting back on top next season. I sincerely hope the majority shareholder will be asking the CEO to step down at the end of this season. The Board needs new blood and the management team should be replaced.



    The potential of the club is enormous. We can do such much better. It’s time for someone else to take it forward and that starts with replacing the CEO.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    MADMITCH on 12TH JANUARY 2021 1:27 PM



    “The club stinks from top to bottom”



    Is that no a wee bit harsh on all the people at Celtic Football Club who are trying their very best in spite of being led by incompetent directors?

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on

    MADMITCH on 12TH JANUARY 2021 1:32 PM


    You go deeper than me – but we are on the same page




  16. DREW1967 on 12TH JANUARY 2021 2:18 PM









    One my fav songs.Nice one




    cheers :)


    Many moons ago along with Roxy music , Bowie , Queen got blasted out in a bedroom in the CAIRNGORM flats at Kingsway crt .



    Some great memories flooding back from halcyon days

  17. glendalystonsils on




    That is indeed the worry . I have been following Celtic long enough to know (60+ years) that football tends to be cyclical . This season has been bad enough but what if the knock on effect of Sevco success/Celtic failure leads to an extended period of a new order? That would go hand in hand with a swing in the financial balance of power .


    That is why I fully agree , action has to be swift and rigorous.

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Roy Keane’s name now popping up more regularly with regard to who could follow Neil, and if PL is out of favour with DD it could be a shoe in.

  19. Explaining Jullien’s inclusion, Strachan added: “It was to maintain his treatment with the backroom staff, he went over there so we can get him back as fast as we can.



    ”I can understand the frustration from everybody, because we end up playing with a weaker team, but that could have happened if we were training at home, as well.”



    dearie dearie

  20. RTB @ 2.37



    Probably a bit harsh to some but to many do their jobs as fans with badges.



    Happy to work for low money just to have the job at CP.


    Those with a bit of get up and go have got up and gone.



    Do you know of any aspect of the club that is top rank?



    Ticket office — passing on tickets to pals is how I understand it works?


    Catering — the kiosks are text book examples of little process / no leadership / limited experience.


    Hospitality — every week has some being shown how to work the till.


    The good last a year and move on / the poor just talk to their pals.


    Fancy catering — no experience.


    Stewarding — not great.


    On field medical stuff — again not great with little urgency and watching the stretcher team get fired up is like the Three Stooges in colour.


    Merchandising — shops seem OK but we have had little innovation regarding strip design.


    Grounds — park is a shambles plus the stadium surrounds are very low rent with little effort being apparent.



    Visiting CP on non match days has not filled me with confidence that we are a well oiled machine.


    Buck passing and clueless looks are all to familiar from my limited experience.



    We have spent little to improve the place in 25 years and that is a worry when we have a low rent / second rate property bean counter holding the reins.

  21. he’s out for the season ,so going on a 5-day jolly to Dubai was going to be a miracle cure , would have been better going to Lourdes.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    First of all – thank you Paul67 for providing this forum.



    After 15+ years on the go it’s still a special site.



    Made more so by the majority of contributors.



    As for that tiny minority that routinely berate you personally? Says more about them than it does you.



    Brilliant comment from a poster last night (apologies – can’t recall who)



    “We’ve owned the success so now we have to own the failure”



    Spot On.



    This looks like the end of a period (NOT necessarily an era)



    If so, it’s been wonderful.



    – 9IAR



    – The QUADRUPLE treble



    I’ve reflected recently on our recent history from Ronny Deila’s appointment in the summer of 2014 until the autumn of 2020.



    In that period I can recall possibly 10 – 12 matches the outcome of which left me feeling gutted.



    Just 10 -12 …. in more than six years.



    Less than two a year.



    Supporters of other clubs everywhere would give anything for that experience.



    One of the saddest aspects (for me) of the last couple of years is the extent to which some of our own seem to have harvested absolutely no pleasure or joy from our success.



    Frankly, too many of our own have been punked.



    As to the future ….



    Things which end unsatisfactorily tend not to get addressed as diligently as things ending badly.



    Things ending badly get less remediating attention than those ending abysmally.



    This season so far has been abysmal.



    Over to those running OUR club ….




    One final point ….



    As a general world view – I quite like company CEOs getting a hard time.




    IMHO many of them deserve it.


    (a bit twisted I know)



    The role comes with awesome responsibility and significant levels of control.



    The risk of becoming arrogant, out of touch or tunnel visioned is constant.



    I have no appetite to defend Peter Lawwell here and now.



    But the lie that he is the highest paid CEO in British football is just that – a lie.



    Not even close.



    Those peddling this lie do so to suit their own agendas.



    This lie gets in the way of legitimate criticism of our executive leadership team including the CEO.



    The kind of legitimate criticism which will drive improvement and get us ready to go again.



    When that happens I’ll be there.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  23. Tactics and formation seem to be beyond our manager and coaches ability’ but can they not see how unfit our players are.


    The pace of the game last night was a disgrace for professional football.Players in the Junior Leagues would not get away with it.

  24. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    We have all enjoyed the success of the last 9 years, some of it has been absolutely amazing and we all knew one day the league would be lost.


    I hoped when it did happen, chatting at say this time of the year, we had other irons in the fire which may have maybe stretched us.


    Like looking forward to knockout European games, how far we may progress, discussing new talent coming in to enhance the squad and be bedded in for the following season. Semi final of the League Cup, Scottish Cup still in play, lots to play for and preferably an Aberdeen or Hibs or the like having a unique one off season rather than the new abomination playing out of ibrox, a very average team.


    I think the fact (apart from Scottish Cup) that we have already lost all those in January, in this unique year of a possible 10 in a row and watching the uncertainty around our club just makes us all the more angrier, scunnered, sad, annoyed, gutted etc etc etc..

  25. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Mad Mitch – “Probably a bit harsh to some”






    I’ll settle for that, I’m sure most are aware they are being led by donkeys but still give it their best shot.

  26. Scatterguns out,


    the kids in the kiosks are pure dead rubbish an awe, and dont get me started on the Celtic way tarmac approaches.

  27. WRONG !


    I expected Celtic to recover and improve after some poor performances earlier this season. I was Wrong.


    I expected Neil Lennon to be the man to guide us thru any sticky patch, and have us at LEAST in a position to challenge for the League Title thru May 2021. I was Wrong.


    After some poor results in the build up to the winter period in 2020, I expected Celtic to get their act together and at the very LEAST be neck and neck in the Title race with the Huns…Again, I was Wrong.


    I expected that the Title race could go to the wire as not only had the Huns improved, but I was also fully aware that the Refs etc, would try to ensure that most decisions went the Huns way, in order to stop The TEN. Its NOT going to the wire. I was Wrong.


    I expected Celtic to cancel the Trip to Dubai. I was Wrong.





    I have been ” WRONG” about many things in my long life….but this seasons events have really taken the Piss.


    One thing that I would love to know is ( Apart from Arfields Party )….Has EVERY Single Player and member of Staff at Ipox followed EVERY Covid Procedure to the letter, each and every Day for the last Ten MONTHS ……


    I refuse to believe that they have…then again maybe I am Wrong yet again ?



    Maybe I am wrong again to be off the drink since October 9th 2020 ?




  28. SAINT STIVS on 12TH JANUARY 2021 2:56 PM


    Great Pic mate…


    The wee Guy wearing the shades and holding a Cig….He would look the part in a Tarantino movie !




  29. BIG JIMMY on 12TH JANUARY 2021 3:14 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 12TH JANUARY 2021 2:56 PM





    Great Pic mate…




    The wee Guy wearing the shades and holding a Cig….He would look the part in a Tarantino movie !









    Ta, it is.


    Remind me where a lot of us came from. Back greens with random furniture or an abandoned car.


    Thats entertainment.

  30. Boyfromtheboyne pre blog



    Hate to say it, but the Zombies created this 2nd place for us through the European form



    Your evidence please? Tia




  31. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS on 12TH JANUARY 2021 3:16 PM



    That’s where I came from mate, never did catch those jam sandwiches, nearly always landed in a puddle!

  32. RC @11:14 am



    “The “defending” of Hibs goal last night is possibly the wort of the season. Turnbull out muscled for the initial header,”





    I am surprised by the lack of comment on this, apart from my own real time calling it out on the match day thread.



    Every week I see Scottish referees perfecting the art of defensive refereeing at corners and free kicks into the box. They want to avoid controversy so they call a foul if there is anything remotely resembling contact, use of arms for leverage or holding an opponent down to prevent jumping. 19 times out of 20 this “discretion” is exercised in favour of the team defending.especially f they have Royal blue shirts.



    Seconds before the ball arrived at Turnbull, the Hibs player had his arm over his head and down near neck and chest level, he then levered his body ofer the top, to complete the act of preventing any effective response from DT. I am calling that as as clear a foul as you see in these circumstances- he was not “out-muscled”; he was fouled.



    I don;t blame that decision for the loss of the eague but there have been a lot of game management refereeing that has influenced how players feel they can get on with their game. The pulling up of Soro early on in two reent games, to point imaginatively at the places he is alleged to have indulged in serial fouls, is one. McLean, last night pointed to more places than there had been fouls awarded. Meanwhile, a more serial offender, Gogic, gets let off until late on



    The Turnull incident can be viewed at 3.59- on here- watch the Hibbee player’s left arm







    Couldn’t agree more. HH🍀