Familiar demons


In any other season, the three points would have been secured by David Turnbull’s exquisite free-kick on 82 minutes, but the fragility around everything Celtic at the moment convinced no one the game was over.

A Hibs free-kick in added time saw three Celtic players get in each other’s way on the goal line, leaving three unattended attackers ready to pounce around the six yard line.  Another free kick conceded in a dangerous area, another example of defensive disorganisation and another tale of woe as Hibs scored their first goal and collected their only point in four games.

With Ryan Christie unavailable, David Turnbull moved to the right, allowing Tom Rogic a rare start in the advanced point of the diamond.  This may have worked on paper but on the field, it only demonstrated what a valuable asset Turnbull has become in the middle of the park.  15 minutes after moving into his accustomed 10 position, Turnbull won and converted a free kick that should have been enough against a Hibs team low on confidence.

Instead, the demons that haunted Celtic for most of the season returned.  Diego Laxalt conceded the free-kick, Turnbull was beaten to the header, Conor Hazard flapped at the second ball before Shane Duffy and Callum McGregor simultaneously attempted to clear, only managing to usher the ball in the direction of Nisbet.

After the game, I realised I felt worse after we equalised in added time against Hibs in November than on losing a late goal last night.  The points dropped in November felt significant, I cannot say the same about last night’s.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    So the SFA CEO confirms the compliance officer is “looking” at the photographs?



    Fine. Go ahead and look.



    BS politics.



    Political leader looking for deflection rings up a freemasonic half wit.



    Who duly obliges with the deflection.



    Why not?



    Keeps negative attention on the team he DOESN’T support.

  2. What really worrries me is that we have a plethora of young talent just waiting to be used but with our coaching system/management, I feel they will perish on the vine.


    We have nothing at all now to play for , so we finish 4th not second but I would play the likes of Oko, Dembele, Henderson and Connel, nothing at all to lose




  3. Tonight’s article, without the link, for y’all






    The best article I’ve read today was over on E-Tims, where they did a timeline of the current Celtic disaster.



    Called “Scunnered”, I recommend that everyone read it.



    But they started that timeline on 9 August, 2018.



    It was the day John McGinn signed for Aston Villa.



    I’ll be honest; I read that and my first thought was “Here we go again.”



    If I were writing for a print publication an entire rainforest would have already given its life for what I’ve written on the John McGinn deal, most of it giving Celtic the benefit of the doubt.



    And of course, when I say “Celtic” what I really mean is “Peter Lawwell.”



    Yet E-Tims take on it was a little different than the usual.



    My understanding of it is that we played a bad hand badly.



    Petrie was determined not only to squeeze us but ultimately to prevent any scenario where McGinn wound up at Celtic. He and Lawwell had fallen out and we were going to suffer for their pissing contest.



    Because I knew those things I had never blamed Lawwell for McGinn ending up elsewhere. I blamed Petrie. I blamed McGinn, and thought he clearly saw Villa, with the Premiership and the big money, as a better bet. He could have been Celtic captain and the lynchpin of the team for a decade. He could have been the next generation’s Scott Brown.



    Three things have made me re-evaluate that verdict, all of them recent.



    There’s the recent story that McGinn waited for Celtic’s call which never came.



    There’s E-Tims assertion, published this morning, that McGinn actually met with Rodgers and that they had planned out the role he would play and how it would fit into the manager’s overall plan for the team, and that Lawwell only had to close the deal.



    And there’s the transfer failures which we know happened in that window and which have happened since, one of them, and perhaps two if you accept that we were in for Benkovic, coming this very week, and which I highlighted today in my Alfie Doughty article.



    If it’s true that we were much closer to signing McGinn than I believed, and that Hibs would have been amendable to a deal, and that it was Lawwell’s posturing rather than that of Petrie which screwed the transfer up, then I have to conclude that it was Petrie who played a bad hand badly instead … because his great revenge on Lawwell would have been to see him ultimately blamed for the departure of Brendan Rodgers.



    As it is, the fans turned on the Northern Irishman.



    Neither John McGinn nor Petrie has ever really commented on that deal.



    Neither has Rodgers, even though his version would undoubtedly be the most interesting to fans.



    Between the three of them they have helped establish the narrative that most people accept; that Petrie didn’t want to sell to Celtic and McGinn didn’t want to wait until January.



    Lawwell’s arrogant assumption that McGinn would wait – which he has repeated with Toney, Doughty and God knows how many others – does damn him in terms of that deal.



    I’ve always believed that even if Petrie hadn’t been willing to do business with us that we could have turned the screw on him if we wanted McGinn enough, and made an offer that would have had his own manager – Neil Lennon as it happens – screaming for his cut of the transfer fee. We could have upped the ante in both public and private and made Petrie squeal.



    But Lawwell was so brazenly confident of getting McGinn for free that he decided to take the risk, over the appeals of our manager and a significant section of the support who saw the writing on the wall and were hollering at the club at the time for it.



    I wasn’t one of them.



    I believed that we’d been screwed.



    I wonder now if that wasn’t the real screwing, Lawwell managing to dodge the bullet. Lawwell doing something the manager found astonishing and incomprehensible and beyond the pale.



    Don’t forget, it was just two days before – 7 August – that Rodgers had publicly slammed the club for their transfer failures, with the McGinn signing looking set to slip away.



    It is worth re-examining what the manager said that day, to give us a proper perspective.



    “My role in the summer was clear,” he said said. “To keep the players that were here such as Kieran Tierney and Tom Rogic and – at the very minimum – replace the players that we lost and where we might need improving, … we did the first part with Kieran and Tom re-signed which is great. We sign Odsonne, something we clearly had to do but there are still a few key areas where I want to bring in quality and thus far we haven’t completed on it.”



    It was the first public criticism of the board, and of Lawwell in particular.



    He continued in the same vein, with comments that now scream at you.



    “We needed quality and that is something that we haven’t got in the building yet, to add to the quality that is already here. You have to do that when you are in a strong position. I am not sure the club has been in a stronger position this summer than what they have been for quite some time.”



    The following night, as the team was preparing to take the field against AEK Athens, an un-named Celtic director publicly slammed the manager in a briefing given to select journalists including Chris McLaughlin of the BBC, who promptly recounted it live on the air.



    Most Celtic fans who heard that were stunned.



    It was a massively destabilising move that I knew would plunge the club into crisis.



    The following day, and just as the McGinn deal was being concluded with Villa and all hope of a last minute change was gone, I visited Celtic Park for a meeting with other bloggers, and I knew within minutes that it was Lawwell who had spoken to McLaughlin, that he had no remorse about it and that his relationship with the manager was in pieces.



    I knew Rodgers was not going to stay much longer, but I thought he’d see out the season.



    It’s clear to me now that if the fans had known the full facts – then – about the totality of Lawwell’s failures in the transfer market that he would never have survived the departure of Brendan Rodgers, whose own discontent had, again, been on display in the January window when we signed Maryan Shved, a player he had never heard of and was not interested in.



    The way Rodgers chose to go, the underhanded way of it, and the sabotage of taking the whole of the backroom team with him, guaranteed that the fans would turn him on in fury.



    How relieved Lawwell must have been the full nature of his contribution to that wasn’t fully explored.



    He continues to evade real scrutiny for that to this day.



    Nobody wants to rehabilitate Rodgers, and so nobody wants to think too much about the reasons for his departure. The pissing contest between him and Lawwell and the collapse of their personal relationship was absolutely part of it.



    John McGinn and Rod Petrie are the reasons Lawwell has evaded that spotlight for so long.



    Petrie could have thrown Lawwell to the wolves over it and never has.



    McGinn has no interest in further destabilising Celtic and has been a good soldier.



    But the truth of it is starting to seep out now.



    We blame Rodgers but no manager of his calibre would have stayed long under those circumstances and under Lawwell’s arrogant, controlling nature.



    The troubling thing is realising that no top class manager will join the club whilst this is the case either, because you can’t even trust Lawwell not to interfere or try to run the show.



    The only thing that will suffice is his removal.



    We will not move forward until it’s done.

  4. It’s very difficult to draw conclusions from a photograph, so all of this is just nonsense.



    I know we are going through a tough time right now, but we’ve been through it before and come out strong. We’ll do it again. The difference today is that forums like this give many people an outlet to vent frustration and get a little attention. In the past, the only way to vent was to go to the ground, or maybe even pay money to go watch a match, and remonstrate from the stands. Some (most?) of the stuff written on here is pathetic. Quickly forgotten is the past 10 years of unequivocal domination which has given many of us immense pleasure and satisfaction. All things come to and end in the cycle.



    Good times will quickly return and I for one will not be spewing vitriol in the direction of the CEO, Manager or any player that pulls on the jersey in the meantime. I have faith that things will take their natural course and we will see new faces come in in good time. These things do not change.

  5. I’m trying to trace back through the omnishambles of season 20-21Part A. In short we got it wrong. I am a part of this. I haven’t been amongst the cqn’ers who have said ‘this ain’t right’ for over a year.



    One thing which bothers me is – when BR was replaced; I was glad. This sounds ridiculous now but I was.


    I thought we had sullied a bit; become stale; were trying to play a euro game which wasn’t a part of us.



    Maybe looking back, that was the squad, which gave us the bulk of the nine and an incomparable 4 years, coming to an end. And by defintion the rest is transition which is nowhere near over.



    Thoughts, comments, much appreciated. I haven’t a !”££%$^&*( clue what’s going on this season.

  6. For the livi game

















  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    AN TEARMANN on 12TH JANUARY 2021 6:34 PM



    Appreciate that, not that the swearing bothers me, but this is not my house, I’m here at the invitation of Paul67, and he has asked me not to swear, a fair enough request in my book.

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Its going to be Ground Hog day on here until such times as we get a meaningful change of management.

  9. I’m quite surprised how much this is bothering me. Maybe the lockdown is making it worse. It is definitely affecting my young uns and I hope in the longer term it will harden them to dealing with failure- they haven’t known any really. But it is like a real kick in the stomach.



    I’m one of those guys who still thinks we will pull a game back at 3-0 down with ten to go. When tirnbull scored last night I had visions of dropped points at motherwell and a chink if light emerging for us. I’m my own worst enemy perhaps.



    I also found it hard to believe that the supposed new heights of professionalism that Rodgers brought with him were allowed to slide by the de facto director of football. If that it is true I would be utterly appalled. A club of our size should be at the forefront of sports science and all of that. To be less than that is outrageous.



    We have do much potential. We just need to get it right.



    Are Roberto and Spain available in the summer? I’m hoping Belgium get unlucky and get pumped in the euros otherwise we’ve no chance of getting the guy. But there must be good upcoming guys out there who can coach and are tactically astute?

  10. Not forgetting James Forrest who got his break under Gordon Strachan, saw him early doors, and of course Calum MacGregor who, although loaned out to Notts County, got his first game I think, for us under Ronny Deila back in 2014. Seen a whole lot more of course, fleeting glimpses really, under Tony Mowbrey, at Wembley of all places but first young players have to get the chance, and second they really need to make an impact when they get it.

  11. Any of that stuff is worth reading Adi. A CEO, a major shareholder is under extreme scrutiny and often personal pressure; as is lennie. Because of this and their cognitive biases they will think successful are down to them. This is what’s happened to us. I would have doen the same, I’ll hold my hand up; we’ve done x, y and z which has brought us phenomenal success. Keep doing the same.

  12. Plethora of young talent….



    when was the last time Celtic brought throw a decent centre forward? Ill exclude Shaun maloney from this as he was more anattacking midfielder






    I bought our home and away top for my teenage grandson for Christmas. I won’t be renewing my season ticket though. When there is a return for fans, I’ll identify individual games which my grandson is available to attend and purchase tickets. I’ll start to attend and take European games seriously when Celtic decide that they are a European club every season and start to take Europe seriously themselves.



    Don’t give them your money up front or be prepared to endure what you’ve had to put up with this season





    I totally understand where you are coming from and I will never say you are wrong.


    However to others myself included, giving up our ST voluntary is possibly a step too far.


    It is not just a fooballing decision it is an emotional one.


    It is about memories, the good times ( and the bad ) . It is about family who are no longer with us, single mothers taking kids to the game in a male dominated environment. It is about history, songs, charity and people.



    It is about stock and a cause, a symbol of hope & defiance, succeeding in a hostile environment where we progressed from being second class citizens and being the polar opposite of what the dinosaurs across the river represent.



    It is about the travels, the camaraderie and frequenting paradise, a place where the evils of fascism will never be tolerated.



    It is about the match day experience, the community, the pubs, the banter, the bevy and the purpose.



    It is about being the main staple in our lives since childhood.



    The challenge we face today in Celtic, in


    football and beyond is nothing compared to what those who have gone before us have endured.



    Currently In lockdown, Celtic gives us a focus and an outlet. Mentally this is not a good time to extinguish that focus and relief valve.



    We need change, I will shout and bawl and criticise everyone who I think is failing the club, but I remember the fans are the club, the current custodians are only temporary.



    Would I be able to look in a mirror knowing that I have walked away after 9 years of unparalleled success.



    I respect differing opinions to my own, but God willing ( Finance and Health ) I will renew. To me a ST is not just a card that enables me to get into a game. It is certainly much, much more than that.



    And there my friends is the quandary.



    HH to all.

  14. Jackiemac:



    “I thought we had sullied a bit; become stale;” ( In Rodgers` end period),



    That is how i remember it,too but that memory does not seem to be shared by many. If it is, it is seldom mentioned.



    Regarding McGinn, the following was related by an immediate relative of his to a Celtic fan I trust, as I have known him for over 25 years. John McGinn and his father, while in Birmingham and being pressed by Steve Bruce to commit to Villa, phoned Peter Lawwell THREE times. Three times they got through to Celtic Park and three times Peter Lawwell refused to take the call. John McGinn was desperate to play for Celtic, and his conversations with Brendan Rodgers led him to believe it would transpire. The fact that it did not is down to one man, and it is not John McGinn.

  16. TIMBHOY2@6:48



    I thought Ronny was stabbed in the back by the two you mentioned but none of the others stood up for him,



    how dare he try and make them fit and eat properly.

  17. squire danaher on

    Greenpinata 8:16



    I understand absolutely and completely everything you say about why you have a ST and what emotionally binds you to retaining it. I empathise with all you say.



    However I am afraid that I am cynical enough to think that this emotional connection is exactly what Our Board play on, rely on and literally bank on.



    They are reminiscent of Scottish Labour in many ways.



    “We know we’ve let you down. We know you trusted us before, we won’t let you down again. Just this once more, we won’t let you down again. You’ll see, we’ll abolish the House of Lords/pursue Resolution 12 this time.“



    They have made their beds this time, they can lie with the Blue Pound from here on.

  18. Why don’t CQN do a poll,on who will renew a Season Ticket if Neil Lennon is manager, and Peter Lawwell is CEO?

  19. squire danaher on




    Yes, I also believe that RD was seriously undermined by Commons – more obviously, bearing in mind the Molde carryon, but also Mulgrew. I still require convincing that he didn’t walk off in the huff v Ajax.



    The errant striker Stokes, dearly beloved of this parish, was another to widely undermine RD, whose only apparent crime was to stop the 10:00 training starts, the rolls and sausage and the Cokeyback races.

  20. GREENPINATA on 12TH JANUARY 2021 8:16 PM




    So what’s the problem with paying at the gate on a game by game basis?

  21. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 12TH JANUARY 2021 1:21 PM


    Paul67 keep fiddling while Celtic burn



    fabulous quote




    Cheers for that article Adi



    A good read




  23. James Forrest @7:12pm



    Read that this morning you are right PL stays we will get a coach who is under his thumb.



    Starting too see the BR situation in a different light .

  24. Ernie, When the good times return and they will, you will not have the option of paying at the gate.

  25. Happy birthday COSY CORNER BHOY!



    Hope BMCUWP is spoiling you………from a distance of course!

  26. Bada



    I will. I have been through more than now. & appreciate ‘SUPPORTERS’ deciding what they do now.



    I will be renewing my ST but would never slag off anyone who didnt.



    BTW. think its despicable some of the comments against our host & NL.



    But…hey ho…been there