Familiar demons


In any other season, the three points would have been secured by David Turnbull’s exquisite free-kick on 82 minutes, but the fragility around everything Celtic at the moment convinced no one the game was over.

A Hibs free-kick in added time saw three Celtic players get in each other’s way on the goal line, leaving three unattended attackers ready to pounce around the six yard line.  Another free kick conceded in a dangerous area, another example of defensive disorganisation and another tale of woe as Hibs scored their first goal and collected their only point in four games.

With Ryan Christie unavailable, David Turnbull moved to the right, allowing Tom Rogic a rare start in the advanced point of the diamond.  This may have worked on paper but on the field, it only demonstrated what a valuable asset Turnbull has become in the middle of the park.  15 minutes after moving into his accustomed 10 position, Turnbull won and converted a free kick that should have been enough against a Hibs team low on confidence.

Instead, the demons that haunted Celtic for most of the season returned.  Diego Laxalt conceded the free-kick, Turnbull was beaten to the header, Conor Hazard flapped at the second ball before Shane Duffy and Callum McGregor simultaneously attempted to clear, only managing to usher the ball in the direction of Nisbet.

After the game, I realised I felt worse after we equalised in added time against Hibs in November than on losing a late goal last night.  The points dropped in November felt significant, I cannot say the same about last night’s.

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  1. This is the same Brendan Rodgers who admitted to Celtic in early summer of 2018 that he was in secret talks with a Chinese club. I suspect this was the beginning of the end for Rodgers and Celtic. Let’s not forget he asked Dembele to go with him to China before the deal fell through

  2. There are only known facts about Brendan Rodgers going to Leicester



    1) He had a contract to manage Celtic and he had accepted this knowing the parameters he would work with (i.e. PL)


    2) He wanted to “explore” an offer from a Chinese club (Moussa hinted that he wanted to take him with him but that is not an established fact)


    3) DD lost trust with him that day but insisted he stay on and honour his contract


    4) Leicester made a bid for him and this was eventually accepted.



    Thereafter, both sides span their reasons as to why this came about. They are as trustworthy as you want to believe they are. Proven liars on both sides.



    As with the McGinn/Shved comparison, my allegiances are with the manager who came to us i,e. Neil Lennon- I have no interest in who manages Leicester or any Arabian or Chinese outfit. I have no allegiance to the major shareholder or the CEO- they are just passing custodians and they are over-remunerated for what they provide and they let us down on so many social issues, but- I just side with whoever wants to be here, playing and coaching the Celtic.

  3. CORKCELT @ 9:55 PM,



    No that was never the case. The reason you believe that is because that was one of the lies floated about by “Celtic Sources” at the time.



    Leicester City would never have paid the 9 million compenstation if they could wait (they would have got BR and staff much cheaper if they waited until the summer).



    Also on his second foxes’ media conference in front of the assembled masses of football media (and his new employers), Brendan Rodgeds stated that it wasn’t the case Leicester City would wait – he stated Peter Lawwell could verify that.



    The nine million pound compensation package was kept secret by Celtic and exclusively reveiled in England by the Telegraph.






    Hail Hail

  4. Flagged here, I read the Tom English bit with apprehension.



    While he’s never been a pal of Celtic, I actually think it’s a comprehensive and no more aggressive summation of the self-inflicted, gunshot-in-foot wounds causing us to stumble from disaster to disaster in what should have been a season of triumphant glory.



    Sure, he might be enjoying his pop, but so too are many on here. HH

  5. Hi Bhoys



    Cosy Corner Bhoy



    Happy Birthday Pat



    I hope it went well




  6. JF



    Of course I read and noted BR’s indifference to the Shved signing but he ahd seen fringe players and prospects signed before Shved and had worked with some and not with others. Shved goes into the same signing box as De Vries , Gamboa and Kolo Toure who contributed as little on the pitch as Maid Marian.



    Of course his signing did not work out. Of Course BR was not enamoured by it anymore than the rest of the recruitment team was enamoured by Gamboa, De Vries and Toure.



    But, crucially, by that stage he was pissed off ( you say by PL’s interference; I say by being told to keep managing a club he wanted to leave) and willing to communicate his displeasure as he hoped it would make his going more palatable to the fans.



    The signing of Shved is a fct. The pissed-offness of Rodgers is a fact. The idea that BR would have stayed if this, or these things, did not happen is the spin.



    We spent years pining for MON when he wanted to go, and that made life difficult for his successor, even as he amde a better fist of CL than MON did. ANd we are now pining for BR and believing the fairy story that , if it wasn’t for PL, he would still be here and the football would be scintillating.

  7. Incidentally as much as I’ll be forever grateful for what Brendan Rodgers did for Celtic and the high standards he set, his league record in his 2nd and 3rd season up to the January break was arguably worse than this season:


    2017 – 6 draws and 1 defeat


    2018 – 3 draws and 4 defeats

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Blantyre Tim


    He’s no more a Celtic supporter than Packy Bonner


    Both of whom earned a wage from Celtic where they wouldn’t have, otherwise, gotten elsewhere


    The PLC will get no more funding from me whilst PlL, Bankier and to a lesser extent NL are still there. I hold the other two culpable, NL is just out of his depth




    That is far from the “only known facts”, and half those “facts” are bogus.



    If your only source of “facts” is CQN and Celtic social media gossip you will continue to remain willfully mis-informed.



    Hail Hail




    And I’ve said I’ve no interest in rehabilitating Brendan Rodgers; the manner of his exit will damn him, forevermore. His ego met Lawwell’s ego and neither was prepared to give an inch, the idea of putting it all aside and working for the Greater Good of Celtic never dawned on either of them, because I don’t think either of them ever gave a stuff about it to begin with.

  11. Chairbhoy



    “That is far from the “only known facts”, and half those “facts” are bogus.



    If your only source of “facts” is CQN and Celtic social media gossip you will continue to remain willfully mis-informed.”



    If we are going to exchange views and understand each other, I would need to know which of the summarised facts were not true and why your sources and the ones you imagine, inaccurately, that I have are more trusted.






    Did John McGinn not sign for Villa?


    Did Celtic not make an offer?


    Was John McGinn lying when he gave his “first team promises” reason for signing with Villa? If so why should we belleive anything else he has said?

  12. @magma67 10.07 was that story ever proven as fact?…Seems strange that secret talks and …. erm blog …………fabrications.. go hand in hand so easily… P.S No sweary words were used in this presentation.

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    We support Celtic


    We disagree about the direction 2 of the 3 have led Celtic


    We have always disagreed about direction but never about our support of Celtic

  14. Christian Gamboa; good enough for WC quarter finalists Costa Rica but not for Brendan’s Celtic.


    Pacey, mobile wingback and half-decent crosser who I felt was badly treated by the very guy that signed him:


    Great manager; patchy & profligate talent spotter who set expectations that only turned to bitter resentments.


    Gamboa – along w Bauer – way better than what we’re currently along toiling with.

  15. @cosy just catching up.May you have many more young yin…M look after yer auld da when the………………….pubs open

  16. SFTB 10:19



    Personally speaking, the issue for me is that I am beginning to have second thoughts about the circumstances BR departure.



    I am annoyed that I allowed myself to see the matter at the time in such black and white terms ie Celtic good guys and Rodgers bad guy.



    I don’t think for a minute he’d still have been here. I think I should’ve been less gullible.



    The departure of BR was probably the most seismic departure since Billy McNeill’s departure in 1983. The old board got slaughtered at that time and public opinion was very much with BMcN.



    I think senior management will have learned from that and clearly set out to project BR as the bad guy. With some justification though if they had grounds to believe BR was working his ticket.



    I guess I’m just disillusioned with the increasing realisation that while BR was never going to stay forever, our club hardly bust themselves trying


    To keep him or aspire to the same goals for us as he did.

  17. Aston Villa FC paid Hibernian FC £3 million for John McGinn


    Celtic FC didn’t





    That was back in 2018…


    Another fact

  18. Lawwell has destroyed Celtic from within.



    It can be broken down to the following one word and just imagine how it applies to him



    Control, ego, greed, puppet , arrogance, 5WA, RES12,bonus, Qualifiers,Deals,Ethos,55



    Some highlights for me



    Ethos – Celtic refused to pay the living wage and a CEO who has looted 20Mil argued against paying a wage that a parent could not put food on the table for their families. That’s our CEO.



    Control – Lawwell clashed with Rodgers and the manager exited. A puppet was appointed and we have all seen the consequences of Lennon’s semi professional approach. That’s our CEO.



    55 – lawwell legitimised Sevco with silent agreement on 5WA while prior to that we have to wonder how much he knew about the small tax case when he worked to bury Res 12 later. He has single handedly helped them to make 55 official for Rangers Football Club. That’s our CEO.



    The one amazing thing , I have never seen one iota of objective analysis of anything that puts our CEO in a bad light. It truly is comical Ali Mk 2.



    Lawwell has sickened the entire Celtic support ( ok there will be some nutters who think it’s all a Masonic conspiracy). Of more concern to me is if the 70 year old Desmond has the desire , energy and lucidity to start fixing this mess. If not we are in deep shit.



    Finally RFC will sell out their season tickets and qualify for the CL. I cannot see Celtic being beyond the 35k mark and EL might be within our reach.



    That’s our CEO.

  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    Hope you are well and keeping safe? Miss the Saturday 5s for the crack and weekly exercise! It does count as exercise, doesn’t it?







  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Celtic payed £3.81 m for Shved and Bayo



    Stats can be manipulated to suit agendas

  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    SAINT STIVS on 12TH JANUARY 2021 10:47 PM


    Anyone want any old photies






    You got any Brendan Rodgers CQN badges? :-)







  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’ve probably still got them as they weren’t picked up last time in Vegas

  23. MAGMA 67 @ 10:07 PM,



    There were no sercrets, Dermot Desmond said in an interview with The Athletic…



    “He was approached the previous summer with an unbelievable offer from China. I mean, financially transformational for him. He told me about it. We talked it through and it didn’t come to pass for various reasons. But I knew then that it was always likely he was going to go, because he was undoubtedly going to be offered a more lucrative contract in the future.



    Celtic then re-negotiated BR’s contract (that included a huge compensation clause should he go to another Club) and BR agreed to stay.



    DD goes on to say…



    “So we had prepared ourselves. We knew it was only a matter of time before clubs would make an offer because he [Brendan Rodgers] is the commodity every club needs — a first-class manager.



    Lenny was always on our radar. Lenny has been a work in progress for us. He’s been that person we have kind-of tutored and he’s learned along the way. The advice we gave him he’s now realised was good advice, and he’s matured and everybody’s allowed to make mistakes. None of them were fatal.



    “So we took him back in even though some of the fans thought it was a retrograde step. But you learn more from mistakes, it can change your personality, your modus operandi. We saw that with Lenny and he has repaid our belief in him.”




    So there you have it. Celtic signed a new deal with Brendan Rodgers, they had no intention of backing him and were looking at getting Lenny back.



    Hail Hail

  24. DRAMBOWIECELT 10:37:



    I heard it from someone who worked for Celtic at the time and Rodgers admitted it publicly later in the summer of 2018 that he had been in discussions with a club in China.


    Dembele has hinted at it on Twitter a few times but to be fair it can’t be established as fact

  25. @chairboy Thanks for that first time i have seen anything substantial…..What is the Athletic?

  26. Chairboy,



    Very superficial from DD long after the events and putting spin on it no doubt.



    More importantly the warning signs of the Failure of the Lennon appointment were starting to show and that Lawwell was working him from the back. DD was oblivious to the current movie as he reviewed an old one. Time would tell as plenty of us warned what was coming.



    Now he is up to date it would be nice to hear what he thinks now not in 2 years. What does he think of the role of the CEO in the decline of Celtic ? What does he think of our manager who can’t even get the players fit and the first thing he does on a training trip is to go for a pint with the captain. What does he think of the Dubai trip.



    Rangers will enter the CL proper next year and will win the league next season. They will be 4 away from 60. Rash you may say —- the day Lennon was appointed I advised 10 was over. As sure as night follows day he would let standards slip.



    That’s how much damage has been done and I don’t think DD really cares anymore. DD will become our Mike Ashley.

  27. DRAMBOWIECELT @ 11:19 PM,



    Tha Athletic is a sports news app…



    In the UK it specialises in Football. It is subscriber only (I subscribe) so tries to have more quality and accuracy than it’s rivals.



    It is the opposite of click bait.



    Hail Hail

  28. 67 European Cup Winners on

    JACKIEMAC on 12TH JANUARY 2021 8:40 PM


    Thanks calling it as I see it




    It’s hot on here tonight. Exactly the debate this site should be promoting




  29. LUCKY CODY @ 11:23 PM,



    No doubts but it does give us insights…



    Far fetched as it seems, the only way you can envisage the unfolding of the RD, BR scenario and subsequent events leading to our current car crash, is that PL had DD’s trust and played on it.



    So yes, it would be interesting to know what he now thinks, he like many others must have woke up a smelled the coffee.






    No problem… school belts, you’d have think our education “experiences” would have made us more cynical.



    Hail Hail