Famine, LSE complaints, David, Billy and Henrik


I didn’t really know what to expect when I attended the launch of Peter Howson’s latest work on Brother Walfrid (more information here).  The headline item is a painting, which the artist attempts to capture the horrors of famine across the world, and the compassion which drove Walfrid to do something about the poor in his own community.  The painting contains figures which Howson accurately calls “grotesques”, a weighty work for a weighty subject.

The film accompanying the work manages to bring fresh insight into the potato blight which afflicted Europe in the mid-19th century, arriving in Ireland with devastating effect when Walfrid was a child.  The blight caused hardship in Scotland and elsewhere, but as we all know, became the Famine in Ireland.

Microbiology, Malthusian politics and liberal economics combined to leave over a million to die, while millions more emigrated, often only to survive a short existence thereafter.  Well done to Howson and his collaborators.  If you get a chance, check it out.

Best of luck to Henrik Larsson who moves up the managerial food chain by taking over at his former club, Helsingborgs.  If he can cut it at this level, I’d expect his next move to be to the UK.

Absolutely loved the Rangers Supporters’ Trust complaint to the London Stock Exchange about Mike Ashley, who I am sure will have acted without consulting his army of legal advisors when loaning Newco Rangers money to pay their wages this month.

The complaints are futile, neither Ashley nor Newco have broken any LSE rules, but they hammer home the divisions which are doing so much damage to the club.  The reality for Newco fans is unattractive, Ashley looks set to continue to pick off their commercial assets, while major shareholders will seek a high return on their speculative investment, but it’s reality nonetheless.

The future of this club is not going to look like Rangers.  Better to accept this and give Newco the support it needs, than turn it into the ‘next Rangers’, if you follow my drift.

Great news – Davie Hay will be on the blog on Thursday between 10:00 and 12:00.  We’ve done this before a few times now, so you know the drill.  Tune in and leave your questions on the blog which Davie will answer.

These events have been really enjoyable in the past, so put it in your diary.

We’re also having a party at the Supporters’ Club in Greenock on Friday 21 November with Davie and Billy McNeill to celebrate the launch of Caesar & The Assassin, their story of managing Celtic.  We have plenty planned for the night, so if you’d like to attend, get your ticket from the Greenock Supporters Club, or email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com with the work Greenock in the subject line.

ALL ticket money is going to the Inverclyde Foodbank, you can pay as little as £1 for your ticket, up to a maximum donation of £10.

You can get copies of Caesar & the Assassin, Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s accounts of managing Celtic from Jock Stein’s departure until the appointment of Liam Brady, signed by both Billy and Davie here.

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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on







    george connelly taking the ball off thems greatest ever player ,


    round martin and slotting it home ….easy peasy said petesy

  2. So has macjay shot the craw when flaws in his statements are pointed out?





    It’s a credibility loser, that tactic.



    In no particular order;



    Paul Lambert – New Year’s Day 1998


    Chris Sutton, to make it 4 wins in a row – last game or last home game of that season?


    Any of Lubo’s goals in the 5-1 game


    Henrik’s chip


    and JVOH’s in the 3-2 game, although technically I was listening to the radio on Tiree, in


    the world’s coldest kitchen.



    Finally, any goal where the footage shows “big Goughie” fouling away for all he’s worth and the ball still goes in!

  3. leftclicktic




    12:05 on 11 November, 2014







    11:48 on 11 November, 2014


    Great news


    Wonder how it will be reported in the SMSM

  4. Forgot to link Martim1980 post.


    Long time no post. Some Good news from Celtic Research on twitter.



    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 6 mins 6 minutes ago


    Great news coming out of Amsterdam. Celtic fan arrested last year who has just had his first appearance in court has been totally acquitted.



    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 6 mins 6 minutes ago


    Presiding judge rejected the police evidence as unreliable after they denied that they had been the cause of his head injuries. #Damjustice



    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 4 mins 4 minutes ago


    They alleged that the fan had thrown a bike at a police & had injured himself rather than being struck on the head by a mounted policeman.



    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 2 mins 2 minutes ago


    The prosecution have immediately said that they would not appeal the verdict either.





    CelticResearch @CelticResearch · 18 secs 18 seconds ago


    The campaign will continue until we acquit all of those arrested as a result of the police violence last year.



  5. MWD :))))


    1.JVOH as the turds high fived in the dug oot.




    The Goal that lead ultimately to ” Tommy Burns R.I.P.(Helicoptor thursday) scored just as the Orcs were singing they had won they league again :))))))))))))))))


    2,3,4,5,……………and every other goal scored against RFC 1872 (Companies house registration number SC004276) before they passed into liquidation and ceased to be.


    Till later all

  6. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Dharma Bam



    Best “Goughie” moment has to be his ten in a row celebration




  7. Dharma Bam \o/ stands up for Neil Lennon @12.07 hrs.



    I totally appreciate that point, however if any of our players read this they will come to the conclusion that games against ” Rangers” are indeed special.



    Rightly or wrongly we remember these games ( As all the posts testify) can you blame the players for wanting their piece of the action.?




  8. CoolmoreMafia ( from previous article)



    Proof that a ‘belt’n’ braces’ approach doesn’t always work, eh?

  9. greenpinta



    Rangers are dead. They don’t exist anymore. But before that all those goals, games, victories, defeats, league wins, cup wins. they all happened don’t you know. We had some greats score against them, play against them, win against them, lose against them, draw with them.



    I don’t think the question was asked, right guys what was your favourite 5 goals against Rangers and BTW if yuo answer you will be supporting and wanting the metamorphised Newco wahtever you want to call them by answering this?



    What is your point blogger?



    Anyone for a poppy debate?



    MWD said AYE

  10. Hooper’s third (?) against them in our last game against them before they shuffled off this mortal coil.

  11. Leftclick,



    That’s probably my personal favourite.



    Only black mark is i spoiled it by giving a Girfuy at a couply guys along from me that had been giving it tight to Jan and also wgs for about 15 mins beforehand for not taking him off.

  12. John Hartson’s goal at Liverpool is the goal I will always remember as one of the greatest in modern times. An absolutely huge goal for the club because I knew we were going to that final.



    Too many great goals against the liquidated mob to even pick 5 of the best but one not mentioned so far was big Tel’s OG at Celtic Park. What a diving header that was.




  13. I remember Suttons screamer at the end of that game against the huns.


    Did that not make it 4 league wins in a season, PLUS we pumped them in one of the cups for a 5 in row victories that season?



    Memory aint what it used to be.

  14. Think everyone forgetting Big Stubbs last minute,priceless goal against them in the draw at Celtic Park.











  15. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Sheer quality from big George, unfortunately I was only a wean at the time but have been brought up on stories about that day, 3-0 at ht, no Jinky, 4-0 ft, wish I’d been born a few years earlier.






    I think I qualified it by saying we’d never see another goal against them mate




  16. Mr Moonbeams,



    The point is that we do remember these game, players reputations are remembered in these games. Legendary status is achieved by these games.


    My fav is HL chipping the ball in the 6-2 game.



    JG could propel himself into that legendary bracket in one performance against a lower league “Diddy team” that a dozen equally good performances against SPL teams would not.



    Can we blame the players for wanting to experience that? I don’t.


    I agree its a good bit of fun, but how can we criticise the Msm when we give frequently them the oxygen of publicity

  17. Turkeybhoy



    Naw, that one was definitely mentioned by at least one poster.



    So many great goals to remember when you’ve got 127 years of unbroken history, right enough.



    Must be tough only having 2.

  18. Faithfulthruandthru on

    Lest we forget



    Liquidated, not relegated


    Liquidated, not demoted


    Liquidated, membership transferred to Sevco5088


    Liquidated, no more Old Firm


    Liquidated, they ceased to be


    liquidated, I’ll have some jelly and ice cream



    They died with their boots on

  19. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    That was the re-arranged game after the mysterious royal death, definitely sent us on the way to stopping ten in a row and was as important a goal as any mentioned




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