Fan zones and flags


As we predicted months ago, Glasgow will be open for the Euros, the Scottish government yesterday went to the extent of confirming 6,000 spectators could attend the Glasgow Green Fan Zone – with testing optional.

It was made clear to me by sources inside Holyrood that the Westminster Government would ensure games would go ahead at Wembley and there was no way the Scottish Government would have a flag waving exercise in London without the same exhibition of a different nation in Glasgow.

All of the key indicators are pointing in the wrong direction and international holidaymakers face renewed restrictions, but flags, and all that.  No wonder the hospitality industry is in uproar.

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  1. James Forrest



    “Excuse me, but I thought I was on the website where the host thought fans should have been back inside stadiums months ago?


    He seems very confused at times this guy …”





    Either you are missing a very obvious point, James, or you are projecting the charge of confusion from yourself on to Paul.



    As other pointed out, it was very obvious that Paul was calling out the Government for double standards- standards he (and I and others) had predicted would be adopted.



    We must all agree that Limited number of crowds being disallowed at CP or Ibrox or Hampden recently means that Limited numbered crowds at Fan Zones for the Euros should be disallowed too. We haven’t suddenly cracked Covid in the past 3 weeks – it is still a touch and go measure.



    So then Squire D and Timmy 7 appear (not backing the SNP for the umpteenth time 🤥) to say that the hypocrisy belongs to Paul because he can’t be objecting to the Tartan Army getting what he wanted Celtic fans to have. But an assumption is being made there. Can it not be possible to see the hypocrisy involved in allowing the Tartan Army to get privileges that were denied to other football fans and that there is no hypocrisy involved in wanting all fans to be considered equally?



    I could forgive this as a misreading but it looks like posters are being deliberately obtuse or twisted so let me ask the question that I think gets to the heart of it.



    Can JF or Squire D or Timmy 7 answer this.



    Why have the Scottish Government agreed to allow this privilege to the Tartan Army but deny it recently to other football crowds? Is there any scientific or political reason for it? Are you willing to call it out if there is not?




    For the avoidance of doubt, I am happy to see Scotish fans allowed to gather outside but I am not happy that they alone were deemed good enough to be granted this privilege.



    It’s a bit like how I felt when Rangers were treated differently to Third Lanark, Clydebank, Airdrieonians and Gretna

  2. Are the Tartan Army the footballing wing of the SNP?



    And would this be a factor in the SNP government’s decision making?

  3. timmy7_noted on

    I never realised hypocrisy was a one way street, thanks for pointing that out.

  4. The English do indeed have a historical connection to Germany. (Sorry, more cut and paste)



    The Prince-Elector of Hanover became George I of Great Britain – despite barely being able to speak English. It’s fair to say many in Blighty were less than impressed by the idea of some obscure aristocrat from a continental backwater putting his backside down on the throne. At his coronation, spectators called out ‘Down with the German!’, and many dismissed him as a country bumpkin, even dubbing him the ‘Turnip King’. The runaway xenophobia also led to his carnal appetites being lambasted – as one local gossip put it, the new king ‘rejects no woman so long as she is very willing, very fat, and has great breasts’.



    George’s heart lay in Hanover – a fact that became literal when he died and was buried in his homeland, the last British monarch laid to rest abroad. His son, George II, at least had the advantage of being able to speak English properly, but it took George III to really make an effort to be less flagrantly German. On becoming king, he famously declared that “Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Britain’ – a conscious attempt to reassure everyone that he was over the whole Hanover thing.



    A few monarchs later, it was the turn of Queen Victoria. Despite being an icon of Britishness to this very day, she was – by blood – just as German as her Hanoverian predecessors. Her first language was German, and she ended up having a legendarily passionate marriage with her German cousin, Albert.



    Their German heritage directly shaped aspects of British culture, most notably the way we celebrate Christmas. Prince Albert’s fondness for German festive traditions kickstarted something of a Christmas craze throughout the nation, especially when a newspaper published an illustration of the royals gathered around a Christmas tree. Soon, everyone wanted a tree of their own, come Christmastime.



    The close ties between the British royals and their continental counterparts had thorny ramifications in the 20th Century. Kaiser Wilhelm II, the great German villain of World War One, happened to be Queen Victoria’s grandson, and the first cousin of Britain’s George V. Indeed, it’s even been speculated that the Kaiser’s tortured, somewhat Freudian fixation with his mother – Queen Victoria’s daughter – triggered an innate and ultimately apocalyptic hostility against Britain.

  5. TIMMY7_NOTED on 9TH JUNE 2021 1:15 PM



    “When you start from a position that anything anyone does is wrong and then try to prove it your immediately failing.”







    You actually make a good point mate, but I think I’m at the numbed stage now.



    I’ve already started mentally preparing myself for the “acceptance” phase of grief.



    I don’t think we could save next season now if we tried … so I am just mentally preparing myself for the full scope of the horror, and I do believe it’s going to be abysmal in every way.



    I hope it ends quickly but this board has taken three months to appoint this guy and didn’t fire Lennon until it was three months too late, so what are the odds?




    You mean except for falling hospital admissions, very few deaths and the mass vaccine program?



    Stuff except that?

  8. Billy colour is the new poster boy of the media because the Scotland team is too Celticky

  9. Haha Ernie



    Maybe the SNP are the poltical wing of the TTA..The Tartan Army.

  10. spikeysauldman on

    Surely you lot going on about P67 are at the madam ? He’s not simply arguing whether fans should or shouldnt be allowed in stadia/fan zones now or back then. He’s merely pointing out that wee square heid and the rest of them are making the rules up to suit their agenda. Surely he can be either for or against the return of fans and poiint this out at the same time ? Or doesn’t that suit your agenda ?



    Football Question – given that gerrard was given 3 years to win 1 trophy out of 9, how long does the new Celtic man get ? he’ll get stick from the msm from day 1, but how long will the fans give him ?



    An aside – as great a player as he was – didnt realise SG had been involved in so many high profile errors – pen miss v Germany, mistimed header v Uruguay, slip v Chelsea…

  11. spikeysauldman on

    9 players who started v Holland having been on the Tic’s books was never going to go down well….Hence the clamour for Gilmour (great wee player btw) and Covid Man

  12. The army is sending personnel to boost vaccine drives in Lothian and Lanarkshire in Scotland.



    That is the UK Army personnel – in the unlikely event of independence, it would be two men & a dug😅……with a couple of flags🤡

  13. The new manager will. Be lambasted from the moment he arrives.



    First signing s will be for apart.



    First team pick will be dissected as not good enough.



    First dropped points will call for.hiss head .



    Last legend won 5 trophies in a row.

  14. JF



    “You mean except for falling hospital admissions, very few deaths and the mass vaccine program?



    Stuff except that?”





    Has all that happened in the last 2 to 3 weeks, James? If not, why now and why start at 6k of a crowd when we were restricted to 500 at football and 1 K at Rugby before? What about building in the increased risk of variants.



    Your reply is just bluster, James, not argument. There is no significant fall or reduction in risk from 18 days ago when the SC final was held or 24 days ago when Ibrox was refused any fan hosting.



    Is there a justification for 6k being allowed now? Other than, as Paul stated, a desire not to be seen as any different from Boris in London allowing similar crowds?



    Are you actually in favour now of the SNP approved Crowd gathering?

  15. spikeysauldman on

    Stuff like the 3rd wave here now (not coming) and the feckin supposed ultra cautious when it suited them approach – that stuff.

  16. spikeysauldman on

    JHB – thanks for the bolstering my already poisoned mindset when it comes to getting the vaccine – Boris, Wankcock, Patel and the profiteers, Blair (ffs Blair! ) and now the British Army encouraging us all to take it – sometimes I’d rather listen to feckwits like Trump !!!!!

  17. I’ll tell you what I enjoy about coming on here sometimes.



    The squirrel chasing.



    I actually wrote a piece the other day about Dominic McKay where I talked about that old practical joke “the snipe hunt.” That’s what this is like at times.



    This is a Celtic site. But God forbid we actually talk about what’s wrong at our own club, you know, as if there weren’t obvious issues to confront.



    But Paul67 puts up a piece slagging the Scottish Government and it’s another free pass for the board and for the management team to be …



    And we’re all just mugs standing in the woods, holding the bag.



    Honestly, guys, there are more important things in front of us here. Our incoming manager just went out of the Japanese Cup to a fourth tier team … and we’re pissing about on this crap?

  18. JHB



    I know you know that since 1707 Scottish young men have disproportionately killed and been killed for your glorious empire.



    I stood proudly in Dublin in 2016 as a procession of Irish military vehicles drove past. The modern ones adorned in white livery and the UN flag of peacekeeping. That’s the nation I want.



    Two men – even old men – and a dug would move quicker and to better effect than your latest British ‘war fighting’ vehicle.






    Let’s not even get to your floating targets for Russian/Chinese missiles that are your aircraft carriers with no planes.



    One of the few effective UK built weapons is the guided munitions used to massacre children in Yemen.



    So take your Union Jack and put it where not even an awacs will find it



    Thank you



    HH jg

  19. Jf



    This is getting tiresome quickly.



    I don’t know if you imagine that setting the hyperbolic anger and sarcasm boosters to 11 is a convincing rhetorical argument but how about answering the questions.



    I have no trouble answering yours. You know my views on the “Sevco fans day out”- I wrote about them here and I replied to you on your own site.



    The Sevco fans deserve the same as us- fair and equal treatment. I would have expected that, if Celtic had won an historic 10iar, we would have wanted some form of gathering too; we would not have been all happy and content to sit at home and be quiet. It was a totally differnt situation from when we quiely accepted non-celebration of 9iar at the initial stages of lockdown in March 2020.



    Try and debate without blowing up, James.

  20. quadrophenian on

    SaintStivs – yup.


    So, our rumoured incoming manager presided over a shoite Cup upset result which can be instantly attributed to him or – equally – to a deflated playing pool who reverentially referred to this big Gaijin as ‘the Boss’.


    How many definitively know what the real reason was?


    The SMSM’s Glee Club have made their minds up and are venting their spleen with delirious delight. Fuggem.



    Emotions are contagious – protect yourself.



  21. vinniethedog on

    James Forrest …I am expecting the worst as well….in fact I’m thinking October/November…obviously player recruitment may help but that doesn’t give me great encouragement if recent history is anything to go by ……anyway here’s a question….knowing how much you detested the thought of Roy Keane…..if it was down to the two …..you can’t say neither…..which would you pick?

  22. I smell p1sh….that’ll be the fanzone!



    Totally bonkers idea in every nation presently experiencing the fight for ascendancy between vaccines and variants.



    HH jg




    If you think this is a valuable use of your time, you beat the shit out of the Scottish Government to your hearts content. Go on, have fun, hunt the snipe.



    I’ll focus on Celtic.

  24. SFTB – while you’re about … 🙏and hat doffed for your challenge to me the other day ref quotes on apologies for the season past.



    HH jg

  25. James GFprrest



    There are football topics on here every day, including today, regardless of whether the heading article is footbal related or not (and today’s is- it is about fair and equal treatment of clubs)



    I have to wonder wheter you are attracted on here, disproportionately when the SNP has , in your view, been traduced, and appaear rather less often when it is merely football topics on the go.




    For a variety of reasons mate, I’d take Keane without a second’s thought now.



    A proven leader. A dressing room presence. Won’t allow interference from the board. Knows the game over here and the markets. Has bought players before. Has played at the highest level in the business. Commands instant respect … there are many reasons why it’s a much better idea than it was.



    I honestly can’t even comprehend what we’re about to do.

  27. Go tell the Spartim on

    And lost the last three, let’s be accurate about NL.



    I’m open minded about the next manager, whoever that may be, I’ve never booed a Celtic player or manager in my life and I won’t start, let’s see how he goes, if we bought players that excite the fans, even a little he or she will get some leeway, it’s not the support that’s given him as little time to prepare for important, at least from a cash and pedigree stance, games.




    Last time I answer a question on this point. Last time.



    I NEVER engage in political debate on here, so you can’t fire that one at me. When Ernie Lynch wanted the same argument the other day I told him the same thing; there are more important things for us to talk about on here than this crap, and I’m saying again to you.



    Argue yourself, hunt the snipe, keep me out of it. It doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I won’t be in the Fan Zone, couldn’t give a monkeys about it, it’s got nothing to do with our club.

  29. Labour party mayor approves of fan zone in London does the Labour party only oppose fan zones and spectators in Scotland but no concerns in London



    City Hall will announce plans for a Euro 2020 fan-park at Trafalgar Square following the Mayoral election after the proposal was given the green light by Westminster Council.



    All eight matches at Wembley will be shown on giant screens at the 12,500-capacity fanzone, as well as any England fixtures away from the national stadium.



    A spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office said: “City Hall welcomes Westminster City Council’s decision to grant a premises licence for the UEFA EURO 2020 Fan Zone at Trafalgar Square. Further details will be announced in due course.”



    Free tickets for the fan park will be available by public ballot but social distancing measures will be in place for at least England’s first two group games against Croatia on June 13 and Scotland on June 19.



    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan today calling on football fans to only travel to London for Scotland’s UEFA EURO 2020 match against England if they have a ticket for the game or if they have arranged a safe place to watch it from.



    England are set to play Scotland at Wembley at 8pm on Friday, June 18. 21,500 tickets have been allocated for the match – with approximately 2,600 allocated to Scotland fans – but many more supporters are expected to travel to the capital.



    Scottish fans have traditionally congregated at Trafalgar Square for matches against England – but this year, they will not be able to access the site as it will be used as a socially-distanced Fan Zone for key workers. Pubs and bars are also expected to limit the number of football fans they allow through their doors.



    With Covid restrictions still due to be in place in England on the day of the match, it is not possible to arrange a separate Fan Zone for in London to accommodate large numbers of fans.



    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I am so excited for UEFA EURO 2020 and one of the games that I am looking forward to the most is England’s match with Scotland at Wembley. I have some amazing memories of England v Scotland games in the past and I love the atmosphere that Scottish fans always bring to major football tournaments.

  30. JF



    “If you think this is a valuable use of your time, you beat the shit out of the Scottish Government to your hearts content. Go on, have fun, hunt the snipe.



    I’ll focus on Celtic.”





    But you won’t answer questions after you demand that yours are answered.



    You CAN Focus on Celtic AND answer these questions. If you frame the topic as merely an attack on the SNP, then you can give yourself permission to opt out.



    If you are prepared to see the issue as being on fair and equal treatment of all clubs, then you are forced to focus on this because it does involve Celtic being disadvantaged in terms that the Tartan Army are not.



    Plus, you can deal with Celtic and Politics. You do it on your own blog daily so don’t kid a kidder and pretend that it is Celtic only and nothing else that features there or here.

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