Fans will be at Hampden, you can bet their lives on it


Politics is very much at play in football these days.  With Boris Johnson indicating yesterday that he expects up to 10,000 fans inside football stadiums from 17 May, you can expect his Holyrood shadow to propose a similar plan, perhaps a week later/earlier, as has been her way for 11 months.

If the 17 May date feels arbitrary, it is not.  Euro 20201 fixtures get underway a month later, offering populist governments a way to compare how far along the recovery road their surviving citizens are.  Governments in London and Edinburgh will permit domestic fans to attend games just in time for their flag waving opportunities.

There will be fans at Wembley and Hampden, irrespective of what’s going on in public health, you can bet their lives on it.

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  1. ST TAMS on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:26 PM


    Anyone get a letter and card in from the club today?






    I just had the usual 11am conference call with Dermo , Peter and Paul.



    what did the letter say ?

  2. Said that everyone at club is thinking about me during difficult time and hand written card with best wishes from all at club




  3. Markiebhoy,



    Never mind not using the govan mob as a benchmark, I think if we WERE we might not be in this position.



    It was obvious to quite a few on here that der huns has made massive improvement – though they were clearly discouraged from saying so on…



    I agree we should be aiming for European success but this season I only had one goal…



    Hail hail

  4. ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:01 PM


    CHAVEZ on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 1:51 PM



    You cult members really hate Brian Wilson, don’t you?



    Having said that, it looks like you all hate each other as well, so it’s maybe no surprise.



    I’d always though you(se) were a bit weird, but I’d never realised just how much.





    Ernie the pretend radical. I’m not part of a party and I’m not in a cult. I’ve long disliked the Labour Right, since Kinnock. After that I decided that the Labour Party was a block on any meaningful change in the UK and nothing I’ve seen since has altered that view. In fact things have got worse and worse at Westminster. How anyone can defend remaining with Little England is beyond me. Like many in Scotland I’m not enamoured with any of the current parties but I think independence would give us the chance to create a better political and economic system in Scotland.



    As for Brian Wilson and his fanboys, I see them as dinosaurs, harking back to the old days. The “United Kingdom” has changed – with Brexit, with very right-wing governments etc – but they can’t see it.



    Now, having seen your “debating style” before I’ll leave it at that. Stay deluded.

  5. Majestic Hartson


    Thanks for the reply – you’re spot on.


    Our seeming lack of awareness of our pursuer is probably


    the biggest mistake that has been made.


    The custodians of the club thought that loan signings


    and convincing people to ” stay for the 10 ” would work,


    and Sevco would implode in January. Didn’t happen.

  6. I think it would be sad if the fans weren’t given the chance to thank Scott Brown for his service to the club.




    Likely to be more pronounced though among those for whom their national identity dominates their political outlook.

  8. MARKIEBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:40 PM



    Would you like to speculate about what would have happened to the huns if Celtic won the 10?



    Turn in another loss but still keep spending, season after season?

  9. I live in a nice residential street with mostly retirees, a few are openly Nationalistic, campaigning and leaflet drops and all that, a retired polis and catholic school teacher no less. On this long street 6 different houses fly saltires (up 3 during Pandemic) another 2 fly butchers aprons , another one flys a Paratrooper insignia. Nobody flys a tricolour, but my next door neighbour bedecked the whole house in Hoops flags for 9 in a row.



    Try guessing which personage has given me snidey comments or the looks in the past ?

  10. Ernie


    If we won the 10 – they go bust again.


    I’m not convinced that they aren’t precariously near another


    insolvency. I think they need Champions League group stages


    to ward off their creditors.


    I’m unsure about how much influence this has all had on our


    board but I would never discount it as one of a raft of reasons


    for our incredible demise this season.

  11. CHAVEZ on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:32 PM




    So you’ve embraced petty bourgeoise nationalism as a political ideology. Well done you.

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Fans will be at Hampden, you can bet their lives on it



    Party Political Broadcast from Paul67 today



    BTW Paul67 we share the same view on wee Nichola – I hope Salmond has his day with her



    But my admiration for you is based on all things Celtic


    So anything on Celtics current predicament would be good



    My own thinking this morning wandered towards Mr Hammond


    Our record of buying footballers this season is not very good – has anyone asked or heard from our man Mr Hammond on the subject – or is it just coincidence that since he arrived things have gone tits up


    I noted he was not allowed to play with Celtics money in January


    Maybe he has a similar contract as NL and we can’t change until the league is over ??


    Who knows, either way the pain continues




  13. ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:43 PM



    You mean Rule Britannia British Unionist/Nationalists, I presume?

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on

    AN DÚN on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:23 PM


    I have exactly the same view


    We have no God given right to win everything


    But we do have a responsibility to do our job correctly


    Many earning money from Celtic (fans) this year have not done their job



    And that really pisses me off




  15. I’m sure all on here love Celtic and are scunnered by the way things have gone this season,



    some of us when thinking Celtic cant see beyond the manager – and rush to defend him,



    others see the manager as a clear and present danger – responsible for the mess we are in at present



    nobody knows how Paul sees it as he continues to sit very firmly on the fence,



    double D we all know was well upset when they were liquidated / wanted them resurrected immediately,



    contrary to the view of almost every single Celtic supporter – what a slap in the face that was,



    is he happy now that they have resurrected themselves all the way back to the top of the league?



    meanwhile our CEO has had enough and thrown the towel in,



    its a disgrace that we are all just left hanging on wondering how we are going to get out of this mess,



    who on earth is going to unite this fan base and when?



    it won’t be double D – we all know what his priorities are – certainly not us.

  16. Some politicians really like the limelight and the cameras. The celebrity life knows no bounds.



    Football hasn’t got a look in.

  17. My parents still live in Wishaw and it never ceases to amaze me when I visit how many houses out there that fly the Butchers apron and or military insignia/Poppy based flags in the garden.

  18. MARKIEBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:03 PM







    If we won the 10 – they go bust again.’






    Unlikely, because they don’t have any substantial external debt, because their finances have been too weak for anyone to lend them money.



    More likely they would have to downsize very substantially to survive.



    And their fans would stay away, so a bit of a vicious circle.



    They wouldn’t be able to provide a credible opposition, so The Old Firm concept would be down valued and the possibility of Celtic moving to a bigger league would recede even further.



    Not ideal.



    A scenario best avoided if at all possible.



    How to avoid that risk?




  19. SAINT STIVS on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 1:56 PM



    Of course that is the proper thing to do,if opportunity is given I will attend,irrespective of lack of success.



    We may not have had a good Season by our own standards,and I agree tactically NL has made some bad selections,however were it not for 20+ pens,retrospective red cards,no penalties against, 2 at least Covid cover ups,and the steadfast refusal by Officials to give any other teams a chance,


    EG Offside goal vs M’Well,2 penalties refused vs Hibs,lets not forget being compelled to isolate after Dubai to a law which was written after we had returned,why was this not contested as legally we would have won the argument.


    Even allowing for a bit of dis-content in the dressing room,that is a significant leg up to our rivals.



    I blame our Board for not calling out the Christie quarantine situation initially,and the continued preferential behaviour of the Officials,even now the new Compliance Officer is a known Ibrox follower,yet no comment..



    All of these situations gives no level of support to players or to the Manager,but is a factor as opposed to a total reason for some poor performances.



    PL has made some bad decisions,going back,the McGinn saga was an error,borne out of arrogance,but moving on you do not expect the same mistake to re-appear with Forster,Gordon,and Tonev,and to then try and recover by buying more expensive and less capable replacements in the form of Barkas and Adjeti.



    The reluctance by PL and the Board to contest the continuity myth,and bogus titles , would indicate we don’t want to upset the SFA,perhaps Peter needs an endorsement for his next move to UEFA,and will not get that if rocking the boat.



    Overall a Season to forget,but worse than losing the ten,is losing our support,who by and large have been anything but faithful through and through,with scandalous behaviour against the Manager and hatchet jobs on players like Scott Brown,this despite Sevco having 3 in their ranks all senior to Brown.



    Each time you switch on any of the numerous Blogs,all you get is inward criticism of Celtic,no attempt at challenging the SFA/Govt. for their application of Officials and rules. Supporters?? Celtic easy target.



    I do think its time for change,but adopting a Daily Record type campaign is IN MY VIEW not the way to do it.







    “Many earning money from Celtic (fans) this year have not done their job”






    Our idea of them doing their job property may not correspond with theirs.



    Say their job involves what they see as the protection of long-term financial health of the club.



    Say they believe that key to that is keeping their significant business partner solvent.



    Say they believe that doing so is them doing their job.

  21. Nowadays when Paul predicts something, he is so dogmatic that I expect the opposite to happen.



    Hope he’s not a gambler.

  22. TIMMY7_NOTED on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:13 PM




    I’ve noticed that behaviour on caravan sites, well away from the central belt. Saltires, Union Jacks, various military type ones. Utterly pathetic way to behave.

  23. Ernie


    That’s true,


    So what happens if they lose the case with Mike Ashley?


    Do you think they have been paying their taxes?


    The problem seems to be that these things move so slowly


    that they are able to stay ahead of the curve.


    It’s really annoying , I much prefer them dead.

  24. Mark Wilson SSB



    “The thing that amazes me with Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond and things, the season is over. We all know that it’s over. What are they waiting for? What moment are they waiting for to make some sort of announcement?



    “Why would you keep your fan base in limbo for no unnecessary reason? Surely there’s got to come a time, and I thought that was a good number of weeks ago, to come out and say, ‘Look, we understand that this season has been an unbelievable failure, but this is what we’re going to do to get your trust back on board, this is the direction the club going, we may not have a manager no but this is where we’re going’



    Why would you keep that quiet, when’s that point going to come? It’s got to come pretty soon with the renewal of the season tickets coming round!”

  25. Ernie,


    Its been 35 years or more since I lived there and there always were a huge number of huns but the jingoistic nonsense is a relatively new thing. Particularly the military nonsense. I blame brexit.



    I’ve never flown any flag in my garden and don’t plan to but if I did it would be a saltire, no other flags represent me.



    And I won’t get started on the poppy wearers 365 days a year, thats for another time.

  26. MARKIEBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:25 PM




    I should have mentioned the Ashley thing, which could bring it crashing down, though whether that would be in his interests isn’t clear. I’m assuming HMRC will have them on a fairly tight rope too.



    It’s a bit academic now though given that they are going to win the league and their finances will improve accordingly.



    Funny how things turn out in the end.



    You don’t get to be a billionaire by being overly sentimental about football.

  27. TIMMY7_NOTED on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:29 PM



    It predates Brexit.



    My impression is it started with the independence referendum and has steadily got worse.



    Banksy was right when he said that people who waive flags don’t deserve to have one.

  28. Rock Tree Bhoy


    The only reasons that I can think for the silence are contractural / legal.


    If nothing is said after Deado officially win the title I will start to panic.


    If Neil Lennon has clauses in his contract regarding winning the 10,


    any interferance from the board before he definitely loses the 10


    could be used in a future breach of contract claim.


    i.e ” I could still have won the league but you saying I was getting


    the push undermined me and the players stopped playing”( I know, I know.)


    Also if there are financial bonuses at play then any breach could be another


    problem.( Like we aren’t good at squandring money already )


    If that isn’t the case I am completely lost about what is going on.

  29. “To insist that people wear a poppy would be contrary to everything that it stands for. We offer our full support to James for exercising his right to choose not to wear a poppy.”



    – British Legion

  30. MARKIEBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:43 PM



    The idea that NFL is still in post because of potential difficulties over calculating a redundancy settlement is complete nonsense.

  31. I thought that it didn’t matter 1st or 2nd in the league because top two go through.



    Had a look on ETims and if they are right it mattered one hell of a lot.



    The teams that we could face are top drawer not much of a chance but if they get the same level of team we have had in the last few years then they could make group stages no problem.


    If ETims are right then the board made on big F… U.

  32. Timmy7 Noted! I stay in wishaw and see a few union flags but not many, don’t see any tricolour or nat flags