Fans will be at Hampden, you can bet their lives on it


Politics is very much at play in football these days.  With Boris Johnson indicating yesterday that he expects up to 10,000 fans inside football stadiums from 17 May, you can expect his Holyrood shadow to propose a similar plan, perhaps a week later/earlier, as has been her way for 11 months.

If the 17 May date feels arbitrary, it is not.  Euro 20201 fixtures get underway a month later, offering populist governments a way to compare how far along the recovery road their surviving citizens are.  Governments in London and Edinburgh will permit domestic fans to attend games just in time for their flag waving opportunities.

There will be fans at Wembley and Hampden, irrespective of what’s going on in public health, you can bet their lives on it.

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  1. MARKIEBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:43 PM



    The one thing I think we can all agree on is that we are all completely in the dark, nobody knows when or how we are going to get out of this mess, and that include you Ernie

  2. Ernie


    I don’t think it’s money, It’s just how it all looks. If there are skeletons in the cupboard


    ( as suggested by NFL recently ) he would probably have to be prepared to sign a


    non-disclosure agreement which he might not do. He might see his future in a spill the


    beans biography. I’m really thrashing about in the dark because I can’t see the owner


    deliberately damaging his own investment.

  3. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    As an infrequent user of public transport the number of people allowed on a bus appears to be slightly less than half, going by numbers on and seats blocked off. The Celtic bus appears to have stricter rules if we need 6 to take the numbers for a game unless you include director hangers on!


    I understood hotel accommodation had been booked though maybe for meal purposes only.


    Seems a lot of buses!

  4. Having to look to bookies for clues as to what might happen next…



    Paddy Power



    “Rafa Benitez remains the favourite to be next Celtic manager – dreams can still come true – but he’s now joint-favourite, alongside Scotland manager Steve Clarke, with each man priced at 11/10.



    “Putting my tin foil hat on, it would make sense why the Celtic board are waiting to dispense of the incumbent manager – they want his replacement to bomb out of the Euros first this summer.”

  5. ernie


    I listened to the Matthew Syed broadcast you mentioned.


    Surely it wasn`t the case, as was implied, that Meadows ` one in 73 million statistic was taken as infallible?


    Long, long before that trial, I was aware that if, say, ten coins had all landed Heads, it was still 50/50 on which way the 11th coin would land.


    I find it hard to believe that Sally Clark`s Defence didn`t challenge Meadow`s `expertise`.

  6. I would argue, and have done often, all the media attendees, directors and others these are all non-essential journeys by people who do not need to be at the games.



    Hingers on, taking advantage.



    Same with studio attendees, they dont need to be there, do everything remotely,



    they are all part of the problem.

  7. Ernie @2:43



    Are you saying “those for whom their national identity dominates their political outlook” will have a more pronounced dislike of people born in Scotland singing Irish nationalist songs than those who vote Conservative & unionists because of the “unionist” bit?

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy


    Good shout.


    For what it’s worth I think Steve Clarke is a stick on.


    Bookies don’t usually indulge in giving away money.


    Had a look last night. Steve Clarke appears to be under


    contract to the SFA until the end of the World Cup


    qualifiers in 2022. So that will be compensation then.

  9. Ok, lets go for the manager who has never won anything anywhere, and his best honour was manager of the year in a season that the celtic manager won a treble ……………… eh whit.

  10. Markiebhoy @2:40,



    To be honest I think the loan signings and getting players to stay for the 10 could have worked.



    It’s more being unable to see that Rangers (and now everyone else) had the reading of us tactically.



    If we had improved our tactical approach and management of games we would not be in anywhere near such a mess.



    That could have been getting a new manager in or could have been getting a new coach(es).



    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sighe’d so much in my life 🥺

  11. “MARKIEBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 4:22 PM


    Bookies don’t usually indulge in giving away money.”



    Aberdeen are 13/2 on Saturday !!!

  12. `….that Rangers (and now everyone else) had the reading of us tactically.`



    Does that not suggest that Scottish Football is a bit above the level at which it is normally placed?

  13. Hot Smoked,



    It may, though I wouldn’t put my money on it.



    If it has improved, one team has managed to improve more than the rest – and unfortunately it’s not our team.

  14. Hot Smoked,



    In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s not a sign that Scottish football has improved tactically, more it is obvious how to set out a team to take some/all of the points against us.

  15. Saint Stivs


    I think if Clarke comes he will do well.


    Had Brendan Rodgers won much before he came to us?


    MON won one league cup with Leicester.


    We need a good tactical competent manager.


    Maybe the fact that he got manager of the year in our treble


    winning year says a lot about him. Look at Kilmarnock now


    relegation fodder.


    I’m not hoping for a fancy name manager because I don’t


    think one will come.

  16. Hot Smoked


    Aberdeen are 13/2 on Saturday !!!


    Love it – I wouldn’t put a penny on us at the moment!!

  17. Just logged on and note several (uncomplimentary) comments about a post by James Forrest. I can’t seem to locate it ; has it been removed?

  18. MAZZY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:01 PM




    Yes, he was trolling Paul67 again, monotonously predictable.

  19. Mazzy


    It would seem so. It offered the unoriginal view that Paul is a puppet of lawwell`s but was expressed in a very crude, childish way.

  20. If Steve Clarke didn’t want the role when we were good(er!) cos it would have made his life hellish…….why would he want it now that we’re hellish?



    HH jg

  21. Steve Clarke could be missing day to day Club involvement, and lack of games during the pandemic might fuel is desire to return…..there won’t be any compensation to pay,as there was none when Myth went back to Oldco.

  22. Just to be clear, my use of `unoriginal` does not for one second mean that I think Paul is a puppet. I emphatically do not think that.

  23. Well, everyday is a school day on CQN. Today I learned



    That Paul and the moderators do have limits to what is acceptable in terms of criticism (I missed the text of the JF post but, unfortunately, I can imagine his ire when his dear leader is criticised. )



    That Neil Kinnock was a right winger.



    And that Kieran Devlin’s article went down well- ( I found it very well written but intellectually dishonest)

  24. GENE



    Read that about big McQueen..never forget his brilliant header at Wembley77..terrible shame it might have contributed to his illness.


    Always found him quite funny anytime on t.v.


    Good patter



    Good luck big man.

  25. Hot Smoked/ Gene/Rock Tree Bhoy.



    Thanks guys. Pity because I must say I agree with JF when he posts what I think are articulate and well argued articles about Lennon and the general omnishambles of this season. I get every bit as frustrated and angry as him but he can express himself much better than I. However, I have noted a tendency to let himself down at times and lose his discipline, especially when anyone has the audacity to criticize- directly or indirectly- Nippy Sturgeon/the SNP.

  26. JAMESGANG @ 5.08



    Maybe he’ll relish a fresh challenge?



    Managers Please Apply Pronto



    One modern tactically aware, non dinosaur, brilliant coach, man manager required for immediate


    start, salary negotiable. ( but not more that what Brendan Rodgers got )



    Must already be fans favourite and ready to sort out the next G.O.D which needs to begin as


    soon as Zombies get their first title.



    Applications to CELTIC FC Kerrydale Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, G40 3RE 




  27. HOT SMOKED on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 4:19 PM




    That’s what struck me at the time too.



    ‘Balls don’t have memories’ is how the statisticians put it (referring to bingo balls).



    The fact that the point wasn’t challenged by the defence was also surprising.



    This failure to understand probability was not unique though. There’s even a name for it ‘the prosecutor’s fallacy’.








    I think there are far more in the first camp than in the second camp.



    In general most people who vote Tory do so because they think (bizarrely ) it is to their economic interests to do so rather than from any notion of national identity . It’s the other way round with the nats.




    “And that Kieran Devlin’s article went down well- ( I found it very well written but intellectually dishonest)”



    Why ‘intellectually dishonest’?

  30. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Then we are all fu–ed



    I genuinely believe that our Board want to win the league every year


    I know some think we need to let the other mob have a go or they go bust – again



    But I am not paranoid enough (I am paranoid) to believe PL is happy to be second



    I really do think PL fell asleep at the wheel – simple as that



    I hope i’m right – because then there is hope


    If I’m not then as stated above – we are all fu-ed




  31. 67 European Cup Winners on

    JAMESGANG on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:08 PM


    Big difference between now and then (and I don’t mean the state of the team)


    PL will be gone



    I don’t want to be too critical of PL – I really do think that he looked after our clubs money (sometime too much- when he should have been spending it) so I’m a bit of a fan


    But one thing PL was not good at was Man Management (just look at B Rogers)



    So Steve Clarke may have declined (and how many others) because they did not want to work for an interfering CEO



    The rules have changed



    As I write this I am just thinking that the reason we still have NL is because a new manager will not come until PL is out the door !!! pure speculation on my part




  32. “It’s zonal marking, we work on it, and it’s how we do it”


    We keep a line. It’s part and parcel of football.”


    People want to do zonal, others want to do man marking.”


    “We do a mixture of both. We can stop the run. We can head it better”


    “We need to look at it and right it tomorrow.”



    Scott Brown in prime position to take over from Lenny.