Fans will be at Hampden, you can bet their lives on it


Politics is very much at play in football these days.  With Boris Johnson indicating yesterday that he expects up to 10,000 fans inside football stadiums from 17 May, you can expect his Holyrood shadow to propose a similar plan, perhaps a week later/earlier, as has been her way for 11 months.

If the 17 May date feels arbitrary, it is not.  Euro 20201 fixtures get underway a month later, offering populist governments a way to compare how far along the recovery road their surviving citizens are.  Governments in London and Edinburgh will permit domestic fans to attend games just in time for their flag waving opportunities.

There will be fans at Wembley and Hampden, irrespective of what’s going on in public health, you can bet their lives on it.

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  1. Surely John Kennedy can’t be the answer unless Lenny was ignoring his coaching and advice all along?



    Meanwhile, good luck to Neil for whatever his future holds.

  2. Neil is still one of the good guys. Should have walked but would any of us have done so?



    To gp too hard on Neil is to let the board off the hook. They appointed him. They recruited Hammond. They let the rot set in.

  3. I genuinely have a wee tear in my eye.it should have never ended like this. I’ll raise a glass to NFL gentleman!

  4. Renewals will be dropping through the door in a few weeks time, the board knew they had our money as far back as November and we could do nothing. Yet now, when the damage is well and truly done, the wheels start turning.




  5. Any sympathy I had for Lennon, was gone a while ago, he should have put his hands up cut a deal and walked months ago, and we might still have been in with a chance ,but he stuck it out for money, not for the good of the Club, or the supporters.

  6. Sad about how it ended, but NFL should have resigned. I wish him no ill.



    Good luck in all you do in the future Neil.




  7. Doesn’t seem that long ago that folk were changing their log ins for Neil Lennon , it hasn’t worked out , sadly predictable, possibly the speed of our decline hastened by crazy season , irrespective it was always just a question of when ….. we have ‘lost ‘ our 4 best players Frazer , Scott , Eddy and Juilen … goal keeping position is simply shocking …. all the other incrementally poor recruitment just fuel in the fire with our spine of the team gubbed



    Let’s hope we have some grown ups in the building for the new season

  8. BADA



    If he had a rolling contract how would he be holding out for more money unless a bonus.



    Hope not JK full time but lets get behind him.



    All the best Neil should have gone sooner.

  9. ST TAMS on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 2:32 PM



    Said that everyone at club is thinking about me during difficult time and hand written card with best wishes from all at club






    hope yir well St Tams.keeo the spirits up



  10. TimH- irrespective of what was in his contract, he could have approached the Club, and cut a deal, he didn’t. HH

  11. James Forrest



    “I’m curious to know exactly what you think he is “due” for leaving us 18 points behind in the league, overseeing a calamitous run in Europe and crashing us out of the League Cup.”



    You could have saved yourself the rest of the speculation if you truly just wanted to know what I meant by that phrase.



    You call for him to be paid the bare minimum and I say pay him what he is due. They both amount to the same thing i.e. what he is contractually obliged to receive. As a fair minded socialist, I think you will agree that is a sound principle.

  12. Sad news tonight. We have lost a great. Someone who had his faults but stood up, was counted as an outsider and beat all before him. Suffered abuse, threats, a few wee mistakes but will be in the history books as a legend.



    Speedy recovery Tiger, you beat the white man at his game. You might never play again but boy did I enjoy some of your Sundays.



    Anything else going on tonight?

  13. SQUIRE DANAHER on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 11:16 PM


    As previously discussed




    Anyone who has backed J Kennedy in ‘Next Celtic Manager’ market will be hoping Scottish Cup gets started.




    8 league games left; some firms will pay out on temporary appt if they are in charge for 10 or more first team games.


    ——————————————————————They’d also be needing/hoping/praying that we’d get through our first Scottish Cup tie this season.







  14. John Kennedy is obviously an interim manager. He may prove to be a good manager when allowed to be Head Coach but he is currently tainted by the loss of the Ten and, therefore, unacceptable to the support. He will probably have to leave soon to get his chance as Head Coach to prove himself or fail.



    Those in the support expecting a Benitez or Pocchetino or even an Eddie Howe are gonna be sorely disappointed, i fear.



    Anybody looking at which clubs are food chain predators for our players will have noted that Ki went to Swansea, Wanyama, Van Dijk, Forster and Armstrong went to Southampton, Christie has been, allegedly, approached by Burnley, and John McGinn chose Villa. These are the calibre of clubs that can outbid us for players and coaching staff. We are not going to suddenly outbid them, far less a Spurs or PSG for managerial talent. We have to shop amongst the candidates that they show no interest in.



    As we do with our players, it will be a promising young coach from an unfancied league, as with Ronny Deila, or a seasoned competent journeyman coach like Steve Clarke, or a guy that English clubs think has failed down there such as Jack Ross, or a gamble on a big name ex-player looking for his first job which can end up successful like Gerrard at Sevco and Lampard at Derby or it can be like Liam Brady and John Barnes with us.



    FWIW, I think we could do worse than Shaun Maloney, who will have learned a lot under Martinez. He worked with our under 20s , three years ago. He speaks knowledgeably about tactics and formations as a pundit. My two main worries are whether he is commanding enough to quell a dressing room and , secondly, whether our support who have raised their expectations about where Celtic managers are recruited from, will accept him or just start the low-rent cheap option jibes as they wallow in their PTSD (Post Ten Self-Pity & Delusion).



    When Celtic stopped the Ten in 1998 , the old Rangers just fought back and won the title the following year. When Rangers stopped the Ten in 1975, it took us 2 attempts to win the title back, There is nothing inevitable about which team will win the 2021/22 title race. we cannot afford to be caught forever pining for what’s lost. We have wasted so much energy, as a support, pining for MON and BR respectively, imagining they would still be there or be prepared to come back, if it wasn’t for the bean counters. We cannot face the reality that players and managers go to the EPL because that is where you make your rep. Winning a Scottish league, or multiple leagues, or besting Barcelona in a one-off tie only gets you an offer from Bolton. Only in the case of MON or BR, where they had already shown they could hack it in England do you get mid size clubs, like Villa or Leicester, calling.



    It is a lifetime ago that our best players and managers were sought out by Man U , Liverpool, Leeds or Man City- they only touch ex-Celtic pros when they have proved their worth at Southampton or similar. We broke that trend once recently with Kieran Tierney, an exceptional talent. Edouard may break that barrier again but I have my doubts that English clubs are willing to pay significantly for someone who has proven to be exceptional at SPFL level only. His performances with France under-21’s will carry more weight with them.

  15. What if JK is the answer, gets a wee team of his own and goes unbeaten until end of season.



    He and wee GS, iPad, advice of others. Formations and tactics. In game switches and effective passing. What if the JK lovers on here were right, few as they are?



    If true I for one will be happy to see some change for the rest of the season. They would not have (if they have) appointed JK if they think the same would continue just to appease. I’m saying end of season, not full time. What would that entail?



    More of the iPad.


    More of the edge of box managing.


    More of the responding to in game events.


    Teaching new muscle memory stuff (oft discussed on here. sometimes derided but the Brendan years left behind some education in some joints) to counter off days.


    More Klopp.


    Less Passive.


    A known 1-11.



    Looking forward to the sheep now.



    Listen, I cannot imagine what Neil went through, goes through and will most likely always will go through. In spite of what some say he is one of us. Went through on the pitch what some of us went through on the playground but were lucky enough to leave it there and without the added threat of bullets.



    It’s proper mental it has come to this.



    I’ll not be celebrating. Weird night.



    HH all.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 11:29 PM


    Too soon ??




    Neil should have got rid of him months ago and we’d have been cool 👍🤪🍀



    Actually, JK – met and spoke with him about three times – he’s a very nice young chap but we surely can’t be experimenting again.



    We can’t aford to risk managers cutting their teeth on Celtic’s time.



    Neil – God bless him – shouldn’t have got the job, and should certainly have been gone months ago – October at the latest.



    Shot ourselves in the foot big style.






  17. Ferencvaros 26th Aug


    Sparta Prague 5th November


    If this is true it’s taken the board over three months to replace a failing manager with a failing assistant, nothing to celebrate here just more down sizing.



    Back of the bus CSC.

  18. thank you Mr Lennon for everything you and yours have put into CFC….



    you were ,are and always will be a Celtic legend .




  19. Good morning cqn from a very calm Garngad



    Thank goodness that torture is over it only took our corrupt board about 7 or 8 months to make a decision.



    My own preference is for JK and the guy with the ipad to get the Rudd Gullitt next then we start with the board. They are all part of the problem they have presided over an utter shambles of a season…or was it? Was it what the board wanted to keep their “Old firm buddies” afloat???


    Shuuuuurely NO.



    I hope we have someone lined up and the plan was for Neil to carry us over but a bad run of results since September (I know) has hastened his departure.



    I can only hope we get a bounce and win all games to the end of the season.



    D :)