Fastest, fittest, Celtic, what Ashley has left


A little over two months ago Celtic lost at Tannadice and dropped two points at home to Ross County.  After our disastrous August, and home defeat to Hamilton in October, this December blow put Celtic on the canvas one more time.  I was getting calls from Norway “Are you still backing Ronny?” The transformation since has been enormous.

For much of the first half yesterday Celtic were disjointed, not untypical of a team returning from a European disappointment, but despite this, the support knew – actually knew – not to be too concerned.  Things would come together, and even if they didn’t yesterday, they would next time out, and for the rest of the season.

We have purpose and direction.  The first goal arrived courtesy of Aberdeen’s adherence to the oft-discredited man-for-man marking system, but thereafter, the goals, in fact, pretty much all attacks, came courtesy of the fastest, fittest, Celtic team you have ever seen.

Who do you want standing behind an opponent? One of the wealthiest people in the land, or a “glib and shameless liar”? I’d rather the latter, thank you.

As well as being a tax convict, Dave King sat on the Rangers board for a decade as it spiraled towards liquidation. He sat on the board which failed to make provisions for the HMRC tax case – and it was this specific failure, not the tax case, which led to the club being sold to a liquidation specialist for £1.

He campaigned relentlessly against newco, oft repeating his vision of ‘competing with Celtic’, while many of us considered the club should prioritise paying its bills and living within its means.

It seems certain that at some point between now and Friday he will be in de facto control, although his eligibility as a director appears doomed, should rules be applied.

Some will celebrate whenever Mike Ashley’s men depart the scene, but this is in keeping with their many earlier celebrations. Here’s a prediction for you: go back and read what the LibDems said after their people got into cabinet. ‘Once we saw what was under the bonnet, it became clear we couldn’t do what we wanted to do’. I reckon you’re going to hear a version of that in the months to come. Even today, Dave King has no idea what Mike Ashley has left him. All we really know is that the representatives of one very wealthy man are about to leave the scene.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket to the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13th March. If you would like details, let me know, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. Alasdair MacLean on

    Congratulations to the “Tea’n a bowlie” on his first goal at Celtic Park.


    Re Guidetti.



    Stunning start to the season. No doubt about it.



    Saved RD-and possibly PL-from serious questions.



    Few of his goals though were from open play. Some great free-kicks,I admit.



    The lad has everything in his locker bar confidence in his left foot and pace. If I was him,I would take the £14m 4 year contract at Marseilles.



    And make sure it’s watertight.

  3. Would like to see Wakaso getting a run out on Wed night in left back position if Izzi still out.


    One King Billy…..Breithla Shona



  4. Paul 67



    “. . should rules be applied.”



    First time for everything, I suppose!

  5. Happy to be sharing my birthday with Celtic’s greatest captain. Bizarrely this seems to happen quite often……..




  6. Interesting Rangers share sell just now, 61186 ? the exact number Sommers held……….No flies on Mr. Somers, does he possibly think the value will drop? Or simply getting out of dodge?

  7. Not read much of the reaction to yesterdays victory. For me, enormous credit must go to Aberdeen who, despite getting over run eventually, really impressed.



    Derek McInnes is a clever coach and obviously realised that by pressing high up the pitch and stopping Gordon distributing to our centre halves would see us go long. We didn’t win a ball from the goalies kicks and couldn’t achieve any meaningful possession.



    Had Johnny Hayes not gone off i am not sure it would have been anything like as comfortable.



    It must be remembered that we were missing Izzy and that affected our game massively however.



    So for me, in the summer i would be asking Aberdeen how much they would want for Mr Hayes as he has been playing both left full back and winger for them to great effect.



    He’s very quick, direct and hard working with a good level of skill. Well worth a look if you ask me!

  8. Geordie Munro on

    “Guidetti has had the same length of time on the new fitness regime as the rest of them”







    Wrong. There’s only two players in the entire squad had less time than jg

  9. If Mike Ashely had really wanted to control the whole of Rangers he could at any time via a holding company done so, and claimed it was a decision of the directors of said holding co and he had no involvement. He didn’t.



    He either controls everything he wants to, or he’s realised that there’s nothing he can do to save them and is quite happy to be out with what he has and will receive.

  10. Ashley and his merry men might depart but his contracts will stay in place that’s for sure unless king and the 3 dobbers pay him off which I can’t see happening and they have the loan to pay which I guess ashley would want paid in full when his 2 guys are booted off the board.


    King might well get the keys to the scrappy but he gets the problems along with them, he might need to sit down once he has a gander under the ‘bonnet’ HH


    Ronny’s here for 10 in a row

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well said, Paul. Ronny’s fitness regime is paying off big-time – and it’s still early days! Good times ahead.

  12. Geordie Munro on

    “Few of his goals though were from open play. Some great free-kicks,I admit.”






    It’s good that we have someone who takes a braw free kick and he’s scored a few but the majority of his goals have come from open play.

  13. Just face timed my bro there to ask how he thought about the game yesterday, he loved it, he was wearing his hoops, I said,…you go to.bed with your strip on, he said no ,..he was heading down to the Honda Classic last day in Florida, he is on vacation there, so if you are watching it and you see a guy wi the hoops on and a white bunnet, that’s him, I checked sky sports but it’s not posted as being on today, unless they revised that?



    Happy Birthday big Billy McNeil.


    PS just heard there, the Honda is on at One on Sky 4

  14. The ‘establishment’ have backed losers at Ibrox ever since Murray started to ‘ratchet-up’ the debt to eye-watering proportions:









    and now next in line, the convicted tax fraudster from SA.



    The English FA banned Celini at Leeds for a minor offence compared with King – what will the SFA do!



    Nonetheless, as Ashley has shown, you don’t need to be a director to ‘be in power’



    Finally, the media very silent on Ashley’s possible options – will he really shrug his shoulders and ‘walk away’, bearing in mind that it is only his money that has been ‘keeping the lights on’?



    There is a few ‘twists and turns’ to come this week – whilst we enjoy our football.

  15. NF=Bloody Eastern European immigrants what do they contribute to society? Billy McNeill of Lithuanian stock! Happy Birthday & Hail Cesar!

  16. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Happy Birthday to Big Billy the one and only King Billy.



    Hail! HaIl! Cesar

  17. There’s only 1 King Billy- that’s McNeil.



    While it is quite obvious that our manager’s fitness regime is paying off, I think there are other factors that have transformed our team: (1) Nir Bitton holding down a place in the team and (2) the introduction of Stuart Armstrong and GMS. Their play and the confidence the others have gained from it has added enormously to the quality of our game.



    As Paul67 says, we now expect our team to win; well, I certainly do and against anybody anywhere.

  18. Not only have players like Bitton and Griffiths noticeably improved since the start of this season, but I think even Scott Brown is a better player under Ronny.

  19. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    The Chinese have apologised for a serious mistake in their calendar. Apparently this is not the year of the Sheep.

  20. Hope everyone saw the pleasure on GMS face as the goals went in yesterday. He appears to be delighted to be part of what is taking place at Celtic.Long may his talent inspire us to greater things.



    Incidentally, it appears that we won because we have more money to spend on players than Aberdeen according to the BBC presenter last night. Strange that excuse was not forthcoming after the game in the San Siro. But then why should BBC reflect on our position in a football world ruled by money and TV.

  21. Greeninbingley on

    mighty tim supporting wee Oscar



    11:20 on 2 March, 2015



    Morning bhoys. Happy birthday to big Billy a real gent and legend. I hope you have many more.


    Looking for a bit of information bhoys me and Mrs MT looking to go to Oslo for a week in April during school holidays.


    Anyone been there for a break can give me some ideas on what to visit etc.


    Thanks in advance.






    Hi Mighty



    Go to visitoslo.com. Site gives a very good rundown of museums & places of interest and also an event calendar for what’s on when you are here.



    There are some cracking museums and exhibitions – the Norsk Folkmuseum sounds dull as hell but is actually amazing; the Museum of the Resistance, Fram Polar Ship museum and the mad sculpture park at Frogner park are all really good.


    When you get here I would recommend getting an Oslo Pass & guidebook from the travel/tourist information centre right outside Oslo S (central railway station). You can get a card for 1 2 or 3 days from GBP 30, 50 or 60 for the three-dayer.



    If you are going around museums and stuff it pays for itself after about 2 visits, also gives you unlimited city travel on buses trams and boats as well as discounts in restaurants, shops etc. It will save you a fortune, basically.



    The Dubliner pub does great food, is very friendly and, unsurprisingly, is run by a good Tim; the Oslo Sports Bar is where the Norway CSC meets for games and fun.



    You might fancy taking the DFDS ferry – a night on the boat (cabin), incredible food, day in Copenhagen and overnight on the boat back to Oslo.



    Loads of wee ferries do round trips to all the islands in the fiord – about 50 minutes, and you can hop on and off at any of the islands that take your fancy. All free if you get an Oslo Pass.



    If you don’t fancy the Oslo Pass, get a weekly Reisekort (like an Oyster Card) that covers you for all travel for a week for about GBP 20. If you pay as you go, it’s more than double.



    There is a lot to see and do here – but be warned, it ain’t cheap.



    If I can be of any help to you at all, contact me through Paul or on here and I will be glad to oblige mate.






    PS: A very happy Birthday, Cesar.

  22. TD67


    Honda Classic final round spilled over till today due to thunderstorms and rain showers.

  23. “came courtesy of the fastest, fittest, Celtic team you have ever seen.”




    Sorry Paul67



    Gordon Dazielle SSB is “not buying that”



    Thats despite numerous players including


    Broonie Stokes Mathews saying as much




    And new bhoys saying they were struggling to


    keep up in training.

  24. connaire12 @ 13:03



    The BBC reporting on Celtic becomes more disgraceful by the week in my opinion. We must be annoying them!

  25. connaire12




    13:03 on 2 March, 2015




    Hope everyone saw the pleasure on GMS face as the goals went in yesterday. He appears to be delighted to be part of what is taking place at Celtic.Long may his talent inspire us to greater things.



    Incidentally, it appears that we won because we have more money to spend on players than Aberdeen according to the BBC presenter last night. Strange that excuse was not forthcoming after the game in the San Siro. But then why should BBC reflect on our position in a football world ruled by money and TV.




    Or in LNS’s summation

  26. Monaghan1900 on

    “sheep fans reported to police by Michael [FFin’] Mcmahon msp


    I’m reading on twitter this fat slob has reported the sheep for offensive singing today”




    “It will soon be illegal to sing anything at the football that hasn’t got written approval from the green brigade.”




    “He’s complaining about ‘racist singing’.


    Does anyone know what he means?”




    “was that not the tinks booing Logan?”




    “Genuine question, are all Scottish politicians shameless fenian f[ellows]?”




    “Basically, yes.


    We really do need to be far more proactive ourselves when it comes to the Labour Party and politics generally. We have sat back and allowed both Labour and SNP to become massively disproportionately represented with tims”




    “From what I can see on the twatter the sheep were singing “your in the wrong country” or words to that effect.


    The dilemma I face is that this fat ******* rat is the MSP for my area my other option for the May election is SNP!!!!!!!


    There really is no option in this regard sadly!”




    “The option is that you must always vote for the Protestant.


    You might get a skin crawler, but nonetheless the message will eventually get through.


    Until Roman Catholics can be trusted in office to act impartially and for the good of all, then keep them out of it.”




    “Roman Catholics simply cannot be trusted to act impartially. They are not in politics to act impartially but to further the aims of their squalid belief system.”




    “Another Labour party self serving horrible fat fenian sectarian bigoted waste of space barrel of sh*t. These c[haps]…and there are literally scores of them polluting Scottish society need to be ousted from the positions of power and influence they hold because they are not fit to hold their positions as they have abused their roles due to religious and political prejudices and also the football team they are all brazenly open about supporting. These people disgust me with the disgraceful way they operate as they clearly do not give a monkeys **** how obvious it is that they are mostly about furthering themselves and like minded constituents interests, these people have ****** the Labour party for evermore and there’s no doubt in my mind SOME of these people have done so quite deliberately”




    “The trouble is no one knows who’s who amongst the Protestant community. The CoS has collapsed and there is no else to speak for Protestants.


    Every Sunday the priests tells them who to vote for and its not just Labour, Labour, Labour, it’s who the RC is. This for me flys in the face of democracy, but again there is no one who will question it.”

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