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A little over two months ago Celtic lost at Tannadice and dropped two points at home to Ross County.  After our disastrous August, and home defeat to Hamilton in October, this December blow put Celtic on the canvas one more time.  I was getting calls from Norway “Are you still backing Ronny?” The transformation since has been enormous.

For much of the first half yesterday Celtic were disjointed, not untypical of a team returning from a European disappointment, but despite this, the support knew – actually knew – not to be too concerned.  Things would come together, and even if they didn’t yesterday, they would next time out, and for the rest of the season.

We have purpose and direction.  The first goal arrived courtesy of Aberdeen’s adherence to the oft-discredited man-for-man marking system, but thereafter, the goals, in fact, pretty much all attacks, came courtesy of the fastest, fittest, Celtic team you have ever seen.

Who do you want standing behind an opponent? One of the wealthiest people in the land, or a “glib and shameless liar”? I’d rather the latter, thank you.

As well as being a tax convict, Dave King sat on the Rangers board for a decade as it spiraled towards liquidation. He sat on the board which failed to make provisions for the HMRC tax case – and it was this specific failure, not the tax case, which led to the club being sold to a liquidation specialist for £1.

He campaigned relentlessly against newco, oft repeating his vision of ‘competing with Celtic’, while many of us considered the club should prioritise paying its bills and living within its means.

It seems certain that at some point between now and Friday he will be in de facto control, although his eligibility as a director appears doomed, should rules be applied.

Some will celebrate whenever Mike Ashley’s men depart the scene, but this is in keeping with their many earlier celebrations. Here’s a prediction for you: go back and read what the LibDems said after their people got into cabinet. ‘Once we saw what was under the bonnet, it became clear we couldn’t do what we wanted to do’. I reckon you’re going to hear a version of that in the months to come. Even today, Dave King has no idea what Mike Ashley has left him. All we really know is that the representatives of one very wealthy man are about to leave the scene.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket to the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13th March. If you would like details, let me know, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    11:21 on 3 March 2015



    Exactly…..it is rife…….as measured by how badly they want the hate-filled hordes back (even some Celtic supporters want them back ….jeezo!!!!)


    67 HEAVEN



    I kid you not,I genuinely do not recall meeting a single Celtic supporter who wants them back.



    But your point is valid,as they keep going onto MSM sites to say it.




  3. Big Joe – you posted the following:



    “Regarding Negative anonymous, or neganon2, as hes known nowadays……..



    back in the day……….. Him and Big Paul, had a few run-ins…………..



    I……………… BIG TIME.



    Paul had more time to interact on the site, and did, but OLD Neg, would just grind him down, with never anything positive………………… to say about the hoops EVER.



    I have had my suspicions over the years, along with a few others, but not going down that road.






    It is absolutely true that Paul and I had many run ins. One of them in particular led to some numpties giving Paul and I think his family a hard time. As I said to Paul at the time I cant be held accountable for the dafties. I did apologise to him at CQNTen about that though.



    We disagreed on many things and I challenged his interpretation of the accounts, of our strategy etc etc. Paul could claim he was right in that here we are on top of the pile here in Scotland. I could also claim we could (and should) be so much better than we are.



    The debates are always important though – its in our disagreements that we learn.



    Something that poor old Alfie will never get – but as Bobby said earlier – time to ignore him.



    Regarding your suspicions – what were those?





    Couldn’t see anything from SFTB not mention of a poll.

  5. NegAnon2


    07:05 on


    3 March, 2015





    Of course I would never knowing try to insult the intelligence of another human being.



    You are quite right, everything is not perfect at Celtic Park and I am sorry if I gave that impression – how could it be, bearing in mind that due to paltry (almost negligible) TV revenue, we have to generate all the income we receive.



    To do this is no mean feat – the numerous revenue streams needed to keep us where we are e.g. Season Tickets, Advertising, Various Sponsorships, Merchandising, Asset Disposals,Catering and Hospitality, need to be set up and maintained in a professional and sensitive manner.



    This is what Peter Lawwell and his staff do, day in and day out – he (they) run the club from top to bottom.



    How anyone can argue that a person in his position is not worth, at least, the same salary as the best paid player at the club, quite frankly is beyond belief.However look around, yes even at the EPL, where £billions are ‘floating around’, and tell me any club where everything is perfect.

  6. BMCUWP @ 10:57,



    Well, totally agree with that, the thing is conviction politicians are always going to be controversial electorally.



    My Grandfather a dyed in the wool Labour man had the highest regard for Michael Foot, he has passed away by the time MF was leader of the Labour Party but I knew, even though I was too young to vote that Michael Foot, for all his intelligence, integrity and political genius the articulate and cutting orator would never be PM of this country.



    Think my beef with the current crop is their down right incompetence…



    Take the NHS again, at the last election the Tories left it out of their manifesto….



    It was safe in their hands, they would maintain the budget.



    What did that really mean…



    We have spent the last five years working on a blue print that will see the biggest reform of the NHS since it’s inception, we will be taking money from front line services and using these monies to fund our reforms.



    Now this was a disgrace, not only a cheat on the electorate but an assault on one of our Countries most precious institutions.



    The thing is no politicians capable of calling the Government to account.



    Eventually the employees of the NHS were so incensed they rebelled.



    The architect of the nonsensical reforms, who became Secretary of State for Health was sacked. Not because of his reforms but because of his incompetence in implementing them.



    Yet no politician can land a punch on the Party responsible for this débâcle.



    Even the Weaponizer….



    This is just one example, important as it is why the current crop of politicians should not be left in control of anything worth keeping in this Country.



    Or am I being cynical?:-)



    Hail Hail

  7. West End of East End on

    WINNING CAPTAINS – Maybe it’s me being thick but I can’t find any poll or report card…








    You are articulating what an increasing number of people believe.



    The problem is that they have ‘no party to go to’,none with the balls to fly in the face of ‘popular opinion as dictated by the right-wing press’



    Speak out of turn,get buried. I seriously despair at how the NHS is being systematically dismantled yet no-one seems to have the chutzpah-and the authority and rhetoric-to speak up about it.



    Apart from an actor in a tiny little Welsh village. In a speech largely ignored.



    I’d give him an Oscar for that alone,except that he wasn’t acting.

  9. Could the constant gardener make a return on Friday along with the Sevco Spring?




  10. West End of East End on

    NegAnon2 – Obviously not all the money generated goes into the team and neither should it. I think the walk up to the stadium looks superb now along with other upgrades within the stadium like the disabled facilities. These all have to be paid for, could the stadium experience be better, of course but I think they’re getting there.



    I read somewhere this morning that ibrox needs £6 – £10m spent on it just to get it back up to scratch…



    Keep it lit and continue to question but give credit where it’s due and not reluctantly as that’s the way it comes across at times…

  11. Marty is the man on

    My dad works in a donkey sanctuary. Dave King was in at the weekend and asked about hiring one for next Friday, and if it would hold his weight.



    On the way out, my dad heard him calling 118 118 and asking for palm leaf sellers.



    God knows what he’s up to.


    Kano , Pablo , Celticlover , StJohnDoyle – CQN in heaven must be mental




    how do I donate by TEXT.



    12:01 on


    3 March, 2015









    Go to the party meetings and tell them what you think, don’t walk away or you get what we’ve got now.



    Keep the Faith lads.



    I totally agree on the NHS, I’m disgusted these bastards got away with their ‘re-structure’ then gave EIGHTY BILLION pounds of our tax payers money every year to GP’s.



    GP’s are not part of the NHS, they are small private company’s being issued with OUR cash to spend on what THEY want.



    It’s actually criminal what the coalition have done, shamefully, my party (Labour) has not said nearly enough……but i’ll be letting them know this, loudly.





    God told me that he wisnae interested. Worse than a moneychanger in the temple.

  15. Marty is the man on

    The donkey sanctuary is a charitable operation. In order to claim Gift Aid, my dad asked Mr King to confirm if he paid tax.



    He glibly, and shamelessly replied “aye, ah dae”.

  16. Chairbhoy


    11:53 on


    3 March, 2015


    BMCUWP @ 10:57,





    Conviction politics and politicians are sadly things of a bygone age.



    In the past before the EU, Globalisation and the IT revolution, we could, more or less, control our own destiny in this country.



    We were a leading light in the world in terms of trade and commerce, and could ‘call the shots’ and ‘punch above our weight’



    We had to pool some of our influence (voluntarily) when we joined and participated in the now EU, and therefore decision-making on a vast number of areas that affect our daily life, was not solely in our hands.



    Now full on globalisation and the ability of companies to transfer money ‘at the click of a mouse’ means that the hold we have over our own destiny has been further dissipated.



    The communist/socialist model has been tried and has failed, particularly in the USSR – people in the world, yes even in the Arab/Muslim nations, now see through the internet, the ‘pleasures’ of the western/capitalist way of life, and crave for it, just as strongly as their masters who would have them still living in biblical times, oppose it.



    In Britain, the Labour party, for all its faults, has won all the major socialist battles since the Second World War, in areas such as, Health, Welfare, Social Security, Education and Workers’ Rights.



    The challenge going forward is to secure a bigger ‘slice of the revenue cake’ for all these areas, within a capitalist society.



    Of course there are abuses of the system, bankers being the latest addition to the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ – however capitalism is here to stay, like it or not – three quarters of the world’s population are yet to participate, and are desperate to do so.



    Geographically we are an island, however economically we are ’joined at the hip’ to the rest of the world – there is no’ bottomless pit’ of money – everything has to be paid for and we have to borrow on the international money-markets to do so – we pay less for the privilege than most due to our standing in the world.



    Finally, for anyone who needs convincing on the realities of globalisation, just take a look at the goings on in Greece recently. Syriza, the left wing populist party, were swept to power promising an end to austerity and threatening a tough stance against their creditors and the EU. Their manifesto was tantamount to a dereliction of their duty to pay back those they owed and a false promise to the people of Greece that everything would be ‘alright on the night’ – where have we heard that before? – YESNP ‘thick’ white paper !



    Their retreat, faced with being in power and having to take responsible and tough decisions, has been spectacular – the leaders of Syriza were CONVICTION politicians – they were unable to have the courage of their convictions when faced with reality and the prospect of total bankruptcy of their country.

  17. BMCUWP & Chairbhoy



    No doubt about it; the Labour Party has legislated for social and economic change, most of it to the benefit of the most needy in our society. Indeed, Harold Wilson’s Govt from 1964-70 saw the greatest transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor in history. The power of the Labour Party derived from the Trades Unions. Why do you think the Tories bang on about it so much, even now when the Unions are emasculated?


    In the 1970s there were over 400,000 card carrying, subs paying members; plus affilliated TU members paying the political levy. We had clout, open debate, proper non stage managed conferences. Then the Alfie Noakes/Jim Murphys/ Tony Blairs infiltrated. They blamed the proper socialists for electoral defeat and allowed the Sun, yes the Sun, to set the agenda.


    They thought just get power and change will come. Aye right!


    There is no Labour Party on the ground. No canvassers. Sorry, Bawsman, the LP is a totally busted flush. Solution to economy; let banks decide everything. A Labour Chancellor?? WTF??


    Imagine Harold Wilson agreeing to war in Iraq based on lies? Not a chance. Not one British soldier went to Vietnam.


    The Labour party needs Socialists, not apologists for globalisation. Every company needs PEOPLE to operate, maintain their computers. They need educated workers. Mobilise these and other vital workers. The banks need us more than e need them. That’s the message a socialist party should send. No, we have the Alfies with their noses in the expenses trough telling us that socialism is impractical.


    And he has the effrontery to come on here and lecture me. Aye right, diddy!