Fastest, fittest, Celtic, what Ashley has left


A little over two months ago Celtic lost at Tannadice and dropped two points at home to Ross County.  After our disastrous August, and home defeat to Hamilton in October, this December blow put Celtic on the canvas one more time.  I was getting calls from Norway “Are you still backing Ronny?” The transformation since has been enormous.

For much of the first half yesterday Celtic were disjointed, not untypical of a team returning from a European disappointment, but despite this, the support knew – actually knew – not to be too concerned.  Things would come together, and even if they didn’t yesterday, they would next time out, and for the rest of the season.

We have purpose and direction.  The first goal arrived courtesy of Aberdeen’s adherence to the oft-discredited man-for-man marking system, but thereafter, the goals, in fact, pretty much all attacks, came courtesy of the fastest, fittest, Celtic team you have ever seen.

Who do you want standing behind an opponent? One of the wealthiest people in the land, or a “glib and shameless liar”? I’d rather the latter, thank you.

As well as being a tax convict, Dave King sat on the Rangers board for a decade as it spiraled towards liquidation. He sat on the board which failed to make provisions for the HMRC tax case – and it was this specific failure, not the tax case, which led to the club being sold to a liquidation specialist for £1.

He campaigned relentlessly against newco, oft repeating his vision of ‘competing with Celtic’, while many of us considered the club should prioritise paying its bills and living within its means.

It seems certain that at some point between now and Friday he will be in de facto control, although his eligibility as a director appears doomed, should rules be applied.

Some will celebrate whenever Mike Ashley’s men depart the scene, but this is in keeping with their many earlier celebrations. Here’s a prediction for you: go back and read what the LibDems said after their people got into cabinet. ‘Once we saw what was under the bonnet, it became clear we couldn’t do what we wanted to do’. I reckon you’re going to hear a version of that in the months to come. Even today, Dave King has no idea what Mike Ashley has left him. All we really know is that the representatives of one very wealthy man are about to leave the scene.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket to the CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13th March. If you would like details, let me know, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. The hand of God on

    Enjoyed Sunday’s game thought the fans by and large showed patience with the team after their hard midweek shift also nice to see a larger than usual crowd.I usually enjoy the visiting Don’s fans banter but wish they would stop those Saville chants although it was nice to see them giving Jay a great ovation.

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Paul67. Rules appear not to apply at the Rangers so I would expect Dave King to become a director going by what has happened at Ibrokes in recent history. H.H.

  3. Geordie Munro on




    No probs neebs.



    Mind he came on last day of window. He’ll have missed over a month of footy and a good preseason.




  4. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic’s game was influenced by Emilio Izzaguire’s injury, though arguably to our benefit where Ambrose did just fine, especially in defence.



    There’s no need for two full backs to bomb forward in every game and 4-0 proved it. Ambrose wasn’t asked, or expected to overlap, and if anything it helped to have him where he was to stem Aberdeen during their attacking spells.



    In the second half Aberdeen were hammered on the break, where wee Willo Flood was firefighting for missing colleagues.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    bournesouprecipe. I agree with your post but would go a wee bit further I would like to see Efe play a few more games at left back. H.H.





    That was the first surprise I got when I read the CELTICWIKI article!

  7. Geordie Munro on

    “Ambrose wasn’t asked, or expected to overlap, ”






    More often than not there was naebdy in front of him to overlap with.




  8. Paul67,



    ‘Once we saw what was under the bonnet, it became clear we couldn’t do what we wanted to do’.



    MA has had a months notice to put in place some very profitable onerous contracts e.g a percentage kick back of season books sold for next year and farther. MA has not only had the notice and time to put these ‘ties’ in place but he’s had men on the inside to make sure they are signed off and completely watertight even after an admin event.


    I’m sure Dave K will have a real fright in the next month and will have a statement ready.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    .CASSY……… O’






    CASSY……….. O’






    Please don’t leave






    CASSY……….. O’






    CASSY………… O’






    Please don’t leave









    SeriouslyAnnoyingSongs CSC

  10. Re Ambrose – it has to be remembered that until Johnny Hayes went off, big Efe was getting terrorised.



    When Mclean went wider he played more as an inside forward which suited Efe much better.



    A traditional ‘winger’ would cause Efe a lot of problems. Furthermore, he finds it very difficult to control and pass with his left foot. An ‘acceptable’ back up left back in the SPL but nowhere near being as good as Izzy.





    Yip. I hit the mute button every time.

  12. A wee message for Judester, Vogue Punter, and any other Glasgow Hack drivers/owners out there.



    A bit of a long shot I know, but, I’m looking to buy in, money’s in the bank. If any of you know of any businesses available, can you contact me at jonnythetim@hotmail.com.






  13. bournesouprecipe on

    Joe F



    Wee Izzy will need to get the finger out.






    Efe was nutmegging for fun

  14. The hand of God on

    Off to Madrid on Saturday..gonna take in the Atletico(i have eventually moved on) v Valencia match on the Sunday.My Basque acquaintances speak fondly of Atletico(founded by Basques) but detest Real.

  15. Thought the Aberdeen players were out on their feet after an hour and their young players like Pawlett and Jack although good players look like they could lose a few kilos

  16. Keepthehighballslow on

    Apart from the improvement in general fitness levels, I’ve been really impressed with the improved play of Nir Bitton. That lad has come on a ton. Maybe it’s coincided with Beram Kayal leaving. Always thought of Bitton as being in his shadow and maybe his leaving has allowed him to flourish in his own right. Just a thought.


    Regardless, the boy impressed, especially against Milan. Yesterday he was not as effective as he had been but that might be down to the pressing game Aberdeen adopted in the first half. He played much better second half as did the entire team.


    I’m still of the impression we need a proper left back. Izzy is ok going forward….although he gives the ball away far too often, in my opinion. However, he is a poor defender.


    Personally I’d have Mulgrew fill that position when he’s back fit.


    Loads of positives this year. Chuffed for RD and his staff.

  17. I have said on here before I have no animosity with Aberdeen,( their fans should cut that singing out tho) and would prefer that they provide the challenge alongside DU, than say a resurgent Hertz.



    Apart from those 3 teams, I can’t think of any others who can compete in the near to medium term.



    They have got a fine young manager and some decent players and will continue to win the vast majority of their games this year.



    I also thought wee Wilow was their MOM by a country mile, I don’t really remember him being as effective for us, as he has been for Aberdeen and Utd.



    There is no doubt in my mind that Celtic took a step up, when the challenge from Aberdeen looked real some 5-6 weeks ago, and our improvement has be spurred on by this.



    It has also whetted our appetite as seen by the crowd yesterday.


    So long may the challenge continue …err well maybe next year.









  18. Stan and Stefan on

    SuperSutton has morphed into Stan and Stefan.



    Someone recently compared Johansen to Petrov. Something I had been thinking of too. Stan used to amaze me with how infrequently players could get past him. He broke up attacks before they could begin. And he scored a few goals too.



    I’m not going to look up stats but I reckon Stefan has a better goalscoring record than Stan. And I hope that continues. Stefan breaks up play higher up the park than Stan, sometimes blocking the goalkeeper.



    Both have boundless energy.



    A good comparison although two very different players.



    BTW: the reverse pass from Johansen to Guidetti was sublime. I was in the middle of yelling “don’t try that pass” when it reached Guidetti perfectly.



    BTW: the license to try the tricks and flicks in order to break down packed defences is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Ronny’s coaching as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Oh and a point for discussion.



    If McCoist was on gardening leave and was owed £750k & you wanted to use the cash in hand to pay him off but he was playing hardball ie full wage pay off and no confidentiality gag inserted – what would you do?



    use the cash and let him loose to say what he likes & attend Ibrox as he wishes or would you legally ring fence the cash for 10 months so it couldn’t be used for anything other than gardening leave payments?

  20. Geordie Munro on

    Gordon j,






    I Wasn’t as impressed about Efe as some seem to be but he done ok considering.



    He was given a job to do out of position. Hard to be critical.




  21. Geordie Munro on

    Stan & Stefan,



    Liking the new name.



    Your previous one made me laugh I must admit :)




  22. Paul67


    Winning Captains



    Re Rangers failure to make provision for the tax bill as determinations arrived in 2008: I have a spreadsheet that shows spending by Walter Smith in 2007/08 the latter AFTER the bills ( or determination as HMRC call them arrived) and demonstrates clearly that had what RFC brought in through transfers and spent on transfers been kept to cover the potential tax, then Rangers would not have been liquidated.



    Of course hubris took over and the mentality of which David King is a prime example, simply could not countenance the footballing consequences of making such provision.



    How Scottish football can even consider reintroducing this mentality without putting in place enforceable checks and controls (I mean a domestic version of UEFA FPP) I do not know.



    I would not trust a club with the Dave King mentality, which we know will cheat and lie, for one second and how other clubs, but Celtic in particular, who have lost most by Rangers cheating as I am confident Res12 will demonstrate soon, can sit and say nothing I do not know.



    The spreadsheet with some supporting text is one well worth recording for current and future reference on the CQN magazine and promulgating via Twitter.

  23. Just back from a sub 24 minute 5km run on the treadmill at lunch.



    Not too long before I get the call from Ronny.



    I’ll be hanging on the telephone:-)



    Blondie CSC



    Árd Macha

  24. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Had to laff at wee Jay giving Efe the OK when they came off the park yesterday.



    Efe appreciated it with a thumbs up and a rub on the wee mans head. 0)

  25. Apropos of nothing.



    I hate that phrase ‘Roman Catholic’. I’m no more from Rome than the man in the moon, although I was married there; complete with a papal audience!!



    Only those Unionists in Ireland and others from the reformed faiths use that term.



    NeverEverUseIt CSC.



    Árd Macha

  26. Said before on here that an Ashley team run properly , paying their bills ,not corrupting the system and offering a challenge eventually was easier to accept than King and all the crap we have had to put up with for 25 years.

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