Faux civility and pathetic winners


I don’t know what’s worse, football fans who crave affirmation so much they indulge in faux acts of civil spirited behaviour, and who tell themselves they are loved by everyone, or a set who even though their side win their Euros group, boo and throw plastic cups at their manager.

The reality is, no one in the UK really cares about international football, at least, not in the way we care about our clubs.  If it was Celtic, you would not be caught dancing to disco music to try to convince yourself you were not a deeply miserable person (I’m not talking about you, obviously) and it wouldn’t matter how we topped a group, only that we actually achieved the feat.

The evidence is overwhelming that Scotland football fans were on holiday in Germany.  Good luck to them, I doubt there is a great deal of crossover between them and those who buy club season tickets.

England fans protesting about how uninspiringly they topped their group is even more pathetic.  They have qualified for two major finals in history (both on home territory).  That’s fewer than Czechoslovakia, which only existed for 74 years, and one less than the Czech Republic.  England fans have as poor a grasp on their own history as Davie Moyes has on the Czech-Slovak dissolution.

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  1. Good morning from a very warm North Staffs


    Great night with the family last night celebrating my 74 years – the football didn’t distract from the celebration

  2. what has davie moynes done now to upset the czech and slovak stability,



    dissed johnny madded per chance ?

  3. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 26TH JUNE 2024 11:43 AM



    agent mcguire, your mission shoud you accept it, wander around the south east corner of celtic park, ingonito like, and report back any construction works, or mis-appropriated steel.



    this message will not self destruct (thats the rangers)

  4. Paul67


    I disagree with


    ” The reality is, no one in the UK really cares about international football, at least, not in the way we care about our clubs”.


    If you lived in England as I do you would see they are absolutely fanatical about their national side. They realise how they’ve underperformed at tournaments.


    It’s the hope that kills them

  5. Quite scandelous that a PROVOST things an Orange Walk is a mere spectacle.



    Meanwhile thousands of citizens shall leave the district on the day, fair saturday btw, ffs.



    the report sounds like a rallying call, i mean wtf, what is a kings byeway in this modern age.








    The Orange walk in Gourock will be quite a spectacle, says Provost


    6 hrs ago





    THE Orangemen are coming to Gourock. Fair Saturday. Nearly forty bands and a wheen of marchers. From the Battery Park they will follow the King’s Highway along Cardwell Rd, then Broomberry Drive, down Barrhill and St John’s Roads onto Shore St and back to the park. A fair trek indeed, especially if you’re knocking hell out a big drum.




    The walk will be quite a spectacle. The respectable discipline of the collaretted suits. The crown and the bible. The colour and noise of the bands, some with a military formality, some less so. The gallous swagger and throw of the stick. The familiar tunes. The bowler hats, something that was a sign of authority in the shipyards that became the same in the lodge. The flags. The banners. The dates. The sashes that their fathers wore!




    The Orangemen march to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, where a Dutchman, King William the Third (a Proddy) on his big white horse, supported by the Pope, gave his uncle and father-in-law, King James the Second and Seventh (a Tim) a bit of a doing. This all put his wife and cousin, Mary, in an awfy dilemma no’ knowing whether to support her man or her faither! She picked the winner.




    The organisation formed around a century after all this occurred.



    And even though the Orange Order’s relevance in Scottish society is long diminished, they say that they march to safeguard the Union and uphold the principles of the Reformation. Police Scotland have no objection to them doing so.




    There will be disruption for sure. Traffic will tail back. It will affect a good number of businesses, some will have taken the decision not to even bother opening, though some others will find it good for trade. There will be the hangers-on with their cultural allegiance. There is a big cruise ship in that morning and some passengers will no doubt find their way down. Goodness knows what they’ll make of it. The thrill of a local festival perhaps!




    The march was given the formal go-ahead at the Council’s General Purposes Board a week or two ago. There was a big pile of objections for consideration. How can this be allowed in this day and age? It’s sectarian and triumphalist. We don’t need this in Gourock. It’s very upsetting! Why do they feel the need? Can they not just stay in the park?



    The General Purposes Board had to make a decision. Legal advice was offered. To prohibit the march there would need to be a good reason. Just personally disliking the whole idea of it was not good enough. There have been walks locally in past years, of a similar size, which have passed off peacefully. No precedence of violence or unruly behaviour here. They are a Christian organisation that has been part of the Scottish landscape for well over two hundred years.



    They might not be everybody’s cup of tea but I can categorically say that if the General Purposes Board had prohibited the march this Saturday then the Orange Order would have had an appeal into the Sheriff Court faster than you could say No Surrender, and they would have won that appeal. The Council would’ve been out a good few grand in legal expenses into the bargain.



    And if you refused one march for being potentially disruptive where would you draw the line? Yes marches? Republican marches? Remembrance Day Parades?



    The right to march is not without its limitations or implications. It also carries with it responsibilities. Just be thankful though that we still live in a country that allows it to happen!












    More Stories


    UK Gut Doctor “I Beg You To Throw Out This Vegetable Now”

  6. They might not be everybody’s cup of tea but I can categorically say that if the General Purposes Board had prohibited the march this Saturday then the Orange Order would have had an appeal into the Sheriff Court faster than you could say No Surrender, and they would have won that appeal. The Council would’ve been out a good few grand in legal expenses into the bargain.






    the council under drew mckenzie provost just surrendered then.



    dearie me.

  7. Paul 67,



    Davie Moyes?



    All foreign trups watching football are a bit of a party.


    Adventure, Camaradie, Booze, Song. Shindig, Craic and other things which cannot be mentioned.



    The only exception i can remember ( Well sort off ) was Seville. That was a pilgrimage.



    My two things to make football better and bring it back to the people :-



    Play attacking football. Parking tje bus is boring, anti football and is for fearties.


    Enhance the match day experience. Put every effort into creating a super event for each game. Use intuition. thought. time, effort and resources.



    Finally , Ange went down a treat last night.


    What has he won in England cynics may add.


    A legion of fans who want football back is the answer.



    HH, our journey continues.



    PS : Thought Laura Woods and the girl ( woman ) Scotland captain who was on the Scotland game panel have been the best pundits by a country mile.

  8. There will more than a few tumshies on that walk in Gourock


    Time to root them out. No?

  9. bigrailroadblues on



    I shall send back my report sir. I assume you mean the area where the the hun vermin shall be entering/exiting Paradise? I’ll take photos. 🫡

  10. what celtic park is missing on a match day, with orange and purple banners, big drums, flutes, accordings, stick throwing, scords and maces,



    maybe that is what the new fences are for, the parade route assemblle,

  11. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I read that Gourock piece this morning, I originally thought it was a spoof, sadly it’s for real.



    As regards English supporters and their national team, I disagree with the article, they are very much intense with their support. They started going into thr pubs at 2pm and most of the pubs in Bowness-On-Windermere are Edinburgh George Street prices 🫣

  12. Brief Superbru Update



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  13. glendalystonsils on

    HOT SMOKED on 26TH JUNE 2024 12:25 PM


    Did we sign the `keeper as was reported on here yesterday?



    I’ve read conflicting reports on this story so who knows?



    Hope it’s true as I think he would be a tremendous signing but I’ll only believe it when it’s announced by Celtic .



    The transfer window is like one long ‘would I lie to you?’ programme .

  14. Hot SmokedYou mean the post that every Celtic blog posted about,and the Media.” Deal agreed.Jose has given the OK.Price agreed.” That post?.


    Maybe in future will have to wait until the player actually plays his first game before telling the fans he has signed.


    In fact,think I will wait on that myself.Transfer windows.Worse than Scottish VAR.

  15. I remember two fantastic performances by a CH watching games quite recently.The latest was Harry Souter for Australia against S Korea.The other was by the same player,ably assisted by,Aron Mooy.MOTM in both games. in the last world cup.Absolutely outstanding…


    Not saying we should buy him,Huns bought the very inferior brother,but dont want them to buy him.


    Would I sign him.?What I saw was great,but that’s all I have seen,so who knows.

  16. On the subject of the Gourock disgrace,a wee mate of mine just flew back home at the weekend.He is walking in it.SS maybe know this,he said the last time they were there,loads of trouble,getting pelted.He did say,Greenock,but its definitely this walk coming up.Cant see why he would say that if not true,in fact he said” Not looking forward to it,so bad last time”.If that was the case,plenty of reason for denying permission.


    S Stivs could probably tell more.

  17. Four EURO Games Today with the first two games being on BBC with 5pm Kick Affs. The good news is that the BBC Coverage is ” MCCOIST FREE”, although they also employ several CHUMPS as Pundits and Commentators.



    Sadly, I suspect that ITV will probably have McCoist covering one of the matches that Kick Aff at 8pm Tonight ?



    So I will wait and see ” WHAT” Game that McCoist MAY be on ( IF Any ), and IF he is, I will then tune in to the other game…Simples !



    As I say, there are other pundit CHUMPS such as Lee ” Spin in the Hole” Dixon, Jermaine Jenas, Micah Richards ( who laughs at anything that other Panel members may say), Lineker ( who would be speechless if you cut off his arms ), Ian Wright and several others.



    One of the BEST Co Commentators that I have heard in recent years is the Ex Arsenal and England Player ” ALAN SMITH”….



    Don’t get me started on that Hun CHUMP CLIVE TYDESLEY….!




  18. Greenock (inverclyde) fair saturday.



    One road into the town in both directions.



    the gourock walk is on the border, starts in greenock battery park, annoys the tims from larkfield and midton, pisses off the residents of saint johns road then goes back again.



    A big crusie ship in, with 3,000 or so visitors and crew, .



    a fair at corrie park in the port.



    3,000 in the actual march, double that for the followers on.



    and the eejit of a provest effectively says what is the problem.



    he has from, i will find his nice ullogy to the freemasons.

  19. timmy7_noted on

    Jeezo. Why does P67 hate Scotland so much?


    I know at least five season ticket holders who were in Germany. I can assure you those guys have a great deal of crossover.



    Articles have been really poor of late. I’d expect the same from hun sites.



    Would it be a leap to link them to the election? Probably not.

  20. What is the Starz on

    I don’t get this disdain towards international football at all.


    Ok I understand the difficulties many generations of Celtic fans had with Scottish society and the SFA..but guess what …those days are gone now and in the past etc and The Rebels have won.


    I have been lucky enough to attend the Euros in 88 in Germany, World Cup in Italia 90 and World Cup in Germany 2006….the latter as a neutral to see Croatia v Australia.


    All 3 tournaments (especially the 2 in Germany) were fantastic occasions to meet and mingle with fans from all over..Ok the English could be a problem but there were also many who were happy to share a beer and a banter with no problem at all.


    Overall international football has far more positives than negatives.


    I suppose that some would sooner watch Celtic v Kilmarnock than Brazil v Italy and that’s fair also….But there is nothing wrong with enjoying international tournaments…


    Parsimonious Lawwellites Rule

  21. timmy_7noted



    If you do not know the answer to your own question you have not been paying attention


    If it came to the crunch, Celtic supporter or no, Paul67 would be waving a banner of red, white and blue

  22. Agree too. I was at the game in Stuttgart. Scottish fans were in good form at the game and all around town


    and much admired by German folk. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the team.

  23. I was out last week in Germany



    Scotland v Swiss Cologne


    Italy v Spain Geleskerchen


    Ukraine v Slovakia Dusseldorf



    Had a Ball in Cologne and Dusseldorf with my sons and nephews



    Meet many Celtic supporter over there but also Morton/Dunfermilne/Ross county/St Johnstone etc etc etc



    Very few Rangers supporters but any i did seemed decent folk.

  24. I don’t particularly like international football because the vast majority of matches are average at best.



    With club football it means far more so you put up with the average quality 😁

  25. timmy7_noted on

    So it would appear there are lots of Tims with quite a bit of crossover. I wonder why anyone would think otherwise? Surely not an agenda?

  26. Wake up call to the SFA.


    Many countries with far smaller populations than us are doing miles better, sure the ain’t gonna win anything but they are all trying like bears,


    Found out too that my understanding of football was to move the ball forward. Been wrong for tears obviously. Scotland and England showed just how wrong I was, silly goose that i am.



    Regards “the marching season”, simple a total ban on them all.


    These days when you can’t call a fireman a fireman, it’s ok to voice a hideous display of bile, hatred and sectarianism. 21 st Century my arse. Fucking grow up




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