Federate with England or lose your talented teens


Celtic players’ participation in the World Cup ended yesterday as Efe Ambrose’ Nigeria were eventually overpowered by France.  Baring injury, Efe will be in Champions League duty in Iceland two weeks from today, which leaves the player little scope to rest weary limbs for the season ahead.

The fitness management of Efe and Emilio Izaguirre throughout the season will need to take a different path from the rest of the squad.  The search for cover for both players should be a priority.

It’s a pity for Dundee United, and for Scottish football, that Ryan Gauld seems on the verge of leaving for Sporting Lisbon at only 18-years-old.  United have seen enough to know they have a genuine talent on their hands, but the player’s glory years all lie ahead of him.

United will continue to lose genuine teenage talent until they, along with other aspiring Scottish clubs, get a change of environment.  If the Scottish Premiership folded into the English Football League structure Ryan Gould would remain in Tayside for years to come.

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  1. tonydonnelly67



    Fans will turn out if there team are winning. Even going down a league usually sees attendances rising because they are winning more games.


    Scotland has an overpriced product at the minute though. Motherwell can;t even get a decent support finishing 2nd two years on the spin.




  2. I think it is brilliant if young Scots leave to widen their horizons, especially at such a high level, good on the lad, I wish him well.



    I struggle to understand why this can be anything but good for all concerned?



    The club who nurtured him get a good fee, the lad will be developed (and hopefully blossom), the country will benifit with his enhanced experience.



    We seem to rave about DU kids………why? Our kids have hammered them, and the rest of the nations clubs for years. Our kids are constantly mixing it with, and beating, some of Europe’s best.

  3. LiviBhoy


    13:16 on


    1 July, 2014





    So he did, my mistake, I was thinking of the two Mac’s (Arthy, Arthur) when typing.

  4. The only times that I recall seeing Gauld is when it’s been against us.



    He hasn’t particularly impressed me but by all accounts the boy has talent.



    I’d prefer to see him stay at Utd. Better players make the league better and hopefully more competitive.



    In addition, the more often Celtic players are up against better footballers, the better it should make our players.

  5. bournesouprecipe on

    When was the last time a major Euro side came in for an SPL teenager on a permanent contract?

  6. Eyes Wide Open on




    12:55 on 1 July, 2014



    The buck eejit went and spent, sorry blew £3.8m on Marc Antoine Fortune!!



    Tony Donnelly – McCarthy only went to Wigan after Mowbray was appointed – BTM said himself he considered buying him but felt, for the money concerned he needed to strengthen other areas of the team more pressingly.



    I am sure at that stage, had BTM decided differently, that McCarthy would have ended up a Celtic player..



    Do you think its tales like this which is why Lawwell, well Lawwell sometimes maybe decides for the manager on occasion (eg Mo Bangura being signed while NFL was in Portugal looking at another striker by the name of Balde, or over riding his manager who wanted more established players by recruiting projects such as the Balde we now have)

  7. On Radio 4’s the Today programme this morning they’re saying the Yes vote is slipping and the No vote gaining.



    I personally thought this would be the trend as folk actually work out what’s in it for them – or not.

  8. With Steven away we will be looking for cover at centre half, noticed Bougherra doesn’t have a club :)

  9. eyes wide open



    13:28 on 1 July, 2014





    Thought thats who it was.



    Nearly sure read on here someone who was close to the mccarthys say similar that mowbray/lawell wouldnt match fee and wigan had good concrete offer leaving them no choice.

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Is it when Real Madrid swooped for wee John Fleck?



    or was it Bayern?








    Celtic’s youth teams have swept the likes of Gauld aside for years. Why, presumably because they are better footballers? So why do they not graduate?



    Easy to answer; few opportunities.

  12. proudbhoy



    Apparently the KKK flag has now been removed.



    Now they just need to deal with the increasing racist attacks and the burning of tricolours on bonfires.



    13:38 on


    1 July, 2014





    Fewer opportunities, and when they get them, we slaughter them from the stands.

  14. hamiltontim



    13:45 on 1 July, 2014





    Good to see someone in the area has some cop on.



    They’ll always burn the national flag.. Its their culture sure.



    Sad how badly their unionist leadership and peers in general have raised them up over the years. What chance had they really.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Weet 3-looks like you were right to question Alex Songs’ red card,Cameroon under investigation with a match fixer who tipped a 4-0 score and a red card in the first half.

  16. The monday morning quarterbacks who are advising us that we should not miss out on the next McCarthy or Snodgrass have all got Betting Punters Memory Syndrome.



    With this condition you only remember and talk about the big winners you backed or the big winners you tipped but ill fortune prevented you from backing with money. You suppress the memory of the 100 others you tipped in a “speculate to accumulate” frenzy which ended up as discarded slips on the betting room floor.



    CQN, during a transfer window, is awash with tips. There are more CQNrs now decrying our failure to sign McCarthy or Snodgrass or Steven Fletcher than ever called for them to be signed at the time. I was in favour of McCarthy as he went to the same school as I did, but I was aware that Hamilton wanted a hefty fee for him and that he was a bit of a punt. There was no great outcry when he went south to Wigan. The outcry came when he proved to be a success and got a move to Everton. Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.



    All the players we had actually been tipping more forcibly on CQN, James McFadden, Margaro Gomis, David Goodwillie etc; are never brought up as examples of contemporary “no brainers” which Lawwell failed to sanction.



    If Gauld and Armstrong go South to clubs and one is a success and one not so much, we will only hear about the one that got away. No one will own up to having touted the one that failed to live up to their estimation.



    Snodgrass is the new Ross McCormick. No-one urged us to buy the Rangers reserve, McCormick, but now he has fetched £10m in the transfer market, he is parades as one we missed. No one had the hots for Snodgrass at Livi, where Dorrans was thought to be the better player. Snodgrass spent several years as an unsought player before he became the “one that got away”.



    Does anyone remember when Burton O’Brien was the Scottish wunderkid? We can still pick him up for a song from Livi where he plays nowadays.



    This talent spotting lark ain’t as easy as it sounds.

  17. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Not sure why the english league would want to integrate the spfl into their set up.

  18. Big Cup-Winners



    “Easy to answer; few opportunities.”



    Begs the question- why so few opportunities?



    Some will say managerial incompetence. Others will recognise that to break into the Celtic team you have to leap frog 18 full internationalists. To get into the United team you just have to be better than Gary Kenneth.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on



    13:06 on


    1 July, 2014


    If we are going to take any player from D.Utd then it would have to be Armstrong.


    Gauld is nowhere near Celtic level – Armstrong on the other hand has huge potential.


    Whilst I’m here – good luck in the negotiations Neil. They started in January, all the best. It was time to move on.


    Anything to share with the group?

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Gene’s a Bhoy’s name



    Unless he knows something Paul67 should quit with the kite flying. Thats at least 10 years now ffs.



    Although would the English fans the Scots-English rivalry, I think they might. You look at the supporter bases at Aberdeen, Dundee utd, Hearts, Hibs and think there is massive potential there.



    However, unless there is something in the pipeline we should be nurturing this potential for ourselves and the competition we currently play for and have played for our entire history.




  21. SFTB



    Of all the players you mentioned, and no doubt there will be scores of others that could be mentioned, McCarthy was the one that I’d have gone for.



    It’s probably significant that as his stock increases the others’ diminishes.

  22. traditionalist88 on

    THE Directors of the Company wish to announce the resignation of Mr Brian Duffy as Director of the Company with effect from June 30 2014.



    Mr Duffy is stepping down from the board in order to give his full time and attention to Aurum Holdings (owners of Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland and Goldsmiths Jewellers) to which he has been appointed CEO.



    Commenting on his resignation, Mr Duffy said “I have been proud to have been a Director of the Company, and wish Celtic Football Club and the new management team every future success”.



    Chairman Ian Bankier said: “We would like to thank Brian for his excellent contribution to the Company over the last four years. We fully respect the reason for his resignation and wish him all the very best with his new venture.”

  23. setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox…..



    Excellent post. The priority on here seems to be one of hating Peter Lawell, rather than watching the football.

  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Comparatively very few Celtic prospects go on to make the grade at major clubs, if released. They may ply their trade, and have relative success, but not many do, on a scale of one, to Celtic.



    We loan players out like most big clubs and if you’re good enough you’ll play in the first team.



    Expecting a few more following Moyoukolo through the revolving door.

  25. bournesouprecipe on

    Sharapova loses the first set, and if she loses the next womens tennis at Wimbledon will be a waste of time.

  26. weeron



    14:07 on 1 July, 2014


    setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox…..



    Excellent post. The priority on here seems to be one of hating Peter Lawell, rather than watching the football.






    Disagree. There are some posters who’ve been critical of some of the actions of PL and the board but I certainly don’t believe it’s more important than the team on the park.

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