Federate with England or lose your talented teens


Celtic players’ participation in the World Cup ended yesterday as Efe Ambrose’ Nigeria were eventually overpowered by France.  Baring injury, Efe will be in Champions League duty in Iceland two weeks from today, which leaves the player little scope to rest weary limbs for the season ahead.

The fitness management of Efe and Emilio Izaguirre throughout the season will need to take a different path from the rest of the squad.  The search for cover for both players should be a priority.

It’s a pity for Dundee United, and for Scottish football, that Ryan Gauld seems on the verge of leaving for Sporting Lisbon at only 18-years-old.  United have seen enough to know they have a genuine talent on their hands, but the player’s glory years all lie ahead of him.

United will continue to lose genuine teenage talent until they, along with other aspiring Scottish clubs, get a change of environment.  If the Scottish Premiership folded into the English Football League structure Ryan Gould would remain in Tayside for years to come.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    15:12 on


    1 July, 2014


    I might be in the minority but for me McNamara’s achievements at DU are a bit overrated thus far.





    With you on that, was hugely unimpressed with the against Sevco at Ibrox and thought the 1-3 flattered them.



    Cup final proved a point they have a long way to go.



    None of the above would put me off signing Gauld though.




  2. Auldheid



    I think the EPL/SPFL issue is too hot a potato for either side to grasp.



    If the No politicians offered to argue for merged leagues, there would be a backlash of McGlashans threatening that “They can take away oor freedom bu they cannot take away oor SPFL”. It would be portrayed as English arrogance and they would be told we don’t need your patronising help. It would be portrayed as promising something they cannot deliver since the Government cannot order the (E) FA to do anything or UEFA and FIFA will harm English football.



    Similarly, the YES side is hamstrung by the contradiction involved in going it alone and yet merging their football organisation with thae English bassas. Even if Salmond offered to pressure Sky and others into offering Scottish football a pro rata rate of the riches, it would be portrayed as an ineffectual threat. Unless every Scottish subscriber chose to sign up to a Mass Sky (and BT) Resignation campaign, we have no leverage other than an appeal to fairness, a notoriously unsuccessful negotiating position.



    I think we need a bi-partisan campaign rather than mix this up with the Yes/No issues (only 3 more months of this to endure, thank god!)

  3. Not sure if it’s been posted but Roy Keane has been named as the new assistant manager at Aston Villa.




  4. setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox



    He took a young amatuer player from Queens Park and turned him into an international in under a year. That is unbelievable!




  5. Stilian Petrov


    made his competitive debut for Celtic


    41 days after his 20th birthday


    he done ok


    hail hail

  6. traditionalist88 on

    This whole ‘federating’ carry on is a pipedream.



    In Scotland we have minimum 6 clubs with large support bases if you must include Sevco living within their means. On top of that you have clubs like Dundee who recently sold their stadium out.



    Forget the pipedream – what can save Scottish football is fan power.




  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    From the twitter photo, it looks like the polis van has a flagpole mounted on its roof and is actually flying the kkk flag.



    Couldn’t be, or could it?

  8. Hi, I am a long term lurker but was wondering if the discussions around Ryan Gould might reveal an aspect of the clubs recruitment strategy.


    I have been trying to recall the last young talent we signed from another Scottish club while that player was still under contract and can only think of Dylan Mcgeouch. Could it be that the club see their interests as being better served in the long term by seeking talent from elsewhere and not from any Scottish rivals? Recruiting the best talent from an immediate rival would weaken that rival, even with monetary compensation. Might Celtic prefer to see some rivals flourish?

  9. traditionalist88 on

    kc kumar: ‘Might Celtic prefer to see some rivals flourish?’





    Naw. I think we’d rather pump them and get the CL money.




  10. WeefratheTim on

    Good afternoon all



    Had a really busy few days. How are you all this wonderful day? Well I hope.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  11. There was mention we will be needing cover at CB. Am I not right in thinking that the young bhoy Fraser is recovered from injury? He looked a great prospect. He must be of an age when he should be pushing for a first team place.

  12. KC Kumar



    If we were that worried about that issue we would not be buying developed talent either. We bought Robson, Hartley, Brown, Flood, Wilson, Watt, Stokes and Griffiths from Scottish clubs. I think we are wary of the fact that it is easier to break into other SPFL first team than it is to ours.



    I know Gauld has a huge reputation and good judges rate him highly but most ordinary punters have not seen much evidence of this in SPFL matches. I recall one good performance against Ross County. That is not enough evidence for me.

  13. SFTB



    Jackie had to get Thistle out of their league. He done that. Dundee United’s strategy is to bring through young players and buy low and sell high. He is doing that with relative success.


    He may not have sold too many yet but I suspect he has reduced the wage bill while giving the punters a decent product to watch on the pitch.


    He has a lot of assets in the current side who will be worth good money to the club. I don;t think Jackie has bought many players out with the Scottish leagues. He seems to have a squad of young players who are eager to play football. I read that some of them go up the park in their down time to kick a ball around together. Not many clubs players do that sort of thing.


    Not all his transfers will work and some haven’t but if he continues at the current rate Dundee United won;t be far away from honours in the cups and a decent position in the league. That is success for Dundee United. If they can make some cash from a few of their young plyers in the meantime than the chairman will be happy and may look at making the tickets more attractive for the fans.


    What he has proved is that there are players in Scotland like Robertson who can be picked up and developed and coached from a low position into an international in a very short period of time.


    Celtic should be able to pick the cream of the Scottish players and do the same. Just my opinion though.




  14. Nah, with “federation” he’d just be off to Chel$ea’s bench. At least in Portugal he stands a chance of further development …

  15. Eyes Wide Open on

    I think some guys on here are being far too black and white about what it takes for someone to become a success in the game.



    You only need to look at Lubo Moravcik, who could very well have retired from the game with a solid reputation of being a complete average footballer to know there is more to it, than simply who made the grade and who didnt.



    A lot of players move to the wrong club, or move at the wrong time for a multitude of different reasons – footballing and non footballing.



    So please, if posting as if in a factual context, give a bit of consideration to the ‘grey’.

  16. LB



    Who was the incumbent LB that Robertson had to replace?



    If we were looking for a back up for Izzy, would we buy Robertson at £1m plus or Taylor-Fletcher for £300k?



    It would be a different answer if we were replacing Izzy.



    Agree that Jackie brought style to some United games but there were just as many where the young boys did not achieve. Hence 6th and 4th SPFL positions and no cup wins. He will have to improve their league position as well as their finances, through sales, if he is to survive.

  17. Geordie Munro on




    Were flood and LG not signed from Cardiff and wolves respectively?



    I agree with your point though. I think Celtic will try and sign who they want/ need.

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Thanks for the fleg info.



    I am not sure I could get drunk enough for it to form the basis of my new body art; so may have to go with ‘ Only God can judge me’ instead.

  19. SFTB



    I think you give reasons why they will not touch it and that is my reason for having a plague on both their houses view.



    We have clear unfairness on a massive scale to tackle and neither side has the will to take it on.



    If they cannot take on football who or what can they take on?



    FIFA and the associations under them are at a very low point in the eyes of supporters who are voters.



    I think there are more votes to win tackling the issue of corrupt football governance than there are to lose and if ever there was a time to do it that time is now.



    Governments that allow FIFA to dictate to them are simply weak, led by weak men.

  20. “Speaking generally, the integrity of the game is a top priority for Fifa and as such we take any allegations of match manipulation very seriously.”



    Although said in context of what is going on with Cameroon,cant help thinkin they have not been paid any attention to the Scottish game,which has had its soul and credibility ripped out by cheating imo.



  21. traditionalist88 on

    An Tearmann


    16:09 on


    1 July, 2014


    “Speaking generally, the integrity of the game is a top priority for Fifa and as such we take any allegations of match manipulation very seriously.”



    Although said in context of what is going on with Cameroon,cant help thinkin they have not been paid any attention to the Scottish game,which has had its soul and credibility ripped out by cheating imo.







    One club, specifically.



    But yet we want to ‘federate’ with a country where wages for a guy who couldnt touch Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar is 300k+ per week?!



    Where several top flight clubs are posting huge losses just to compete and the picture is even worse in its second tier?



    Are we sure about this?




  22. SFTB



    I wonder if the changing landscape has not altered our perception of what role we play in it. All of those players were bought before Rangers were liquidated except for Griffiths who came from Wolves after his loan spell at Hibs finished.


    As Traditionalist 88 points out our finances benefit greatly from Champions league participation, but having won the league by 29, 16 and 20 points in the last 3 seasons perhaps the club see scope for retaining an advantage but allowing the gap to close through our own player recruitment. A closer race must have its benefits!


    I was surprised Gauld did not start the Cup Final but having played the week before against us, when others such as Armstrong, Robertson and Mackay-Steven did not start, must reveal what his own management thought of his ability to contribute at that time and so maybe our scouts also don’t think he would be value for money.


    But in general I wonder if we will see any young Scottish talent, move to Celtic in the near future from another Scottish rival club while contracted to and established at their own club.

  23. Geordie Munro



    Flood was playing for United when we bought him. Griffiths was playing on loan with Hibs the season when we bought him from Wolves. Therefore, we did diminish the playing potential of our rivals. Even if we did not do so, we would not be in a more competitive league. Our other clubs can only afford to buy English non-league cast offs and surround them with hit and miss Youth players.



    Auldheid- I think there are votes for a bi-partisan campaign but political parties do not get enough party kudos from shared campaigns. This one might be best led by a conglomeration of fans groups.

  24. Hi Bhoys,



    Away from football for a minute… Has anyone heard from Twistsnturns regarding Mr Maynard running tomorrow?




  25. kc kumar



    I cannot see the landscape changing that much.



    Yes, we would benefit from more competition but, if a player from a rival SPFL club shows sufficient promise, we would be stupid to not buy him as he will just get sold anyway to an English club.



    The SPFL is a group of Wildebeest waiting to be preyed upon by the richer Lions. However, they will take our best, our strongest and our fittest leaving us to replenish our stock from rival Wildebeest herds.



    We get to dictate and choose less than we might think.

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