Federate with England or lose your talented teens


Celtic players’ participation in the World Cup ended yesterday as Efe Ambrose’ Nigeria were eventually overpowered by France.  Baring injury, Efe will be in Champions League duty in Iceland two weeks from today, which leaves the player little scope to rest weary limbs for the season ahead.

The fitness management of Efe and Emilio Izaguirre throughout the season will need to take a different path from the rest of the squad.  The search for cover for both players should be a priority.

It’s a pity for Dundee United, and for Scottish football, that Ryan Gauld seems on the verge of leaving for Sporting Lisbon at only 18-years-old.  United have seen enough to know they have a genuine talent on their hands, but the player’s glory years all lie ahead of him.

United will continue to lose genuine teenage talent until they, along with other aspiring Scottish clubs, get a change of environment.  If the Scottish Premiership folded into the English Football League structure Ryan Gould would remain in Tayside for years to come.

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  1. .





    Sammi is Greek Aussie ..his Grandfather was one of the founders of South Melbourne FC (Hellas)..



    Sammi’s Dad left Melbourne in his 20’s to go back to play for Crete and PAOK..Later managing Crete ..Sammi left for Holland when 14 yrs..



    In 2005 Sammi decided to Play for Greece instead of Australia..




  2. Hrvatski Jim on




    Award yourself Summa cum laude for your informative post re Sammi .



    Bring back Latin!

  3. Eyes Wide Open



    I think you need to read up on Lubo. He captained the Czech team in the 1990 world cup. I believe the first Slovak to do so. He was a scorer of amazing goals for St Ettiene a real top player. Zidane said Moravcik was one of his idols growing up.


    Marseille wanted to sign him in the 90’s but he was loyal to St Ettiene and didn;t want to sign for their rivals. Lubo would have been a European cup winner.


    Lubo was winding his career down before he came to Celtic but he was never an average player.




  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Ignoring the blip that was Mowbrey’ s time, for the last fifteen years, we have been playing a pragmatic type of football.



    In that time, many players have come in and gone out again without making their mark.



    It can’t be that they were all poor players.



    Perhaps their talents just didn’t fit into the style that the coaches played.



    The stated aims of the new regime are diametrically opposite from his predecessors.



    Therefore, perhaps players at the club, whom some have written off, e.g. Dylan, Teemo and Amido, may thrive under a different approach.



    Hope so.

  5. Argentina v Switzerland



    If the referee is neutral, doesn’t that favour the Swiss??



    More special moments, Lionel, por favor. Sorry for being greedy.

  6. beatbhoy



    I think the Swiss can shock Argentina tonight.


    A big team is for the chop in this round. I think theA mericans can take the Belgians all the way too.



    2 stick-on bankers now for the two favourites tonight!




  7. setting free the bears supports Res. 12 & Oscar Knox





    16:26 on



    1 July, 2014



    Auldheid- I think there are votes for a bi-partisan campaign but political parties do not get enough party kudos from shared campaigns. This one might be best led by a conglomeration of fans groups.





    That would be like putting a few ferrets down my trousers and asking them not to chew! :)

  8. traditionalist88


    16:12 on


    1 July, 2014


    An Tearmann


    16:09 on


    1 July, 2014


    “Speaking generally, the integrity of the game is a top priority for Fifa and as such we take any allegations of match manipulation very seriously.”



    Although said in context of what is going on with Cameroon,cant help thinkin they have not been paid any attention to the Scottish game,which has had its soul and credibility ripped out by cheating imo.







    One club, specifically.



    But yet we want to ‘federate’ with a country where wages for a guy who couldnt touch Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar is 300k+ per week?!



    Where several top flight clubs are posting huge losses just to compete and the picture is even worse in its second tier?



    Are we sure about this?









    I posted without the knowledge of the ‘must get ooot of here’ debate going on going on again.it is old hat and in political terms was laughed out when George Galloway mentioned it in the context of the indy debate last year.


    turkeys dont vote for christmas.


    I see the way forward as some sort of Uefa alignment of their Europa League and Champions league into a midweek European league.This in my thinking would maintain national leagues whilst augmenting Uefa competition


    If,imo,barriers to trade and the law was forced in this issue i think it would lead to the likes of Ajax and PSG getting asked/applying for the EPL and if those barriers where removed whats to stop them doing so.


    We are are a different country in footballing terms,why the envy of a debt ridden league?is this us getting over our addiction to our debt ridden now dead neighbours.


    Sky may have a say and Celtic know this as the matches against the cheat were their big sellers..yep hate sells,when the hate firm roadshow is being vomited thro advertising.


    i hope we revolutionize from within and chase the cheating masons out of their blazers but following into England i think would be a massive cultural and social change.



    all what ifs what ifs what ifs what ifs,reminds me of my subbeteo chart as a wean but my livin room was different to the global finance/corruption involved in football today




    An T (soz for rant)

  9. .






    No Sammi was born in Greece (Heraklion) 1985 His Dad was born in South Melbourne and left for Greece to have more chance to play for National team..But had a successful long term Career with Heraklion FC (Crete)..Player and Manager..




  10. Livibhoy



    The Swiss are always good bankers!



    But Argentina should be too strong, especially with a very motivated genius on board.

  11. Kingsnake


    An excellent little video. Really enjoyed that and the shirt changes at the top were brilliant! You even had the good grace to keep your bare torso off camera. A real gent 0:-)



    Well done,



  12. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    16:39 on 1 July, 2014



    Re: Lubo



    I think I can remember reading that in Zidane’s first professional season Lubo was voted best / most valuable foreign player in ligue 1.

  13. kingsnake



    16:31 on 1 July, 2014,



    That was magic, well done you.



    My daughter will be in Phoenix Arizona with my brother and his wife in August.



    If you see an eighteen year old ghirl with the hoops on, it will most likely be her. :) HH

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BSR- one of the most bewitching and beautiful women of our age; you would think she could do better than ole Eurochamps.

  15. the glorious balance sheet on

    Scotland’s clubs can’t confederate with an unwilling partner. The English clubs don’t want it.



    17 years after fergus McCann tried to buy Wimbledon. Interspersed with Dermot Desmond popping up every few years to say how celtic going to England is inevitable, TV will dictate, it’ll happen within a few years etc



    It’s time to stop banging the Celtic to England drum. Ain’t going to happen.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Christie is married to The Guardian journalist Duncan Campbell; they have lived together since 1979, but the date they wed is unknown’



    – there were bhoys on here yesterday wantin’ ole Duncan to abandon wee Julie and come up here and root aroun’ in Sevconian nefariousness, lookin’ for the ole smokin’ gun.



    Yeh, right…

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BSR- better the zither [don’t tell MWD].



    Anyways, many happy returns to hoopslegend wee Rico Annoni.





    The Duncan Campbell of the ABC trial is a different Duncan Campbell from the one employed by The Guardian and married to Julie Christie.

  19. Good evening friends.



    Argentina and Belgium surely tonight. Otherwise that’s my world cup investment fund down to its last £1.

  20. Argentina not looking at their best today, could be a chance of an upset if Switzerland are on their game.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BMCUWP- thankyou for clearin’ that up.



    It was bad enough when wee Julie was bein’ mistaken for Ronnie Deila.





    Not a mistake which I suspect either of us would make….

  23. inchture bhoy aka neil lennon on

    I was in renewing my season ticket today and as i walked in through the main doors Neil Doncaster was walking out. Maybe we are going to be federated sooner than we thought.



    Or maybe he was just renewing his seat as well.

  24. I meant Australia ffs!



    Sammi’s dad being born there I mean!



    Cmon Argentina!




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