Federate with England or lose your talented teens


Celtic players’ participation in the World Cup ended yesterday as Efe Ambrose’ Nigeria were eventually overpowered by France.  Baring injury, Efe will be in Champions League duty in Iceland two weeks from today, which leaves the player little scope to rest weary limbs for the season ahead.

The fitness management of Efe and Emilio Izaguirre throughout the season will need to take a different path from the rest of the squad.  The search for cover for both players should be a priority.

It’s a pity for Dundee United, and for Scottish football, that Ryan Gauld seems on the verge of leaving for Sporting Lisbon at only 18-years-old.  United have seen enough to know they have a genuine talent on their hands, but the player’s glory years all lie ahead of him.

United will continue to lose genuine teenage talent until they, along with other aspiring Scottish clubs, get a change of environment.  If the Scottish Premiership folded into the English Football League structure Ryan Gould would remain in Tayside for years to come.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    How do you find a word that means Di Maria?



    A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!



    0-0 HT

  2. Poor first half of football, Messi pretty quiet.



    Reminds me a bit of Argentina’s opening game against Bosnia, maybe Messi will come alive again in the 2nd half.

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    “When Messi get them balls, in them pockets”



    Robbie Savage Licence Thief CSC

  4. Jungle Jim: “You even had the good grace to keep your bare torso off camera.”



    Yeah, the pics with my blubber hanging out were censored. It’s something not even my wife wants to see … ;-)

  5. sipsini: Excellent! Hopefully I’ll see your family at Rosie’s (the pub we catch the Hoops on). Match time currently is -8 from Glasgow … :-)





    Madman,climbing that!



    One look at it and I’d head for the nearest pub and write a sicknote.



    Forwarded as requested.

  7. fandapatriot – I echo your Kostas Manolas for CB sentiment. Played amazingly well in Greece’s last 3 games.

  8. None of the favorites have played particularly well in the round of 16. Hopefully that is a positive sign for the Belgium-USA match …

  9. inchture bhoy aka neil lennon on

    kingsnake: maybe he wants a whole seasons worth of games without the fear of the money running out.

  10. I’m getting more and more depressed listening to Mark” Happy” Lawerenson’s analysis, he should work for the British Tourist board and fill the beaches of Blighty..

  11. Angel di Maria, like many Argentinians, is of Italian estraction.



    The Italian ‘di’ is the equivalent of the Scots/Irish ‘Mc, Mac, O’. the German ‘von’, the Dutch/Flemish ‘van’…



    Cmon Argentina!




  12. kingsnake,



    Cheers for the info, I’ll let my daughter and brother know not my sister-in-law…a lovely woman but hates football :))

  13. Keeper dives away from an easy save forcing him to turn it into a wonder save, Di Maria showboats on the byline and skies the cross. This game is turning surreal.

  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust at 17:55 on 1 July, 2014


    Carnoustie get the 2018 open. Nice



    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



    You mean CQN14’s not to be at Aberdour?

  15. a ceiler gonof rust



    17:55 on 1 July, 2014


    Carnoustie get the 2018 open.









    I can see you becoming popular. :))

  16. Newsfeeds saying manager happy with current squad – reported on here Saturday evening.



    Roy Keane to Aston Villa in news too – wonder where this was first suggested?



    Just saying…



    We are back on the road with the three Lisbon Lions this Saturday afternoon at the Celtic shop in Clydebank from 1pm. Celtic are bringing along some very special cups at our request. Tommy Gemmell, Bertie Auld and John Hughes will be there signing copies of Tommy’s book All The Best and Yogi Bare by John Hughes. Both are excellent reads….



    The Seville book is also on promo at all Celtic stores for July and August at £12 – great read for the beach!

  17. Argentina making heavy weather of this.



    Give us a goal ffs!



    ET looming.



    So expect some goals in the last 20 minutes!




  18. Italian commentator just informed us all that Mascherano told Shakira(!) to ‘f@#$ off!’

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