Ferencvaros hit Europa league highs last season


It is positive news that we will not face the mid-season Swedish champions next week.  Djurgardens are nowhere near as strong as Celtic, but they will be significantly fitter and by some way better than any team we have faced since Copenhagen in February.

At full strength, Ferencvaros are almost certainly a better team than Djurgardens, and they won through last night with the advantage of home soil, despite being only one game into their domestic campaign.

Unlike last season, their European record read like a history of Hungarian football over the last four decades.  The four previous years brought only one aggregate win in European qualification, against Latvian opposition, with defeats to teams from Israel, Denmark, Albania, Bosnia and Netherlands.

That all changed in season 2019-20, when they eliminated Bulgarian, Maltese and Lithuanian opponents to reach the Europa League group stage.  There, they drew home and away with Espanyol, beat CSKA in Moscow and took a point at home.  Their campaign ended there, as despite having beat Bulgarians Ludogorets Razgrad home and away in a Champions League qualifying round, they lost their Europa League home game, could only draw away, and finished third in the table.

Ferencvaros record last season is enough to give Neil Lennon plenty to think about, but playing at Celtic Park against opponents no fitter than we are, is what we would have hoped for at this stage.

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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    We have the Scottish cringe in spades — always looking for excuses to explain our own failure.





    not sure about having the scottish cringe in spades



    i think our main problem if we want to take a step forward in europe is that we have scottish players in spades in an era when the scottish international team is scants



    we are getting rid of midfielders like rogic and ntcham, genuine quality players and its those type of players that could help us take a step forward in europe



    not playing



    mcgregor brown christie forrest



    in every big game



    that, and being able to defend properly in europe might help as well

  2. MADMITCH on 20TH AUGUST 2020 5:11 PM


    AT @ 5.03


    So why don’t you name this socialist party of yours …


    Give them a bit of publicity.


    I’m sure they could be doing with it.


    Come on …


    Don’t be shy.



    Mad Mitch, these points I’ve made on here, are nothing to do with “Socialist’s Parties”


    or whatever, you know what they say about the word assumption, making an Ass


    out of you & Me, to assume matters, it is was it is @ present, so how can we change


    matters linked to our Club? What do you suggest, which will make us more successful?

  3. An Tearman



    Absolutely delighted that you are paying close attention.



    A profit, or loss, on “player trading”, is simply the difference between what you receive by way of transfer fees for players leaving the club, and what you spend on transfer fees to bring new players into the club.



    Can confirm that KT’s transfer fee was £25m.



    Hope that has cleared things up for you.

  4. Mark Viduka was sold to Leeds for 6 million. The a Big Hunskelper was signed for the same. There’s your swap.

  5. MADMITCH on 20TH AUGUST 2020 4:46 PM



    AT @ 4.21



    For a micro Marxist you are very forgiving of DD’s efforts towards our club.



    No my micro gleaning pot stirring guff writing friend.Your assumptions are as incorrect as your meeja spliced english.


    just gave you a rough outline of his factual input into Celtic.no bias were mentioned.no views expressed.it has given Celtic certainty since 1994.


    Your trying to hard.quiet night at yir meeja desk?



    He is an Irish Raj lording over a Scottish football institution that he does not fully understand.



    An you dae understaun Celtic? a poster on cqn who can’t post as themself! don’t mind me Mitch if I have a giggle.


    I beg to differ on this one.but like ma vote.


    am no tellin




    He does not have a growth agenda unless the Yahoos fae Govan upset him over a cup of tea.



    quite right too.i like my sugar cubed.









  6. The hand of God on

    My understanding of a swap is when two clubs exchange players without any cash changing hands as in Tom Boyd for Tony Cascarino (thank you Chelsea)….cant recall anyone moving to Chelsea in exchange for Chris Sutton.

  7. AN TEARMANN on 20TH AUGUST 2020 3:46 PM


    st stivs.







    enjoy your posts and pics.







    I have been down your way for a walk round The Greenock “cut” the building of the waterworks dams and canals to enable water to flow into the then new build parts of the town.





    last time I was down there,was a clear day,being able to see over to Argyll Arran with Greenock and the port below.i kept thinking of John Kelly’s description in his book IRISH of the “boat of faces”.





    I was wondering do you know anything of the construction of the “cut”.Was it a big employer of the navvy?



    hope all’s good down your way?









    I am good fella.


    What I know about the cut was mostly because I worked at IBM for many years, and the cut ran just behind us up the hill.



    Its been a while so what I did remember was it was built early 1800’s I am guessing BEFORE the Irish really arrived in the area to work on railways, bridges, canals.



    Mass migration for survival , as described in the most excellent book you mention – only really started at the beginning of the famine years 1840’s. The irish in scotland before that were really seasonal workers, on the farms. The civil engineering projects had labour from displaced highlanders (both jacobites and clearances).


    Those seasonal workers in no way got to come and live in scotland, it really was temporary labour. Absolutely no chance of gaelic speakers and catholic practioners would be allowed to stay.


    A good example of the “year of the sheep” being the GlenGarry Highlanders arriving in Bridgeton. 80 years before Celtic.



    The Book – that I feel every person should read is –



    Irish: The Remarkable Saga of a Nation and a City (Paperback – 8 April 2004)



    The Story of the Sacred Heart and the GlenGarry MacDonnell






    As to the Cut,


    I think the army might have been involved, so there may well have been Irish there, but not the Navvies.


    Remember this is the era of the Irish rebellion 1798, then the Napeoloic wars.



    I do rememebr reading something , maybe the Wild Geese website, that there was a myth built up, that the Irish came and worked on the engineering projects, to undercut the locals, take their jobs, and undermine the governement. Acover for what wa really happening.



    I am away to find that again, you peaked my interest, and its better than reading the shitey politico views from the usual trolls.

  8. Unless things deteriorate, as well they might, it looks as though the Scottish government will allow some spectators to attend sports stadiums from September 14. Keep an eye open on the Ayr Gold Cup which also follows that date. Based on my calculation, which involved drawing 60,000 seats, (lifesize) and colouring in those that can be occupied, (like Hockney on a bigger scale), I have calculated that just over 5,000 should be able to attend Celtic Park. Given that season tickets are sold out, these seats could be made available on a public sale @ £20 a go cash only. That’s a hundred grand right there. A nice bonus if you like.

  9. Read it and weep, imagine being Irish in 1800’s Britain.


    Rounded up and marched off in Fife





    Paddy the Navvy


    Posted by Kieron Punch on June 2, 2017



    “In eighteen hundred and forty-four


    I landed on the Liverpool shore


    Me belly was empty me hands were raw


    With working on the railway, the railway


    I’m weary of the railway


    Poor paddy works on the railway”



    (from Poor Paddy on the Railway by The Dubliners






    ” this perception of the Irish immigrant worker is deeply ingrained within the British national consciousness and has its origins in the more sinister anti-Irish and anti-Catholic prejudice and propaganda that swept through Britain during the middle decades of the 19th Century and which was in particular directed towards the bogeyman figure of the Irish railway navvy, who was viewed as the personification of all that was evil about the Irish.”




  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    Anyone know are these 5:30 kick offs and 4:30 on a Sunday just scheduled cause games are behind closed doors. Or will they be set at those similar times once allowed back in?

  11. An American NFL team once enquired as to the availability for transfer of a one time Celtic goalkeeper, famous at the time for his long kick outs. Cyber punt to first person to name him

  12. Hey Adi – where were you the day Martin was looking for you at the meeting to green everything out.😂🍻😂



    D :)

  13. Stivs



    during the middle decades of the 19th Century and which was in particular directed towards the bogeyman figure of the Irish railway navvy, who was viewed as the personification of all that was evil about the Irish.”





    Rutherglen police force ( bastards) was brought into being to protect the town from the Irish navvies (Hurrah) running amok in the pubs after work ( Bhoys just letting of steam)

  14. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Spent the day on Redcar’s fabulous beach filled by haddock and chips at Oliver’s! Best that ( mind you the last thing I saw was Redcar’s working men’s and unionist club!).

  15. Emeraldbee



    It was none other than Gier Karlsen (‘72 or ‘73)


    Came on once as a sub never to be seen again. Think we bought him (probably for a fiver) from Rosenberg

  16. Hand of God –



    Sutton,Valgaeren,Thompson,Lennon and Hartson – each would be going for at least £20 million in this day and age, IMHO.



    Crazy money we wouldn’t get close to spending these days

  17. Is it Liverpool who have a throw in coach?


    We need one. Thinking back to the Killie game I don’t remember winning one of our own throw ins

  18. 31003


    I assume you know why I tried for Joe Kennoway? (Well before my time, honest!)



    Throw-ins? I’ve had my rant on here before about this. At Eastercraigs (youths mind you!) I introduced and coached three different throw-ins. These kids were able, after just a few evening sessions, to keep the ball from a throw in and start to build possession. I thought possession was God these days?!