Ferencvaros hit Europa league highs last season


It is positive news that we will not face the mid-season Swedish champions next week.  Djurgardens are nowhere near as strong as Celtic, but they will be significantly fitter and by some way better than any team we have faced since Copenhagen in February.

At full strength, Ferencvaros are almost certainly a better team than Djurgardens, and they won through last night with the advantage of home soil, despite being only one game into their domestic campaign.

Unlike last season, their European record read like a history of Hungarian football over the last four decades.  The four previous years brought only one aggregate win in European qualification, against Latvian opposition, with defeats to teams from Israel, Denmark, Albania, Bosnia and Netherlands.

That all changed in season 2019-20, when they eliminated Bulgarian, Maltese and Lithuanian opponents to reach the Europa League group stage.  There, they drew home and away with Espanyol, beat CSKA in Moscow and took a point at home.  Their campaign ended there, as despite having beat Bulgarians Ludogorets Razgrad home and away in a Champions League qualifying round, they lost their Europa League home game, could only draw away, and finished third in the table.

Ferencvaros record last season is enough to give Neil Lennon plenty to think about, but playing at Celtic Park against opponents no fitter than we are, is what we would have hoped for at this stage.

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  1. I see KT takes long throws into the box for Arsenal. We had Bauer last year who could launch a throw in, yet we persist in short throws AND mainly to the opposition. Does ma box in

  2. Navvies?


    Where were the Lhads when the Forth and Clyde Canal was dug?


    Or the Caledonian Canal?




    it’s one of the lost arts


    A shy.


    being offensive with it.


    and defendi g against it.


    maybe room for improvement


    hope all is well.





  4. glendalystonsils on

    St. Johnstone will struggle because they’ve lost Tommy Wright and Aberdeen will struggle because they huvnae lost Del McInness!-))

  5. Celtic Mac



    I know many of the Irish diaspora were involved in the building of Scotland’s hydro projects.




  6. Chat about Turnbull and Campbell from Motherwell…..or Ferguson from Aberdeen, as Scott Brown’s potential successors.



    It’s instructive to think back to what a coup it was at the time to have him sign for us, rather than the stickies. A wee mad, fearless box2box raj who’d happily squared up to Neil Lennon.



    None of the three mentioned above offer that frisson of excitement and prospect. Not yet anyway.



    The only one who came close for me in recent years was McGinn. But I’m not going there – life’s too short!!



    HH jg



    Watch this and develop an informed opinion about KT and his transfer, etc.



    The interview, 1:23:39 long, so when you have a spare 90 minutes:










    Hard to say what the truth is. The club released a statement at the time saying they done everything to keep KT. KT says he got a call saying ‘Celtic have got what they want for you’. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Arsenal wanted him and the club got great money and KT got his head turned and rightly so. £5m per year and career progression. Who is anyone to argue.

  8. ParkheadcumSalford 8.40



    Prati for AC Milan.itsimprinted in my 7 y.o mind.




  9. itscalledthemalvinas on

    News flash from McDiarmed Park- – – it’s raining quite heavy !


    Apart from that . . . .

  10. Looking back, WGS did miracles in Europe (apart from Artmedia) fielding teams with the likes of Telfer, Caldwell, Naylor, Sno, Donati, McManus, Pearson, Kenny Miller, Gravesen, etc etc



    Even Naka was anonymous in the big games in the CL, except, of course, for his free kicks.

  11. As for KT himself, the Arsenal coaches say he’s one of the best trainers they’ve seen. A true dedicated professional. I was super impressed with how he spoke about himself, there was a bit if illeism about the way he referred to his circumstances at Arsenal. He is a mega star but he described it as if he just landed there by accident. Not at all, richly deserved.



    He also said the Arsenal board members keep constantly in touch to make sure he is ok and settled and has someone to eat with etc. Something that was new to him. Who knew out custodians were so disinterested. What exactly do messrs Bankier, Wilson et al actually do.



    Also note that Lewis Morgan said John Kennedy was a brilliant coach and all the boys love him.

  12. An Tearmann



    No Doubt. And a whole lot of other civil projects before that.


    Incidentally among the best of the modern tunnelling contractors are from Donegal.

  13. Just realised that freeview ch 64 are showing our match from Tuesday. 20 minutes to go….and 4-0

  14. Celtic Mac



    true :-)


    once they got thro the channel a lot of expertise went global.lol



  15. Pog @8:24pm



    That gave an unusually, natural insight into what KT is really like.


    I found the contrast between the Arsenal and Celtic Boards interesting.

  16. SFTB @ 5.22



    A good start would be to look at the SPL for new players.



    2018 / JMcG was available but we lost him — CEO willy waving.


    2019 / DT was available but medical stuff came up.


    2020 / AH is on the market — we are not active just wanting updates.


    We are nowhere good enough to pass over these players.



    We should be working this to the max but we are lazy.



    And then there is the strange set of priorities — CEO on EPL Top 4 money / manager on bottom half of the English Championship money …



    Wrong / wrong / wrong.

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    Having nothing to watch took in the last 18 minutes of the🐑 game, dear god.



    Showing this does our sport no good, that together with the plastic carpet games gives all they need down south to say our game is pish

  18. 31003,



    Ah Regi Blinker.



    What a goal he scored at the Sheepies ground , absolutely tremendous header; unfortunately he forgot we change direction at half time.



  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just announced Murrayfield to be used as test venue for fans in the ground, 700 against 67,000 capacity or 1%.



    Comparing that to CP would allow just over 600, so would love to see how they decide who gets in😱😵






    Removes pin and walks away!




  21. It’s good to see you all play out the KT transfer like you know the details 😉🏌️

  22. AT @ 9.32



    Final call for your micro Marxist / tiny Trot voting buddies.


    Interested to find out who they are — If you want to keep shtum then fair enough.



    If you want to talk redistribution then please TB / GB the credit they deserve.


    But please no more DD love / boosterism — no matter where he was born he is a capitalist roader of the highest order.