Ferencvaros hit Europa league highs last season


It is positive news that we will not face the mid-season Swedish champions next week.  Djurgardens are nowhere near as strong as Celtic, but they will be significantly fitter and by some way better than any team we have faced since Copenhagen in February.

At full strength, Ferencvaros are almost certainly a better team than Djurgardens, and they won through last night with the advantage of home soil, despite being only one game into their domestic campaign.

Unlike last season, their European record read like a history of Hungarian football over the last four decades.  The four previous years brought only one aggregate win in European qualification, against Latvian opposition, with defeats to teams from Israel, Denmark, Albania, Bosnia and Netherlands.

That all changed in season 2019-20, when they eliminated Bulgarian, Maltese and Lithuanian opponents to reach the Europa League group stage.  There, they drew home and away with Espanyol, beat CSKA in Moscow and took a point at home.  Their campaign ended there, as despite having beat Bulgarians Ludogorets Razgrad home and away in a Champions League qualifying round, they lost their Europa League home game, could only draw away, and finished third in the table.

Ferencvaros record last season is enough to give Neil Lennon plenty to think about, but playing at Celtic Park against opponents no fitter than we are, is what we would have hoped for at this stage.

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  1. ………..how’s about Ann Hathaway?????



    There’s a thought, eh!



    HH ( Hubba Hubba)




  2. AH = Adolf Hitler ?!?


    The Boys from Brazil !?!


    It is a sign / it is a sign a” tell ye ..

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Peter principle @ 2:09 am – good one.



    A sadly accurate observation of our times.



    Off the top of my head I’ve witnessed ….



    Kenny D leaving (clearly signalling “big time” under Jock was over)



    Absolutely chucking the league away in 1980



    Partizan Belgrade



    Finishing FIFTH in league in 1990. (7th placed Hibs had same points but worse goal difference)



    Neuchetal Xamax



    Raith Rovers



    Home games at Hampdump



    Cheated out of the title in 2003



    Chucking the title away in 2005



    Artmedia Bratislava




    …. I am genuinely loving this period.



    Treble treble, possible quad.



    9 in a row.



    Everyone working at our club (AND others who have left) have, in some way, contributed to this success.



    And the bonus – our so called traditional rivals a regular sideshow of entertainment.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  4. we’re in trouble now …even the initial instigator (seewhitadunthere) doesn’t know 😜

  5. SFTB @ 11.06



    We are a poorly run club where the support are not getting value for money for the funds they put in year after year.



    We are controlled by an absentee landlord who hasn’t even had the decency to build up a majority stake in the club.



    We are run by a bonus thief who wastes money on too many players / agent friendly signings and gets paid far too much money for the privilege.



    The focus of these two people is on themselves and not the future of the club.


    Progress on the field is not what they are primarily interested in — only their own enrichment.


    They need to go.

  6. Quick list of players who did brilliantly for Celtic and then left in controversial ways



    Mo Johnston – everyone agrees he was massively unprofessional but debate on how culpable Celtic were on the contract signing (e.g. some blamed Billy and said it wasn’t binding or signed)



    Charlie Nicholas – big break out season, broke leg, massive season, left at first opportunity. Celtic got the blame. Strange one really, never really got battered by the fans. Probably because we always knew he was all about the glam rather than a huge Celtic man (although i think he is; pretty vocal in 1994). I AWAS gutted at the time but blamed Celtic (nearly lost TB to Leeds as well; tight arses)



    Liam Miller – long injury history, break out season, filled massive gap in the team , left to got to Man U. Split opinion on whether he should have stayed or not; great opportunity vs loyalty and needed to settle into Celtic team. I had no issue with him leaving



    John Collins – played brilliantly through the Dark Ages and left at the end of his contract to Bosman to France. Some people felt he ran out on stopping the 9 but we don’t know how well remunerated he was at Celtic. My view was that he went above and beyond for 6 years and deserved a move that was great for him and his family. Seems to have been the blame man for the dressing room issues under Ronny based on his self confidence rather than evidence. Six pack Collins over cuddly Commons for me



    3 Amigos – left after 3, 1.2 and 1 seasons just before the stop the 10 season.. All wanted more money. By the standards used for Collins i would expect them to be in Judas bracket but we only hear misty eyed anecdotes of their exploits. This is the strangest one for me. I went to a Derby vs Sheffield Wed game next season and spent the whole game slagging Di Canio (only a few rows back). No-one understood what the wee angry Scotsman was on about!!!! Di Canio did



    Mousse Dembele – downed tools for a move and accused BR of lying. Left us in the lurch but we all still love him. If we did not have Odsonne and BR had stayed, would we feel the same. Seems too have got away with this one due to our group think view that talented foreigners will leave. We seem to have them for sale before the papers!!



    Kenny Dalglish – 7 brilliant seasons, did everything at Celtic . Left for Liverpool in a then record fee for Scottish player. Celtic get criticised for not cashing in , most fans heartbroken but not much vitriol for Kenny which i agree with



    McClair/McLeod/Johnston – all left in the same season after the huns made their comeback. No-one had issues with Murdo after losing service with crap pay but the other 2 had only done 4 and 3 seasons and ruined our frontline. At the time i think we all blamed the board but I stand corrected if either took flak. I was gutted and grateful Tommy and Paul stayed



    I think Macari , Hay, Crerand departures had some hair on them but a bit before my time



    Kieran Tierney – gutted he left but had a lot of reasons to do it. Any hassle he gets is due to the amount he built himself up as Uber fan. He has to take that on a lesson as it was pretty obvious he couldn’t leave in any circumstances without annoying the bams.



    I blame Terry Cassidy for everything

  7. CB @ 9.45



    CN — no sock wearing fan dancer who thought the Broch lounge was classy.


    And then you have the political angle — never forgiven in my eyes — away to the Wembley rally with Maggie and the double jointed burd who was good at running along a plank of wood.



    KD — probably the day the dream of another Lisbon died or maybe that was DH leaving and JC chucking it.


    At least he made the most of his move unlike CN who was more interested in the local dancin’.



    The big contrast is KD leaving at “27” and HL arriving at “27” — maybe the reason why we still sing about HL and not KD.



    KT is just a new version of LM — that’s what happens when you leave at 22.


    Hope he does well in the EPL but not into the superfan / prodigal son return angle.



    My thoughts are what coaching do we need to give to GT to smooth off his various rough edges.


    He plays for us / KT does not.

  8. In ither news…………..



    it looks like Garry O’Connor has eaten Derek Riordan……….

  9. MadMitch on 21st August 2020 9:33 am



    Trump and Brexit? You’re not worth the effort.

  10. TONTINE TIM at 10:43


    Brilliant post, as per usual. One slight amendment ….. The Great Galloping Major, Ferenc Puskas, only one one Big Cup- the 7-3 game at Hampden, the first game I ever saw on TV. In fact, I suppose it was the first game I ever saw.


    Trusting all is well with You and Yours.

  11. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    When the club is allowed to allocate restricted numbers in to watch our games, the Board will have a hankering for the old days.



    We could count on up to 10,000 crowd, just by filing in supporters from the eight streets closest to the ground.

  12. T7 @ 10.26



    Sorry if I have burst your bubble.



    Politics — globally — is not for the faint hearted at the moment. Would you agree?


    If you look at what is happening and what could happen then the 1930’s don’t seem so alien as they once did.



    The Nats are riding the same wave as Trump and Brexit — division over solidarity / identity over ideas.



    You might want to reach a different place but once the Nat ball starts rolling we all know where it is going to end up — moon howlers / face painters / sheet printers shouting abuse over a wall at the others in this case the English.

  13. Harrogate Town lifting their 4g pitch and replacing with grass. Plastic not allowed in England’s lowest division

  14. KT played for his team and lived the dream, he moved on when he won it all in scotland and £25 million changed hands too. I hope he goes on to have a great career. He will always be welcome at celtic park as far as I am concerned.



    The same folk that complain about him will follow big dembele and tell you kids like Morrison done the right thing leaving at 16 because B Munich came calling. Football is 90% emotion and 10% rational for us.



    Perhaps being in the mix and seeing clubs bin players (pals) over and over makes the players more rational and less emotional. It works two ways.



    Our focus should be about today not yesterday. We need a left sided centreback and leftback




  15. AIPPLE @1.09



    You speak for many of us, particularly BR. He simply is not a nice human being. Young KT, well Celtic to the core and just because he plays in England, doesn’t mean his love for Celtic has gone. The very best of everything for him.



  16. KT will not play on plastic domestically this season, extending his playing career considerably. Over the next 10 years he’ll be injured a lot less than he would if he had remained here. Who really can blame him for moving south?

  17. MADMITCH on 21ST AUGUST 2020 9:15 AM


    AT @ 10.57



    Could you please ask the policy guru / brains trust at your micro Marxist / tiny Trot political party — that you do not want to name and with tripe like that no wonder — to up their game and change the record because the analysis is making you look like a Torygraph / Forger’s Gazette reader on the day before pensions day.



    ==forgers gazette- do you mean the right wing shiteswipe of the working class- the sun


    you war criminal right handed Rupert.Thanks for the abuse.coming from someone as confused as you makes me think your still a sun troll.absolute scum==




    For the record — TB / GB followed Old Smokey’s spending plans for two years — 97 to 99.


    ==no you didn’t.all capital law stayed liberal.there was not one restriction on the flow of capital.that must still go unhindered /unregulated.The laws covering Banking were a fine example of this ” fakesocialist” govt.all within neo con defined limits=====



    They then did their own thing for 11 years and invested in public services and public servants.


    ==they certainly did.


    not one change to any privatized policy


    not one rollback of nhs privatization,in fact a wee change of name and.that privatization can carry on.particularly annoying when the socialisty-capitalists could have opted out of Europe rules.they didn’t.==



    They did redistribute income downwards with the minimum wage / tax credits / pension credits / other stuff — to suggest anything else is a lie based spite and jealousy with a side order of right wing propaganda.



    ==No the lie of change was forced on the poor weak and need.The war liar did what he did.he lied!


    the skank and his Dyscalcia 11 fingered chancellor shat out of solidifying any chance


    of taxing the rich


    They cracked it.instead of changing a tax system at base they introduced the confused


    practice of tax credits.all a bit middleclassy and all within Tory guidelines.


    This was a test of capital failed miserably by the cult that the war criminal. built up to ensure that true socialism (ie redistributing wealth could happen at source) let’s invent an inefficient and hard to get benefit instead taxing the rich at source.


    again. Rupert smiled with the war liar.



    ps your party will never be elected (regardless of its marketing wing) until you take responsibility 1.iraq 2 ‘tic boom 3.banking failure and the nationalization of debt.


    all very socialist and the money flowed into the polloks,easterhouses,drumchapels…..ok I am lying there




    They increased public sector investment.



    like fuck they did.pfi anyone????


    No changes were made to access to capital


    the only way any council could access funds was if it had a private partner.Thats why arou d glasgow there are a myriad of projects who await annual (cuts) in funding at mar/apr(council year end)- only to have that cut matched with eu funding.(whatevet will happen now)===




    They did increase taxe



    your poor spelling is matched only by your ignorance of the impact that the cult of Tony on the poor.


    the middle East murderer only taxed those here.The growth the offshore tax industry was exponential.it became an industry within a tax system.All ok if rich.crap if your from Pollok



    so you like your unionist alter ego are a cult follower.a Blair felcher. a fag



    A fag who will sell his weans before criticizing


    his leader.


    I also want you to know that this base assumption that only Labour speak for the poor is shite. The war criminals record of Tory continuity was experienced.the betrayal immense.


    I mean what was noolabours position in Europe- could you make head or tale of it? deliberate obfuscation results in Marxist Jeremy righthanding the feral capitalists.



    run along now mm.


    apologies for having a memory.


    ¿¿”we”ll keep the bloo flag flying high”¿¿¿



    Things did not get better.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    I wish no former players any Ill will at all but once they no longer play for Celtic they mean nothing to me.



    There are always players that you just can’t take too, mine were Murdo McLeod and Peter Grant, and much lambasting of players during the game. Fondest memory was at Mc Dairmid park and we were given Joe Miller pelters for his p*ss poor corners, suggesting he should perhaps bounce the ball before hitting it so he could maybe just once clear the front post when an unassuming elderly supporter, dressed in a suit (old school) with warm coat and blanket over his legs turned to us, expecting a rebuke, and said “Joe Miller, granted he’s phish but not as bad as that b*stard Peter Grant”



    Strange what memories you keep

  19. MADMITCH on 21ST AUGUST 2020 11:03 AM



    This is probably a mistake to ask but what exactly are you advocating? That Labour move so far to the right that they get enough of the less extreme Tories to vote for them? Because that’s the only way they’ll ever get in (and even then it’s a long shot.)



    Personally i wanted a Corbyn led gov but in retrospect that was never going to be allowed to happen. England has entered a pre fascist phase and I can’t see how they are going to get out of it. Brexit has proved conclusively that there are millions of people who have shit for brains and while in the past I would have been more sympathetic and perhaps looked at how they were manipulated… i just don’t have the heart anymore. They have stolen opportunities from my kids (and their own) for what? The chance to be a little bit racist? And they are more likely to move farther to the right as opposed to admit they’re wrong when January comes and the chaos ensues…



    An Indy Scotland may well be a disaster (and I am under no illusions about the difficulties we would face) but England is on a death spiral. It gives me no joy to say that, i work with a lot of English people and they’re as sickened at the way their country is going as I am. But it is what is. An indy Scotland which is trying to join the EU at least offers hope. The UK offers none.

  20. The real enemy is Rupert Murdoch and the Forger’s Gazette



    the war criminal disagrees with you


    Tony had the grip.Ruperts trousers were doon



    no insight.no learning and let’s alter history.

  21. don’t worry 3s’y


    my answers from now on will be on prev blog


    ie when it goes to next blog I will answer Celtic and put politics here


    dealing with a particular bad case of one sided hun memory




  22. Excellent story by TT at 10:43 pm on Thursday 20th – really enjoyed it, thanks.



    His nicknames + abbreviations can be a tad difficult to follow. I think the “Galloping Major”, AKA “one footed stocky inside left” is Ferenc Puskas; the outlanders are the England soccer team; the dike-pluggers are the Dutch who “re-discovered” total football only to be undone by who else but the Germans in the 70s.



    I think most of you on here will be too young to remember much of this – I hope so anyway!!

  23. mm


    let’s meet.mm and let the blog get back to Celtic


    name your place for our discussion.


    you won’t meet as firstly you’ll. have to have the confidence to be yourself.you don’t have that.




    less of the laughable name calling


    .take your war crimi al apologist shite of the blog and it’s new history too.The working class don’t like or trust you..They show it continually, say to your leaders but alas the marketing/rupert wing now in charge revert to listening but not hearing