Ferencvaros rest, regret lingers


While Celtic were taking care of business in Dundee, Ferencvaros had the weekend off to prepare for their Champions League qualifying game in Glasgow on Wednesday.  This means the Hungarian champions have played only two competitive games since the end of June, one in the league and last week’s qualifier against Djurgardens.

Rested players are better than tired players, but I would not be happy if Celtic were going into this match having played so few games.  Neil Lennon will have learned things from Saturday’s game that will inform his plans for Ferencvaros.

French clubs have been European champions as often as Scottish clubs.  PSG have two of the most talented and expensive strikers in the world, but they both failed to take the gilt-edged chances that fell their way in Lisbon last night, so France and Scotland stay tied on one win each.

90 minutes pass quickly in knockout football but the pain of regret lingers, just think back to Cluj or Copenhagen.  I would use post-match photos of Neymar to motivate the players ahead of Wednesday.  No one wants to feel like that loser.

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  1. Nervous for Wednesday. Hope some decent answers start emerging but fear we’ll go in loaded with risk – Taylor, Brown and 4-5-1.

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Think I am looking forward to Wednesday.



    Puff out our chests, ignore the negativity, take control and assert ourselves on the opposition (on our patch) and we’ll win.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  3. CaddingtonCommon on

    Surprised at the assessment of possible players coming to the club as well as the assessment of present players fitness. Whenever these critics are asked what they would do to improve the situation, the answer is inevitably “not my job, I’m just a supporter “


    Nuff said



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Reference is often made to Lincoln Red Imps as an example that anything can happen in football .


    However , if we go out in the second qualifying round , there ought to be an inquest.



    Apart from the fact that the mindset needs to be different in a one-off knockout tie.

  5. I feel Edouard is to be kept for the Champs League Qualifying. If this is true then I expect him to be sold at the end of the window. If we paid £9 m for him then we cannot let his contract run down.



    If we have spent £18 odd million on Barkas, Ajeti, and Duffy and Turnball then we need some income. Either Champs league group stages or a major transfer or both.



    Ferencevaros look to be handy and we need to play well. Our performances have been mixed, and we need a good performance with no fans.

  6. LENNYBHOY on 24TH AUGUST 2020 1:02 PM


    Hearing Turnbull deal almost there, just the dreaded medieval.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!




    Wow. Seems our medical department are even more old-fashioned than I thought :)

  7. Bada



    Great view of goal.



    Still can’t see Brown’s offence that warranted a yellow card?


    Yes, he screamed in the direction of Connolly as the ball went in, but did that warrant more than a word in his ear? Compare with Connolly’s persistent fouling in the 1st half – which warranted only a word in the ear. mmm



    Ps unless Brown said something specifically offensive?




  8. Garry- ‘performances ‘ like Dallas displayed on Saturday, needs to be called out by NL IMO

  9. Duffy posted a pic this morning taken out of a window of a plane, with the caption Let’s Go & his brother posted the Celtic Crest on his instagram.


    If the deal isn’t done after that one if not both of them deserve a kick in the arse.


    Mind you I wouldn’t want to be the guy who tries to give Shane a kick in the arse.

  10. AIPPLE on 24TH AUGUST 2020 12:05 PM


    Happy Monday from a rain soaked Kentucky where the grass isn’t blue.



    Hi Aipple – where in Kentucky are you? I moved to Michigan and my boys were supposed to play in Elizabethtown in a soccer tournament but it got cancelled because of COVID.

  11. Very nervous about Wednesdays game.


    We really need to get going quickly from first whistle.


    Please no Bitton




    Louisville brother. Spent a fair amount of time in Michigan over the years as well.



    Sitting downtown right now and it’s a bit of a ghost town.




  13. Might Mr Duffy be waiting to see how the Ferencvaros game goes before making his future decision?


    Are we releasing players who have problematic injury/availability issues; who is next on that whittle list?


    Meanwhile – on PSG Quick News – some insist Thilo Kehrer was a E35mill disaster LB signing and that 35-yr Silva is too old and totally ruins the shape and pace of their defence. KTF

  14. Call Me Gerry



    Yes, me too, I looked at that angle specially to see if Broony said anything either the Hun with the whistle or the Dundee Utd. player it seemed he didn’t unless it happened after the video cuts out, a strange one.


    But no more than strange for defensive walls against us to be anything between 7.5 and 9 yards away but NEVER 10 yards. Or for ‘Tic players on a consistent basis to be booked after one foul but opposition players to be ‘talked to’ and sometimes warned which in world football usually means next foul and you get a yellow but in Scotland means you have another 5-6 fouls before you’re carded in the last 10 minutes usually when Celtic are winning anyway!




    He DOES look pissed-off and incredulous; it looks like he is saying to the DUFC players “I’ve done my part, but you haven’t done yours!” Celtic PLC need to call this guy out and demand that he never ref’s a Celtic or SPFL game again!



    Take Care and Keep Safe everyone!



    TB&F. 😊 🍀

  16. I would use post-match photos of Neymar to motivate the players ahead of Wednesday. No one wants to feel like that loser.






    Probably best to concentrate on the game rather than anything else. No need for petty immaturity.



    Ps. Scotland and France have one win each as you say, the same as Neymar himself.

  17. AIPPLE on 24TH AUGUST 2020 1:34 PM




    Louisville brother. Spent a fair amount of time in Michigan over the years as well.


    Sitting downtown right now and it’s a bit of a ghost town.




    I’m in a small town on Lake Michigan but it’s been packed full of Chicagoans(?) in vacation homes for a few months now so it’s been very lively. There’s a few Celtic-supporting guys here – no bars showing matches though.

  18. CMG @ 1.12



    Had the same thought myself — SB did not stop running and seemed to shout an exclamation of joy rather than verbally rubbing a number of DU players noses in it.



    AD was looking behind him — with a face like fizz — as everybody went over to congratulate AA.



    A very strange incident that was part of a very strange MIB performance.


    The wall at 8 yards will take some beating though.



    Compare and contrast with the 12 yards as standard for the TFOD2 now that they have a LB who is pretty handy with free kicks — no pun intended.



    Stuff likes this needs publicity — humour being best.


    The MIB Ludge can handle being hated — they cannot handle being laughed at.

  19. Scott Brown laughs in the face of Clyde players and Dundee United players after scoring. Griffiths ties scarfs on the post and wiped his nose on the corner flag at Ibrox.



    Celtic fans – great haha.



    Also Celtic fans, Neymar lacks class.

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