Ferencvaros, the best since Honved and Videoton


I am old enough to remember Videoton winning at the Bernabeu and clubs like Ujpest, Ferencvaros and Honved mentioned in respectful tones, but Hungarian football did not troubled anyone for 35 years.  Ferencvaros then got the colours all lined up on their Rubix Cube last season and, as a consequence, present a more considered challenge that we would expect any other season.

The existential problem when facing four qualification rounds against comparative minnows, is that while you will be better than most, or even all, the law of averages suggest that one of them will get everything right on and off the field.  Due to their status in the game, this will be impossible to maintain, but on their day a Videoton can beat Real in Madrid.

This Ferencvaros may be the best team to come out of Hungary in 35 years, but their challenge is now the difficult second album.  The stars aligned last season but the sky is ever-changing and while they may remain a good side, it will be near-impossible for them to perform to as they did last season, by merely drawing in Barcelona, as they did last year against Espanyol.

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  1. The SNP will split, I thought it would be after Indie, but I don’t mind if it’s now. There needs to an open and frank debate about the ins and outs of Independence from those who are in the Yes camp, and the splits within the SNP may be a blessing in disguise if that were to happen. Of course the “Greens” would be a good choice at the ballot box as well, por cierto :))




    Here here!



    I can understand the criticisms of the Labour Party over the years – did it deserve a kicking? Yes indeed..



    That said, it is the only party to have given the working-class the dignity, working conditions & benefits it deserved.



    The SNP have given NOTHING of any substance to the poorer in society. It has never been a working-class party. It was always know as Tartan Tories. Born put of fascist roots, It was together with the Church of Scotland, the original composer of the Famine Song. The SNP hatred of the Irish immigrants was just as strong as their love of the Nazis, in the thirties.



    Instead of converting to the SNP, many of those who have, should have looked at their finances & realised that without Labour’s Tax Credits, they couldn’t put food on the table.



    As for the substantial number among our support who vote for SNP simply to “stick it to the huns”, they should ashamed of themselves. Indy would bankrupt Scotland, cause a money & business stampede to rUK, and make our workforce & our childrens’ prospects redundant. Tourism, Whisky & Council Work would be the main industries in Scotland. SNP hate fanatics are damaging tourism, whisky is not a big employer & in councils, it’s not what you know, but who you know.



    As once again the GERS figures show, there is no coherent economic case for independence. These latest figures show a €15bn deficit, and that’s not including any Covid factors – with Covid kickling-in to next year’s figures, we’ll be looking at well over £20bn. It is not the UK that is “picking up the tab’, it is exclusively England – the country that the SNP, and some on here hate.



    So let’s revive the Labour Party in Scotland in our own likeness. Let’s within the strength of the UK develop distinctly Scottish solutions to Scottish problems, as devolution was meant to do. Let’s kick the SNP liars who through Salmond introduced NI terminology into Scottish politics to con votes from a significant number of our ‘kind’.



    We have many many more ‘friends’ in the UK than we could ever have in Scotland – with independence our traditional enemies will be much bigger fish in a smaller pool.



    SNP Independent Scotland will be a dangerous place for our families, our culture and our education sysyem in the future.



    I say to all Celtic fans – forget Ibrox, it’s the least of our worries – be careful for what you wish for – think it through.

  3. And I quote:



    “More thinking and less sloganeering would help everyone out.”


    “Trump / Brexit / IndyRef2 — all cut from the same cloth.”



    Pot and kettle.

  4. Hearing that David Turnbull is in the building…announcement expected on our latest addition. Welcome to Celtic David.


    I am not saying it will be today but it is very very close.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. There is a lot more right about Celtic than there is wrong about Celtic. Should the balance in the tone of posts not reflect that?


    Or is it the case that most posts are positive but the negative ones make more of an impact?


    Or, again, is the reality that posts don`t reflect posters` views but are, in fact, a reflection of the posters themselves?

  6. BIG WAVY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 3:04 PM


    I was told this today at 12:00 but asked not share but if is now out there it backs up what I was told.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  7. HOT SMOKED on 26TH AUGUST 2020 3:09 PM


    There is a lot more right about Celtic than there is wrong about Celtic. Should the balance in the tone of posts not reflect that?



    Or is it the case that most posts are positive but the negative ones make more of an impact?



    Or, again, is the reality that posts don`t reflect posters` views but are, in fact, a reflection of the posters themselves?




    Ot maybe some posters are generally very happy but would like to chat with likeminded people on matters of detail. The old binary view of the world is quite often too simplistic.



    I’m a Happy MineShafter myself :)




  8. Delaneys Dunky on

    Would take a scrappy 1-0 win tonight, but if we play the correct formation, I expect a 3-1 victory.

  9. Delaneys Dunky on



    Do you have any friends on CQN or SentinelCelts who can vouch for you?


    Have you ever met anyone face to face, who posts on CQN or SentinelCelts who can vouch for you.


    Are you a British Unionist robot?


    Saor Alba

  10. Big Wavy



    ` I’m a Happy MineShafter myself :)`



    I would say that is a healthy mind-set :-)

  11. Any win will do please Celtic.




    In ither news………



    Ignore the attention-deficit, multi-moniker troll(s)……….




    NeverTim(s) CSC

  12. Just a last answer – to Por Cierto.



    OK, let’s for get the SNP, we’d need to – such would be the state of an independent Scottish economy, they wouldn’t hang around anyway – it would be “job done – legacy assured”



    Who do you think would hold the ‘whiphand’ in an independent Scotland?



    Certainly not our 17%.



    Isn’t more likely to be our traditional enemies, who will have “dusted themselves down’ after losing the UK? Won’t they then infiltrate the political process in their large numbers & seek to build a Scotland in their own image?



    Can you imagine a Scottish version of the DUP?



    You think we are put upon now – you ain’t seen nothing yet.



    First in line for the drastic spending cuts ordered by the IMF as they restructure a bankrupt Scotland, will be separate Catholic education – our way of life & culture will be holed below the waterline…..there be no need for a Famine Song, we will either leave, or,wither on the vine.

  13. DELANEYS DUNKY , hi pal hows trix, not heard from you in ages, met your cousin garry a few times, great bhoy but his musical tastes leave a lot to be desired.😎😎

  14. weebobbycollins on

    SFTB…I posted recently about the number of departures from the SNP and wondered if there is a potential leaning towards a new independence party. Disaffected nats and non-unionist Labour members coming together with interested others…

  15. Delaneys Dunky on



    Could you show some common courtesy and offer me a reply please.


    I know it is not a trait you have been reared to show.


    Ignorance and cowardice seem to be your character traits. Trolling too.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    That has been my desire for years, as a campaigner with Radical Independence Alba.

  17. weebobbycollins….



    .hope abidy has been behaving …my Laptop got a few splashes too many !!!! hand on heart….



    smiley that will get youse thinking thing



    hi Delanys….dobra dobra






    no cod pieces were removed in the typing of this comment ….

  18. Neustadt



    `no cod pieces were removed in the typing of this comment ….`



    That sounds suspiciously untrue .

  19. If Eddie isnt playing due to the thuggery of Connolly, then Klimala is next in line not Christie, play Ajeti with him try and get 60 minutes out of him, if we start with both Klimala and Ajeti on the bench and this fails I. E. we go out on NL’s head be it.