Ferencvaros, the best since Honved and Videoton


I am old enough to remember Videoton winning at the Bernabeu and clubs like Ujpest, Ferencvaros and Honved mentioned in respectful tones, but Hungarian football did not troubled anyone for 35 years.  Ferencvaros then got the colours all lined up on their Rubix Cube last season and, as a consequence, present a more considered challenge that we would expect any other season.

The existential problem when facing four qualification rounds against comparative minnows, is that while you will be better than most, or even all, the law of averages suggest that one of them will get everything right on and off the field.  Due to their status in the game, this will be impossible to maintain, but on their day a Videoton can beat Real in Madrid.

This Ferencvaros may be the best team to come out of Hungary in 35 years, but their challenge is now the difficult second album.  The stars aligned last season but the sky is ever-changing and while they may remain a good side, it will be near-impossible for them to perform to as they did last season, by merely drawing in Barcelona, as they did last year against Espanyol.

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  1. odsonne took a few sore ones (nae cards obviously) on Sat so maybe hasn’t shaken it off.



    Big risk to go into a CL qualifier without a regular striker



    If it is Christie up front; you never know, it might sort out our midfield debate and create some space.



    2-1 for me but will be a nervous evening. Boxes of Brewdog in the beer fridge

  2. And Celtic FC tell the SFA we will not be accepting Dallas as a referee for any game involving us.

  3. SCULLYBHOY and Burnley78



    my condolonces …it was not only the football playing greats that passed through Parkheads gates …..






    Burnley78 …..I widnae be the only wan with something in their eye at your truly awfy braw post….




  4. `… and this fails I. E. we go out on NL’s head be it.`



    The Greatest Fans in the World get behind their team before an important European tie. Read all about it !

  5. HS


    Do you think a midfielder who is not scoring should play CF in a vital euro tie when we have a fit number 9 and a new one , who elses head should it be on, im not pretending to be a greatest fan in the world just concerned of how NL may be planning to approach this game.

  6. Smokie….



    you almost got me onto fish puns…



    smiley but that would be oot of plaice thing



    cod forbid




  7. My sister-in-law’s daughter has a boyfriend who is a taxi driver in Barcelona, and guess what, he drove Messi to the airport and the bold Lionel said he is leaving Barca and the only club he wants to sign for, guess who, The Mighty Celtic.


    True that!!!




  8. I really expect a different Celtic performance tonight.


    Emmanuel Fringpong will be instructed to play his natural game. He is much devalued if he is coached out of his forte.



    We will see tonight just how valuable the CL is for us this season.


    Sit back and enjoy.



    HH and COYBIG.

  9. JHB @ 3:06 PM,



    During the indy election CQN was ruined, in my opinion it has never recovered, I’m not at all sure point scoring during a Global Pandemic helps anyone, least Glasgow Celtic.



    I’ve never given much thought to Scottish independence and having lived in England for over 40 years, in that respect the status quo was fine with me.



    The fact is since the indy referendum it has become apparent that the Union is absolutely no use to Scotland.



    Americana and Jolly old England are a busted flush and it will take all their powers to ensure the top 10% are kept in the manor they are accustomed.



    The fact is Scotland can breakaway and create an egalitarian state within the European Union and it MUST do just that.



    England now offers nothing to Scotland, and doesn’t much like Scotland anyway I can assure you of that… Unionism is dead, an archaic Victorian relic that offers nothing to 21 Century Scotland.



    Time to move on…



    Hail Hail

  10. Well the last time Independence was offered we were using the pound, without an agreement in place, I didnt read or see any evidence of how public spending could be sustained or if necessary grow, tax rates what would they be, but we would keep the monarch strange sort of Independence that.

  11. Dessybhoy @4;37 pm


    ” Do you think a midfielder who is not scoring should play CF in a vital euro tie when we have a fit number 9 and a new one , who elses head should it be on, im not pretending to be a greatest fan in the world just concerned of how NL may be planning to approach this game.”



    a )If i am right that NL and his backroom staff know a lot more about footballing matters at Celtic than I do, then what I think doesn`t matter;


    b) Why the urgency to place failure on someone`s head when it hasn`t happened?


    c) I wasn`t suggesting that you ,personally , were `a greatest fan in the world`.



    And for what it is worth, I am pretty certain we are equally keen in wanting our team to win tonight. I believe that positive vibes (man !) from all areas increase our chance of success. As we won`t get any positivity from the MSSM, I feel it is up to us to create a feel good factor about our very, very successful team.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    NFL said yesterday OE would be fine for tonight I’ll go with that until I see the teamlines

  13. If we play without a striker tonight…………………………………………………………..



    My red card would have been instant.



    Mibbe Lennon had lunch with Levien.



    Coulda happened.



    Wait and see.

  14. On a separate subject ; why was anyone surprised that Harry Maguire acted big headed in Greece?



    That thing has gravitational pull😎

  15. Still waiting for any snp supporter to explain the decision not to let fans into CP but it’s ok for the egg chasers. Think exam results.



    Perhaps just like that twat Fitzpatrick…they can’t give a logical, unbiased reason.



    Won’t hold my breath.



    Off out.

  16. Did anyone really not expect a massive deficit in the government figures.Every country in the same boat.


    Please don’t give JHB any encouragement to take up the blog with Politics.


    Not tonight.

  17. thank you…..pal



    smiley awfy braw stuff thing



    smiley had mony a Gaberwealinzie thing






    Saor Alba …

  18. Vale Bhoy – looks like they want to assess the rugby on Friday before allowing any other.


    This is of course rubbish – different stadia will need different approaches -: the more testing the better – where have I heard that before.

  19. Lets just wait and see how the game goes, plenty of time after to dissect.



    Keep #10 quiet.👍

  20. Gene:


    ` looks like they want to assess the rugby on Friday before allowing any other.`



    At first, I thought that might be fair enough but now I don`t. Did they trial run pubs in some areas of Scotland before others? Restuarants? Golf courses?

  21. Cheers DD @ 4:09 PM,



    Sad but true, the English don’t recognise their own towns, never mind their country now…



    Hail Hail

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ST TAMS on 26TH AUGUST 2020 3:03 PM


    Dont panic – we are at home we have scored 5 then 6 in our 2 home games


    If we were away I would agree with you