Ferencvaros, the best since Honved and Videoton


I am old enough to remember Videoton winning at the Bernabeu and clubs like Ujpest, Ferencvaros and Honved mentioned in respectful tones, but Hungarian football did not troubled anyone for 35 years.  Ferencvaros then got the colours all lined up on their Rubix Cube last season and, as a consequence, present a more considered challenge that we would expect any other season.

The existential problem when facing four qualification rounds against comparative minnows, is that while you will be better than most, or even all, the law of averages suggest that one of them will get everything right on and off the field.  Due to their status in the game, this will be impossible to maintain, but on their day a Videoton can beat Real in Madrid.

This Ferencvaros may be the best team to come out of Hungary in 35 years, but their challenge is now the difficult second album.  The stars aligned last season but the sky is ever-changing and while they may remain a good side, it will be near-impossible for them to perform to as they did last season, by merely drawing in Barcelona, as they did last year against Espanyol.

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  1. “TIMHORTON on 26TH AUGUST 2020 4:36 PM


    Lets just wait and see how the game goes, plenty of time after to dissect.”



    Don`t be silly,Tim. We are Celtic supporters;



    `“If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? If we have a game coming up, do we not predict? `

  2. Hot smoked


    Nail on the head





    the English don’t recognise their own towns, never mind their country now…



    Do you mean they’ve changed beyond recognition ?

  3. Compare and contrast how they deal with high profile sportsmen gone bad in the UK and Greece.



    Greece / HM trial — all sorted in a few day — gory detail for all to see.



    UK / various high profile characters — trial date put to after the season ends / months away — plenty of time for the defence to cook up some cock n’ bull story about words being a question not a statement / caped crusader saving some blokes from homophobic bullying / pal takes the blame for hating Elvis / get someone into the jury room.



    The sum total of this is that they got off with it.


    Makes you think.

  4. SFTBs,


    Agree with your excellent posts nearly all the time,but not today.Just what Labour party are you talking about.No “Block voting in the Labour Party !!!!!!!!!.Sorry,too ridiculous to comment on.


    Just what part of Tony Blair did the Labour Party not grasp to its bosom?.Enough to watch the ridiculous war games between Blair and Brown tear the party apart.To follow him blindly into an illegal war.To be so far right wing it was impossible to tell who was Labour,and who Tory.To follow every Law and policy of the former Torys.The very things that people like myself turned their backs on them for.


    I did not see a great deal of looking within the Party when the Anti Semitism row was raging.Only denials,and cover up.The Election results showed what the voters thought of them.A shambles of a Party.


    Not blowing any SNP trumpets here either.Just could not believe what I was reading from you regards Labour.


    Anyway,onto this evening,HAIL HAIL.

  5. FFS if any of the Celtic squad or management team were reading this they would stay at home and watch Coronation St.



    Many on here have got us beaten before the game. We have scored 13 goals in 5 games this season and conceded 2. All of a sudden we are shite and defensively compromised. Talk of NFL setting himself up for the sack if we get beaten! You couldnae make it.



    Ferencvaros are a reasonable team but not some titanic European team who will be favourites to beat us but for all the doomsday merchants watching the same old movie, we WON’T be 1-0 in the first 10 minutes. I expect us to have Ferencvaros on the back foot for most of the game and win reasonably comfortably by a couple of goals.



    KTF (especially for this of you who aren’t)

  6. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Christie will not be playing up front


    if Eddy is not playing then Klimala will start


    Ajeti on the bench if needed




  7. I’ve got an appointment at the Blood Transfusion Service tonight at 7.00pm to donate blood, so will miss the start of the game.



    Some things are more important than fitba’.






    (C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  8. VFR


    It’s what we do – of course if we were playing Barca we’d be confident of a win 😉

  9. Philbhoy


    Well done – used to donate regularly but have a medical condition that prohibits it.


    Anyway hope we’re not sweating blood.

  10. I have no idea why we can’t have a ‘crowd’ experiment but I am speculating that one of the biggest local clusters is where Glasgow meets North Lanarkshire- las time I looked that is roughly where CO sits – just a thought in the absence of any other.

  11. Delaneys Dunky on

    Have waited long enough for a reply from the British Unionist troll JHB.


    Just another ignorant coward with no manners.


    Hun like traits.


    My conclusion has been drawn.


    Come On You Bhoys In Green! 🍀💚

  12. Good to see Neu stadt back. Getting worried by his non-appearance for a wee while.



    Where has the story that Eduard isn’t playing come from? Hope it is just a rumour. If it isn’t, Klimala has to lead the line, imo.



    Nerves jangling as ever. 1-0 to us will do me, if not my nerves.

  13. Gene, Philbhoy I understand some apprehension but there is just so much negativity these days. God knows what it will be like if we actually lose a game!



    The Kilmarnock game was poor but in the 3 others we have played well and created plenty of chances. On Saturday their keeper had a few great saves and on another day we could have scored 3 of 4. So if we create as many chances tonight we should be ok. We are playing fairly well so should be confident tonight!




  14. PCS



    Confirmed by our esteemed poster Lennybhoy so I’m taking it to the bank.



    I agree. Play Klimala and let him be a hero tonight. Play Ajeti for some of the game too.




  15. If French Eddie doesn’t start or has to come off, Polish Paddy is top of my list for either exigency.



    I agree also with posters who wish the kick off was earlier. The suspenders are killing me!😉



    HH jg

  16. David17



    Bold move by Sky to dump the Saturday line up. Charlie shouldn’t be too unhappy, 20 years in that gig is pretty good going

  17. CHAIRBHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 4:40 PM


    Cheers DD @ 4:09 PM,



    Sad but true, the English don’t recognise their own towns, never mind their country now…




    As someone living in England I’d be interested what you mean by that

  18. Must have been Charlie’s last comments that got him sacked by Sky.



    “If I were Rangers,I would be looking for 20 million for Kent”



    Obviously thought he had lost any sense he once had.”He said what?.”Right thats it,bin him”.

  19. Rumours team is….












    Hope not. That’s rotten.


    Fans will be allowed in the Amex Stadium for Brighton’s friendly with Chelsea on Saturday as part of the government’s latest pilot scheme.



    Fans will also be allowed at a women’s friendly at Lewes on Sunday, West Ham and Arsenal’s Women’s Super League game and Non-League Finals Day.



    The Harlequins-Bath Premiership rugby union match at Twickenham Stoop on 5 September will also permit spectators.



    Some Bob Willis Trophy and T20 Blast cricket matches are also included.



    The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) say capacity limits and ticketing processes will vary based on individual venues and events, with further pilots to be announced in due course.



    Brighton say a total of 2,500 tickets will be made available to season-ticket holders and members for Saturday’s match.



    The capacity at Twickenham Stoop is expected to be limited to 4,000.

  21. Hoping so much we progress in Europe tonight , not only will it possibly help our transfer prospects ………………..



    but i really want to be at paradise for the champions league song. KTF bhoys




  22. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Season starts tonight, first truly meaningful game, c’mon the bhoys, 2-1 – it’ll be close..



    “I’ve got a Silver Machine, and I’m still feeling mean” guess who I’ve been listening to…:-)



    not obligatory :-)

  23. garygillespieshamstring on

    If it is true that Eddie is not playing, someone inside Celtic Park needs to take a long look at themselves.


    Hardly the actions of a Celtic supporter to leak team information ahead of the game.


    Team information too freely available before long means teams /managers can plan for our team.



    Celtic really needs to find out the source of the leaks and get them to feck out of the door. Instant dismissal offence imo.




    Bit of a jump from ` If it is true…` to ` get them to feck out of the door. ` :-)))

  25. GENE



    Sorry to read you are unable to donate due to a medical condition.



    I have a few, including type 2 diabetes and half been confirmed good to donate.



    My advice to anyone who does not give blood because they have health issues is speak to the Blood Transfusion Service and give them permission to speak to your doctor.



    It may be you can still give blood.



    I get a real “feelgoodfactor” every time i give.



    Check it out!

  26. ROCK TREE BHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 5:20 PM



    “I’ve got a Silver Machine, and I’m still feeling mean” guess who I’ve been listening to…:-)






    David Essex? 😋

  27. Philbhoy


    I offered mine ( well not all of it!) but was not accepted because I have asthma. I asked if they wanted to take it anyway and use it as back-up. No go.

  28. BIG WAVY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 3:04 PM


    Twitter rumours that Eddie is out and Christie up front…




  29. BIG WAVY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 5:14 PM


    Rumours team is….



    if that is the team ,then all teachers pets included.

  30. RC on 26TH AUGUST 2020 5:27 PM


    BIG WAVY on 26TH AUGUST 2020 3:04 PM


    Twitter rumours that Eddie is out and Christie up front…








    The dressing room mole I guess…