Festival day for Celtic


There’s going to be a Festival atmosphere as Celtic make their home in Edinburgh for the first time tonight. With the away win already secured, and the opposition little more than tourists, we’ll see little of what Ronny Deila has in store for us this season.

Get through early, car pool, or take bus or train, and show Edinburgh what it’s like to have a great team make their home in the city.

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  1. I meant to say that I don’t post very much, but I;m an avid lurker so congratulations Paul on all that you have accomplished in the last 10 years. Some of the writing has been first class.

  2. Any horse tips going today?,my main bet is gonna be Celtic minus 2,just about even money,expecting a good win tonight

  3. Team I’d like to see





    Lustig=====Ambrose===Van Dijk===Izaguirre









    Subs- Gordon, Matthews, Henderson, Kayal, Pukki, Boerrigter, Biton

  4. skyisalandfill on

    To all the bhoys and Ghirls at Murrayfield tonight, have a good one. Working so can’t make it. Jealous.



    Good wee vid of Notts County’s goals of the season here. Callum McG sparkling.




  5. From previous……..








    12:02 on 22 July, 2014






    Hope Murrayfield brings you even more happiness tonight.




    Oh, ah’ll no be there.



    Ye see, I’m one of those torn-ersed gits that always finds some



    reason not to go but, I’ll be ‘briefed’ by family and close ones on their return.



    Guid luck pal.



  6. Embramike



    Where you heading tonight? I am hoping to shoot away sharp today and get home and changed and down the pub early as possible. Meeting a mate of mine from Oz and not seen him in years.




  7. Embramike



    Thank you for the info , my supporters bus should be in Edinburgh just after 1700 and I will be making my way to the stadium, but might pop in for one before going in



    Old Tim



    See you in the Presidents Suite

  8. I am that excited I can’t think straight, very jealous of all who will be able to attend tonight ,and


    a wee thought for weefra







  9. kikinthenakas on




    Meeting a few cqners in the Tune Hotel next to Haymarket around 3-4pm, be good to meet up for a beer, bringing my bhoy and meeting Oldtim and Ritchie




  10. Paul67


    Don’t post much, but look forward to reading your blog each day. So impressed with the time you put into it, your stories, your news especially after we lose. my son and I stay away for 24 hrs.


    Surprised though with your post today. I have been involved too long in football to write off anyone. Please God you are right again today.

  11. kikinthenakas on




    Apologies for missing you in the Roll of Honour…after you bringing the nurses tae!


    Meeting the usual suspects around 3-4 in the Tune Hotel, if you’re about.




  12. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on



    11:40 on


    22 July, 2014



    Very interesting post that and a great list of charities to have benefited from the OSSticket.



    Ballikinrain is only across the fields from me and I know some of the staff who work there and the effort they put in. Really great place.



    I also have a friend who would be completely lost without Scottish Autism as they give her help with her son that is way beyond their normal remit and the service that could reasonably be asked of them.



    There are many others in there that I have had some dealings with over the course of years — most recently with McMillan re my dad.



    That is the kind of thing we are getting right at our club and which is not trumpeted enough.

  13. Emerald Green on

    Interesting to hear Ronny mention Teemu Pukki’s name first when asked about the proposed forward line without Stokes ……… 16/1 for a hat trick is our Teemu and given his pre season improvement a most viable proposition methinks HH

  14. http://www.natcen-surveys.co.uk/footballinscotland/



    Good morning CQN



    Have your say on Scottish football please fill this survey in



    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox but saying no to CQN racists


    11:46 on


    22 July, 2014


    For all those invited or willing to complete the survey that the University of Stirling are conducting, linked in lionroars post of 11.26, could I ask you to consider the following.



    The SNP, via the Justice Committee, are using the University of Stirling to evaluate the impact of the Offensive Behavior at Football Act. I fear that the format of this questionnaire contains an in-built bias which will elicit a lot of responses which will back a conclusion that the OBaF Act has successfully reduced Offensive Behaviour.



    You are offered a 1000 character length box to input your own response to the survey without being offered the framework I am giving above. I gave an edited version of this original reply, below. It would be good if other responders felt able to give a variation on this as i was not given room to comment on the poor arresting formats of FOCUS, the hassle that protestors against the Act have faced, or the various conflicting Sheriff Court decisions that have described it as “mince”.



    Anyway, my comments were:-



    “I am concerned that the framing of the questions in this questionnaire are inadequate in order to determine the remit you have been given i.e. to examine the effect of the implementation of the OBaF Act.


    Nowhere are we invited to express a view on whether it is fair and democratic to criminalise behaviour at football but not elsewhere, nowhere are terms like terrorist even defined and, as the term inevitably carries pejorative tones, it will be difficult to avoid that knee-jerk tendency to equate political support with terrorist support.


    Nowhere do you examine the effects of the concurrent and much more momentous effect of the liquidation of Rangers FC and the separation that has provided from the most conflicted fixture. As this event is largely contemporaneous with the OBaF Act, I fear the SNP and researchers will be compromised in mistaking improvements brought about by the former effect, being attributed to the latter.


    Lastly, nowhere have you allowed for comment on the effect the OBaF Act has had on the behaviour of the police, especially the FOCUS Unit, or of ground stewards and clubs, feeling under licensing pressure from less accountable police bodies.


    In short, you are in grave danger of confirming the bias of the Survey Sponsors, the SNP, in the way that these questions have been framed and the effects that are being tapped by them.”

  15. LiviBhoy



    Not sure – getting over a bug so best not too much Guinness prior to the match, but will probably hit the Roseburn after – assuming regulars can get in !!



    If we miss each other, there’s the next game in 2 weeks – ever the optimist!



    Gary67 – like the team but I think Pukki may start instead of TW

  16. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Is anyone sitting in Area East 13 at the game tonight?



    My charges are all sitting together over in West 29 and I am being dispatched over to East 13 Row H on my Jack Jones.



    It would be good to know who I am boring to death with my inane drivel!

  17. embramike



    No worries mate. Won’t make the Roseburn after the game. Got loads of work on this week and off Friday for LB Jr’s birthday.


    Next game I will be better prepared.




  18. KevJungle



    The second most creative player at Parkhead.



    Yep we can well afford to be without him.

  19. Ritchie



    Thanks for the info, here’s to a great day and good victory in Edinburgh. Mibbey see you bhoys later and mind look after Oldtim67 HH

  20. a lot of people looking spare tickets hope thats a good sign for the crowd tonight . Good luck




  21. paul67


    is that your shortest blog yet? six lines!!! I got more for my primary school homework!!!…..what’s the procedure for a refund?

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