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The entire football world should be delighted at the arrests of six Fifa executives in Switzerland this morning on warrants requested by US prosecutors.  Fifa has successfully resisted reform, actively opposed transparency and supressed reports into corruption at the top of the world’s most lucrative sport.

No one will be surprised that president, Sepp Blatter, who was not one of the six arrested today, is deaf to calls for accountability at the top.  He plans to stand in Friday’s election, no doubt keen to guide the Federation through its dealings with law enforcement agencies.  Those arrested have yet to be charged with any crime, never mind successfully prosecuted, so Blatter has plausible deniability of wrongdoing on the part of Fifa, but under any properly constituted organisation he would step aside to let fresh blood reinvigorate the game.

The news that Swiss police are investigating the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process is even more welcome than the arrests.  This investigation is separate to that being carried out by US authorities and may ultimately be more pivotal in freeing the game from the grasp of bribery and corruption.

Mike Ashley is getting his Rangers International PLC (RIPLC) General Meeting, on 12 June, at which, the directors of Rangers International PLC have decided to titillate shareholders with details of Rangers Retail Limited’s shareholders agreement, between the club and Ashley, although they note this agreement is subject to confidentiality agreements – and details appear to have been leaked today.

In an eye catching move, the directors of RIPLC are considering disapplying voting rights of shareholders who hold shares in other football clubs, in this case, Mike Ashley, who owns Newcastle United.

It’s worth saying this remains no more than bluster for now.  They are “considering” disapplying rights and will lay out a “timetable for presenting a resolution for shareholders’ consideration”.  I cannot believe they would be so self-harming that they would actually try to remove Ashley’s voting rights.  Mike has the resources to destroy them in court, and it’s a tad futile to risk enormous legal consequences to disenfranchise someone when you and your supporters control the majority of shares.  Ashley could easily circumnavigate any such act, should is be successful, but selling his shares to a trusted third party.

As such this element of the debate is futile, not even King is stupid enough to waste time and energy on it.  He would lose heavily, and even if he won, Ashley would accommodate the outcome without breaking sweat.  This is some tough talking but I’d like to see them try it (I genuinely would).

Two resolutions are proposed: the first by Ashley, that his £5m loan is repaid “as soon as possible”, in return for the release of security over RIPLC’s intellectual property, Murray Park, Albion Car Park and Edmiston House.  Ashley is happy to hand this back, he’s a retailer, retail rights are what he’s interested in.

The second, proposed by the board, asks for shareholder approval to demand all of the club’s relationships with Sports Direct group companies, the loan, securities and the lucrative retail rights, are “renegotiated on a basis that is fair and reasonable”.

Here we get to the crux of the matter.  Dave King told us months ago that Mike Ashley was a businessman, and that he would recognise the hand King dealt him and fold.  The contrary view is that Mike Ashley is a businessman who will not be dictated to.

There’s a scene in Groundhog Day when lead character Phil, realising he can act without consequences, as even after death he’d pop up the next day as though nothing happened, drives onto a railway track.

Nodding to the oncoming train he says “I bet he’s going to swerve first”.  Mike Ashley is the oncoming train.  Trains don’t swerve.  Groundhog Day looks increasingly likely, 06:00 will strike with an away day at Brechin under a provisional membership.

There’s a suggestion that today’s edition of CQN Magazine is the best ever!  It’s just stunning, lots of great content, brilliant video and photos and a whole new platform.  Get stuck in…….

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  1. Traynor at it again.



    Celtic are poised to engage Rangers in a tug-of-war for the signature of Hibernian midfielder Scott Allan.



    The 23-year-old playmaker was voted Championship player of the year by his fellow professionals.



    And, after toppling the Easter Road side in the Premiership Play-Off semi-final, Rangers have already registered an interest with the player’s agents.



    Sportsmail understands that will now prompt rivals Celtic to revisit a long-term interest after watching the former Dundee United and West Brom player a number of times this season.



    Allan has a year left on his current deal and the SPFL Champions were prepared to wait until January to secure a pre-contract agreement. The interest of their Glasgow rivals is likely to change that.



    Consigned to Championship football for a second season, Hibs are reluctant to sell but risk missing out on a fee of around £400,000 if they hold on.

  2. thunder road



    16 relatives aged 1month to 67 years / big hoose ( not that one ) 7 days rental carnage




  3. setting free the bears for res. 12 & oscar knox



    08:24 on 28 May, 2015


    Zbyszek @06:40






    A clinical & classy deconstruction.





    Happy birthday Mrs Hebcelt!



    HH jamesgang

  4. jamesgang





    Anyone else who wishes me all the best thank you ..time to move it move it move it

  5. The Green Man on




    Happy Birthday.


    Have a good one.


    Don’t go too wild though:)





  6. FIFA sponsors expressing alarm at the apparent rampant corruption within that organisation.



    Aye, they all thought everything was above board.




  7. Thanks for the good wishes lhads I’ll pass them on to Mrs Hebcelt, got her something to cross of her bucket list – a trip to St Kilda. Fascinating place, worked there many moons ago, went back with my brother 4 years ago. Just some useless info for the blog. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  8. burgas hoops



    08:53 on 28 May, 2015



    Supposedly playing Den Bosch at St Mirren Park on 1st July as well

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Seems Nike paid 40 million $ into an individual’s bank account in Switzerland .Additional problem is that the 40 million $ doesn’ t appear in Nike ‘s accounts re the 2014 World Cup.

  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    Happy Birthday fellow Gem. You are a decade and a week more mature than me. :)

  11. Burgas Hoops on



    08:55 on


    28 May, 2015


    burgas hoops



    08:53 on 28 May, 2015



    Supposedly playing Den Bosch at St Mirren Park on 1st July as well.






    Are we getting a new pitch laid again G67?

  12. delaneys dunky



    09:04 on 28 May, 2015





    Happy Birthday fellow Gem. You are a decade and a week more mature than me. :)






    So Bognorbhoy your ‘actual age’ is therefore 23!!!!



    HH jamesgang

  13. Mrs Hebcelt



    Hoooop you have a great day :-)



    Now how come the player in the year for SPLF1 is only worth £400k yet some superstar who signed for canny remember fc, was sold for £800k, when some other mob were desperate for a wee cash injection


    Just asking


    Oh, and I would rather we give our own a chance, Henderson or such



    Hail Hail

  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    The Mothers are drifting like a barge.



    Btw football is just as corrupt as horse racing and professional boxing. And I am not just referring to the obvious crooks whom administer and govern the sport – on the playing field, from junior to senior level – everywhere on this earth, the cheating is rife and match fixing is clear and obvious.



    Once the bookmakers become involved, that’s it – the money, gambling and greed takes root. It becomes susceptible, like everything else.



    Some people just can’t accept or fathom the reality.



    What’s makes people think/believe that soccer is somehow different.



    Why would it be?




  15. Not seen enough of Scott Allan to express an opinion as to whether he is Celtic class.



    But £400k?



    He cannae be that good at that price.



    Broonie cost £4.4 million 8(?) years ago!




  16. Happy 60th Bognorbhoy, I think the prospect of podiums has helped you you make it this far!



    Happy Birthday, Mrs Hebcelt!



    Happy 21st anniversary to you Blantyretim! and Mrs Blantyretim!

  17. burgas hoops



    09:07 on 28 May, 2015



    I think so. Something major happening as it seems we may be playing a few games at St Mirren Park. Rennes at the end of July is the another rumoured match there.

  18. Scott Brown, Nir Bitton, Stefan Johansen, Stuart Armstrong and Liam Henderson. 5 reasons we won’t be interested in Scott Allan. Good player but not an improvement on what we have.

  19. BT, another celebrating, what about the whife :-)



    And what a way to spoil her, taking her to the Champions day on Sunday



    Huge congrats to you both



    Hail Hail

  20. TheBarcaMole on

    16 Roads @ 09:12…


    I made similar point in the CQN Horse racing centre page spread, that is the CQN Saturday naps, two Saturdays or so ago…




    Regards & Hail Hail



  21. Gary67



    Young Lindsay ? Playing centre of Mid for the U’20’s in recent Scottish Cup Final also looked very decent, as did Tierney, who plays in midfield



    Give our own a chance



    Hail Hail

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys more MSM nonsense that Celtic are involved in a tug of war for Scott Allan from Hibernian with the Rangers.Now what puzzles me is where is the money coming from at Ibrokes to buy any player ? I think the MSM just make up stories as they go along or the Rangers have money coming in from some unkown source. H.H.

  23. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    See in front of me now – the markets are all here.



    SF Aversea Normanna U19 Vs US Salernitana 1919



    Every heard of those two teams?



    Which country do they exist in?



    The bookies will flag it up surely, if they recognise any irregular betting patterns?



    You’ll get at least £3k on any various outcome of that event, placing bets simultaneously with various accounts.



    Not a lot of money I hear you say?



    Just say the game is taking place in a third world country though?



    Where a tenner could be the equivalent of a monthly wage?



    That’s how the said game can easily become susceptible to the fix.



    Only an example.




  24. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Kev J



    Let’s assume you’re right and all readers on here are gullible, toothless, article writers with nae real Celticness about them. You on the other hand are the living breathing spirit of the old jungle, bristling with teeth, armed to the hilt, always taking on the Celtic fakers and shysters, the money men quislings and their lackeys. What exactly have you been smiting and how? What is it that you’re doing that we should emulate, follow and do?



    I’ll start your list, you finish it…



    1. Stopped buying a season ticket a while back


    2. Blogs on CQN at 6.30 am



    Now you…




  25. BT and Karen congrats great excuse to get the new glasses out!!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  26. Delaney’s



    The way my knees feel I’m making 45 into the new 60.



    And don’t go blethering to me that da herb grow de cartilage!!!!



    Right. Arr in Salt n Sass Ville for me meetings. Laters Timdom



    HH jamesgang

  27. hebcelt



    09:23 on 28 May, 2015


    BT and Karen congrats great excuse to get the new glasses out!!! Hail Hail Hebcelt







    Having now met Karen she should have had the glasses ON!


    How auld BT hooked a stunner like her is impressive going on miraculous!!!!



    Hoopy anniversary BT! xxx



    HH jamesgang

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G67-the Pole looks like our type of signing,from what i’ve heard,doubtful if Allan would sign for us anyway.

  29. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bada Bing. I cant see how Scott Allan would improve our team I think if we need a midfielder in my opinion it would be a playmaker with experience.I think this is more MSM rubbish. H.H.